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Fernando of Castile, The Perfect Prince 

Described by contemporary chroniclers as the “expectation of the people” and “the flower of young men”, Fernando of Castile was the beloved heir apparent of Alfonso VIII of Castile and Leonor of England from his birth. Previously described as rejoicing in horses and hounds, as he grew to manhood, Fernando took on a prominent place in his father’s reign. He was said to burn “with a desire for war with the Saracens” and Alfonso VIII was said to praise God “who had given him such a son, who could now be his helper in the government of the kingdom”. The young prince died suddenly at the age of 22, falling prey to a fever whilst returning from battle against the Muslims. His death caused widespread grief throughout the kingdom, with his father and mother left broken-hearted. One chronicler described “[t]he most noble queen Leonor”, who upon “hearing of her son’s death, wanted to die with him and got into the bed on which her son lay; placing her mouth to his mouth and clasping his hand in her hand she tried either to revive him or to die with him”. He would be buried at his family foundation of Las Huelgas de Burgos, at the funeral, his eldest sister, Berenguela taking on the role of chief mourner “with lamentations and sorrow”.

Sources-De Rebus Hispanie and the Chronica latina regum Castellae

Steal my Bin? Hah, Lose your Home!

(warning: long story)


I live in England, and my flat is owned by a Housing Trust, meaning it’s a rented public property (Basically a council flat). I moved in last November and the first thing I did was to go and meet my downstairs neighbour.

Our flats are an old house, converted into flats. We both get a front door and our own front (and back) gardens. I have the upstairs flat, meaning I get a little downstairs storage space and then a nice upstairs flat & a gate into my back garden. Downstairs flat doesn’t have inside storage space, but they get two sheds in the back garden and a back door. My flat is directly atop theirs even though our doors are side by side.

Anyway! I move in and go and say hello to my neighbours. I introduce myself, explain that I have TV/Music on every hour that I’m in (for mental health reasons I can’t sit in silence) and of course I’ll try and keep it quiet, but this is a new flat, noise levels will be different to where I last lived and if it’s too loud, just come bang on my door and I’ll naturally turn it down.

My neighbour [We’ll call her Charlotte from now on] smiled and nodded and assured me that it’s fine, they’re a little loud too and the same goes for if they keep me up.

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Okay guys listen up… This is my best friend and I promised her I’d find her a wife. She’s currently 23 and fed up of being rejected and having her heart broken so from here on out I’m tasked at finding her a girl so she doesn’t have to worry about hurt feelings. This is 100% serious.

You need to be:
-Someone who likes Netflix, cuddling and hot chocolate after a long day at work.
- love your friends a family
- not like to party to much
- dislike fish (long story)
- live in England in the south west

If this sounds like you please message me once again this is 100% serious.

Please share this before it’s too late for her :)


This is the story I was going to write for the Haunted prompt for Kristanna Week, but I couldn’t get a handle on it then. I think I’ve got it now.

This is part of my Anna Begins AU so if you’re not familiar with that, you should probably read the other parts first - Part 1, Part 2, Recessional

Rated T.

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Today in history

On November 17 1558 the queen Mary Tudor died at the age of 42 at St James Palace childless living successor to the throne her Protestant half-sister Elizabeth Tudor

                                The queen is  d e a d

                                Long  l i v e the queen

// overdue date night

Harry had been so excited when he planned this overnight getaway for him and Louis at a fancy hotel in the heart of London. With him having just been on tour and Louis having to juggle a million different things, the two of them were way overdue for a kid free night away, just the two of them. He had just finished up talking to the woman at the front desk getting the key to their suite and he turns towards his husband a second later as he waves the key. “Let me show you to your room, my king.” He says, his poshest accent coming through as he reaches for Louis’ hand with his free one.