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Game of Thrones Theory:

Gendry is Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon’s son.

Hear me out.

When Cersei goes to visit Catelyn in S01E02, (The Kingsroad), she tells her about her firstborn son.

“I lost my first boy; a little black-haired beauty. He was a fighter, too. Tried to beat the fever that took him. Forgive me, that’s the last thing you need to hear right now. It was years ago; Robert was crazed, beat his hands bloody on the wall - all the things men do to show you how much they care. The boy looked just like him. Such a little thing; a bird without feathers. They came to take his body away, and Robert held me. I screamed and I battled, but he held me. That little bundle; they took him away and I never saw him again. Never visited the crypt, never…

Then, in S01E04, (Cripples Bastards and Broken Things), Eddard Stark finds himself retracing the final steps of Lord Aaron. That journey takes him to a blacksmith where he is introduced to Gendry. In stark (possibly deliberate) contrast to the physical image painted by Cersei, the blacksmith describes Gendry by saying he is “strong for his age.”

Gendry explains that Aaron had asked him about his work, and then about his mother. When prompted by Stark to tell him about his mother, Gendry says:

“She died when I was little; she had yellow hair, she’d sing to me sometimes.”

Ned then, after examining his features, put it together that he was the bastard son of (King) Robert Baratheon.

My theory is that something prompted someone to remove Gendry from his home and raise him outside of his family. Maybe because they were afraid of another rebellion and thought keeping the heir out of people’s knowledge was the best way to preserve an heir, or perhaps a witch or someone else who could see the future foresaw the War of the Five Kings, Robert’s death, Joffrey’s reign, etc, and saw it a necessity to keep him out of harms way until his time came. 

The fact that Cersei never saw her son’s body after he was taken from her - never went to a wake, a funeral, or the crypt - means there is no tangible proof (at least in the story as it’s been presented) that he actually died! He was taken from her at a young age, and was told his mother with yellow hair died when he was a young child - the timelines (apparently) coincide - he is definitely old enough to have been born before Joffrey, with years in between for him to have been “little” when he was taken.

There are few ways they could prove it; it’s not like they have DNA tests. One possibility (and my favorite, by far) is Cersei actually seeing him and knowing in an instant that he is her son. You could also have a number of mystical destinies and components come into play, if he was taken from his family because of some sort of prophecy (as we found out last season, Cersei was foretold a prophecy about the fate of her children and it has unfolded 2/3.) 

Going off of that prophecy, actually - the prophecy foretold three children all with golden hair and golden shrouds. Had Gendry/her son actually died, would there not have been a fourth shroud? Assuming the 3rd is meant for her third golden-haired child.

Maybe the Red Woman saw his prophecy - maybe that is the reason he was so easy to find when she needed “King’s blood”. She knew who to look for.

I’ve had a few theories since binging the show (haha) and this is by far one of my favorites (and definitely the one that holds the most credence thus far. I’m watching it all again to see what else (other theories or support for this one) might come up.)

UPDATE! Sept 2, 2016

The prophecy about the golden hair/golden shrouds panned out when Tommen killed himself, which means the witch did not foretell the death of a/the fourth child…so he has to be out there somewhere.

What I can’t help but wonder is who would technically have a better claim to the throne at this point? A Baratheon or a Targaryen? Because if this plays out we would have Gendry who is a legitimate heir to the family currently sitting on the throne, Danaerys who is a legitimate Targaryen, and Jon who we know is a bastard but also the son of the oldest of the Targaryen children, so I’m not sure if it could be argued that he would precede Dany in a line of succession.

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I'm transmasc and I really wanna start using the mens restroom, but I'm also really scared of doing so. My long hair makes it a bit more difficult to pass(though most have believed me when I corrected them), but the last time I used the womens restroom I got a lot of dirty looks, so I'm kind of stuck in between. What should I do?? I also haven't even mentioned this to my parents so I don't know how to do that either.

Charlie says:

yeah hmm, I see your problem.  Maybe using the mens’ restroom but putting your hair in a manbun or beanie? I think if you do use the women’s room, though, a large aspect of it is posture.  If I’m in a women’s room I smile at the women, especially the older ones, and act “droopy” if you feel me??? But in a guy’s room I act very brusk and subtly aggressive and that manages to convince people either way that I belong.  Followers, comment suggestions <3

ok, a debrief of how the workshop me and my friend ran went:

the basic premise is we handed out slips of paper that say male or female, and if your slip of paper corresponded to your gender identity, you got an oreo. if it didn’t, you had to come up and “convince” me of your gender.

one girl said she was female because she had long hair, to which i said many men had long hair. she considered that and then said that she wore makeup, and i said that men wore makeup too. another girl said that she was female because she could give birth to a baby, and males couldn’t, and i asked why that corresponded to gender, giving the example “i can’t play the trombone, but my friend can, that doesn’t make me a certain gender.”

a guy came up during the first session and said that he just felt like a man and felt most comfortable as a man. i asked him what it felt like to be a man and why being a man felt comfortable, and after a few minutes of him struggling to articulate anything he just got really quiet and ended up saying “i don’t know, i guess,” and my friend saw him later in the hall just sitting looking dazed. another guy tried to throw philosophy at me and say that nothing means anything, and i was really nasty to him and told him that “this is the real world, philosophy is bull,” essentially, and he got really frustrated. one girl just gave in and told me that she was male just so she could have an oreo. and there was one guy who never came up, but he tore up his piece of paper and wrote “MALE” on the pieces. the overwhelming majority of people ended up just giving up after lots of heated arguing and saying that they could not give me a reason why they felt male or female.

it really affected people, though. they got visibly angry or sad, and as i kept shutting them down they just got more and more upset even though they knew this was just a workshop. a couple people got close to crying. i gave people an explanation at the end of what it all meant and some people genuinely seemed to have their minds changed about trans people, or something seemed to have clicked. it was really intense and i feel like i actually made some kind of difference.

Guys, GUYS

They literally did every cliché ever

They showed stereotyped versions of queer characters:

-Eurus: promiscuous bisexual

-Moriarty: flamboyant, lover of Queen gay

Action movie clichés:

- A gigant explosion that the characters survive without a single injury

- The umbrella-sword-gun

Terror movie clichés:

- Creepy child

- Psycopath woman/ long black hair, a well= The ring

- Creepy clowns and mannequins. Pictures crying blood

- A Saw kind of game


They said that this episode and this season would make “televison history”. JUST TELL ME HOW DOES THIS TELEVISON HISTORY?? HOW??

Something You Can’t Replace

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Word count: 1011

Summary:  Hey! Can you do a Charles x reader after XMA where he’s insecure about his (lack of) hair and she tells him that she’s ok with it even though she’s miss grabbing them during sex :3 thanks !!! And it ends with fluff >

Warnings: I swore a bit so if you don’t like swearing oops too late. Charles deserved to be cussed at tbh

A/N: Story time! When I first saw XMA it was also my first time seeing a X-Men movie. I instantly loved Charles and his beautiful hair and I DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS GONNA BE BALD EVER! ONE SECOND IT WAS THERE THEN IT WAS GONE??? but I got over it and the truth is I love Charles no matter what’s on his head. I still freaking loved his long hair god it gave me liiiiiife I wanted to pull touch it. I said touch. 

I take requests so everyone is very welcome to send me some! 

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Ugh why do old men think it’s okay to make personal remarks to their cashier? Some old bastard came through my line today.

“I thought you were a boy, I couldn’t tell.”

*ignores him*

“You’d be much prettier if you had long hair.”

*ignores him*

“You’re not even listening to me!”

What I really wanted to say was “Shut the fuck up you miserable old anal prolapse. Nobody cares about you or your opinions.”

What I said instead was “I happen to like the way I look,” in a super cold and steely tone. He got all huffy about his opinions being ignored but seriously what the fuck?

11 Questions Begging for an Answer

I got tagged by the lovely @mulberrytreelover.   Thanks!   Sorry to be so late. ^_^

Her 11 questions to me:

1. Given the chance to jump back ten years, keeping all your experiences and memories, would you?

Yes.  I’d go back further, too, but would seriously not be a kid or young adult again.

2. What would you choose as Patronus?

Some sort of small wildcat, like an ocelot or bobcat.

3. Does traveling to countries where you can’t even read the language nervous?


4. Men with long hair, yay or nay?

Yay.  I like both, but as a kid in the 60s, long haired boys were hot!

5. Do you sometimes buy yourself things/toys you desperately wanted as a child? If so, which?

Not toys, but I bought a lot of books as a kid, and I still do so.

6. Do you enjoy cooking, on a daily basis?

NO!!  I hate cooking.  I love eating.

7. How long have you known your closest friends?

Not long.  I lost touch with friends from my childhood and young adulthood.

8. Do you watch films with subtitles?


9. Waffles or crepes?

Crepes.  Waffles are nice, but crepes are heavenly.

10. Have you ever completly, 180° changed your mind on a topic?

Yes.  Not so much morally or ethically, but I am not more likely to investigate  several sides of any issue.  I’ve also had complete 180 views on certain foods, like beets and asparagus.  I hated them when I was a kid.

11. Do you enjoy getting drunk?

No.  I hate the feeling, especially that of not being in control.  I’ve only been drunk about 3-4 times, always feeling like crap for a day or 2 afterwards.

My 11 questions to you are:

1.  Who in your life has had the most influence, positive or negative?

2.  Are you claustrophobic?

3.  Have you ever lied about reading a book or seeing a movie or tv show?  (note:  I have just recently taken this up on a few occasions in which I just didn’t want to listen to the person(s) who asked ramble on ad infinitum about something in which I held absolutely no interest).

4.  You are alone walking on a sidewalk or in a corridor, and you encounter a person, also unaccompanied, walking in the opposite direction.  Do you say hello?

5.  Have you ever fired a gun?

6.  Do you bite your nails?

7.  When you go to the movies, do you get snacks and, if so, what do you eat?

8.  Do you, or did you, keep a journal?

9.  Are you a hand holder?  With your partner, that is.

10.  Can you touch your toes?

11.  Would you, or have you, considered running, or have run, for any kind of elected office?

Anybody can play.  I’m having trouble finding user names today - nothing is popping up when I hit the @  so I’m tagging only a few.  Please don’t feel slighted if I’ve ignored you, and please feel free to respond and/or send your own.   @electriceell, @skirtswithpocketsplease, @ladygrayluvs, @hello-beaniebeanie, @britishdetectives

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6, 8, 9, 42 (and im sure your butt is great, and that you're doing great.) ✨

awww shut up ann c:

6. What you find attractive in Men/Women?

god uh. let’s see. honestly i find many many things attractive in girls… laughs, smiles, muscles, tallness, shortness, chubiness, short hair, long hair,, i mean i could list practically every trait possible
tho tbh, the biggest draws for me are kindness and passion. if a girl cares abt me and compliments me and shit, my lonely gay heart cannot handle it. and by passion i mean a girl who loves to talk abt her passions, be it on a small or large scale. astrophysics, politics, whatever. as long as she cares abt it and is happy abt it, i could listen to/watch her talk abt it for hours
lmao that got kinda long. time for the next question ^^’

8. What you love about yourself?

mmm… i like my eyes. they’re a pretty color, i think, primarily green with some bluish stuff mixed in. i like the fact that i’m a lesbian and i love girls. i like the way i look with my snapback and flannel on, channeling a large part of who i am. i like how i’m pushing through an honors
math class two levels above my grade (at least on the national scale) and at least passing. idk, some little things can go a long way, i think.

9. What you’re doing tomorrow?

at the latest i’m gonna get up around 11:30am in this time zone, eat lunch with my mom (i’m at my parents’ house for spring break rn!!) and then go with my mom and dog for a walk. after that we’ll probably do some working out and weightlifting (which by the way, the weight training program i’ve been doing at my school has gotten better, and it shows! i have some muscle definition on my arms finally!) and then i’ll force her to watch voltron with me. then when my dad gets home the two of us will probably play civilization vi (6) or watch some of my mom’s crime shows or something.
not many big exciting things. i still need to recover from such a long travel period and jet lag and stuff

42. Do you like your handwriting?

ehhhh… no. it’s really small and sloppy. i mean i could manage to write neatly but i’d take about five seconds per letter lmao

thanks for asking, ann! 💜

list of questions: https://lesbianspacenerd.tumblr.com/post/158565565092/51-questions

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(Mafia au) "He-hey Mercury? Are you he-he-here? You sa-sa-said you could he-he-help me?" Hey, Scraper found his friend's new workshop. Wonder if any of the other mafia members have found it yet though? Probably not, if Mercury hasn't brought too much attention to himself.

Mercury: Come on in Scrapper! Watch ya step tho, still got a few bits an bobs still cluttering the floor.
the swords men was without his cloak, revealing a dark mane of hair tied up into a long pony tail as he was trying to organize his things.

Not going anywhere

Summary: The reader meets the boys in a bar and then they end up helping her on a hunt

Word count:  3216 (sorry!)

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: violence, swearing

A/N: this is very long I know it kinda got over excited but I actually enjoyed writing this one and I really hope you all like it! Let me know if you do!

You had just finished a game of pool with a bunch of unsuspected young men and were counting the cash you made when you saw two tall men enter the bar. The taller one had smooth brown hair and brown eyes, he followed the smaller one over to the bar before sitting down next to him and ordering drinks. The smaller one used his emerald green eyes to scan the room, he ran a hand through his short blonde hair and down his freckled covered face.

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