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Aph Nordic Facts

Finland - Tino/Timo Väinämöinen

- Finland cuts Iceland’s hair.
- Finland sometimes accidentally calls Sweden ‘Su-san’ when talking to others, being so used to the nickname
- When Finland found America, he told Sweden it would be nice to have a kid following them everywhere. Sweden replied with “I’ll do my best”. Later on Sweden bought Sealand. A coincidence?
- Finland is in a fight with England in terms of taste. (Not sure what this means.)
- Finland owns an electric guitar
- Finland is a huge fan of Estonian sweets.
- Finland will let you poke him up to ten times, but will return it many times over if you go over that amount.
- Finland is talkative, especially around Sweden, but is actually a quiet person.
- Finland has a resistance for coldness.
- It is said that out of the Nordic nations, Finland has suffered the most hardships. (As a Finn, I will say that even though I don’t know other Nordic countries’ history very well, I always thought Finland got it easy compared to many countries.)
- Finland is the shortest one out of the Nordics, standing 170 cm, hat included.
- (Not canon, but I’m 100% sure Finland has, or should have, his right arm to be prosthetic due to historic events. The 'Maiden of Finland’ lost it’s right arm - an area now under Russia’s rule.)

Sweden - Berwald Oxenstierna

- Sweden is the tallest one out of the Nordics, standing 182 cm. There’s a 12 cm difference between him and Finland.
- Sweden is as tall as Russia.
- Sweden is, and I quote, quite muscular.
- Sweden has been known as “The Lion of Northern Europe”, “The Conqueror Of The Baltic Sea”, and “The Supreme Ruler of Scandinavia”.
- Sweden’s quietness comes from him being born in a cold area.
- It is said, that Sweden’s canned surströmming can be used as a deadly weapon. (I highly agree with this. Have you ever smelled surströmming?)
- According to Denmark, Sweden and Denmark have fought often, but are best buds.
- Sweden once walked over the frozen sea to attack Denmark. By headbutting him.
- Ladonia calls Sweden 'Sve’.
- When Prussia came over to Sweden’s house to clean, he fainted a total of fourteen times from sheer terror that is Sweden and his accidental glare.
- Sweden is gay, and only has strong feelings towards Finland.
- Sweden has modified his old clothes to fit Finland.
- Sweden possibly lives in Gamla stan

Denmark - No confirmed human name, widely used Mathias Køhler

- Denmark is the second tallest Nordic.
- Denmark is also, quote, 'quite muscular’.
- Self declared “King of Scandinavia”.
- Said to be carefree, but is actually a heavy worker.
- Occasionally called 'Ta-san’ by Finland.
- Denmark raised Iceland.
- Wasn’t surprised that Iceland and Norway were revealed to be brothers, as they both are 'creepingly scary’ and 'have a bunch of weirdo friends’.
- Denmark was not fazed when angry Belarus threw a clothes hanger at him.
- Denmark would like to live in a house made of Lego.

Norway - No confirmed human name, widely know as Lukas Bondevik

- Norway’s curl represents Fjords.
- Norway is the third tallest Nordic.
- Norway is painfully shy around strangers.
- Skilled at chess.
- A hard worker.
- Described as a 'snarky guy’ by Mr. Puffin.
- Is sometimes frightened by Estonia’s eagerness to join the Nordics.
- Norway and Iceland frequently fight over mackerels.

Iceland - No confirmed human name, widely know as Emil Steilsson

- Iceland is the second shortest Nordic.
- Iceland is the youngest out of the Nordics.
- Iceland considers Norway to be where his heart truly is.
- Iceland calls Turkey 'Pops’.
- Iceland wants to protect Turkey and treats him like a father figure.
- Iceland is embarrassed of his thick accent and tries to hide it.
- Iceland can see magical creatures, but denies it.
- (Not related to hetalia, but Icelandic witchcraft has pants made of human skin, that are supposed to produce and endless supply of money. When you live too long in an isolated island…)


- Finland, Iceland and Denmark enjoy salty licorice (salmiakki).

Source: hetalia.kitawiki.net

A door rots away in the remaining tunnels running under the foundations of demolished buildings at the Boston Chronic Disease Hospital, on Long Island in the Boston harbor.  Why we chose the coldest day of the year to make it out to this remote facility on foot I’ll never know…