long lense


I  actually think  that spidey using  these  new,  narrowing  cases  was a nice touch.  I strongly  believe that with his  spider - senses,  what usually feels like a  tingling sensation that  makes him feel  the  pain of  a strong headache as if  his brain were trying to crawl  out,  the  pain can  sometimes be a little too  severe and give him a  quick  rush.  why this  connects to the  eyes and lenses?  well,  I  think in order to  hone these  senses,  that  probably originate from his  eyes trying to roll out of  his skull,  he indeed  uses these  cadmium - covered  materials  to dial  them  down.   hence the lenses  would  sometimes contract  when there’s  a sudden  head-rush.   it’s one of the  few features of  MCU’s  spidey that I  quite  like.  

remember though,  this  blog is  COMIC - INFLUENCED  AND DIVERGENT.  I take a  few elements from the  movies,  such as the fact  that his lenses  would shape  themselves  to  focus or  express emotion,  the latter of  which I will get  to.  now how do  the  shapings work?  well,  as evident by the  videos and  in the teaser for  the upcoming  game  (  which I’m completely  excited about  ),  it’s  like a camera’s.  the  shuttering,  flickering  noise,  followed by the layers of  black that look like  they fold above  one another.  it surrounds his  eyes and will  contract / expand on  command.  when he  narrows his eyes,  they narrow.  when he  widens his eyes,  they  widen.  they’re  connected to his nerves in a  way that his eyes just need to  subtly  move to  produce the  action.  he doesn’t need to  FULL ON squint  or  widen his eyes.  

thus I  feel like  there’s a  subconscious  tinge to  it.  if they’re  cleverly connected to the nerves  in  his  pupils,  and can  be provoked by  little  movement,  then surely  they could  produce more  emotion than a  resting bitch face or  a  holy shit  moment?  and I  think  they  can.  I think they  can also shape on  who he  looks at,  and that  there’s a  subtle change if  his eyes  hold to it  some hint of  emotion.  

doesn’t  it feel  like there’s  a difference  between these  two?  though,  the second one  seems more  normal,  and  I like  how the lenses  aren’t  too  small or  too  big,  they seem to  be  the right  size.  but what does the  first one look  like?  granted it’s  not exactly  EXPLAINED  in the  movie,  but  doesn’t it  look a bit  like  heart - eyes?  I  gotta  blame  ruby  ( @verouloir  )  for  this  one,  but the  first one  looks like  fondness.  at least to  me.  where the edges close down  SLIGHTLY,  where it’s  not a squint but looks as if his eyes are  resting,  as if  he’s  in  a haze.  idk,  maybe it’s  just  me,  but I  basically wrote this  post to  explain  how I  like the  touch of these  camera lenses and  how it  can express  what spider - man feels.