long hair but you cant see it

Partners in Crime-Loki One shot

                                                    Loki x Reader

“ I cant believe I let you rope me into thing.” you whisper harshly . Loki rolls his eyes at you , then directs his attention back to your targets.

“  You said yes before I even got a chance to tell you whats going to happen ! i didn’t need to rope you in you fool. It’s too late to back out now, you’re guilty by associate dear.” he says with a wicked grin.  Loki barged into your room 20 minutes ago claiming he had a fun idea to screw with the team.  You didn’t even need to hear the plan, you just automatically agreed to help.

 The two of you are hiding around the corner , watching as the rest of the team watches F.RI.E.N.D.S. in the Tv room. 

“ Here we go  .” He says deviously , he pushes his hand forward creating a flash of yellow throughout the room . You shield your eyes from the brightnessby hiding behind the God of Mischief .

“ Did it work?” you ask quietly , you peek over his shoulder at the team . They look unaffected by whatever he just did .

“ You’re losing your touch , KoKo.” you tease .

“ How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that ?!”

You send him wink before heading to the TV room to join your friends. Loki comes in after you , taking a empty seat next to you .  You both observe the team , seeing if his plan worked but it clearly didn’t. what a bust. 

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 Your woken the next morning by a shrill scream , your body kicked into gear as you grab your gun from your bedside table and bolt into the hallway . You follow the chorus of yells through the tower until you end up in the kitchen . You raise your gun when you see the kitchen containing a group of people you don’t recognize.

“ Y/n its us !” A man with Red hair booms .You feel like he looks so familiar , but cant place your finger on why . 

Loki snickers from behind you ,   making realization kick in . You take in the appearances of the others ; your theory is proven correct when your eyes land on the beautiful girl with long brown hair, light blue eyes , and a metal arm .

 You lower your gun as you burst out laughing.

“ Oh my God, this is beautiful!"   Loki is smirking at you , watching as you nearly fall over laughing .

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” This isn't  funny Y/n! Turn us back now!“ Sam says, his voice was high pitched, and he placed his hands on his waist .

” I don’t know, I’m kinda digging this. “ Tony Says as he looks down his own shirts, ” Boobs whenever I want.“

 The team lets out a mix of gags, complaints and threats to you and Loki  .

” Youll be normal in 24 hours .“ Loki calmly tells them . He grabs your hand , tugging you towards the exit.

” Better hope you guys don’t get your periods within the day!“  you shout over your shoulder.

You hear numerous whines, and some laughter from others.  You turn to Loki with a smile as he pulls you in the elevator.

” You know they are going to want revenge right?“ you ask

” I think I can handle them darling. “ he says, placing his arm around your waist, and a kiss to your cheek .

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Evak & 5 😊

Anonymous said: 5!

Anonymous said: 5!!!!!!! Evak obvs

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”  (thank you💗💗)

“wait a minute.” even slowly looks up from where he’s sitting on the floor and isak hears the teasing smile in his voice, “are you jealous?”

isak knows its slightly ridiculous, he’s making it a bigger deal than it really is. he fidgets with the little car in his hands.

“im not” he mumbles and he hates how unconvincing he sounds. he blames evens presence and the way he’s always been able to see through him.

even nods and acts like he believes isak, smile still evident on his face. he picks up a stuffed animal and puts it away in a toy basket, and isak knows he’s just waiting for him to continue talking. and isak does, with a sigh, and evens lips quirk up higher, biting the inside of his cheek.

“its just. she likes you more than me”

even turns to him, smile paired with a slight frown. “why do you think that?”

“because!” isak throws his hands up, “she always wants to play with you” he gets quieter, “kind of ignores me”

even tilts his head, eyes searching isaks face, “isak,” he licks his lips and waits for isak to look at him. “the reason she does that is because she’s shy”

isak rolls his eyes and snorts, “yeah sure”

he sees even bite his bottom lip, then he’s climbing over to him on all fours and isak cant help but smile at the sight. even sits in front of him, knees touching. he takes isaks hands in his, kisses the inside of his palm then places their laced hands in his lap. isak pouts and even leans in, pressing a kiss against his lips.

isak sighs defeated, “i know she’s your cousin but” he shrugs, “i think im pretty cool as well”

even chuckles, “you are.” theres a silence between them for a moment, both playing with the other’s fingers, caressing each other’s hands. even smiles while looking at them, “she asks about you though.” isak looks up to meet his eyes, “your hair”

isak blinks a few times, “thats great” he deadpans.

evens eyes widen with a grin, shaking his head in disbelief. his face softens not long after, then he squints at isak, “she also always wonders why you dont see how wonderful you are”

“she cant even say that much yet” isaks face breaks into a matching grin.

“but if she could..” even pulls isak in by his hands, kissing the tip of his nose. isak stares at their hands, his cheeks burning with a shade of pink. “and anyways, its impossible for her not to like you.” even draws a heart with his finger on isaks hand. “i talk about you alot”

isak hooks his index finger with even’s, “yeah? what do you tell her?”

“only the good things” even wiggles his eyebrows. 

“oh so there are bad things huh?” isak lifts his chin, daring even to continue.

“mhm” even presses his tongue against his teeth “like. that youre also a child, especially when youre tired”

isak bites his lips, still unable to hide his smile. he doesnt want to, anyway. “thats a bad thing then?”

“actually not. i just.” evens eyes are boring into isaks, “i’d like to keep that to myself”

theyre staring at each other for a minute, smiling, and then isak brings his hands around evens neck, playing with his hair at the back. evens hands sneak between isaks, holding his face with both, and they pull each other into a sweet kiss. the position is a little uncomfortable with their long limbs, legs folded, but their lips on each other’s make it more bearable.

even smiles into the kiss and they break apart for a little when the kiss is all teeth, and theyre about to go back in when there’s a tiny voice coming from behind them.

“isak?” he pulls back from even to look, only to find evens cousin standing in the doorway. he smiles at her and she holds out two action figures. “play?”

isak looks back at even who’s grinning at the scene, ruffles isaks hair with a laugh and isak can only roll his eyes fondly at him. he nods at the girl and while she’s making her way towards them, isak brings even in for a short kiss, and isak feels himself falling in love with even just a little bit more.

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idk about people but i've always thought of pidge as a cisgendered female. i just don't think she's trans. from flashbacks she seems to be comfortable in her female identity and it's explicitly mentioned in the show that she's passing as a guy so people don't suspect she's katie holt.

hi! I think pidge is great in that her gender can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, and everyone’s headcannons on that are valid. Pidge does use she/her pronouns and given the mulan feel to her story, i can see why a lot of people see her as cis.

but also that being said i am trans, so personally i do like to think of her as a trans girl or nonbinary. This isn’t really based on the scenes pidge is in so much as the emotion and relatibility those scenes evoke. like, the look on her face when she goes to cut her hair, but she stops and her hand shakes? like she’s throwing a part of her identity away? im a trans boy not out to my family, and i cant tell you how much it hurts to hear comments like “why dont you grow your hair out itll look so pretty” or “that isnt ladylike” so for me, im the opposite. if my hair gets too long, it makes me feel a lot of disphoria, and i need to cut it right away. i could kind of see that same sort of reaction in pidge when she has to cut her hair and she feels like its forfeiting part of herself 

another thing is the way she reacts when shiro calls her katie. it means a lot when everyone’s calling you something that isn’t you and then someone you care about finally reaffirms your identity with your own name. and the line shiro says about keeping it a secret until she’s ready to come out? ya, ive heard that from someone i really trust before. 

something else that’s really relatable is the bathroom scene. like, i cant tell you how many times ive watched it and just thought same

it seems to me like the creators are pretty aware of the implications you could draw from pidge’s gender, and put this in as a reference to that specifically. it’s also worth noting that, while on the surface its funny becuase “ha, alien bathrooms, she can’t tell which is which,” the fact of the matter is, it’s not the stall signs she’s confused about. theyre coded blue and pink, so both we the audience and other characters in universe (hello keith) are perfectly aware of what that means:

and i mean, if anyone is gonna be able to read alien signs, it’s the person who literally made their galra translation program and also learns altean in her spare time. So its a matter of picking one that she’s hesitant about, not a confusion of which is which. lastly, the creators did mention pidge’s gender while talking about possible representation in voltron:

also, while pidge may be cis, being in the closet–having to hide your gender from everybody, feeling like youre living a lie, like you arent who everyone thinks, having to change the way others perceive your identity against your will, the worry about things like public bathrooms, and all the stress and anxiety this stuff causes–these aren’t issues that cis girls have. They are, however, very relatable to trans and nonbinary people, which is why a lot of people, myself included, can kind of see a bit of ourselves in her story. 

so basically just to recap, while pidge could be cis, the problems with her gender identity arent ones that cis girls typically face, and are more relatable to people who are trans or nonbinary, and in many ways her story seems like a metaphor for that, which is why she’s often headcannoned as such. i hope that makes sense?? 


im gay for trans boys
i dont even know how to begin to describe just how gay i am
like?? trans boys?? are beautiful ok?? and if you dont want to be called beautiful [hi me too] then youre handsome as FUCK my dude
and i mean ALL TRANS BOYS
lightskinned trans boys?? lovely!!
midtone trans boys?? marvelous!!
darkskinned trans boys?? enchanting!!
fat/chubby/plus sized trans boys?? god i love you and dont think for a minute you arent attractive!!
skinny trans boys?? handsome!!
muscular trans boys?? hot!! hello throw me into the sun!!
trans boys with short hair?? i would totally run my hands through that!!
trans boys with long hair?? i bet you look like a warrior or a young wizard in training!!
neurotypical trans boys?? charming!!
mentally ill trans boys?? incredible!!
disabled trans boys?? more like kings!!
straight trans boys?? wonderful!!
gay trans boys?? amazing!!
closeted trans boys?? i see you and i support you whether you ever come out or not!!
trans boys who are out?? im proud of you!!
trans boys who arent always boys?? youre still valid!!
trans boys with accepting families?? im so glad they support you!!
trans boys with unsupportive families?? im sorry they cant see the real you and i want you to know there are people who will love and accept you!!
jeez i just.. love all of you so much and i want yall to know theres NO WRONG WAY to be a trans boy
all trans boys are great
im just so happy that were here

[all of this also goes for trans men too cos yall are AMAZING but im a child so right now im just very boys and not very men]

PSA from transdudeproblems

just because you arent the tumblr tall white skinny very masculine boys you see doesnt mean youre any less handsome!

chubby trans boy? handsome!

poc trans boy? handsome!

short trans boy? handsome!

feminine trans boy? handsome!

long haired trans boy? handsome!

pre-t trans boy? handsome!

cant transtion trans boy? handsome!


Dating Luna Lovegood would include

-Honestly she knows everything about you in a Luna type of way

-She is so unique and wonderful

-You could spend hours talking with her about all the amazing creatures there are

-Sweet kisses

-Would destroy anyone who makes fun of her

-Sweet cuddling

-She’s a little spoon

-Staying up all night talking about anything and everything

-Helping her find her shoes

-You go to the yule ball together and its amazing

-Going all out for quidditch games with her

-Always laughing and having fun together

-You go on so many adventures with her

-Going on long walks near the lake

-Fighting in the war together

-Always being there for each other

-Both of you call your patronus by thinking about dates you’ve had

-Genuinely enjoying every moment with each other

-You cant see the Threstral but you believe her

-Admiring how clever she is, those riddles are so hard

-She loves giving hugs

-Playing with each others hair

-She always knows how to cheer you up

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friendly reminder that islam is toxic

its so hard to not become a misandrist when your dad is a muslim. i hate my father’s convictions so much. i just want to scream in his face, sit the fuck down youre not my fucking king. you will not marry me off to a man like you, to a muslim monster. nor do you have the right to do that. men get no say in who their adult daughters marry. men are not superior to women. men in a family are no more important than their wives. men are not the fucking supreme authority of their family. useless segregation of the sexes is fucking stupid. us girls and women have the right to go wherever we damn please without the permission of male relatives. who gets to see our beauty is up for us to decide, not you. YOU muslim men are stupid and backwards minded, not the western world. ppl wearing bikinis at the beach is not fucking “macabre” you idiot prude. god muslim culture is a crock of shit, someone pls make it disappear before it infests western societies any further. i cant wait to leave this family, go wherever i want whenever i want, dress how i want, talk with whoever i want however i want, play whatever instruments i want, cut my hair however i want, get a ton of tattoos, date ppl, be my “kafir whore” self in peace, and not see my idiot fathers ugly misogynistic face for as long as i live. fuck islam, seriously fuck it.

Only a friend- Jacob Black imagine.

Imagine where you’ve known Jacob from school, he sits with you at English, and always having a crush on him but he never noticed you. One day you try to ask him out and he rejects you and doesn’t go to school for a few weeks (when he became a shapeshifter) and later when he comes back and looks into your eyes at class imprints on you, tries to make you his girlfriend but you are hurt and don’t want to be with him? Hahaha I’m so sorry for such a long request
A/N: I love long, detailed imagines like this because I can add more to it!

Jacob tapped his pencil on his desk in a rhythm. I couldn’t pay attention to the lesson when he was here. I sat there staring at his long dark chocolate brown hair, his strong jaw line, and that cute little nose. Jacob looked over his shoulder at me and flashed his pearly whites. I smiled back and looked down at my paper. The bell rang signaling the end of the school day. I put my things in my bag and walked up to Jacob.

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The Boys (2/?)

 Summary:   You’ve been a hunter since you were 18 , a  vampire killed your bestfriend and you threw yourself into the hunting world after you met the hunters handling her case. John Winchester & Bobby Singer.   Being around Bobby, it was a matter of time before you met Dean & Sam Winchester.  You got along with Sam instantly, but you & Dean didn’t click as much . For the most part your relationship was full of flirting, insults, and arguments. Thankfully you weren’t around them often, only helping each other out on a few hunts . But what happens when you run into the boys again after years of not seeing them?

Warnings: swearing, flirting,angst

Pairing: ( none yet) Dean x reader, Sam x reader

  “ Fuck off Dean. ” you say through your laughs.  You  & the boys are celebrating an easy , successful hunt at the bar down the road from your motel. 

“ Name a time & place sweetheart , ill be there.” Dean shoots back with a wink .

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You roll your eyes, sipping on the whiskey. It burns going down your throat, you’ll never get sick of the taste of whiskey.  The night continues , all  of you sharing laughs and memories.

     A few hours later the boys decide its time to walk back to the hotel you guys were staying at . Sam was not ridiculously drunk , but he wasn’t just buzzed either. Dean having the tolerance he does, was barely tipsy. You on the other hand, were plain old drunk .  You being giggling as Sam pulls you out of the booth , and you fall against his chest with a squeal.  He follows in your laughter , wrapping his arm around your shoulder to pull you with him and Dean to the door. When the cool breeze hits your face, a smile forms.

 How did I get so lucky to find such good friends? 

“ Come on sweetheart, we have to walk a couple minutes to the room .” Dean says . The boys are now walking ahead of you , while you just standing watching them move.

“ Ugh but Dean ! Its still so early!  ” you complain.  It was barely 2 am  , the whiskey making you feel more awake than you’d like. 

 Dean makes his way back to you .He doesn’t say a word to you , just bends down and tosses you over his shoulder. You let out a string of giggles, squirming in Deans hold.

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“ D , put me down ! ” you yell , you really don’t mind the view though . Your face is nearly eyelevel with Dean perfect ass. Drunk you apparently has no verbal or physical filter right now. You lift your arm, and land a perfect smack to his ass.  You burst out in laughter, when you feel Deans body stiffen at your action. You can hear Sam chuckle making your laugh grow.

“ Keep laughing Sammy, Your ass is next.” You playfully warn.  You can feel Deans shoulder shake as he releases a small laugh .  Out of nowhere  you feel a large hand swat your ass, hard. A small gasp ,almost bordering a moan , escapes your lips at the sting.

“ Well well, looks like Y/n’s got a kink , Sammy.”

“ Ewh gross guys , can you not.” Sammy groans. You feel your cheeks heat up ,and you let out an awkward laugh.  well that was embarrassing.

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Dean Finally sets you down when you guys reach the room.You stretch your arms above your head, a yawn following. You go right for the bathroom, grabbing your pjs out of your bag on the way . When you step out of the bathroom in your baggy Pink Floyd shirt & cheekster underwear, you hear Dean whistle as he sees you .  Your eyes roll for what feels like the hundredth time today .  When Dean takes his turn in the bathroom , Sam shakes his head at the two of you. 

“ Either of you make a move yet?” Sam asks as he peels back the blanket on one of the small beds.  You snort at his question,

“Shutup Sam, nothings going to happen.“  A girl can wish though.

” Yeah whatever you say , just keep it in your pants tonight. I’m in the bed right next to you two and id rather not hear you guys -“

” Hear us what ,Sammy?“ Dean says from the doorway . I wonder how much he heard. 

” Just keep your hands to yourself.“ Sam says as he eyes the both of you .

” Go to bed, drunkass.“ you tell Sam, crawling into the bed across from his. You & Dean have been sharing a bed on most hunts. Sam being the moose he is , takes up the entire bed and radiates more heat than hell. A few minutes pass, and Sams snoring begins.You let out a chuckle at the sound. 

” Whats so funny sweetheart?“ Dean asks quietly .

” Your brothers snores could rival a hibernating bear.“ You both try to keep your laughing down. You wiggle your body , trying to get comfortable. You feel Dean right behind you , his body barely brushing yours. His hand lands on your stomach, stopping your fidgeting.

” If you wiggle your ass against my crotch one more time, we are going to have a problem sweetheart.“ Dean warns.

Oh Shit. Whoops.

” Don’t act like you don’t like it D. “ you whisper, a small smile tugging at your lips .He pushes your stomach lightly, bringing your ass now flush against his half hard bulge, his lips ghosting over the shell of your ear. 

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 ” Oh I love it, i just dont think Sammy would appreciate what  would happen, since hes still in the room. “ Why does he do this to me? Such a cocky bastard.   You know Dean does things just to get a rise out of you , that’s just how your friendship works. Most of the time it just irritates you to the point of wanting to lock him in his trunk, but sometimes it bothers you in a way that sends chills down your spine, & heat straight to your core.

 ” Go to bed D, that Whiskey seems to be hitting you a little hard tonight. “ You say , hoping to end this conversation. Hes drunk , he probably wont remember this in the morning .   You hear him sigh , slightly loosening his grip but not letting you go.

” Whatever you want to believe , sweetheart.“ he says . You don’t respond, instead you focus on trying to sleep .

1 week later 

 You are sitting in another crappy ,run down bar in another small town. But this time , its not for celebratory drinks. The hunt didn’t go as smooth as you all hoped for.  The man you were trying to save from the ghost ignored your warning to stay in the salt circle. Burning the bones didn’t work, so you and Dean were ravaging through the house for something the ghost was attached to, by the time you got back into the room , the man was murdered the same way the ghost was.

 You are downing your 4th tumbler of whiskey, sitting silently at the booth with Sam. He is already looking for a new case, something to get your mind off of this one.  You know not every case is going to end well, but the ones that don’t still hit you hard.  Your eyes wander, landing on Dean & the busty blonde at the bar.  You watch as her hands snake around his neck, and her lips go to his ear.  Anger floods you at the way Dean blushes at what she is saying to him.  Another night, another skank.  You know its dumb to be  jealous, but you cant help it. You’ve seen him flirt with numerous girls, only actually leaving with some of them ; but everytime it stings for some reason.  You haven’t told Sam of the feelings that surfaced for his brother, not wanting to see his ’ I told you so’ face.

” You wanna get out of here ?“ Sam asks,closing his laptop.  You nod your head yes, and he leaves the money for your drinks on the table.  You watch as he goes to tell Dean you’re leaving, and the careless look on his face burned you even more.  Why would he care? He gets to be with Malibu Barbie tonight instead of getting in bed with me.  You begin the short walk back to the motel with Sam .

 ” You know, this just means you get your own bed tonight, y/n!“ Sam says , trying to ease the mood. He can sense the weight of the hunt still on your shoulders.  You send him a tiny smile,

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” Yeah, I cant wait.“ you say half heartedly. After most hunts like this, when you and Dean would both be blaming yourselves, you’d comfort each other with sweet words and youd even run your fingers through his hair until hed calm down enough to sleep.

  You enter the room , and both get ready for bed.  You finally throw yourself down on the scratchy motel bed. 

” Goodnight y/n.“ Sam says with a yawn .  He shuts the light off and falls into his own bed.

” Night Sammy.“

 It wasn’t long before you figure out why you cant fall asleep. Since being with the boys, you’ve always shared a bed with one of them. You miss the warmth , and comfort of someone next to  you . You check the clock ,seeing it hasn’t been long since you wished Sammy goodnight.

” Sammy, are you awake?“ you whisper

He grumbles, rolling himself over to face you .  He lifts his covers up , silently inviting you over, sensing its the reason youre still awake. You hop out of bed and into his. You snuggle yourself into his bare chest,  his body head instantly enveloping you .

” Jesus Christ, how are you so hot?!“ you whine. You fidget , trying to get the blanket off you a little bit.

” Good genetics “ he says with a sleepy laugh . Even in his sleep he thinks he so funny .

” Ha Ha . So clever Sammy.“  he hums in response, you can tell by the way his breathing evens out hes already back asleep.

 A few hours later, you’re woken by the sound of the motel room door opening and closing. Your body tenses, but you feel Sam reaching for the gun hidden under the pillow.

” its just me .“ Dean?Sam grunts in response to his brother..

” Why is y/n In bed with you?“  Dean asks, laying in the other bed already .

” She didn’t want to sleep alone. “ Sam says, still half asleep. Sam  is on his back now, one arm around you as you cuddle into his side. You feel Deans hand on your waist, gently shaking .

” Dean what are you “ Sam starts, but Dean ignores him.

” Come on sweetheart, I’m back. We can sleep a few more hours. “  Does he really think I’m going to just get my ass out of this bed to lay with him? Why didn’t he just stay at the girls place?

 You hum, clinging on to Sam tighter. You hear Dean let out a defeated sigh , then the bed creak under his weight. Your chest tightens as you try to figure out his actions.   You feel Sams breathing even, and hear Deans do the same.  You turn yourself in Sams arms to face Dean . Hes turned facing you , a calm look over his face.

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You want to go get in bed with him, you want him to pull you to him and snuggle against you . You love cuddling Sam , but it was different with Dean. You’re about to get up to switch beds, when you get better glimpse at his neck. Purple and black marks littered the side visible to you. Oh Fuck no.  As much as you want to move, you’re not going to go lay with him . You stay with Sammy,  trying to push the thoughts of Dean away  and fall back asleep.

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Ok but like Quidditch is such a big thing in the HP universe?? Do you really expect me to believe they don’t have specific spells and charms and stuff for Quidditch players? 

Like “oh hey look, it’s raining… we should probably cast that water repelling charm for our glasses-wearing players” (Hermione having to show that to Harry was bs - you think that with someone like Wood on the team, none of his teammates would’ve been like “SHIT OUR SEEKER CANT SEE”???)

Some spell that can be used so players don’t need sports bras

Charm for keeping sun glare out of players’ eyes (like the black paint stuff football players use)

Long haired Quidditch players: a spell for keeping their hair back and out of the way, something that’d obviously work better than a ponytail.

JK Rowling, you missed so many opportunities here. 

If you’re going dressed like that, I’ll have to put you on a leash, so everyone knows you belong to me. // SHAWN MENDES

“Y/N” I hear a voice calling me from downstairs. 

“What” I call back, not moving from where I lay on my queen bed. No response. “WHAT” I call back louder. Still nothing. Huffing I get up dragging my self down the stairs to see what the person wants. 

“Next time just reply,” I mumble to myself. Opening the kitchen door I walk in to come face to face with my boyfriend of 18 months, Shawn.

I squeal running up to him and throwing my arms around his neck pulling him closer. “What are you doing here? You were supposed to be here tomorrow?” I say my face buried in his neck. His familiar cologne filling my senses.

“We got back early from tour and I wanted to see you,” Shawn says holding me just as tightly.

I awe at him. “What did I do to deserve you?” I say pinching his cheek lightly making a slight blush form on his cheeks. He swats my hand playfully.

“Get ready I’m taking you out to La Porchetta,” he says, his hands resting gently on my waist. 

“Shawn do you know how expensive that place is?” I say frowning slightly. I didn’t really like Shawn spending that much on me when I knew he wouldn’t let me pay for anything.

“It’s fine, wear something fancy, I’m going to go change alright Y/N?” Shawn says taking a few steps back.

“Cool,” I say turning around and racing up the stairs. 

“20 minutes” I hear Shawn yell and I chuckle to myself knowing he will be waiting much longer then that.


Putting the finishing touches to my mascara I admire myself in the mirror. After my shower I took my hair out of its braid leaving it in loose, wavy curls. Walking over to my closet I grab the dress that I picked before that I left on the hanger. 

It was a mid thigh baby pink dress that had a high neck line and made my figure look slimmer. It was my favorite dress and I only wore it on special occasions. Just as I finished pulling up the zipper the bedroom door opens and Shawn walks in. 

“Hey” I say walking back over to my bed and putting on my white pumps. Not hearing a response I turn back around to see Shawn staring blatantly at my dress. “Oi my eyes are up here,”

Slowly his eyes drag up to meet mine. Shawn walks over to me, wrapping one arm around my waist pulling me flush against his body. He looked amazing to say the least. His black tight jeans fitted nicely and the black long sleeved collared shirt complemented his hair perfectly. He didn’t even have to try.

“You look good,” I say pressing my lips gently against his. 

“Hmm so do you,” he says against my mouth and I cant help but smile pulling away. “But if you’re going dressed like that, I’ll have to put you on a leash, so everyone knows you belong to me.” his pupils expanding as he speaks so that his eyes look almost completely black.

“I don’t think so baby,” I laugh patting his chest lightly. “Now lets go eat,” I grab my bag and make for the stairs.

“On second thought maybe we could just stay home,” Shawn says pulling me back to him.

“I would,” I say kissing him again quickly, “But I want some pasta,” Shawn groans before following me.

“Stupid pasta,”

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So I have like,, this one non au headcanon that even tho yoongles and Jin share a room and Tae and nams share a room, somehow yoongi and Tae will end up in the same bed every night, whether it's in jin and yoongles room or Tae and nams. And they just cuddle and are soft boyfriends and it's just so domestically cute (Nam and Jin lowkey find it adorable too shhhhhh)

Okay but this fits so well with my head canon that Yoongi has to play with someone’s hair in order to peacefully fall asleep. Like we all know Taehyung needs to cling onto something or someone while he sleeps, Yoongi is a bit more quiet about his little habit of needing hair between his fingers to be comfortable. The elder will use any excuse to get Taehyung in his bed. 

“Taehyung i have a new song you wanna hear it?” 

“Yah brat, let’s watch a movie no one else likes horror ones.” 

“Hey it’s cold let’s use body heat so our energy bill is not as expensive.” 

Taehyung sees right through the excuses his boyfriend gives but still agrees and wraps his arms around Yoongi’s body while he waits for the sure movement of Yoongi’s fingers twirling strands of his hair. Of course, it’s doesn’t take long at all before Yoongi is sighing out sleepily and his fingers run through Taehyung’s hair as his eyes shut. Taehyung cant help but giggle as he leans over to kiss Yoongi’s cheek gently. 

“Goodnight cutie hyung.” 

Yoongi pinches him playfully. 

“Goodnight brat.” 

(namjoon and jin are in the hallway screaming over how cute they are salkgahl)

Title: Sith Lords Don’t Sunbathe
Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader
Genre: So floof, SO FLOOF, but also a lil spicy bc i was feelin it
Warnings: Language
A/N: Just some cute but also zesty fluff for the soul. It was really nice out today and I freakin LOVE spring (it’s basically spring here now ok) so this happened lol. Happy Valentines Day! :-)

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The sun above you warmed your bare legs, giving the skin there a subtle glow. You flexed your toes and stretched, lifting your arms up above your head and letting them fall backward into the grass. It had started out soft but now you were beginning to feel the underside of your legs sweat, and you bet that if you looked, there would have been thousands of tiny, grass-shaped imprints against your skin. A breeze floated by, carrying the scent of the flowering tree above you on the wind and filling your nose. Taking a deep breath you closed your eyes, letting the air roll over your skin. While it wasn’t exactly warm, it wasn’t cold, either; it felt like the weather couldn’t make up its mind on if it was still winter or late spring. It was the perfect temperature.

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the one ill tell you right now is kinda common sense but people still do it.
I work at a barbershop as a cleaner and cashier for 4 hours a day on our busy days,
So I ask people to sign in everyday i’m there because the girls who cut hair need to see your name and call you. So this guy (and I think he was a customer before I was there) asked me,“how long do you think it will be?”
Sir i’m not a barber. I dont keep track of time. I cant even see past the counter in the chair I sit in because short.
In other words why are ypu aaking the new girl who doesnt cut hair how long it will take?
Of course I couldn’t say that and had to take a wild guess. So I said,“15 minutes” you know like a liar.
Ill be damned about a hour later another loyal customer comes in and ask the same thing. This time i just say,“I really dont know sir.”
I don’t really hate our customers but they can be dumdums sometimes

Hogwarts Asthetic
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Hufflepuff:</b> The smell of honey, the feeling of laughing so hard you cant breath, sunrise, the smell of wet dog, fresh bedsheets, bells, chimes, knighted scarfs, golden retrieve's, seeing light after being in a dark room, morning cuddles, bronze, the sound of seaguls, sweating after a long run, the feeling of acomplishmet, stripes, lilys, the feeling of sand between your toes.<p/><b>Griffindor:</b> ruby's, the feeling of fur, saltwater, roses, grey hair, brown eyes, stars, silver, the smeel of musk, the taste of choclate, hard oak furniture, dimmed lights, whispers, feathers, the feeling of lossing, hazelnut, cracking walnuts, the smell of pine, first kiss, first brezze on a hot day, jasmine, hand holding, hugs, hats, the smell of cut grass.<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> oranges, gold, the colour purple, the breaking of glass, the feeling of running fingers through hair, rottweiler's, fireworks, owls, the sound of pens to paper, screaming, forests, moss, faint smiles, the smell of baked cookies, long hair, glasses, orchids, heights, scared children, shortness of breath, sex, calmness, the sound of pages turning, thunder.<p/><b>Slytherine:</b> Silk, pearls, natural hair colour, crying, loyalty, the first fall of snow, white gold, chrome, the feeling of cold tiles, lighting, the sound of laughter, classical music, loud sounds, lullaby's, a mothers love, anger, birds, paint drying, weddings, fresh air, distrust, saw dust, weeds, the sound of gravel, cats purring, soft skin, french furniture, ribbons, high heels.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
You’ve Been Such a Bad Girl

// In which Y/N challenges Justin and Justin doesn’t play nice in response //

*Contains Mature Content*


“You’re so fucking good to me baby,” Justin complimented as I slowly rode him. I looked into is eyes as I took him harder and deeper trying to reach our well deserved orgasm. “Come on baby,” Justin edged me on as he started to fuck me harder.

“Justin,” I whined. My eyes fluttered as, I imagined his warmth all around me. Justin tenderly rolled his hips into mine as he bit at my neck.

“Fuck Y/N you feel so good baby.” Just as I felt my peak a approaching, a blaring sound made me bolt into consciousness.

Upon my awakening, my legs clenched to find Justin between them, eating me out while looking up at me with big doe eyes. “Fuck, baby,” I whimpered, my back contorted off the bed as I felt immense pleasures washing over me. I reached over and turned off my alarm as Justin kept working. Unable to control my body, all I could do was wither and cry out as Justin’s tongue swiped up and down my clit.

“Be still,” Justin murmured against me, pushing me back into the bed and widening my legs out. I moaned out his name as my eyes rolled to the back of my head with ecstasy. “You almost there baby?” Justin asked as he pulled away from me and replaced his mouth with his fingers. I silently nodded and I focused on feeling everything he was doing to me. With his hand holding me down and his knees holding my legs in place, his two thick fingers hit my g spot with every thrust.

“Justin,” I moaned out the name of the one man who could ever make me feel as good as I do.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded. I pried my eyes open as I watched him lower his head between my legs again. I yelled out as his tongue swept rapidly over my clit while his fingers simultaneous hit the spot that makes me see white. He moaned against my clit and that vibration is what I set me off. I screamed his name as I bucked against his face, my orgasm taking over.

“Good morning, baby girl,” He greeted while removing himself from my legs and licking his lips free from my arousal. I merely shook my head with a wide smile on my face and I fell back into my pillow. This is a good morning. Just as I was going to roll over and show my man how much I appreciate him, my phone went off again.

I groaned as all the responsibilities that I needed to handle today flooded into my mind. I need to take Esher to the groomer’s, pick up a gift for Kendall’s birthday, have lunch with my parents, go to two meetings, then attend Kendall’s birthday party. Justin getting me off this morning, set me back on my schedule by ten minutes that I really didn’t have time to spare. I let out a sigh before getting out of the bed.

“Y/N,” Justin moaned out in protest of me leaving. I looked back at him to see him gripping at his bulge that stood out from his boxers.

“There’s no time for that today,” I rolled my eyes at his desperation. I didn’t want to deny him but I needed to show self control over my lust.

“Babe I got you off,” Justin reminded me as if, I had forgotten the mind shattering orgasm that took place less than a minute ago.

“And I would’ve had time to return the favor if you did what I told you to do yesterday and picked out Kenny a gift,” I retorted. Instead of buying her something, he decided played basketball with Za all day yesterday.

“She’s a girl! I don’t know what she would have wanted,” Justin complained.

“Well she’s your friend not mine so, you should’ve been able to get her something yourself,” I hummed before walking into the bathroom with a sway in my hips. I laughed as Justin let out a loud grunt in response to me refusing him.

“Can we at least shower together?” Justin called over the running water that I was now emerged in.

“Not a chance and hell!” I called back and heard him whine out playfully.


‘I want to fuck you so bad right now, you were such a bad girl today and you’re going to be punished.’ I choked on the pasta my mouth at the sight of Justin’s message.

“What’s wrong?” My mother asked from across the table with her eyebrow quirked up.

“Nothing,” I shook my head at Justin’s raunchy texts. All day he’s been sending me stuff like this and it progressively gets more explicit each time. When I first got ready this morning he showered me in compliments, by the time I dropped Esher off he said how much he wanted me and now his playfulness was over and he wanted to fuck the life out of me. I gulped just thinking of what was doing to come out of me not returning Justin’s favor this morning. At this point, I was clenching with want. Even though I wouldn’t admit it to him, as much as Justin wanted me, I wanted him.

Luckily, lunch with my parents ended soon enough and it didn’t take much longer after that to get Kendell a gift and buy myself a few things as well. By the time I was back at the house getting ready, Justin was descriptively telling me what he was going to do to me tonight.

It was when I finished up my hair that Justin arrived home from the studio. He said nothing as he walked up behind me with me only in my underwear, and groped my ass. I let out a soft moan as he kissed my neck once before stripping off his clothes and getting into the shower. The sexual tension in the air was killing me as we were both oddly silent towards each other. After I finished up my makeup and he did his hair, he finally spoke to me.

“You look so good baby, I cant wait to see you screaming my name later tonight,” Justin complimented as he buttoned up his white dress shirt. I watched in mirror as he adjusted his outfit. His black pants clung to him perfectly and his suit jacket over the white shirt concealed all his tattoos except, the patience one that I wanted to bite into.

Whereas he was very concealed, I was oddly exposed in my dress. I had long sleeve backless black dress that barely draped right above my ass and had a deep v cut in the front. I knew this would both frustrate and please Justin even more. He loved it when I looked so good that he knew everyone else in the room wanted me. He got pride out of seeing me look good but sometimes the pay off of other’s jealousy wasn’t worth as the amount a teasing I plagued on him. I already knew that tonight would be a night that pushed both of our limits.

We arrived at club hosting Kendell’s party an hour later. Upon arriving, I was already in no mood to mingle but, to have my man fuck me hard. The whole way to the club, he drove with one hand on my thigh, inching its way closer and closer to where I needed him. Once we were at the party, we made our rounds with his hand gripping my ass the entire time as to tell other that I was only his.

Two hours in the party, I found myself separated from Justin and on the dance floor with Kylie, Pia, and Hailey. We danced sexily as Work blasted through the club. I glanced around the club looking for Justin as ran my hands up and down my body. My eyes finally found Justin seated at a table with a group of his friends at the edge of the dance floor. He stripped out of his jacket and down to his dress shirt and left the top few buttons open, looking as sexy as ever. Even though Za was talking directly to Justin, Justin sipped at his drink lazily and watched me continue to dance.

I felt others staring at me as I bent over and shook my ass on Kylie but, my eyes only watched for Justin’s response. He acted unresponsive as I got wilder and wilder with my girlfriends. It wasn’t until two songs later, that Justin motioned for me to come to him. Justin in this state of mind was nothing but dominant and I knew I had to play nice in order to get what I wanted. When I walked over to him, he motioned for me to to sit on his lap and I immediately complied to his wishes.

“You’ve been such a bad girl for me, today,” He muttered into my ear before placing kisses down my next.

“I can be even badder, daddy,” I rocked against his lap as his lips captured mine.

“Justin! I know you’re with your girl and all but tell Khalil about that one time we went jet skiing in Miami. He don’t believe me, fam,” Fredo interrupted our moment. In response, Justin told an elaborate story that didn’t match perfectly with Fredo’s story. The boys’ banter went back and forth but, the only thing I bothered focussing on was Justin’s dick pressed again my ass and his hand that made its way between my thighs under the table. I let out a soft moan, only audible to Justin’s ears as his hand swept over my underwear.

“I want you to take me home, Justin,” I requested in his ear. I felt so intoxicated on lust.

“Well, wanted something this morning too and I didn’t receive it so, you’re just going to have to wait until I’m ready to go. Don’t act brand new, babe. You know how this works,” He gripped at my center before pulling away completely and leaving his hand on my thigh.

Eventually, Justin got tired of conversating and pulled me out unto the dance floor again. The heavy bass of Partition pounded in the air as I moved myself on beat to the music. Justin wasted no time to press me against him as I swiveled my ass on his bulge. His hands gripped my waist tighter as my movements against him were more sexually driven. I bent over and dragged my butt up and down his throbbing cock, getting more into the music. Moments later, he pulled me up when I took it too far.

“You’re really testing me tonight, baby. Don’t be surprised if you can’t walk in the morning.” He pounded himself against me to the beat of a faster paced song that was now playing. Not being able to take it anymore, I turned around and finally connect our lips. Justin wasted no time to part my lips and taste me me fully. He moaned into my mouth when he felt me grab at his dick.

He pulled away from me with his jaw clenched. He was mad. He was beyond mad and I was going to pay for it. He quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the crowd. He collected his coat and wished Kendall one last happy birthday before, we left out the back entrance.


We couldn’t get home soon enough, once again we sat in the silence of sexual tension and all I wanted was for him to pull over and fuck me on the hood of his car. My mind flashed, envisioning all the things that Justin was going to do to me tonight for being so naughty. Being trapped in my imaginations, I didn’t even realize how close I would be to my relief until I found us parked in the driveway of our home.

“Go upstairs and get in the bed. Be waiting for me on all fours with your panties and heels on,” Justin instructed as he typed away at his phone, not looking at me once. I gulped as I got of the Porsche and went to follow his instructions. With my dress on the floor and me in doggy position in the middle of the bed, my panties were soaking with anticipation.

I knew it wasn’t long before I heard the bedroom door open but i felt like an eternity with how turned on I felt. “Oh, Y/N, You look so good like this. Maybe you’re a good girl after all,” He pondered while rubbing his large hand against my ass that was in the air.

“Turn around and suck my dick,” Justin ordered. I wasted no time to meet him at the edge of the bed and pull down his pants and boxers. I took his cock and my hand and jacked it off while looking up at him. He stared down at me angrily, causing me to immediately take him into his mouth.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you today. You. Keep. Fucking. Testing. Me,” Justin pulled me by my hair and thrusted into my mouth as punctuation for his words. I gaged and moaned on his cock causing him to move faster down my throat. “If your going to be a bitch, you’re going to choke like one too,” Justin rasped out as he continued to assault my throat. If wasn’t until Justin’s dick was throbbing furiously in my mouth that he pulled me off of him.

“Good job, baby,” He leaned down and kissed my lips as he shucked his pants from his feet. I watched hungrily as he unbuttoned his shirt and stood naked before me with his erection pointed directly at me. “Will you be a good girl and stay still for me?”

“Yes Daddy,” I nodded as he crawled on the bed to join me. Not wasting any time, Justin passionately kissed me while he moving my panties to the side and feeling, first hand, just how much I wanted- no, needed him. I let out a sigh of relief when he embedded to fingers into me.  He pumped his at the perfect angle as he continued to kiss me. My mind was slipping away and I couldn’t help but move towards his finger and arch my back to get more of him. Suddenly all the pleasure I was receiving was stripped away from me.

Justin didn’t say anything or even look at me when he flipped me on my stomach and arched my back so my ass was in the air. I felt shifting on the bed but didn’t know exactly what was happening until I felt my panties being pulled off of me and familiar metal against my wrists. “Justin,” I groaned in response to my restrains.

“Shut up,” Justin spanked me twice. He teasingly hit me with no pattern whatsoever so, I never saw the next burst of pleasure coming. The surprise of my punishments made everything so so so much better.

“Please, Daddy,” I begged as I tried to move backwards into his hand. Finally giving in, he gave me no warning when he shoved himself into me. He held my waist to prevent me from moving as he pounded into me. I couldn’t help but moan louder and louder as my ultimate relief climbed over the horizon. It wasn’t until I was about to clench and let myself go when, he completely stopped inside of me.

“Oh princess, you know you can’t cum just yet,” he changed the pace and slowly rocked into me, deeper than ever before. I felt tears run down my face due to the mix of emotions. I wanted to cum, but I wanted him to keep fucking me, but i wanted him to go fast but, I also liked this rhythm. I could never decide on what exactly I wanted to feel but Justin knew. He always knew.

“You looked so good tonight baby,” He thrusted into me unhurriedly as though we both haven’t been waiting for this all day. “I don’t think you know just how much you affect me. When you got in the shower this morning, the only thing I wanted was to join you and fuck you against the shower wall. Even after you left, I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” he pulled me up by yanking at hand cuffs that prevented me from touching him how I wanted too. We were now positioned in a way that left me in his lap as he fucked me.

“In the studio today I wrote a song about us. Y/N, I have never written anything that has ever came close to how dirty it is. The label would never release it but, its okay. I’m going to give it to you and I want you to listen to it while I’m gone and you want to play with yourself. But baby at the party, when you were dancing with the girls it got me so hard. I couldn’t even focus on anyone or anything but you. I just wanted to drag you off the dance floor and fuck you raw in the bathroom. I wanted you to have my cum dripping out of you as we walked out of the club for a another round. But it’s okay,” Justin lifted me off his lap and pressed me back onto his dick again slowly, over and over again.

“It’s okay because this right here, right now, is worth so much more. You’re so wet around my cock, baby girl. Every time I pull out, I can feel you clenching for me to not go anywhere. You and your pussy have changed my life. Nothing could ever compare. Your so beautiful the only thing I ever want to do, is make love to you.”

“Please daddy,” I whined one final time and threw my head back. His words go me off as much at his cock dick. Justin’s hand laced around my body and moved against my clit as we sped up the rhythm.

“Cum for me, Y/N,” he commanded. He pinched my clit and thrusted in to me the hardest yet. All I could do was shake and clench on his cock. Half a second later, he gripped onto my breast and fucked into me fast as he shoot his load inside of me.

“Thank you, daddy,” I spoke, blissfully.

“Even when you’re a bad girl, you’re still my polite good girl,” Justin laughed against my shoulder.


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I sit on your side of the bed
the sheets sweat-drenched
still scented of your vanilla hair
tonight the walls whisper
the hours I spent looking at your face
just before your mouth parted from mine
the seconds ringing in my heart
every minute a long walk towards the oasis
how long til I see you again?

the thunder howls over the fading moon
and I wait until the sun comes back
carrying you on the doorstep.
in other words,
I miss you.

                              — Long nights, Valerie T.

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I think you should totally cut your hair! Bc I recently cut my hair to the middle of my neck and before that I searched for short hairstyle images to see how it would look and I saw ppl with short curly and thick hair and it looks rly good!

i mean i kinda wanna cut them but i know my mom won’t let me ;;;; and i cant rly do it myself since id just mess it up

guess im stuck struggling with the long version of them ;;