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Can we have a bughead living together please whether that's them living as southside serpents or just in riverdale love a bit of fluff ☺️❤️

A little early morning fluff!

“I don’t know, the boy just always smells like cigarettes and…cupcakes.” Viper said

“And his jacket never has rips in it.” Hause added

“Not to mention how panicked he gets when he gets a black eye in a fight, always mumbling something about “she’s gonna kill me”“ Venom shrugged, rubbing his head.

"Plus he rushes out of here soon as our meetings are done, doesn’t even stay for drinks afterwards” Harley continued, taking a swig of his beer.

The Gang leaders sat perched high on their bar stools, almost like Royalty on their thrones watching over the court.

Jughead Jones was one of the newest members of the Serpents, an excellent addition to the dangerous gang with his quick wit and even quicker left hook. He was F.Ps son and the calm, collected way he carried himself was almost identical to his fathers. But their was something different about this boy, unlike many of the young members he wasn’t a brute , he didn’t dedicate his life to the gang, he simply did what he had to do and headed home. But what was he going home too was the question.

Viper watched as the dark haired young man checked his phone and smiled before handing off his pool stick to one of the younger Serpents, laughing and waving as he headed out of the bar, his hands shoved in his pockets.

Quirking a brow, Viper turned to the older men,

“Alright men, who’s up for a little investigating.”

The men all smirked, always up for a little fun.


“I mean it’s like she never lets Smithers drive her home anymore, I don’t even know how she’s getting home!” Veronica pouted, dropping her hands to the cafeteria table.

“I know what you mean, i haven’t seen Betty through the window in weeks, I texted her last night and told her to come to the window to talk and she said she was too "busy” she’s never to busy to talk.“ Archie said, his eyebrows crinkling in confusion.

"All I know is that Alice and Betty are getting along much better, they even invited me to get pedicures last week and there wasn’t one nasty word between the two of them.. it was almost like they were friends.” Kevin shrugged.

Suddenly Cheryl Blossom was dropping her purse onto the table.

“Are you people really that dumb?” She asked, staring down at her cherry red nails.

“Excuse me..” Veronica started

“You’re excused. It’s fairly obvious what’s going on here, our very own resident Holly Homemaker, is no longer living at home. Perhaps she’s living with someone else.. someone who I don’t know, no longer goes to this school.” She flipped her long red hair leaving the three teens to stare at her retreating back

“You don’t think..” Kevin said wide eyed

“There’s no way.” Archie said finally

“Looks like we’ve got our own sleuthing to do.”
Veronica smirked wickedly.

Jughead walked through the doors to the trailer, instantly shrugging off his jacket and inhaling the sinful smell of lasagna. His eyes nearly rolled back into his head at the combination of the Lasagna and what he deduced were most definitely brownies, rounding the corner into the kitchen he leaned lazily against the door frame.

Betty was bent over the oven, her tiny cheerleading skirt rising up, giving him the perfect view of her blue boy shorts, she was wiggling along to Frank Sinatra playing on her phone as she held a chocolate covered spoon in front of her. Jughead walked slowly towards her, wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzling his nose into her neck, her distinctly feminine perfume, mixed with the chocolate from the spoon had him moaning in appreciation.


“Hi juggie.” She whispered, turning in his arms and holding out the spoon to him as he licked it greedily, causing her to burst out in giggles and drop a kiss to the side of his mouth, licking off the remaining fudge.

“Hi Juliet.” He smirked, pulling her even tighter against his body, reveling in the way her eyelashes fluttered.

“How was school?” They both asked at the same time, before erupting in fits of laughter. Hotdog chose that moment to come barreling in, pawing at Betty who bent down and handed him a spare pasta noodle. Jughead rubbed hotdog with his calf, refusing to let go of Betty.

“Smells good” he whispered, dropping his forehead to hers.

Betty grinned, rubbing her nose against his
“You smell better.”

Jughead growled lowly, his eyes scanning hers with a mischievous smile
“Oh yeah, how good?” He asked, picking her up bridal style as she squealed, as soon as they were standing in the doorway to their bedroom, they heard chaos at their front door, Jughead stiffening as Betty wrapped her arms tighter around his neck.

He slowly placed her on the floor
“Stay here.” He ordered, dropping a slow kiss to her lips.

Moving to rip open the front door he couldn’t believe what he saw.

“Viper? Archie? Venom? Veronica?! What are you doing here?”

Standing before his trailer was the four older Serpents and his three Riverdale friends, Veronica standing huffily in front of Viper as Archie shook his head behind her, Kevin hiding behind the red head. Venom, Harley and Hause were all watching the scene with amused eyes.

Viper turned to Jughead
“We found these guys snooping around the outside of your trailer. You know them?”

“Snooping?!” Veronica squeaked “I’m sorry but if anyone was was snooping I would say it was you. Jughead they were five seconds away from looking into your window.”

Harley shook his head
“Now listen little lady…”

Archie stepped forward
“You better not step closer to my girlfriend dude”


All eight sets of eyes turned to the door, where Betty was standing, wiping her hands on a rag.

“Now we can stand outside all day and argue or you guys can come inside and have some dinner, we’d be happy to have you in our home” Betty smiled as Jughead tucked his girlfriend protectively against his arm, smiling adoringly at her.

“Your home? As in both?”

“You live together?”

“The Jones boy has a girl? Atta boy?”

“That explains it”

Betty smiled,

“Come on them, there’s plenty for everyone.”

As the very different personalities filtered into Betty and Jughead trailer, Jughead bent down and dropped a kiss to the side of Betty’s head

“You ready for this?”

She looked up into his eyes, pressing her lips to his for a longer kiss

“With you? I’m ready for anything”

Strip Poker - Jughead x Reader

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “ Would you do a JugheadxReader where they end up playing strip poker? @katshrev

Warning: A little swearing, kind of nudity I guess

Word Count:1331

A/N: Hey guys. This is the first fan fic I’ve ever written and the first fiction I’ve written in years so sorry if I’m a little rusty. If you have any feedback at all positive or negative I’d love to hear it and if you have any requests I’d love to try to write them.

What felt like the entire school was crammed into Cheryl Blossom’s ostentatious living room. You sat on the floor with your group of friends, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Kevin and Jughead rather than sitting on one of the expensive couches which no doubt cost more than your car.

“It’s game time bitches!” Cheryl Blossom exclaimed as she stood up and shook her impressively long hair.

“After the hashtag fail that was 7 minutes in heaven at my last soirée I think we’ll give something else a try. Whose up for Strip Poker?” Cheryl asked as your group of friends groaned, while Reggie and Moose whooped in excitement.

“ What are the odds she just wants to get Archie naked ” your best friend Jughead whispered to you.

“Whatever do you mean Jug? Has Cheryl every expressed sexual desire in Archie before?” You asked sarcastically as you and Jug both laughed.

Ever since Archie’s transformation over the summer Cheryl has made no secret of her undeniable thirst for him.

“ Okay, gather round everyone and yes that includes you Sad Breakfast Club” Cheryl said somewhat slurred after slamming down what was as far as you could tell her sixth drink.

“ Do you really think this is a good idea Y/N” Jughead said to you, with a concerned look in his eye.

You could there was no way in hell he wanted to even face the slight possibility of getting naked in front of all of these people.

“ I don’t know why your worried Jug, you have the distinct advantage of wearing about 6 more layers that everyone else here” You said as you lightly nudged him.

It was a running joke between the two of you, how Jughead always seemed to be wearing more and more layers of clothing every time you saw him. You were sure that one day he would wear all of his clothing at once like Joey on Friends as a joke.

Jughead had been your best friend since 8th grade English class, when the two of you were randomly assigned seats next to one another. At first he didn’t so much as glance in your direction. but over time he warmed to you claiming you were the only other person in the room as well read as he was, the teacher included. Although Jughead was your best friend you had harboured a long time crush on him that absolutely no one had been able to confirm, but the rest of your friends had not to subtly hinted at knowing. Jughead of course remained completely oblivious to your feelings.

You took your spot on the floor between Betty and Kevin, while Jughead took place next to Archie across from you. Cheryl dealt the cards and everyone began to play strip poker. Veronica was of course the first one out, loosing her clothes within the first two rounds. You all laughed as she quietly folded before having to lose her underwear. You knew V was an exhibitionist, but she still had limits saying she didn’t want to be that girl who got naked in from of the entire school.

Jughead had an excellent poker face. As you had predicted his extreme layering had come in handy for him. Unlucky for him you could read his poker face. After hours upon hours together; many of which you spent inconspicuously studying his every expression, you could read him like a book. The game continued on until you and Jug were the only people left playing. You both had a competitive streak and didn’t want to be the one to fold.

The rest of the party had dispersed from the living room to other parts of the labyrinth resembling house. Only you and Jug remained seated in the living room you in only a bra, jeans and underwear, whilst Jug wore only jeans, underwear and his ever present beanie. While you played your couldn’t help but notice the lean muscles of Jughead’s chest and abdomen, impressed by the definition.

The two of you continued and you and Jughead both lost your jeans. Once Jughead had lost the next round he faced a difficult decision, loose his underwear or his famed beanie.

“ So what’s it gonna be Jug, beanie or underwear” you teased as he slipped off his beanie, throwing it to the ground.

“ This is so wrong Y/N” Jughead said. “ You know I feel naked without my beanie”

“ You are essentially naked Jug”

“ As are you, so let’s not get too cocky.” He said as he winked at you.

You and Jug were always flirty with one another, you tried not to read too much into it but as the two of you sat here almost naked, long having been deserted by your peers you started to wonder if perhaps by some chance he; the boy you’ve longed for for so many years now could ever possibly return your feelings.

“ Okay show your cards” Jughead said as the two of you flipped your cards over.

It was clear that he has won, annihilated you even. Him with a Full House and you with junk.

“ Well, you’ve won Jones” you said as you reached around to unhook your bra.

“ Wait, no, don’t!” Jughead practically screamed.

“ Okay, I won’t, you said and you frantically stood up, looking for some clothing to cover yourself, embarrassed that Jughead didn’t want to see your breasts. ”

I figured a sixteen year old boy would want to look at boobs, sorry Jug, I didn’t realise you were so repulsed by me!“ You sobbed as you frantically pulled on your jeans failing to hold back tears.

” What no Y/N! That’s not what I meant, of course I want to see your boobs"

“You what! ” You screamed and turned to stare at Jughead.

“ That’s not what I meant, well kind of, look Y/N what I mean is I have such a huge crush on you, I don’t want to see you like that here, in Cheryl fucking Blossom’s living room. I don’t want to to feel uncomfortable like that” Jughead said as he looked away from you, a blush starting to creep along his cheeks.

You were shocked. Never in your wildest dreams did you think that Jughead might return your feelings. Slowly you stepped forward to Jughead and cupped his face.

“ Jug, I never realised you felt that way, I guess I was always so wrapped up in my crush on you I never took a second to see that you felt the same way.” You said as you smiled.

“ Thank you for respecting me so much to stop me from taking my bra off” You said as you leant up to kiss him.

The two of you stood, in the middle of Cheryl’s living room kissing for what felt like an eternity but couldn’t have been more that a few seconds before a door opened and the rest of your friends piled into the room, looking stunned. You and Jughead shot apart, looking embarrassed suddenly remembering that the two of you were both still in various states on undress.

“ Uhhh-we came looking for you guys to see if you wanted to join us at Pop’s but it looks like the two of you are otherwise engaged” Veronica said as she jumped over to Jughead and gave him a fist bump.

How about we meet you there once we find the rest of our clothes" Jughead said as you giggled.

Once you had dressed and after your friends left in search of milkshakes and burgers you and Jughead stood there and burst into laughter.

“ Well that was certainly the weirdest first kiss ever” Jughead said.

“ That makes it perfect for us” You said “ although maybe next time we should try it with clothes on”

“ Or maybe not” Jughead said and winked before laughing.

You laughed too and kissed his cheek before taking his hand and setting off to Pop’s to enjoy the rest of your night with your friends.

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post/153095503595/okay-but-pls-if-you-want-elaborate-on-the more more more more please if u want idk please i love this what are the tattoes does andrew know how to do it before maybe kevin also gives neil a little tattoo please i'm trash for this

hey ho this my favorite au that i’ve dabbled in and i’m always willing to add more to it. 

more here (x) (x) (x)

ends of the world | ao3

It isn’t the first time Andrew has held a tattoo needle in his hand, but it is the first time he’s holding it over the skin of someone he marginally cares about. Neil is underneath his hands, head resting on his arms, eyes closed and breathing slow. He doesn’t seem to notice the pricking of the needle as Andrew continues to tattoo him.

For someone who has many tattoos covering his body, Neil’s back is surprisingly clean. Andrew had chosen his shoulder blade to place the tattoo that the two of them had agreed on. Kevin was the only one who didn’t know what Andrew was doing. He was instead watching from the corner of the shop, his eyes tracing over Andrew’s steady hands as he continues to work on Neil.

Every time Kevin gets up to try and get a peek at Neil’s shoulder blade, Andrew shoots him a glare, making Kevin slowly sink back into his chair. There’s always a pout on Kevin’s face as he sulks in his seat.

The tattoo shop is empty, the three of them the only ones in the store. Neil had asked Matt if they could be the only ones in the store today for a couple of hours and he had readily agreed.

Andrew and Kevin have already had their tattoos done by Neil. Their ribs were bandaged hiding the new ink etched into their skin from sight. They had both only gotten a slight glimpse of orange and wispy tails before Neil had covered them from their view.

“Are you going to be done anytime soon?”

Andrew doesn’t answer Kevin. Instead he continues to focus on tracing Neil’s skin with the needle. Kevin huffs loudly, crossing his arms as he slouches further into his seat. His side was hurting and by now all he wanted to do was head back home and take a nap while watching some exy.

Neil laughs softly at Kevin’s petulance. Andrew scowls before swatting at his back lightly to get him to stop moving. Neil shifts slightly before settling back down with a muttered, “Sorry, sorry.”

Andrew just twists his lips, before getting back to work. Kevin gets up, being sure to show Andrew that he wasn’t going anywhere near him. He instead makes his way over to the front of the table to where Neil was resting his head. Kevin’s fingers work their way into Neil’s curls, as he absentmindedly starts to stroke Neil’s head.

Neil shifts upwards into the touch, a soft smile curling on his lips. Kevin bends down pressing a kiss to his head before he continues to run his fingers through Neil’s hair. The clicking of the tattoo needle is the only sound in the shop as the three men sit in silence waiting for Andrew to finish.

“Andrew, when the fuck are you gonna be done? Neil didn’t take this long.”

“Well Neil does this every day for a living. I haven’t picked up a needle since juvie.”

Andrew’s words shock Kevin into silence. He looks down at Neil to see if he was surprised by Andrew’s past experience with tattooing, but Neil’s eyes are still closed and he doesn’t seem to be wondering at all what Andrew had gotten up to in that detention center.

Kevin keeps his mouth shut for approximately twenty more minutes before he asks, “Who else have you tattooed?”

Andrew’s hand still, his fingers clenched around the needle. His knuckles turn white from the amount of force he’s placing on the instrument. Neil’s eyes shoot open, his voice quiet as he says, “Kevin, not now and certainly not here.”

Kevin looks between his two boyfriends, and he’s about to protest when he takes a look at Neil’s pleading eyes and quietly concedes.

“Alright. I won’t ask anything more.”

“It’s done.”

Andrew’s voice is hard as he steps back, letting Kevin come closer to see the two intertwining cats inked on Neil’s skin.

“What the fuck? You seriously let Andrew tattoo Sir and King on your shoulder?”

Neil’s laugh is light and completely lights up his face. Andrew is still stoic, arms crossed over his chest, but there’s a slight relaxedness to him that wasn’t there before. Kevin is still incredulous, staring at the tattoo with something akin to wonder.

“You’re both fucking crazy.”

Andrew snorts while Neil just continues laughing. “And yet for some reason you’re still with our crazy asses.”

“Can I finally see what you gave me?”

Neil nods and Kevin makes his way over to the full length mirror. He lifts his shirt up and takes in the bright orange color of a watercolor fox on his skin. He starts as Andrew comes up next to him and pulls his shirt up as well.

They both stare at the matching tattoos, incomprehensible looks on their faces. Kevin is slightly overwhelmed by the beauty of the simplistic art. He knew Neil was talented; he just didn’t know exactly how much.

“Do you like it? I know how much Palmetto meant to all of us, even though we were never there at the same time.”

Kevin is at a loss for words. All he can do is stare at the ethereal fox inked onto his skin forever. Neil comes behind them both, lifting his shirt as well as he says, “Matt did it for me last week since there was no way I could do it myself.”  

There’s a matching tattoo on Neil’s skin. Kevin reaches out his fingers tracing the edge of the playful fox. He turns his face towards Neil, eyes slightly glassy as he whispers, “It’s beautiful.”

Neil just smiles, tipping up to press a kiss to Kevin’s lips before he faces Andrew who is staring at the both of them with something akin to love in his eyes. Andrew would never say I love you to either Neil or Kevin. No instead he would say something infinitely better.

‘I would go to the end of the world to protect you.’

And to Neil that was the most beautiful thing he could think of.