long legs he has~


Jeezus Odin! I had to wake him up from a deep sleep to put him back in his enclosure and he gave me a frighten! I don’t know what you are doing with that eyeball there buddy but stop! Ya look possessed!

Important 707 headcanons

- one of those ‘organised mess’ ppl. If anyone tries to tidy up his hacking space he’ll flip like ‘nO ! U ARE MESSING UP THE NATURAL ORDER !!!’

- the first time he ate honey buddha chips he cried because he’d never tasted anything so holy in his life

- had abt 27 different waifus in high school bc he’s a NERD

- never ever ever in his long legged life has he cleaned his glasses, ,sometimes Jaehee does it if she notices the dirt on them when they catch the sun

- 'Seven how can you even see through these ??!’

'Idk man the grime and my crippling depression sort of blurred together at some point now I dnt really notice it’

'Seven are you okay’

- hacks into Zens phone sometimes and sends people messages, but deletes them once he’s sent them so Zen doesn’t notice

- ^once he sent Jumin 'good night Daddy😩😩 fuCk a 👌👈bed bug 👅👅💦🍆 😩🙊I’ll C💦UM💦 see u 2moro ❤❤ lOve yoU xxx👅🍆’ and Jumin cried

- Yoosung sends him really old memes (like ragecomics ew) because he thinks they’re cool and Seven has like. A stroke every time.

I hope no one is expecting me to drive them today because my only passenger is this huge aquarium in my car that I’m driving back to the store to return.

I buckled it in like a person.

Emma didn’t come home from school...

Emma is an 18 years old hottie,who is two weeks away from finishing the high school. Her old male teacher has been having kinky fantasies about Emma since beginning of Her high school. Emma’s short skirts and long silky legs has kept flaming desires about Emma. He was waiting to see Her naked,how Her eyes look like When She is having an orgasms,hear Her moan,imagining Her as His little pleasure slave..

He asked Emma to stay longer after classes,to help Her prepare for the exams. They stayed late,until they were alone in the whole building. He used an opportunity and drugged Her with chloroform while She was behind Her desk,working on exercises.

He then carried Emma downstairs to the locker room of the gym. Took off Her shirt,skirt,bra and panties. Revealing Her tender titties,Her tight teen little pussy..  He tied Her down on the benches,legs spread and gagged Her,to keep Her quiet..

Emma woke Up a little while ago,finding Herself restrained,gagged,completely naked..unable to move with Her teacher standing in front of Her.

You have amazing body,Emma. You cannot imagine for how long I have been waiting for this” He said

MMPPHH MMM MKMMMMPPHH” Was all what Emma could mumble into Her gag..

“I bought something especially for You” and He showed Her hitachi vibrator..

Emma’s eyes went wide and wet with fear..” MKMMM MMMPHH MMKKMM” ,She was trying to escape the bondages and shaking Her head..

Her teacher turned on the vibrator,sound of low buzzing was echoing in the room…    “You gonna love this,sweetie..” and placed the top of the vibrator gently on Emma’s clitoris. 

Emma immideatly started thrashing Her hips,trying to get vibrating toy away from Her pussy. Suddenly the buzzing stopped. 

“You dont look comfortable,sweetie. Let Me get something for You..” . The teacher brought a pillow and placed a pillow under Emma’s back. Now She is completely unable to move Her hips away.. and turned the vibrator back on.. “Now,where were We?” And kept vibing Emma’s pussy.

After ten minutes of constant buzzing against Her clitoris,She began to feel a wave of arousal to grow. She realised She is going to have an orgasm. The intesity of the vibrator is too much for Her teen sensitive pussy. Emma Was trying hard to avoid cumming.. “MMKKKMMMMM….MMMMHHHHMMM…MMMHHHMM…RRRRGGHH…”

just let it go,Emma. Listen to Your body. Come on now..” 

Despite the thrashing,crying and struggling… massive orgasm took over Emma’s helpless body.

Good girl,Emma.. amazing.. I adore You cumming.. Come on,You have some more in this sweet little thing between Your legs..”

Emma’s clit went hypersensitive after Her first orgasm and He kept vibrating Her. She got second,more intense and painful orgasm ripped out of Her teen body…  and again.. and again… each time more intense.. poor Emma was shaking all over Her body,eyes rolled up.. no escape and the buzzing went on for another hour,until Emma passed out…

Thoughts on RWBY V4 E2

-Weiss’ house is nice. Although it looks cold as hell. Not welcoming at all.

-Whitley has extremely long legs. He reminds me of Waluigi. I trust him about as much as him too..

-Weiss’ mom (whom i’ve seen been nicknamed Willow Schnee) is a wine mom. That’s sad

-The mother, Weiss and Winter look super unhappy in that family photo. Only Whitley and Jacques look happy.

-Ironwood’s arms look shorter. Maybe Whitley stole them to use for his legs?

-Rich guy uses his daughter to make money and look good in the public eye. Surprises no one.

-If every Schnee is born with white hair, then that means that Jacques married into his wealth, then pulled the rug out from underneath them. Add another scumbag to the list.

-Weiss dont worry Ruby’ll come to save you soon. I mean after she deals with her angst.

-Speaking off angst, our RNJR kids get the pleasure of watching the last survivor of a village die. Oh and Jaune came here as a kid. Oh and also Ren and Nora recognize a symbol.

-Klein is the MVP of the episode. Yet i still dont trust him fully. He’s got shifty eyes. Heh. Heh. Heh.

-Poor Ruby is plagued by nightmares of Pyrrha. I hope thats a sign that Ruby’s problems will surface in this volume. We havent seen much from her yet.

-The visuals in the scene where Ruby walks through the forest are stunning. So calm and beautiful.

-Ah yes, the playing a video of fallen loved one over and over again. Somehow it always hits me. Poor Jaune. Good to hear from Pyrrha again. And that we haven’t moved on that quickly.

A solid episode. Im a little worried that we’ll see too much of Team RNJR, and that they’ll eclipse the other girls. At the very least we’ll probably see what Blake is up to next episode. Ideally, Blake and Yang. Im the most interested in what those two are up to. Should be interesting!

heres some lance headcanons cus i love The Boy
  • of course the famous touchy lance headcanon he sits in everyones laps like its no big deal whatever just let it happen man 
  • no impulse control at all if something crosses his mind he just does it
  • he loves self care shit like spa treatments hes always wearing facemasks and painting his nails and he leaps at the opportunity to do it to everyone else (“you havent lived if you havent had one of lance’s manicures”)
  • actually the softest if someone is upset he hugs them and talks to them softly and Encourages them
  • him and hunk probably grew up with each other and thus have many many inside jokes and embarrassing stories
  • calls everyone nicknames and nobody knows who he’s talking to ever because he switches them up all the time
  • has a thing for eyeliner that’s what he misses most about earth
  • he has freckles but you can only see them when he goes in the sun for a long time what a beautiful Boy
  • LEGS he has enough legs for three people and he’s constantly tripping over himself
  • he sleeps stretched out on his stomach and his toes stick out off the end of the bed
  • HE IS A VERY GOOD GUITARIST & once travelled across several galaxies to find a nice guitar so he could play
    • “hey what’s your favorite song i could probably play it if you tell me how it goes”
    • he actually can play by ear and its freakin amazing
  • most fun at sleepovers. he knows all the classic sleepover games & hes one of those people who keeps you up till 4am talking about life and stuff
  • would die for rain he loves rain so much
  • finally: thigh high socks
  • the haunted castle still scares himhe pretends he doesnt care but he actually hates going anywhere by himself and he makes keith go with him
    • pidge teases him for it bc (well first of all there’s NOTHING wrong with the castle but) theyre only 14 and they can go everywhere in the castle all by themself 
    • shiro just gives him this Look thats possibly more scary than the haunted castle cus he doesn’t trust lance and keith to go anywhere alone together (he has to look out for his little brother i mean cmon)
  • he owns like 8 pairs of those sneakers w rainbow led lights in the soles so he has enough for Every outfit
    • shiro, during a deep, sad conversation abt being homesick: “lance what do you miss most about earth?”
    • lance, without skipping a beat: “definitely my light up sneakers. man those were so cool”
  • light up sneakers but he has like 8 pairs all in different styles/colors so they match every outfit
  • yes hes actually very fashion-conscious he wants to look Cool
  • one of those people who makes 8 million spotify accounts so he can keep getting the free one week premium membership instead of just buying/downloading the music
  • air guitar
  • terrible at dancing i mean like TERRIBLE he dances like a white mom
  • has matching bedsheets on his bed at the garrison (they have dinosaurs on them and hes had them since he was Young)
  • MAMAS BOY. big time mamas boy. he cries if he thinks abt her too much cus he misses her so bad
  • one of those ppl who picks up ppls quirks and stuff like that and its the cutest thing EVER
  • have i already talked abt how he gets freckles if he stays out in the sun. cus he gets freckles if he stays out in the sun
  • scared of the dark 
  • hes actually a softie?? he would give his kidney to any of his friends without hesitation
I'm really growing a baby

It’s kind of uncomfortable feeling him move around and try to stretch, because he’s pretty much almost completely out of room. But I actually prefer it to the earlier weeks, because I can put my hand on my stomach and feel actual knees, elbows, and feet. And I’m like, “Aight son, I see ya. Tryna grow into an actual person outchea.”

I don’t know why I’m amazed at the fact that his bones are hard and I can feel them and how they have no give. I grew an actual person with actual bones and I can feel his creepy lil fingers brush up against me from the inside. He stretches the same way I do. And hiccups ALL of the time.

His father and I really got into an argument one night. And I was too tired to fight, so I angrily went all the way to his house after work at like 2am just to get in his bed and say I wasn’t sleeping alone, because I didn’t have to. And that he could be mad at me in the morning, because I was exhausted. AND WE REALLY ACCIDENTALLY CREATED A WHOLE HUMAN BEING. Also we never finished the argument the next day.

Sorry, just every day he gets closer to being here and I’m more amazed. I loved someone enough to make a whole ass half me half him baby. And that baby kicks the shit out of me daily, but all I can think about is buying him gifts to welcome him and wondering what kinds of things he’ll like and touching his knees in my ribs. I’m insane.

Nico DiAngelo Appearance Headcannons

-He is a genuinely pretty guy, we’re talking soft features, stare into his eyes, fall-in-love-with-the-slope-of-his-nose beautiful

-He has little gold flecks in his eyes

-If you see him without his jacket (almost never), you’d be surprised how muscular he is underneath

-Actually, on the topic of that aviator jacket, he has stopped wearing it as much

-He went through a black turtleneck phase and no one can convince me otherwise

-So shoes, it’s either boots or black converse, nothing else will do

-In proportion to the rest of his body, he has really short legs and really long arms

-He wears his hair in a ponytail when he trains

-His face changes when he smiles

-One time a sunflower ended up in his hair, no one wanted to tell him it was there

-Skull motifs skull motifs all the skull motifs

-But seriously though, Nico and flowers, just sayin’

-He has a habit of biting his bottom lip so it usually isn’t visible

-He has a fuller bottom lip that top lip

-His skin changes with the season, pale, almost translucent in winter, more rejuvenated in spring, color appears on his face but let’s say he blushes or something, you really see how pale he is, in you’d think in summer his Italian complexion comes out in full force, but he’s still a little paler, he’s tannest in the fall

-due to his age, wrinkles appear on his face earlier that with anyone else

-but the flowers though

For the poor kid’s birthday (should I do this with other characters?)

These are my character Biast I rp as. The body is a combination of animals. He has a head and tusks of a warthog, the mane and paws of a lion, the body of a Kodiak bear, and the tail and scales of a water monitor lizard. He is 5'6 from shoulder to the ground, when he is stalling on all fours. Standing on two legs is 10 feet tall. He weighs about a thousand pounds. He can run up to 40 mph (50 kph) in short burst of speed. He has dark gray skin which is like felt, his mane and fur on his back is black, his claws and spikes on his tail are turquoise, dark purple markings on his back, and a gray belly. His eyes white with no pupils. He walks on all fours, but he can stand on two legs. He has a large and stocky body, a long tail with three spikes at the end, a forked tongue is a deep blue, and the inside of my mouth is a light green. He has a keen sense of smell, sight, and hearing, he can see in complete darkness.

He normally keeps to himself, but he can interact with others, he doesn’t trust humans that much. He does have a temper and can be easily angered. He does his best not to hurt the ones I cares about. He can be loving and affectionate if given the chance. He will sometimes act little a giant kitten. He lives inside a large dark cave high in the mountains. The is a large forest below are where he hunts and patrols.