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Nygmobblepot: Ed's gambit for power or true love?

The relationship isn’t just a will they/won’t they romantic situation. It’s very obvious at this point that they WILL go there - but that’s not the only thing that’s so fascinating about it.

The writers have already planted seeds of doubt in our minds as to whether or not Ed is truly on the level. We know Ed is manipulative and has some sociopathic tendencies. We know he will manipulate, flatter and use whomever he has to in order to survive and thrive (Hugo Strange, etc).

The thing we don’t know yet, is what Ed’s real end game is, since he hasn’t expressed a desire for anything other than to rub his bullies’ faces in his success. Yes, he told Butch he wanted to rule Gotham, but he’s never mentioned wanting that before. So, do we assume that was a lie to entrap Butch or was that just Ed finally divulging a long-held dream?

Last episode, Ed played Butch hard and it finally exposed the crass scheme Butch had planned to get into Penguin’s good graces. It could have been Ed protecting Oswald’s interests or it could have been Ed jockeying to get rid of his business competition. If it’s the latter, it’s possible he’ll eventually want to get rid of Oswald, too.

This is actually a fantastic callback to the storyline in S1 where Fish hired Liza to seduce Falcone and Oswald was the one to expose it. Falcone was lonely and Liza became the focal point of all of his desires and she eventually ended up being the Achilles heel that brought his empire down (ironically, something Ed warned Oswald love could do to him, if he didn’t rid himself of all attachments).

At the time, Oswald couldn’t understand why a man would give up so much for a romantic interest. He thought Falcone was pathetic for falling for Liza’s false affections. But, now that Penguin essentially *is* Falcone, could he be falling prey to the same fate?

If you look at Ed’s pattern of behavior, it doesn’t actually make sense that he would be playing Oswald in that way. Ed may be manipulative, but he’s also extremely loyal to the people he loves.

This is a guy who beat a guy to death in the street for abusing a woman he loved from afar. Imagine what he would do to a man for hurting a person who actually loved him back? If somebody really tried to mess with Oswald, Ed might just burn Gotham to the ground.

Ed has proven to be a loyal friend to Oswald, even taking him in and caring for him when they barely knew each other. He admires Oswald and looks up to him. He’s never betrayed him in the past. And Oswald has shown Ed the type of kindness that nobody else ever has. There’s no reason to think that Ed’s feelings for him aren’t genuine.

Obsessively loving and protecting a person to the point of putting himself in danger is one of Ed’s defining characteristics. He did it with Kristen and he’s doing it now with Oswald. If anything, Ed tried to give his friendship too freely in the past to people who didn’t want it. There’s no way Ed would reward Oswald’s devotion to him with betrayal. It’s not in his nature at all.

Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen and Bryan Fuller on the season 3 finale:

Hugh Dancy:“In that final sequence, Hannibal realizes his long-held dream. By the very end, he and Will have killed someone in a kind of ritualistic, cold-blooded fashion. I remember very clearly dripping in blood, and that’s what Hannibal wanted to put it into effect between them at the end of season 2. That’s what he imagined. They go off to Europe like slaughtering people or something. And Will is acknowledging to Hannibal that it was as extraordinary an experience for him as it was for Hannibal. That’s what he’s saying. And I talked to Bryan a lot about that, that the motivation for going off the cliff at the end had to be Will’s realization, not only that this thing had happened, but that he loved it, as opposed to just, “Oh my god, what have I done? I finally arrived at this place I never wanted to be in. Oh, it’s so terrible!” It’s not that. It’s, “This is beautiful.””

Mads Mikkelsen: “[Hannibal’s] been, for three seasons, he’s been trying to make Will Graham see the light, which is [that] there is a wonderful power in killing and doing it for your own purpose. Not to protect yourself, but because you want to. And this is literally what Will is doing at this moment, and they are doing it together. They are doing it as a Bonnie and Clyde couple, which is absolutely perfect in the script that Hannibal wrote.”

Hugh Dancy:“It’s not a real relationship. [Laughs] It’s more, I think, exploration of things which probably we’ve all gone through one way or another, which is slightly obsessive, slightly compulsive. In a sense, it’s just like a really compelling but totally destructive relationship with anybody that you keep coming back to.” [continue] [Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen and Bryan Fuller interview for EW on December 11, 2015]

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Chiptunes From a Sega Saturn? We’re Getting There

cTrix recently uploaded a video that, upon first glance, had me excited like nothing else. Initially I assumed that my long-held dream was finally coming true; chiptunes from a Sega Saturn. Not just saying this, but I’ve been a diehard fan of the Saturn’s sound chip since day one. For many, CD quality music is hardly special, at least when the game itself is on a CD. But the soundtracks to NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and Radiant Silvergun (to name a few) were truly special because they wasn’t redbook, meaning nothing was pre-recorded.

Instead, all that music was produced by the console itself! So the idea of harnessing the power of the system, specifically the sound chip, by chiptune musicians is that aforementioned fantasy. Though as the video demonstrates, it’s not that easy. Any diehard Saturn fan also knows already that it’s a technical nightmare, so we all owe Dr Abrasive a ton of gratitude for making sense of all the schematics and diving deep into the actual hardware itself, to produce the findings that he has.

It’s a more commonly held wish that there may someday be an easy way to play Saturn disc images on actual hardware, sans mod chips that are not only difficult to install but virtually nonexistent (am still pissed how my day one/model one Saturn, a high school graduation gift that was also modded in Chinatown during art school was the biggest casualty when my apartment in Jersey City was broken into). Mostly since the disc drives are starting to fail, which is an issue with pretty much all disc-based systems.

It had been assumed that there would one day be a flash cart that simply plugs into the slot located just behind the CD drive door. Cartridge games were at one point proposed for the Saturn, to be played alongside disc games; it’s a VERY long story. Though Dr Abrasive’s method instead involves utilizing a second slot, hidden on the back of the system, which was designed to accept a VCD (the precursor to DVDs, and which was very popular in Asia) card.

Basically, the good doctor is working on a card he’s developed himself, that any Sega Saturn owner can easily install themselves, to play back ups and homebrew. The latter of which is what will be the key towards someone performing an entire set on stage, in front of a packed house, with just Saturn 6 button pad in their hands. Or perhaps the 3D pad; I can imagine that analogue nub being used to create some funky sounds.

following on from our last post, you cant fuck this educational cartoon’s personification of gonorrhoea, pictured here on the right and happily married to syphilis dracula. could you really break up such a beautiful union. the short features a couple of other anthro diseases, including typhoid, the common cold, and Death, who i am too lazy to get a screencap of but rest assured he is wearing a very fashionable pink robe. though it is one of of humanity’s most long-held and cherished dreams (up there with “attaining the power of flight”) to fuck Death, i gotta be the bearer of bad news here. stick to contracting diseases, not fucking them.


PLAYERS : LEGENDS | Rachel van Hollebeke

“Soccer has been a huge part of my life for the last 25 years. It has brought many joys and occasional set-backs, but most of all it has been an incredible teacher and has helped shape the person I am today. I am so thankful for my soccer experiences and while I’m sad to move on, I am very excited to pursue my other long-held dream of becoming a doctor.” – Rachel van Hollebeke

While I’m sad to announce my retirement, I am very excited to pursue my other long-held dream of becoming a doctor. I start medical school at UC San Diego in just a few short days. I have had an amazing soccer career and it is difficult to express what a privilege it has been to play for both club and country.
—  Rachel Buehler Van Hollebeke