long legs he has~


I think there’d be some initial confusion on the concept of a pet not being something you eat for dinner, but this was too cute of an idea not to do some quick doodles for. <3

A gift for @skamisako who traded me a gifset for a drabble. It was a good deal :P


In theory, Even should not at all be surprised.

Isak is fucking beautiful- the very epitome of youthful seduction with long legs, bright cat green eyes, and fucking cupid’s bow lips that he has a penchant for biting. A fucking cupid’s bow. Even is literally the luckiest man in the world.

So no, he should not be surprised.

And yet.

And fucking yet.

He takes another sip of some fruity concoction Eskild swore was an absolute must for this particular bar, moving the pink umbrella out of his line of vision so it can’t hinder the way Even’s eyes track Isak on the lower level of the club as he sways and weaves in between moving, gyrating, bodies. Overhead, pink and orange neon lights flicker and flash and, added to the deep pulsating bass of the music, it makes for the perfect cinematic moment.

Zoom in on our beautiful protagonist, Even thinks distantly, Watch as all eyes track him, the spotlight above creating a halo. An angel in a club full of devils.

Eskild bumps his hip into Even and hands him a new drink, “First time I met Isak was here.”

Even swallows, “Here?”

“Mmhmm,” Eskild points to a group of barstools over the rim of his own drink, “Right there. Poor baby was slumped over. That didn’t stop the guys from drooling all over him, though. Which, when you think about how young he was, ew.”

Isak makes it to the bar and he’s immediately accosted by a tall blonde guy with a wide smile a bright teeth. Isak, bless him, stares at the guy for a moment, glancing behind him to make sure that-yeah that fucker was definitely hitting on him.

“I wouldn’t leave him alone,” Eskild says and then adds on in a sing-song voice, “Not with a face like that.”

Even pushes off the banister immediately, walking down the spiral staircase, passing boys making out and putting out against railings, and dodging few wandering hands. He ignores the older gentleman who stares him down with dark brown eyes because doesn’t he know?

There is only one boy for him.

Isak catches his gaze as Even hits the ground floor and it doesn’t leave, even as the tall blonde engages him in conversation. The blonde reaches over to touch Isak’s waist and-

“Hi, baby,” Even interrupts, coming close to Isak and wrapping an arm around his waist (and subtly knocking the blonde’s hand out of the way whoops). He cocks his head at the blonde and smiles pleasantly, “Hey there.”

The blonde deflates for a moment, but stands tall, “Halla.”

“What are we talking about?”

“The view from my bedroom,” he says, looking back down to Isak, who stands there, eyebrows raised to his hairline and glancing in between the blonde and Even, “View of the Oslo skyline? It’s…magical. I’m sure better than anything he’s seen before.”

“Huh,” Even says, still grinning all the while, “I don’t know- the view from our apartment is pretty stunning.”

(It’s not. It faces another apartment building and a graffiti depiction of a dick.)

Isak clears his throat, “I’m more interested in the view inside the apartment.”

He reaches down and tugs Even’s shirt up a bit, peering at the abs underneath and showing them off to the other guy. He nods decisively and looks back to the blonde, “Best view in Oslo.”

The blonde’s smile strains and he drags his gaze slowly up Isak, and Even knows, he knows, exactly what’s going through his mind Even as he shakes his head, “That’s too bad.”

“So sad,” Even responds dryly.

His eyes light up, “Do you-”

Even tightens his grip on Isak, “I don’t share.”

Isak shrugs, “He doesn’t. I don’t either. So…”

“Fine,” The blonde gives up, “Fine. Well, if you change your mind…”

“Bye bye,” Even waves daintily and the blonde pushes off the bar and gets lost in the mix of moving bodies, “I can’t go anywhere without people wanting to steal you away.”

“That was weird,” Isak says, and then promptly steals his drink and chugs it. When he’s done he presses his lips to Even’s neck and snickers, “View from our apartment, huh?”

Even shuts him up with a kiss and drags him out to the dance floor.

Dex gets up when Lardo throws her stuffed walrus at him. “Dex. I am going to sleep. Turn off the light.”

He has been sitting for so long his legs have cramped. When he stands up he staggers.

He switches off the light and gently closes Lardo’s door. It’s going to be his door next year. His and Nursey’s. Dex feels sick at the thought. 

He checks his phone. A bunch of chirping about the dibs flip in the team chat. A single message from Chowder.

Call me when you get this.

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Jeezus Odin! I had to wake him up from a deep sleep to put him back in his enclosure and he gave me a frighten! I don’t know what you are doing with that eyeball there buddy but stop! Ya look possessed!

BTS Most to Least Likely to Date a Chubby/Curvy Girl

Request:  bts mtl to date a chubby girl? like a not chubby but like curvy ? thank you !



I totally see Jin as the guy who would date a curvy girl in an instant. I actually believe I read something somewhere that stated he was into curvier/chubbier girls! I think he would be naturally drawn to curvier girls and would enjoy cooking with/for her!


I believe that Yoongi would date girls with all different sorts of body types - he’s a man of variation. I don’t doubt he would be into a girl with killer curves!


To me, Tae gives off the vibe that he would want to date someone super cuddly and squishy, and if she was curvy, that would just add onto his attraction to her.


This boy would totally be into curvy/chubby girls  ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and he’d love hugging her and running his fingers up and down her sides(in an innocent way pLS). I have a feeling he would also just admire her, no matter how her body looked, she’d always be beautiful in his eyes


I feel like Hoseok would love a girl with curves and/or was chubby. I totally think he would find her adorable and would love giving her piggy back rides if she ever felt insecure about herself and he’d think she would be the cutest thing ever~


Little Jungkookie wouldn’t mind his girlfriend’s weight, whether she was chubby or not, etc - as long as she has nice legs  ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Jiminie seems like he would prefer a girl who is very active like him and honestly, he seems a tad bit strict on his ideal type’s height and weight, which makes me put him last bc he gives off the vibe that he really likes girls who are smaller than him in general. But that doesn’t make me doubt that he would date a curvy girl! I think he would really just like someone who could physically keep up with him and has a lot of energy.


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some otayuri fluff maybe? :)

Otabek loved Yuri a lot, but his leg was really starting to get numb.

“How long has he been asleep like that?” Victor asked, amused. They were over at the penthouse that Chris had rented for the week, a raging party with the international skaters in full swing. Otabek and Yuri hadn’t even been drinking, both completely exhausted from practice. They had found an unused couch in the corner of the room and Yuri had collapsed, promptly falling asleep on Otabek’s lap.

“About an hour,” Otabek murmured fondly, stroking Yuri’s hair, “You’d think the pounding music and screaming would wake him up, but…”

Victor smiled. “He’s always been a heavy sleeper. Comes from growing up around a bunch of loud screaming Russians.”

Yuri shifted in his sleep, a hand moving to rest on Otabek’s leg. His heart thudded at the sight of his boyfriend looking so small and vulnerable, despite his age. Victor bade him a quiet ‘goodbye’ before heading off, leaving the two of them alone. Otabek was focused on Yuri’s steady breathing, how his hands curled in his sleep, how each strand of hair moved whenever he would shift.

He was the most beautiful thing Otabek had ever seen.

They had gotten together a few years back during Yuri’s nineteenth birthday. Afterwards, it was a shitstorm of media, ducking from Yuri’s fangirls, and a wild ride of traveling back and forth between Russia and Kazakhstan. Otabek knew how lucky he was to be with Yuri, it stunned him every day that his boyfriend loved him as much as he did.

Yuri shifted again, causing the numbness in his legs to get worse. Deciding it was probably time Yuri awoke, he leaned down and kissed his boyfriend’s forehead softly, leaning down towards his ear.

“Yura,” he murmured, “Yura, it’s time to get up.”

Yuri grumbled in protest, blinking blearily as the party raged around them. He yawned-Oh my god so cute, Otabek thought-and sat up, groaning as he dropped his head on Otabek’s shoulder.

“How do all these assholes have this much energy?” Yuri complained, “They practiced as hard as we did.”

“No one practices as hard as you do,” Otabek laughed, kissing the side of Yuri’s face, “You went for hours today.”

Yuri rolled his eyes, swinging his legs over Otabek’s lap. “Yeah, and I’m fucking exhausted. Why did we come to this again?”

Otabek smiled, kissing his forehead. “Because, someone who shall remain nameless, ‘wanted to fucking rage.’”

“You should stop listening to me,” Yuri laughed, leaning on Otabek’s chest, “Half the things I say are bullshit.”

Otabek’s heart thumped as Yuri pressed against him and he was reminded again just how much in love he was.

“Nothing you say is bullshit,” Otabek replied, “You could be reciting ‘The Theme of King JJ’ in French backwards and I’d listen to it.”

Yuri’s eyes narrowed. “Beka, you’re sweet, but if you want to be in our bed tonight, do not mention JJ in relation to me ever again.”

Otabek laughed, reaching down and drawing Yuri into a gentle kiss, a real kiss. They forgot for a moment that they were in public, both melting into the sensations.

“Boys, break it up!” Christophe called from the corner, causing them to pull apart reluctantly, “Let’s keep it PG!”

“‘Keep it PG,’ he says,” Yuri snorted, “He’s half naked and riding a pole.”

Otabek laughed lightly, still a little breathless from their kiss. “Maybe later tonight we can bump up the rating, yeah?”

Yuri raised an eyebrow, smirking a bit. “Beka, you’re on.”

Otabek’s legs were still numb from Yuri’s weight being pressed onto him. But he found as they got closer, that he didn’t really mind.

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headcanon - lafeyette night routines with you?

  • so he typically he doesn’t go to bed before you do- he wants to make sure that you go to sleep at a reasonable time so he stays up as long as you do so if you aren’t getting a blink of sleep than he isn’t getting any sleep either 
  • he makes a habit of showering at night time usually and you should recommend showering before him because he showers for a very long time and takes up practically all of the hot water
    • maybe shower with him? it would save water,,,
  • after showering, he usually just lounges around on the bed, wearing his glasses and reading a book or some sort and maybe humming a song
    • if you go to bed at a decent time, he will most likely stay up later reading until he gets so tired that the words are all fuzzy but if ask him, he will go to sleep
  • he is also big into having tea or some kind of hot drink before he goes to bed
  • he has no particular opinion on whether he likes cuddling or not so it really just depends on you
    • if you like cuddling, he will 100% want to be the big spoon and he will just rest his head on your shoulder and just kiss your neck gently and he sometimes sleep talks- not very often actually but when he does, it’s usually in french and it’s hard to understand since his voice is full of sleep
    • if you don’t like cuddling, no problem! he just kisses your cheek and says goodnight. he gives you a lot of space to move around in the bed since he sleeps right on the edge but since he has long legs, he typically takes up a lot of space with his legs, like one by him and one all away across the bed by you
  • lafayette also snores but it’s really really softly and if he snores loudly ever , he instantly wakes up because he scares himself when he doe
    • he is a really light sleeper so if something makes the slightest bump in the night, he is up and ready to fight 
OtaYuri fic recs #11

I’ve had more time to read in recent days, so you guys are getting a bigger batch of recs ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

Untitled by kingotabek, explicit, 391

When Yuri moves, he weaves a delicate pattern of lust, not just when he’s on the ice, spinning and looping in and out of step sequences with seraphic grace, but off the ice as well.

And Otabek lives for it.

Too Cool by llyn, explicit, 1.8k

It’s Yuri’s first time visiting Otabek in Kazakhstan, and his first time for other stuff, too.

Wind over the Water, Fire over the Earth by abby_sass_ettura, general audiences, 1.6k

“It’s like watching a star fall, Otabek thinks— a kind of powerlessness, a futility, and at the same time a rare, reckless joy.”

Otabek waits for Yuri after his exhibition skate.

Crazy (The World We Live In) by Ren, explicit, 2.1k

Yuri Plisetsky is skating his exhibition program to the music of Welcome to the Madness and Otabek is going to die. Cause of death: Yuri Plisetsky and his costume choices.

Vanilla by mousapelli, explicit, 1.7k

Part 5 of the This is Otabek’s Hamster series

Yuri is just so cute first thing in the morning, Otabek really can’t help himself.

I Know I’m A Handful But That’s Why You’ve Got Two Hands by SKJC, explicit, 2.7k

Yuri and Otabek have a little more fun than they should in the locker room after Yuri’s Welcome To The Madness exhibition performance.

The Awkward Truth by Whisper132, mature, 4.3k

“Are we dating or something?”

“Do you want to?”


“Then maybe we are and maybe we aren’t. Let me know when you decide.”

Untitled by dizzytea, explicit, 1.4k, AU: Mafia, warning: daddy kink

His back hits the tiles, every corner of the filthy cubicle is washed pink with the red lights that are hanging from the ceiling. Corner of his eye can spot the words in at least four languages in spray paint and marker, speaking obscenities on toilet walls; lips crash back on his mouth before Otabek can utter a word, the door is slammed shut so loud it drowns the booming echo of the music that fills the stalls.

After the Exhibition by missbip0lar, explicit, 911

It happens in the locker room, right after Yuri steps off the ice.

Untitled by kanekkis, general audiences, 616

Otabek loved Yuri a lot, but his leg was really starting to get numb.

“How long has he been asleep like that?” Victor asked, amused. They were over at the penthouse that Chris had rented for the week, a raging party with the international skaters in full swing. Otabek and Yuri hadn’t even been drinking, both completely exhausted from practice. They had found an unused couch in the corner of the room and Yuri had collapsed, promptly falling asleep on Otabek’s lap.

Well it worked for Katsudon by KayinTruth, explicit, 9.1k, warning: light BDSM

Otabek Altin is, obviously, a disappointment in bed. A colossal disappointment, in fact. He’s not even a good kisser.

He must be, because that’s the only reason Yuri will accept for why Otabek won’t sleep with him.

Untitled by kanekkis, general audiences, 1k

“Don’t let him on the ice!” Yakov barked at Victor, who was looking horrified at the scene. Yakov barked something at the nearest rink attendee, who nodded and ran off into the corridor, presumably to get help.

Yuri barely registered this, his body shaking in shock, ears ringing as he saw a pool of red beneath his boyfriend’s unconscious body. In his moment of panic, he was unaware that his whole body was trembling, that his face was pale and he looked like he was about to faint. He wrenched off his skate guards and stepped towards the rink, desperate to know if Otabek was alright, if he was…

Shake Things Up by crescendotayuri, explicit, 1.4k

Otabek and Yuri are out to dinner with some of their fellow skaters. Yuri is bored. Otabek “helps”.

Firsts by SKJC, explicit, 2.3k

Navigating the “firsts” of a relationship can be complicated, especially when you don’t actually talk about it. 

Long live Hiccup’s leg jokes!

Hiccup: “Weapons. We need weapons.”

Snotlout: *looks at Hiccup’s leg* *grabs it*

Hiccup: *tries to pull away* “Snotlout!” *bangs hand on Snotlout’s helmet* 

Snotlout: “I saw it first!”

Hiccup: “What is it Toothless, is it the other dragons?”

Toothless: *grabs Hiccup’s leg and dashes off*

Astrid: “How long do you think he’ll go before he realizes?”

Hiccup: *sits up* “I don’t know. He seemed pretty comitted.” *looks down and notices his leg is missing*

Ruffnut: “So, if my calculations are correct, which they usually are. Hiccup is on his…”

Tuffnut and Ruffnut: “LAST LEG!”

Tuffnut: *hanging upside down* “Hey, Hiccup. Do you know that upside down you have a medal arm instead of a medal leg?”

Dagur: “Here I think I can fix it.”

Hiccup: “No, no, no, don’t-!”

Dagur: *breaks Hiccup’s leg* “Oops.”

Snotlout: *to Mala* “You do know he only has one leg, right?”

ちくわ on Twitter
“ニノさん 篠山紀信さんによる嵐メン、ジャンプの特徴 (.゚ー゚)カッコイイし可愛い (`・3・´) ちょっとはにかんで撮ってる「え、ジャンプするの?」みたいな (´・∀・`)天真爛漫 (*‘◇‘)手足が長いから跳ぶことに自信がある ノノ`∀´ルちょっとやっぱり俺男前よみたいな https://t.co/02zQSw73vH”

17.02.19 Ninosan - Comments from Shinoyama Kishin-san about photography of ARASHI [English translation]

Shinoyama-san: I’ve taken photographs for ARASHI recently.
Nino: During year-end. The photography session took fast.
Shinoyama-san: I took photos for the five members of ARASHI and it took around 15 minutes.
Watabe-san: There was a sense of vivid movement.
Shinoyama-san: Probably I kept telling them to jump. And they jumped in different ways.

Nino: (Looking at his photo) Is there any characteristic? (My photo) is the most handsome isn’t it.
Shinoyama-san: Handsome and kawaii, such characteristics are illustrated in the photo.
Nino: Oh I see.

Shinoyama-san: (Looking at Sho-san’s photo) Sakurai-kun was a bit shy during the photography session. The feeling was like “Eh, I need to jump? (Shy)”.
Nino: Really?

Shinoyama-san: (Looking at Leader’s photo) Ohno-kun is innocent.
Nino: He opened his mouth without thinking about anything.

Nino: (Looking at Masaki-san’s photo) Aiba-kun was like Arare-chan.
Shinoyama-san: He has long arms and legs, and seems having confidence about jumping.
Nino: Thing that suits him.

Shinoyama-san: Yes. (Looking at MatsuJun’s photo) MatsuJun was bit like “I am handsome!”
Nino: The way he jumps is cool.
Shinoyama-san: A feeling of coolness. Everyone shows his characteristics in jumping.

Nino: But we only did 3-4 jumpings during the session and Shinoyama-san said “Yes! OK~”.
Shinoyama-san: Yes. You all are good at jumping!
Nino: Really?!
Shinoyama-san: The first take was the best one.
Nino: Indeed the first take was good! Everyone! Do you hear this? Staff of magazines!

video source twitter @cafeaurait1126

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Can i request a Yurio x fangirl scenario? :)

Yuri’s Angles < ⦜ ⦦ aha. Hope you enjoy !!

f/b = favorite band



The seatbelt sign was turned off as the plane begun to steadily drift above the clouds. A whimsical purple-pink sunset painted the sky. A girl with lovely [h/c] hair wearing [c] sweats and a [f/b] shirt leaned against the window uncomfortably in her seat, her left leg proped up on her seat, barricading her phone from the person sitting in the middle.

‘I CANNOT BELEIVE THE YURI PLISETSKY IS STILL SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I have to get a picture- but I can’t look like a stalker- not that I am, of course. I mean, If you saw your favorite celebrity of course you would want a pictu- oH MY GOSH HOW LONG HAS MY LEG BEEN UP LIKE THAT AAA he probably thinks I sit wierd iTS COMFORTABLE OKAY.’

The girl, [y/n], slowly lowered her leg and sat up in her seat, holding her phone close to her chin. The boy seemed to be too intrested in the show he was watching on the screen in front of his seat to notice.

‘But now he can glance at my phone whenever he wants and I can’t guarantee a Yuri edit won’t pop up on my feED NOPE.’

[y/n] disconnected from the plane’s wifi and turned her phone to airplane mode. She began to tap through the tv selections on the screen attached to the back of seat in front of her. She quickly snuck a glance at the boy sitting next to her. 

Yuri Plisetsky was wearing an olive green army jacket over a black hodie and a black shirt. He wore leapord print sweats and he had big headphones with cat ears on. [y/n] figured the headphones were too big not to be noise canceling, and he seemed to be watching a show about crying mothers.

‘Wait, is this Say Yes to the Dress?’

[y/n] stealthily glanced at his screen, but then became sucked into the show, leaning a bit foreward to try to read their lips.

She then felt a tap on her shoulder.

She turned to see Yuri offering her an earbud, the headphones he was wearing now back around his neck. He had a smirk on his face, as if he had just caught her doing something she didn’t want him to see.


[y/n] gingerly took the earbud, freezing a bit when her fingers touched his, and placed it in her left ear. She leaned a bit closer, using her arm rest, so she could see the screen better. Yuri did the same, their heads just almost leaning on one another.

‘AAAAAA- you know what? This, this actually feels nice! Relaxing. Not how I thought meeting him would be..’

After about 20 minutes, [f/n] decided to rest her eyes, only to fall asleep against Yuri’s head instead. 

“Excuse me m’am?”

[f/n] groggily opened her eyes to a foggy window and docked planes. She put a hand on her forehead, which wasn’t as cold as it should have been if she had leant against the window the entire time she slept. She hazily pushed a blanket off of her, too sleepy to wonder when she had put it on. She turned to the hostess, one of 3 left cleaning in the abandoned airplane.

“The plane landed a couple minutes ago.”

“Oh! Sorry! I’ll be right off.”

“No rush, darling.”

20 minutes later [y/n] quickly paced through the empty halls of the airport, groggily trying to connect to the airport wifi.

‘Sorta creepy when there’s not a lot of people here…ugh. I can’t believe I fell asleep like that. I didn’t even get to ask him anyth-’

She stopped walking to rub her eyes at she stared at her camera roll. There were 2 new photos and 1 new video.

The first was a picture of her sleeping on Yuri’s shoulder, Yuri looking off to the side dramtically, pretending not to notice her.

The second picture was of Yuri giving [y/n] a peck on the cheek, but only his red flushed nose and tinted lips were visible in the shot. [y/n] was also now covered with an airplane provided blanket.

[y/n] had to slap herself to guarantee she wasn’t hallucinating from the jetlag. After that, she played the video:

“You really shouldn’t have a picture of me as your lock screen if I’m also the password, angel.”

‘oh my gaaaah he did that little smirk at the end i cant belie- wAIT WOT’

[y/n] searched through her apps, pink rising to her cheeks from embarrassment and being a bit flustered, to see if he posted anything or messed around with something. To her surprise, everything was left the way she had left it.

All except, she had a new contact named ‘Call me, angel’


Wine after Whiskey

The post-breakup emotions had washed you clean, there were no more what ifs circling your mind, no more tears flowing, no more breakdowns or questions on what went wrong. 

It was all over­ – so you thought.

It was in the moment that you recognised the familiar head of waves in the same restaurant that you were immersed with all the feelings you thought you left on the bedroom floor, along with with the whisky.

You feel your body go numb, for a moment you can’t even pry your eyes from his figure, his figure bundled in a black coat with a scarf dangling loosely around his neck– The scarf that you brought as a joke because he can never manage to wear scarfs in the correct manner. 

You pull yourself away from the trans that he pulled you into, your eyes waving towards your friend in front of you, her wine scraping her lips as she side-eyes Harry.
“Thought he was in London.” She murmurs as she makes her gaze further obvious, 

“Stop staring. He was in London.” ..“I guess he came back to New York for something.” You shrug, driving the sparkling wine down your throat to satisfy the stinging nerves arising in you as the presence of Harry grows more intense.
She rolls her eyes, placing her wine glass down on the table, her bluish-green eyes narrowing down on you, “More like he came back for you.” You shake your head and scoff,.
There is no way he flew from London to come to New York right before a snow storm is meant to hit, not to mention he is the one who broke off the relationship.
If anything, he is presumably praying that the two of you don’t cross paths. 

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The Real You

Summary: Danny doesn’t have a crush on Stiles. No way.

Notes: Another one for @inell, who wanted Stiles/Danny and “be nice to your seat partner, they might just be your future spouse!” This is an AU where nothing supernatural happened in Beacon Hills. (On AO3)

Danny always hates the start of every school year. There’s a new schedule to learn, a new locker to find, and an influx of baby-faced freshman wandering around. There are also new teachers, new classes, and most importantly, new seating assignments.

He has to stifle a groan when he discovers that his desk-mate for English is none other than Stilinski. He’s weird and awkward, and only ever seems to hang out with his one dorky friend. Danny does not need him bringing down his reputation.

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