long legs daisy dukes

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He wears short shorts, and he wears pant pants, he's cheer captain, and he /wears pant pants/.

Long legs! Daisy dukes! Makes everyone go WOOHOO~

based on an actual coffee shop i witnessed (don’t worry it’s deancas just from another perspective) ao3

“When you said you wanted to go out I didn’t think you meant to Starbucks,” Lisa groaned as Aaron stopped them outside the coffee shop. “You have a problem, seriously.” Aaron rolled his eyes and pushed the door open, the bell overhead chimed weakly, the sound of it drowned in the excited buzz of the store.

“Shut up, you weren’t doing anything anyway.” He hooked his arm through her’s and tugged her into line. It was long, so long that they had to crane their necks to make out the menu.

“Aaron, I don’t even drink coffee.” Lisa withdrew her arm and crossed it stubbornly over her chest. Aaron snaked his arm around her waist and drew her close to him.

“Get a tea, then. Or a cake pop.” Lisa huffed and fixed her eyes on the menu. She absentmindedly tucked a stray strand of dark hair behind her ear. The line shifted a little and the counter became more visible along with the assembly line of baristas working tirelessly to fill the orders of the caffeine starved morning rush. Aaron’s shoulders relaxed as he zeroed in on his favorite barista.

“Why are you smiling?” Lisa eyed him curiously, as Aaron tore his eyes away from the barista with the light brown hair and broad, powerful shoulders. He feigned nonchalance.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Lisa’s eyes narrowed, clearly not convinced. They moved forward in the line and Aaron sucked in a quick breath. The barista, Dean, as his nametag said, was right there on the other side of the counter. Looking at his tanned skin and the way his long eyelashes fanned out under his brows as he focused on making some complicated order made Aaron’s mouth go dry.

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“long legs daisy dukes (makes the men go)”

“Yurio claimed his food was too spicy” ashfkslgojd

it was something he couldn’t really play off as actually being spicy too, like mochi. 

victor: :fry squint:

yuuri: wow russians sure have weird taste buds. i guess that makes sense though because victor puts jam in his tea. 

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Seeing as you've been on an awesome Holsom writing run, maybe you'd pls consider - “Could you not talk to him/her, please? I think they’re trying to date you.”

I’m sorry this took much longer than my prompt-filling normally does! I’ve been working on my original fiction, but I reached a good stopping point for a moment, so here you go!

Ransom watches in disbelief while the girl presses her pen against her lip and stares at Holster with big eyes. She’s nodding earnestly at everything he says, which makes her pretty brown curls bounce and spill over the cleavage she’s revealed with the top two buttons of her pink flannel shirt undone.

And Holster’s just fucking oblivious, Ransom realises. Holster’s just babbling away about economics. He’s talking with his hands and has gone Full Nerd, and Ransom wants to be embarrassed for him but there’s a strange burning sensation in his stomach that he can’t quite account for.

She had waltzed over to their table in the library earlier, her absolutely tiny shorts just barely covering all of her ass, her shirt unbuttoned, and she’d stared at Holster with a pretty grin on her face.

“You’re Adam right? I’m Tina. I think you’re in my econ class,” she had said before inviting herself to the chair next to Holster. “I’m having trouble with the homework, do you think you could help?”

And then she’d batted her eyelashes, started sucking on her pen, and giving Holster bedroom eyes.

And there was Holster, oblivious.

Eventually, Ransom can’t take it anymore. He has to leave. He has to be literally anywhere else.

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people should be approximately seven billion times more invested in tracy bell!

tracy bell is the coolest!

tracy bell turned to hunting to avenge her family!

tracy bell knows how to lure vamps to their bloody deaths with the power of long legs and daisy dukes!

tracy bell is smart and feisty!

tracy bell goes in firing on abaddon like the baddest lady cowboy i’ve ever goddamn seen!

tracy bell looked great in the impala!

tracy bell is probably criss crossing america saving people and hunting things right now!

tracy! bell! is! the! coolest!