long hair just wasnt working out


Anon asked: hi!! can you give me some art advice please?? how to start with anatomy… how to develope your own style?? stuff like that.. ; o ; really anything in terms of helping with drawing skcks thank you

okay so recently ive been more focused on my anatomy as of late & fixing  the littlest details to make my art stand out more.

But usually for blossoming artists its hard ya know? cause there’s so many artists to follow, art styles to observe, etc etc. I get that, im STILL going through that! it takes a few years in to realize what kind of artstyle you want for your art & where do you wanna take it. I’d say just take in alot of info that you can, and worry about the outcomes later. Your hand & your mind are always linked when you’re an artist, but that doesnt mean your hand can keep up all the time. It’s natural, to feel some frustrations towards your art.

A tip I would often give is that sometimes its good to go back on media that inspired you to draw in the first place. With me, alot of old art was inspired by my favorite anime, Jigoku Shoujo,Daphne, some of NGE’s works. while I wasnt fond of Sailor moon as a child, I found solace in other female heroines such as Wonder woman, Enma Ai, Lacia from BEATLESS, of course pokemon,etc etc. I find its super helpful to go back to your roots and just, sometimes imitate old artists art! that way you can find the features that stood out for you and enjoyed, like big eyes or, full lips, long flowing hair, muscles & fight scenes, heroes and their swords. Try it!

Art student Jungkook

Heeey~~ Guess who’s back? Lol me
I did another Jungkook one (sorry not sorry) but saw a fanart of Jungkook and i was like i need to get this down, and i thought i’d share with you guys ^^ i hope you like them ^^

  • Best of the school
  • I mean it
  • Everyone is talking about him
  • How talented he is
  • His arts
  • And he’s handsome 
  • (so expect everyone dying around him)

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ash cut his hair in happy au because hes paranoid that leadman will get bored of him eventually and so hes always trying to work on new Hot Looks to stay appealing. turns out, leadman actually prefers long hair. (and leadman also wishes his worm bf wasnt so worried about being abandoned/dumped all the time but, he understands that this whole experience is very new to ash.. its new to leadman too!)
also yeah aeschylus is in human form here too, he wants to practice restraining his worm urges so he can be a Better Boyfriend™ .