long island 4th of july

The Signs as Summer Things/Memories
  • Aries: Playing soccer with my neighbors
  • Taurus: Laying on my bedroom floor at night listening to vinyls
  • Gemini: Skyping my friends for hours on end
  • Cancer: Writing random poems until the early hours of the morning
  • Leo: Sun bathing on my deck for hours
  • Virgo: Doing summer homework ://
  • Libra: Eating outside at fancy restaurants
  • Scorpio: Watching movies until late at night
  • Sagittarius: Going on vacation😎
  • Capricorn: Working and making that $$$
  • Aquarius: Going for midnight walks
  • Pisces: Going to fourth of July parties and swimming in the ocean

2013 Channing Daughters Mudd Vineyard Rosato di Merlot

Happy 4th of July, everybody!!! I’m celebrating the stars and stripes in style with a summer rosé from NY! Smucker’s strawberry jam and apricot jam on the nose along with some molasses and floral body lotion notes. Lots more strawberries and apricots on the palate. It’s a little on the cloying side for my taste, but nice if you like a little more sweetness (and not as much floral) with your rosés!

3/5 bones



13% abv

North Fork (Long Island), New York, USA

Hot and Cold

As requested, a stand alone one shot :)


I was having an amazing dream. In the dream I was on a beach. It looked a lot like the beach in front of Taylor’s place in Rhode Island really, and I was watching my beautiful girlfriend frolic in the water. But she wasn’t alone. No, following her were two pixie-like little girls, both with unruly blond curls and frilly bathing suits. Taylor crouched down to their level and they all started whispering, with Taylor smiling at me. All of the sudden they were running at me at full pelt, or what is full pelt for small children. They finally reached me and started peppering my face with kisses…. wait those kisses felt too real, like I could feel them.

“Adam? Babe?” I heard a voice say, pulling me out of my dream as I felt the person kiss my cheek again to wake me up.

I opened my eyes to be met with a pair of brilliant blue orbs staring at me, wide awake.

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