long live red era

taylor swift + signs (long post)
  • ts album: picture to burn
  • fearless: tell me why
  • speak now: sparks fly
  • red: red
  • 1989: bad blood
  • unreleased: scream
  • friendship/ship: ts + emma watson
  • era: red
  • ts album: stay beautiful
  • fearless: hey stephen
  • speak now: innocent
  • red: begin again
  • 1989: you are in love
  • unreleased: permanent marker
  • friendship/ship: taygi
  • era: taylor swift
  • ts album: cold as you
  • fearless: untouchable
  • speak now: the story of us
  • red: starlight
  • 1989: wonderland
  • unreleased: better off
  • friendship/ship: ts + troye sivan
  • era: fearless
  • ts album: our song
  • fearless: you belong with me
  • speak now: ours
  • red: treacherous
  • 1989: out of the woods
  • unreleased: lucky you
  • friendship/ship: taylena
  • era: speak now
  • LEO
  • ts album: mary's song
  • fearless: superstar
  • speak now: long live
  • red: starlight
  • 1989: style
  • unreleased: drama queen
  • friendship/ship: kaylor
  • era: 1989
  • ts album: the outside
  • fearless: come in with rain
  • speak now: fifteen
  • red: i knew you were trouble
  • 1989: how you get the girl
  • unreleased: point of view
  • friendship/ship: tayonce
  • era: taylor swift
  • ts album: teardrops on my guitar
  • fearless: forever and always
  • speak now: enchanted
  • red: i almost do
  • 1989: i wish you would
  • unreleased: sugar
  • friendship/ship: zaylor (zac and taylor)
  • era: fearless
  • ts album: should've said no
  • fearless: jump then fall
  • speak now: haunted
  • red: all too well
  • 1989: blank space
  • unreleased: R-E-V-E-N-G-E
  • friendship/ship: ts and lily aldridge
  • era: red
  • ts album: tim mcgraw
  • fearless: fearless
  • speak now: never grow up
  • red: state of grace
  • 1989: new romantics
  • unreleased: drive all night
  • friendship/ship: hailor (hailee and taylor)
  • era: 1989
  • ts album: a place in this world
  • fearless: white horse
  • speak now: mean
  • red: the lucky one
  • 1989: welcome to new york
  • unreleased: i'd lie
  • friendship/ship: ts and ellie goullding
  • era: speak now
  • ts album: invisible
  • fearless: change
  • speak now: last kiss
  • red: come back.... be here
  • 1989: i know places
  • unreleased: dark blue tennessee
  • friendship/ship: sweeran
  • era: taylor swift
  • ts album: tied together with a smile
  • fearless: love story
  • speak now: mine
  • red: holy ground
  • 1989: wildest dreams
  • unreleased: welcome distraction
  • friendship/ship: ts and camila cabello
  • era: fearless

Every single Taylor album was released in October except for Fearless, which was released in November. It will be

9 years - Taylor Swift
5 years - Speak Now
3 years - Red
1 year - 1989

Yall im GONNA cry 😭


taylorswift I am finally seeing you live in Amsterdam this month and I couldn’t be more excited. I’d be so happy if you could take two minutes to read this, because I really want to thank you for everything :)

You’ve been there for me at some important points in my life. When my dad passed away, I went through a pretty tough period, but things like your music got me through it. This was the first time I got in touch with you, 5 years ago, and I immediately loved your music.
After that, I slowly got to know you as a person and I started to love you more and more. You were there when I fell in love for the first time last year as a FIFTEEN year old, and when I got my first real heartbreak this year.
At the start of this school year, I found myself feeling lonely a lot. The classes got mixed and I came into a completely new class with none of my friends. I’m pretty shy and don’t socialize easily, and I felt like no one liked me. Without bothering you with too much details, I felt pretty horrible. I tried to change classes to a class with some of my best friends, but my teacher didn’t let me and that got me feeling even worse.
You had just released Shake It Off at that time, and this song became my anthem. Whenever I got home from school, I’d just listen to it (and the rest of the album when that came out, and just all of your music haha) and instantly feel better. After Christmas break, I finally made a couple friends in that class and I started to feel way better, not only because of that, but also because I GOT TICKETS TO SEE YOU

I’m so excited to be in the same room as you, Shaking It Off together. You’ve had such a positive impact on my life, I really can’t thank you enough for everything. The concert in Amsterdam on the first day of summer, on Father’s day, two days after my summer break starts. It’s the perfect way to end this not so easy school year, and also, to remember my dad in the best way possible. Father’s day will always remind me of the day I saw my rolemodel for the first time.

I love you Taylor, I hope you’re happy right now because you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Thank you for everything,

Thank YOU Taylor!

None of us… Would have been able to experience this magical, beautiful, never-stop-dancingness, wonderifical, TAYMAZING tour without YOU! YOU made the 1989 album and was so gracious as to share it with us! YOU decided to go on tour. YOU are you.. Which means YOU have the most heartwarming soul, kind personality, beautiful and exuberant mind and also… You’re so talented. What seems light such a short time ago, but that is actually about a decade YOU decided that you wanted to share your music with us so and be a musician. And Taylor, we all listened to you. And we will ALWAYS listen to you. And buy your albums, come see your shows. We are so thankful! All of us, because we have had the opportunity to have YOU in our lives! You’re music, your tours, YOU yourself. Thank you! YOU might not even realize it but there is so much we owe to YOU! Thank YOU for the album
Thank YOU for the tour
Thank YOU for the opportunity
Thank YOU for the bracelets
Thank YOU for the friendships
Thank YOU for meeting as many people as you can
Thank YOU for having a dream and making it a reality
Thank YOU for interacting with us even though you don’t have to
Even though the tour is over.. It will never end. Because it lives on in our heart much like our love for you. It’s never ending.

i just need to talk about the red era.. this era is the one i felt the most connected to taylor, i really started liking her through this era and i am so so so sad to see it go… i don’t even know where to start? the youtube live stream? the album cover, the we are never ever getting back together release and how excited we all were when we sold 1.2 million copies of red and the red tour was so magical, i got to see it twice– in detroit & pittsburgh it was so magical everything about this entire era was and i am so sad to see it finally coming to a close, i’m gonna miss the silhouette state of grace entrance with all the red outfits sprinkled all over the red tour, every single performance of any song off the red era.. and how sassy the performances were, how strong the performances got and how strong her voice got and how strong her voice is now, the time she performed all too well for us was fantastic and just the performances with ed sheeran, the sass mixed with the red it all really is coming to an end and i am so glad i got to experience something like this. but of course, everything ahead is always better than what is left behind, so long live THE RED ERA!