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happy new year, star trek fandom! let’s say goodbye to 2016, and boldly go into 2017. may you live long and prosper in the new year!

My Star Trek Christmas fan art. I was always wondering if they celebrate holidays at Enterprise?
And I must say, I really love Jaylah character, thanks to creators of Star Trek Beyond, Jaylah is not another “lifeless fighting sexy alien babe”, but really emotional, a little bit naive,sincere, kind character with attitude.
P.S. I want to dedicate this artwork to wonderful Anton Yelchin.
You were a sunshine, Anton.RIP

And here is a story behind this artwork ))

Uhura: Hey Jaylah ! Happy Christmas Eve! C'mon let’s make some photos together, here is your ugly sweater. Sorry, I only have green one.
Jaylah: What is Christmas?
Uhura: Well, Christmas is a pretty long story that began on Earth more than 2200 years ago. But, shortly, It’s all about family, friends, love, Santa, presents..
Jaylah: ….
Carol: And for me, it’s also about snow, pine tree, good stories in front of fire place, hot chocolate, ugly sweater party..
Uhura: yeah.. and reindeers, jingle bells and kissing under the mistletoe..
Jaylah: !!!!
Carol : Kissing under the mistletoe it’s definitely what Captan Kirk would love. After a bottle of mulled wine. Or two.
Uhura: And mulled wine was probably invented in Russia, according to Chekov.
Carol: According to Chekov everything was invented in Russia.
Uhura: And for Dr. McCoy Christmas is a lot of work after food and alcohol poisoning and fireworks injuries.
Carol: Well, yeah, Christmas is a lot of fun. Here is your candy cane, Jaylah!

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Prompt:  Spock X reader where the reader is blind and asks to feel Spock’s face to know what he feels like? 
Word Count: 619
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 9633/50,000
Author’s Note: I remember in elementary school we had someone come in to speak about blindness and she said that the biggest misconception about blindness was that people always thought they only saw black when really it’s more of a grey or even white, like an absence instead of nothing. I didn’t have a chance to add that fact so here it is!

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