long live and prosperity

i was trying to remember the “live long and prosper” motto from star trek and for a solid 10 minutes the only thing i could think of was “live big and die”


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the more i think about the bs finale the more i realize the tragedies underlying the happy endings, so as of today i’ve decided to be dumb and blind. im taking the easy way out lads. subtext does not exist. all is well (ノ◕‿◕)ノ*:・゚✧

William Shatner has famously claimed that he’s unable to do the famed “Live Long and Prosper” gesture. His fingers had to be tied with fishing line when he does it to Bones in “The Search for Spock” and they reference such in the cult classic “Free Enterprise” as well.

This still from TOS bloopers though shows Bill brushing the hair from his eyes and… well, look at the hand! That looks pretty familiar! 👀 Hmmm…


I have been, and always shall be, your friend

My humble tribute to Leonard Nimoy, and I know this isn’t enough. 
I’ll be honest here - I’m not really in the Star Trek fandom. I’ve only watched the new films and loved them, so I kind of feel unworthy of this.

But anyways, even though I haven’t been following Nimoy’s career, I know that he was a remarkable human being and he will be missed dearly. 

So ST and Leonard Nimoy fans alike, I feel your pain and send you my love. 

May he rest in peace and his soul be bound in the bundle of life.