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Also re: prompts: Laurent/Damen/Isander?

Sure thing! This is my first Captive Prince threesome, too! Thanks for the prompt! Seriously, guys. Come throw Captive Prince prompts at me, and I’ll love you forever. 


 "Your highness?“

 It was strange and wonderful to hear those words on Damen’s lips, and Laurent smiled to himself, though he didn’t bother to look up from his writings. “Why does it delight you so to call me that?”

 "Because it’s the truth.“

 Laurent’s eyes rolled. “This had better be good.” There was no bite in his voice. “This treaty is rather important.”

 Stepping deeper into their shared chamber, Damen said, “We’ve been sent a gift.”

 Lips pursing a bit, Laurent didn’t fail to point out that, “We receive gifts all the time.”

 "Not of this sort.“

 Placing his writing utensil aside, Laurent glanced over his shoulder. ”Oh.“

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