long horn steer


RIP to our beloved Mikey, who has passed on to be with his sister Maggie.

We called him the “Miracle Dog”, because 10 years ago, the vet told us that his seizure medicine had nuked his liver and he only had a few months to live. Thanks to a recipe for homemade dog food called “Sunny’s Miracle Diet”, he outlived all of his relatives to the old age of 14.

Health problems weren’t the only adversity he faced. When he was little, he fell into a canal and my dad had to dive in to save him. A few years after that, he and his sister were lost (stolen!) for two weeks before we got them back. Though he would hide from little dogs at the vet’s office and flee in terror at the sound of my dad’s sneeze, he once bravely stared down a long-horned steer to protect the family on a camping trip.

At 17" tall and 40lbs on a chubby day, Mike was a very big sheltie often mistaken for a collie. He liked to sing along when my brother played his trumpet, and when it was time for dinner he would remind us with a look and a single “ruff.” Most of the time he was timid, but on walks he was loud enough to let the whole neighborhood knew he was out. He had natural sheepherding instincts and would always make sure nobody in his “flock” got left behind.

Rest well, good boy. You really were a Miracle Dog.