long live and prosperity


Attention, crew!

— We’ll be streaming Star Trek Discovery’s latest episode (S01E05: “Choose Your Pain”) at 9 P.M. Central Time, which is in a little less than three hours from now.

— Anyone can join! Just be friendly and respectful. You can set a nickname or log in if you have an account and chat with the other attendees. If you’d rather watch quietly without joining in the conversation, that’s all right too. If you’ve already watched the episode, please be mindful of spoilers.

— We’ll share the link to our Rabb.it Room fifteen minutes before 9 P.M. Central Time. If you aren’t there on time, don’t worry! You are free to join after we’ve already started. We hope you can join us!


i was trying to remember the “live long and prosper” motto from star trek and for a solid 10 minutes the only thing i could think of was “live big and die”

  • native english speakers: happy birthday xo
  • eastern europeans: May our Lord in Heaven bless you on this blessed day of your birth and provide you with peace love fortune good health and prosperity may you live a long and happy life and may your great grandchildren remember you fondly

Happy First Contact Day! Free wallpapers for all! If you like this design, surf on over to my redbubble store and check out the different ways you can wear/drink/stick this pice to share your love of Trek! UPDATE: Though I do still have a redbubble shop, CBS demanded they take down most of my Trek-themed art. Sadly, this was one of the pieces I had to take down.