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She Was Pretty

[ Hoseok x Reader ]

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 3.8k

Description: After years of separation, you run into your childhood best friend, only to have him not recognize you as you are no longer the pretty girl he had once explored the world with. With it now being Valentine’s Day, you find yourself trapped on a blind date, only to run into him at one of the nicest restaurants in town.

Happy birthday to @artsyhobi, I hope you enjoy this one! ♡

heavily inspired by the kdrama She Was Pretty - Copyright© Since 1996, MBC&iMBC All rights reserved

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Those Kisses

(i’m back bitches 😁)

The first time she’s his is during a house party in junior year, a few months after Riley’s most recent, and last breakup with her on-again off-again, cheating boyfriend by the name of Theo Grant. Riley Matthews, who’s never had a drink in her life, decides to finally let herself be fully corrupted by Maya and not give a damn for one night.

Turns out, drunk Riley Matthews likes kissing a drunk Farkle Minkus. She likes how he tastes of cheap beer and she likes running her hands through his hair. But most of all, in Farkle’s eyes, drunk Riley Matthews likes giving him a taste of what he’s always wanted, and, at the same time, a taste of what he thinks he’ll never have again.

He had her on the palm of his hand, and grabbed onto her hard, never wanting to let go, and still, she slipped through his fingertips. Through drunken kisses and slurred words, she whispers in his ear, and if those five little words hadn’t hurt him so much he probably wouldn’t have been able to catch them. “You can’t tell anyone, Farkle.”

But, that night led to more and more kisses, not all of them laced with the bitter taste of alcohol. Some of those kisses were late nights with nothing but butterflies in their stomachs, because for some reason Cory Matthews still let Farkle occasionally stay the night, still too wrapped up in the illusion in which his daughter is a five year old princess and the Minkus boy her own personal wizard.

Some of those kisses were the dimly lit hallways of the Matthews residence, quick and chaste when no one was looking.

Some of those kisses were bay windows that, for once in Riley’s life, seemed claustrophobic. Some of those kisses were tears with hurtful words repeating over and over in her head after an argument with a blonde beauty went a tad too far. Some of those kisses were advice and sweet words, telling her that a petty fight could not bring Riley and Maya down. After those, came the kisses laced with a silent thank you after making up with her best friend.

Some of those kisses were silent ‘I love you’s left unspoken as they remembered what they’d promised. They were sneaky glances when they thought the other one wasn’t looking. They were hugs in public that lasted too long and blushing after their friends asked what was going on between them. They were lying and saying it was nothing, and later asking themselves if it was really lying.

Some of those kisses were frightful thoughts of lost friendship and aftermaths of an argument. They were questions that made her eyes widen before she stumbled over her words. They were apologies and understanding. They were kissing back even though they know what comes next way too well.

But still, some of those kisses were laced with vodka, beer, or whisky in another random dark corner. Some of those kisses reeked of alcohol and desperation, on both ends. They were hushed promises that could not be kept and love bites. Some of those kisses were both head and heartache the next morning.

But still, after sober and not-so-sober scenarios, the five words were still the same and they always slipped off her tongue easily. “You can’t tell anyone, Farkle.” All of those kisses ended with the same bitterness clawing it’s way into Farkle’s heart as Riley’s does eyes turned dark and her lips fell into a straight line. She’d always kiss him softly one last time and leave him alone and cold, to always return the next day, whether it be with a kiss or a friendly hug.

All of those kisses ended with those five words. Until they didn’t.

Until all of those kisses started happening in public. One random time at Topanga’s, the aftermath being wide eyed friends left with unanswered questions. Then another time in front of their parents. Then during dates in Central Park.

And the only unspoken words were the eight tiny syllables that haunted them both for far too long.

Beauty Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Happy Holidays makeup lovers! I’ve decided to do another Christmas Gift Guide this year for anyone wether your deciding what to ask for christmas or contemplating what to get other’s for christmas. All of the products listed are very versatile and can be used by a wide range of skin types, skin tones and ages. 

Priced from lowest to highest 

Too Faced Beautifully Blushed and Bronzed Set $25 ($55 value). Includes their famous Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, two of their new long lasting Love Flush blushes, their Sun Bunny Bronzer and a small travel size brush. Great way to try out some great Too Faced products or give to a friend!

Lorac Pro Matte Palette $28. A semi small, matte eyeshadow palette with every blending and crease shade you could ever need! Decently affordable too!

Becca Radiant Glow Collection $32. Includes a small Moonstone Luminous Skin Pefector Pressed, a small Opal Luminous Skin Perfector in their cream formula, an under eye brightening corrector and a lip shimmer. Great way to test out two of Becca’s most popular highlighter shades in both formulas! Available at Ulta.

Fresh Skin Care Starters $35. Includes the Soy Face Cleanser, Lotus Preserve Face Cream and their famous Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Balm. I’ve personally tried and love every one of these products and they would work for a variety of skin type and for all ages! Available at Nordstrom. 

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charm Set $39. Includes three popular CT lipstick shades, Bitch Perfect, Penelope Pink and So Marilyn. Great for high end beauty lovers, lipstick lovers or those who have always wanted to try the Charlotte Tilbury line! Available at Nordstrom.

Tarte Tartelette 2 In Bloom Palette $45. Great everyday neutral eyeshadow palette with shimmer and matte shades. Great for beginners, aspiring makeup artists, makeup lovers, moms! Available at Ulta.

Tarte Light Of The Party Palette $59 ($394 value). This palette is probably the best bang for your buck. It comes with a whopping 30 eyeshadow colors, blush, bronzer, highlighter, mascara and even a small brush. 

Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2 $59. Another mega version of the classic and popular Lorac Pro Palettes. Creamy, pigmented high quality eyeshadows. Exclusively at Ulta.

Sephora Favorites Skin Wonderland $68. Perfect for the skin care junkie! Includes many coveted products such as Sunday Riley Good Genes, Fresh Soy Cleanser and Kate Sommerville Exfolikate, SKll Treatment Mask etc. Includes a cleanser, an eye cream, various treatments, oils, toners, body products. Great for anyone who loves to take care of their skin and try the latest products. 

Milani Blush in 01 Romantic Rose 

I love this blush! It is SO affordable as well and I cannot wait to keep this in my collection and continue using it. If you are looking for a great, long lasting, easy to apply blush, than look no further. Not to mention, the packaging of this product is absolutely beautiful! I love love love how much product you get (.6 oz) which is insane! This will definitely be a staple for me. 

chemicallyretro  asked:

When I am finished with my makeup it looks flawless but In about 3/4 hours my contour, blush, highlighter and foundation are diminished. This phenomenon needs to stop but I don't know how. Any advice?

Hi there,

This probably has to do with the base, your foundation moisturizer, primer and powder all have to be long lasting in order for any products applied on top to last all day. 

Make sure your moisturizer is lightweight and sinks in quickly so your foundation isn’t sliding off because the moisturizer created this greasy film over your skin. Try moisturizers like Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream $8 or Origins GinZing Moisturizer $27.50. Opt for a long lasting foundation that dries semi matte to matte. Foundations like Loreal Infallible Pro Matte $12 or Estee Lauder Double Wear $38. Setting your face with a translucent powder before or after applying cheek products will also help your makeup last significantly longer.

Also try layering creams under powders! Applying a cream blush under powder blush, liquid highlight under powder highlighter and contouring with concealers/foundations or cream products and following with a bronzer will all help your cheek products last all day because they have something to stick to and intensify the color. You can even use cream products as opposed to powder products because cream products tend to stick around on the skin a little longer than powder products. 

Layering cream/liquid highlighter and contour under your powder highlighter and contour will make the highlighter more intense (strobing) and the contour shade more prominent and long lasting. 

Lastly, go for long lasting cheek products. There are quite a few long lasting “all day” blushes out there.

Too Faced Love Flush Long Lasting 16 Hour Blush $26 PC

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Blush $26 PC

be-cool-honeybunny-deactivated2  asked:

What's your favorite highlight/contour products?

Highlighter, contour and blush are my favourite ways to sculpt the face and since I’m addicted to all these products I’ve managed to build up a few favourites over the years…


  • Makeup Forever Flash Color Case (Shade 023 Brown)

If you’ve watched my contouring video you’ll know I’m a huge fan of this creamy formula; it blends beautifully into the skin and looks natural.

  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer

This is an amazing matte bronzer that blends beautifully, it is hard to stuff up your contouring with this product. (A good budget friendly option which is in my opinion almost identical to this product is the Essence Sun Club Matte Bronzing Powder)

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warriors-of-ayica  asked:

Towel (Finding Her verse)

send “towel” for my muse’s reaction to seeing yours in nothing but a towel

Since they had decided to meet again after their classes were finished, Mei-Rin made her way to Jaice’s room. However, for she had finished a bit earlier than usually, she wondered if he would be there. 

It was her own fault, but she had not knocked before walking in, but when she stepped into the room, she saw him in nothing but a towel around his hips, and she was left there speechless for a long while.

At last, blushing lightly, she lowered her sight. “I… should have knocked first… right?” she mumbled, biting her bottom lip. “You… are very handsome, though…”


Haul today!!!! I haven’t been to the mall in at least 2 months since I’ve been so busy and I was so happy when I got these goodies.

Bath & Body Works
5 hand sanitizers: $5.00
Piggy case: $7.50 (what the fuck!!)

Charlotte Russe
NYX Liquid Illuminator: $7.59

The Icing
Faux Gauges: $12.50 (I just got them for fun but ended up losing them because I took them out the packaging, silly me)
Septum Piercing: $14.50

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation: $52 (My old one shattered into pieces in July and I was heartbroken! It’s one of my absolute favorite foundations.)
Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer: $28 (I already have one but i’m about to run out and I didn’t know when the next time I would be back so I got one just in case)
Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blush: $26

GRAND TOTAL: $165.72 :)))))) so happy. I’ve been wanting to try the blush ever since it came out!!!