long hairstyle

Viking/Game of Thrones Mashup Style: Dany Targaryen/Lagertha Inspired French Braided Half Up

failing-to-fly  asked:

Hi vetyr 💓 my question is where did you get your source of knowledge when doing studies regarding; colors, shape, value and lightning etc? Can you recommend some books or specific tutorials? 😶

Hey! I’m actually not that knowledgeable in lighting, but I got a lot of my experience in colors and shape by looking at the art of people I admire and by experimenting with them on my own in Photoshop (it’s not as fun to do it traditionally, namely because erasing/undoing in Photoshop is SO easy).  As for value, much of that was brute forcing through pencil sketches for 3 years or so- that part wasn’t always fabulous, but I enjoyed it more and more as I got better. Unfortunately, I can’t recall reading any books or referencing many tutorials, except for a single pinup tutorial by babelab that helped me a surprising amount with faces.  If I were to recommend any books, I suppose they’d be artbooks by your favorite artist(s) to keep you inspired.