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Can You Keep It? [j.j]

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Title: Can You Keep It?
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Jughead Jones x female!reader, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller, Reggie Mantle
Warnings: Swearing, definitely not my best writing :(
Word Count: 1,185
Requested: Nope (because requests are closed y’all)
Short Description: You and your boyfriend, Jughead, are trying to keep your fresh relationship a secret after the town’s golden boy is murdered. You are unconvinced that he can keep the secret. As it turns out, it’s you that reveals your relationship.
A/N: This is my first Riverdale story and I don’t read much Riverdale fanfic so I’m not exactly sure if this fits in but… here we go!

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[Y/L/N] = your last name

The student lounge was, as always, fairly crowded. Students were lounging around the room, chatting, staying away from the outside or finishing any last minute homework. It was also an area where the primarily “popular” people tended to spend their lunch times, as they were “too cool” for the library. Quiet chatter was all that you could hear as you attempted to concentrate on your English homework, answering a ridiculous essay question for Wuthering Heights. You were sat with Betty and Kevin, working on some homework as Ronnie sat close to Chuck Clayton, undoubtedly chatting him up with her implausible Veronica Lodge charm as she sipped on coffee.

Then there was Jughead Jones, in all of blue-green eyed magnificence. Jughead was tall and lanky, with pale, creamy skin and his signature frown on his face. A bag was draped over one of his shoulders, a raven black jacket covering his maroon hoodie. He seemed to always bury himself behind clothing in dark shades, but you liked the way that it made his eyes stand out so much. His back was sloping alongside the wall next to the vending machine; people watching. Jughead’s trademark crown-shaped beanie was placed atop of his head of ebony hair, and the sight alone made me bite back a grin. Noticing your gaze, Jughead looked in your direction before sending you a quick and discrete wink. You winked in return before glimpsing over at Veronica to explain why your head was turned.

Jughead had been one of your best friends since before you could recall. It was virtually like Betty and Archie; you and Jughead been intimate friends since the single digit days. Any vital childhood memory you could think of had Jughead present; just the way you wanted it. Initially, you had presumed that Jughead had fervent, platonic feelings for you. At some point in the summer of Jason Blossom’s death, you were proven wide of the mark, when Jughead unpredictably declared his love for you. Fortunately, there was something inside of you that was sure you felt the same way.

On July 4th, Jason Blossom had gone missing and was presumed to be dead after his twin sister, Cheryl, emerged after their boat capsized. It was a scandal that had taken over the entire town of Riverdale, so you and Jughead had agreed to keep your relationship away from your friends until the right time to tell them came around. You were less than persuaded that Jughead would be able to keep this secret, but after his fall out with Archie over the summer, he didn’t have many people to tell. Usually, Jughead and Archie told each other everything, but it seemed that the both of them had been keeping secrets.

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Three shades of a man (a second chapter)

Summary: You have seen Bucky Barnes at his best and his worst, and he asks you to help him through it all.

Characters: Bucky x Reader Warnings: NSFW, 18+ ONLY; some mild violence and so much smut. Get out of here if you’re not over 18 please.

A/N: The second story in a series of three. Apparently I like angsty things? Who knew. Can’t figure out a tag list just yet because I’m mostly mobile and I’m not good at Tumblr mobile, but will do one for the last chapter, let me know if you would like added. Feedback and comments are always more than welcome. 

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Anxious, desperate, panicked
The day was drenched in a silvery grey mist that seemed unable to clear. It blanketed the city around you, snaking through streets and alleys, finding the cracks and crevices of every building, overflowing into any space it could find. It made you feel restless, itchy, like you were waiting for something to happen.

It had been two weeks since you last spoke to Bucky, the only communication in that time was a photo he texted you, of a deep red sunrise illuminating the craggy black rocks of a mountain range. You didn’t know where, or what he was doing, but he liked to send you pictures when he could. He said sunrises always reminded him of you - a beautiful vision that made him open his eyes and keep moving forward. That evening, you responded with a picture of a dazzling sunset, swirls of purple and orange painting the sky. You said sunsets always reminded you of him - an explosion of wild colour and brilliant light, a perfect end to the day.

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To ease the tension

Even without there being a mission, it had been a long day. Jesse McCree didn’t mind helping out around Gibraltar, but it seemed like for this day in particular, everyone needed something. From helping to fix a fuel line on one of their service trucks, to running drills with the newer recruits, to hell, even helping Hana decide on what to wear for a livestream. He had chosen the soft grey sweater she held up, said it complimented her softer face, which made the young girl smile before thanking him and then booting him out the door.

As the hours grew dim, the cowboy found himself wandering back to his room, rubbing his shoulder at the built up tension. Jesse hated to admit it but age was catching up to him in some areas.

//At least ya still got your purty locks// he thought as he ran his prosthetic through them, glad that the later years hadn’t cause a receding hairline. McCree entered his room, kicked off his ever present boots and flopped on the bed. He had been grateful he used some cash to upgrade to a full size with a memory topper because it aided on his sorer days.

He felt himself slowly start to sink comfortably into the mattress just as a swift but even knock came from the door.

“Just ain’t no rest for the wicked.” He grumbled, groaning at just how much his body seemed to protest movement. There had been a mission earlier in the week where Jesse was knocked harder than desired into a brick wall by a rogue Omnic, and he wondered if maybe that was the lingering cause of his pain. Mulling it over, he opened the door to reveal one Hanzo Shimada. The archer had forgone his usual attire, dressed in simple black joggers and a grey long sleeved shirt. His hair always up and neat.

Jesse leaned into the frame of the door and smiled gently down at the shorter man. “Howdy Hanzo. What can I do for ya?” He drawled.

“Genji requested I come fetch you for some training game he organized.” The older Shimada explained flatly. The brothers time spent in Overwatch was one of redemption and healing, bit by bit bringing the eldest out of his shell but it was noticeable how Hanzo doated on whatever the youngest desired.

“Now that sounds like a fun idea but it’s been a busy day for this old broncho. Maybe another time.”

It was an honest but polite refusal and McCree expected the archer to simply nod and leave as per usual, but instead he stood there, staring intently.

“I noticed your being injured during our last mission. Is that why? Have you not sought proper treatment?” Hanzo inquired, surprising the gunslinger with his concerned tone.

Jesse shook his head, leaning to rub his shoulder again, trying to stretch out the stiffness. “Nah I’m alright, just tension and I worked on a few things so my body ain’t takin’ that all too well. But I appreciate your concern there darlin’ ”

Hanzo scoffed slightly and seemed to battle with an idea before pushing past Jesse to enter the room. “Whoa now, whatcha-” he started but was cut off by Hanzo’s command to shut the door, to which he complied.

“Do you have some form of lotion or something?” Came the next question, to which Jesse raised an eyebrow.

“Uh..yeah I got some…somewhere?” He thought outloud, not truly remembering everything that was contained in his room. Jesse strode over to the bed, rummaging through his side table before finding a small bottle of lavender lotion. He had almost forgotten about it, for it was a gift from Ana that he had stuffed away. He had always enjoyed the scent though. Turning, he tossed it the archers way.

“You can borrow it. Now if ya don’t mind..” he trailed off, laying back down on his stomach, stuffing his head into the pillows. “I’m really worn out Hanners and I wanna rest.”

He waited to hear the door open and close, and was honestly ready to pass out when he felt a dip in the bed. Jesse turned his head to see Hanzo kneeling there.

“Sometimes I truly fear if you have taken one too many blows to the head McCree.” The eldest Shimada stated with light annoyance. Jesse wanted to protest but the archer continued. “I had requested lotion to offer my assistance in easing your tension. Now remove your shirt.”

Jesse stared,blinking a few times before sitting back on his knees to pull his shirt up over his head. For being almost in his forties, it wasn’t like the cowboy wasn’t attractive. Muscles were chisled into his features, with only a small amount of fat lining them. A defined v curved into his waist, as a gentle trail of hair lead from his chest to his waistline. Scars littered the tan skin and Hanzo spent a soft second staring at his left arm where skin ended and metal began. “I appreciate the offer partner, but if you wanted to get me naked, you coulda just asked.” The cowboy flirted, waggling his eyebrows.

Hanzo huffed and literally shoved the cowboys head back down onto the pillows. Jesse chuckled but the laughter died in his throat when the archer straddle his legs, resting on his ass. The position went straight south, and he shamelessly thought of those lingering desires he had for his teammate. Not that something such as that would happen. McCree knew well enough that Hanzo found him to be ridiculous, spurs and all.

The archer opened the bottle, lathered the lotion between his hands, and started a deep but gentle press into the tanned flesh of Jesse’s back. It earned Hanzo a satisfied groan. His teammates fingers made quick work on rubbing out the tightness in the cowboys shoulders,between the blades and down his waist. It felt like heaven.

“You are quite tense McCree. You should possibly seek a realignment for your spine.” Hanzo offered softly.

“Ya I may just do that. Damn darlin, sure got magic with those fingers. Must be all that fancy bow work.” He complimented, another groan slipping from his lips.

“Yes, must be.”

Something about the reply struck a cord within the gunslinger. Why was Hanzo doing this for him? Yeah they were friends, but this type of contact toed the line in his head. As the hands working away at his muscles started to travel to his waist, the cowboy felt a familiar twitch.

//Keep your head in straight there Jesse. This is Hanzo Shimada, not some floozy.// he thought, although the last time he engaged in such frivolities was many moons ago. It wasn’t a secret to his closest friends that he swung the other way but Jesse didn’t exactly walk around proclaiming it. Yet when he first met Genji’s older brother, he couldn’t deny how beautiful he found the man to be.

Fingers hooked into the sweats he wore, pulling them and his boxers down, revealing his bare ass, surprising the gunslinger.

“Hanzo now what in the hell are ya doing?” He asked, embarrassed and confused.

He felt Hanzo shift downwards, then hands kneading his rear muscle with newly lotioned hands. “This muscle is quite often neglected, and it carries a lot of tension, just as does your back. I offered to help ease your pain McCree and I don’t, as I have heard you say, ‘half ass’ my work.”

The comment surprised Jesse but he couldn’t help but agree how great it felt to feel the archers hands there. His half hardened cock twitched against the bed and he prayed Hanzo wouldn’t notice, for this situation was embarrassing enough. Another press of fingers, this time closer to the space between his cheeks and a soft moan echoed into the room. Jesse blushed, wishing the Reaper could just take him now. Hanzo’s hands halted and McCree expected him to stop, noting how the sound recently voiced was different from before. Instead, he felt firm a grip at his hips, and yelped as those strong hands pulled him up to be more on his knees, his bottoms being pulled off the rest of the way.

Jesse’s mind flooded with questions and sinful ideas, but no, this wasn’t anything. The archer was simply helping to ease him, or at least so he thought until he felt a soft kiss to his lower back. “Hanzo…?” He questioned.

“You are quite the fool gunslinger, letting yourself get into such a knot.” The archer purred, actually purred, as he placed another kiss lower, and McCree’s dick couldn’t help but throb at the words. This was becoming much more than a back rub. A tongue swirled around until trailing to that puckered entrance at his backside. Again Jesse yelped at the surprising sensation, but sunk his head down, his ass up, debating if he was simply dreaming that the archers mouth was lapping away. A tattooed arm slunk between his legs to softly grip the hardened flesh, and started to gently pump him. Jesse felt his body slowly coming undone.

“Ah..f-fuck Darlin’..what are you doing to me?” He moaned, unable to hold back anymore. Hanzo merely hummed continuing his ministrations. When the archer drew back his mouth, his one hand stayed between the cowboys legs, as the other dipped fingers into the lotion. Soon a lean digit circled him before pushing inside. A gluttoral sound escaped McCree. It felt so amazing, and it was literally a dream come true. If the archer really had anything going for him, he knew exactly how to work McCree up. Soon a second digit joined inside him, twisiting and spreading him.

“You are quite compliant Jesse. I like this side of you.” Hanzo commented, him calling the gunslinger by his first name sending goosebumps across his skin. The fingers crooked and hit a spot, causing Jesse moan louder. “Han…shit…s'good.”

He heard the archer chuckle, before pulling out the fingers. Jesse’s whimpered at the loss, especially when Hanzo took away the hand stroking him. He didn’t want to ask for more, because the older brother had already gave him more than he ever thought would happen. His head stayed planted into the pillows, unable to exactly look at his friend as he felt movement off the bed. Turning his head tentatively, the gunslingers mouth fell open as he watched Hanzo strip before him. The archer was defined in all the right ways and it only solidified how attracted to him he was. Eyes wandered south, following the line of his hips to the space between the milky thighs. Hanzo was perfect.

Before he could stop himself, Jesse crooned, “You are a beautiful sight there Hanzo.”

The other man paused and actually blushed, shaking his head at the compliment. He crawled back into the bed behind Jesse, grabbing the lotion. McCree honestly tried so hard to not imagine what Hanzo was about to do, as he soon felt hands possessively grabbing his waist. All sounds muted as he felt the tip of Hanzo’s cock at his entrance.

“Would you like me to help further release your tension, and my own Jesse? For I will stop if it’s too much.”

McCree shook his head. “N-no..please…wanted ya for a while. If this is gonna help stem off some aches, then please Hanzo…” he begged shamelessly. Jesse couldn’t deny it, he wanted the archer to take him, just like all the ways he had in his dreams.

Hanzo slowly pushed into the tight entrance, relishing is how blissful it felt. For the first time since this started, the Shimada heir moaned, burying himself to the hilt. He paused, waiting for Jesse to adjust, reaching around again to stroke his partners neglected member. Jesse felt full, so damn deliciously full and he slowly rocked back against Hanzo’s hips.

“F-fuck me…HannyBee..” he begged. Hanzo leaned down to kiss the crook of his neck, and McCree could feel him smile against his skin. “As you wish dear gunslinger.”

The pace was quick, unforgiving, but everything the two of them wanted. Jesse felt his whole body ignite like fire. Each thrust had him moaning like a bitch in heat and he loved it. “Mm..yes Hanzo. S'good….you’re fucking heaven..”

A snap of hips pressed Hanzo even deeper inside and the gunslinger arched himself in response. “You are so tight Jesse. Such a good boy for me.” Hanzo cooed, and it made his teammate melt. Who knew the stuffy elder brother had such sugar words?

The familiar coil in his stomach churned as the perfect pace between thrust and stokes built up.

“Han…I’m…I ain’t gonna last much longer…”

Another kiss and then a soft bite to his neck. “Then come for me Jesse. Come and release all that stress you had tucked away. ”

That was all he needed, moaning louder and louder until he came explosively over Hanzo’s hand and his quilt. It felt so hot, causing his body to shiver. Hanzo fucked him through it, whispering sweet praises that McCree lapped up.

“Where do you..?” Came the half question and the cowboy knew what Hanzo had meant.

“In…inside is fine…fill me Hanzo..”

A deep sink of teeth into his shoulder caused Jesse to groan even more as he felt the archers pace become erratic. “Jesse…gods Jesse!!” he moaned between clenched teeth, releasing deep inside McCree’s tight ass.

Hanzo slumped against the tanned back, giving a few more gentle thrusts before stilling. The room filled with soft pants for air as Jesse tried to organize his thoughts. It had been a long day, he was offered a back rub from his honest to heavens crush, and then he was fucked sweeter than ever before.

He felt Hanzo withdrawal and he couldn’t help but sigh at the loss, but his hips fell to the bed. Surely the archer would leave now, and what could McCree even say to this?

But Hanzo didn’t leave, instead he crawled up beside him. “Move Jesse so we can get beneath the blanket.”

The cowboy complied, shuffling so they could both burrow beneath the covers. He laid on his side so he could face the archer. “Ya gonna stay then?”

Hanzo smiled and it took Jesse’s breath away. He was only further neglected from air as the elder Shimada leaned in to kiss him. It was gentle, but caring, and it made the cowboy melt.

“I am not so cruel of a partner to leave after such a good time Jesse. Besides…” he trailed off, snuggling up closer into the strong arms of the cowboy. “You are warm and I desire sleep.”

Jesse nodded and placed a tender kiss to that raven head. He wasn’t certain If this moment would lead anywhere but one thing was for sure, Hanzo had magic fingers and was just what he needed to ease away any tension. McCree kissed that head once more, running his hands softly down the pale back, as he felt Hanzo’s breath steady into sleep.

“Goodnight then Hanzo. Thank you.”

Four Months

Prompt: Taehyung just got back from tour after four months, and you surprise him with something to celebrate your two year marriage anniversary.

Pairing: Husband!Taehyung x Female Reader


Word Count: 1,922

“Hi love,” you smiled at the man through the computer screen, his boxy smile being contagious as always.

“I miss you,” Taehyung spoke lovingly to you, “Only a day until I get to see your beautiful face in person again.”

“I can’t wait,” you spoke back, thinking back to before he had left for their tour, “I can’t believe you’ve been gone for four months, it feels like I haven’t seen you in years.”

“I know pumpkin, I don’t know how I’ve survived this tour without you by my side,” he sighed, his eyes resting on your pixelated features through the computer, “I’m so excited to just come home and cuddle my lovely wife for hours.”

“Speaking of your wife,” you smile grew slightly, trying not to let it show much, “Our two year anniversary was last week and I know we didn’t get to do anything for it, so I have a special surprise waiting for you when you get home.”

“Does it have anything to do with what I sent you for our anniversary?” the blonde haired boy smirked, causing your cheeks to redden slightly as you laughed.

“Not that kind of surprise, Taehyung,” he raised his hands, mocking innocence, which caused your laugh to louden, him joining in.

“Kidding, kidding,” Taehyung leaned back in his chair, swivelling left and right slightly, “I can’t wait, I’m sure I’ll love it.”

“I’m sure you will,” you stared lovingly at your husband, “What time do you arrive tomorrow?”

“Namjoon said that we’re expected to be landing at around nine in the morning but apparently there’s going to be some storms so our flight could get delayed,” he spoke the second part just above a whisper, his gaze falling to the floor, “Definitely tomorrow though, I’m not waiting another day to see you, I’ve waited long enough.”

“Unfortunately, you don’t control the weather Taehyung,” you sighed, a small smile plastered on your face, “It’s not your fault if you arrive the day after, I’ll love you just as much when you come home no matter what.”

“I love you so much pumpkin,” Taehyung’s boxy smile made another appearance, “I wish I could hug and kiss you right now.”

“I love you too Tae, and one more day and you can,” you yawned softly.

You glanced at your phone screen, reading ‘12:38am′, “It’s getting rather late and I need to get up early to meet a certain someone at the airport tomorrow. I’ll see you soon, Love.”

“Sleep well, y/n,” Taehyung waved, “I’ll see you tomorrow, I love you.”

Ï love you too, Tae,” You hung up, closing your laptop after.

Taking off the large fluffy robe that you wore, you headed to your large bed, almost getting used to how empty it felt without Taehyung laying beside you. Almost.


Your alarm sounded, signalling that it was time to get up. You sighed before turning it off, reluctantly getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom for a shower. On any other day, you would snooze your alarm at least three times before actually getting up, but today was the day that you were finally seeing your husband of two years after months of him being away on tour.

You showered quickly, drying your body with a towel before getting dressed into a pair of leggings, a grey long sleeved shirt and a black coat that you buttoned up, slipping into a comfortable pair of joggers before blow drying your hair and brushing it. After you had breakfast and had finished getting ready, you checked your phone for anything.

‘7:42am’ the screen read, and there was a singular text from Taehyung reading ‘“There were no problems so we’re boarding now :)) I’ll see you soon xx”. You smiled softly at the text you received an hour ago, typing back “I’ll be waiting xx”, even though he wouldn’t be able to see it until he lands.

You collected your keys, putting them in your pocket before you called a taxi, telling the driver to go to Incheon airport. You decided to scroll through twitter as you waited, looking at all of the photos that fansites managed to get of your husband and his band members while on tour.


You paid the taxi driver before getting out, the chilly air nipping at your exposed skin, causing your nose and cheeks to turn a soft rosy colour. You walked quickly inside the airport entrance, passing through the security check before heading to dunkin’ donuts for some cinnamon donuts, as you had grown hungry again.

With your food, you walked to the gates that Taehyung was planning to arrive from to see Hoseok’s fiancée and one of your close friends Jihyo, deciding to sit next to her.

“Y/n!” She smiled brightly at you, standing up to hug you before the both of you sat down, “Ah, I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever!”

You laugh softly at the bubbly woman that resembled her fiancé’s personality, “We saw each other a week ago, Ji. Did you want a cinnamon donut? I’ve got like six.”

“Hungry, I see,” she laughed brightly, taking a donut from the packet, “Ah I’m so excited to see Hobi and the boys, it’s been way too long, my only company has been our little Poppy.”

“I wish we had a dog,” you smile dreamily, thinking about Hoseok’s and Jihyo’s poodle, “We always planned to but never really got around to adopting one.”

“I can’t imagine how lonely it must be to not see your husband for so many months and not even have a puppy to keep you company!” she sighed, taking a bite into her donut as you followed suit.

The two of you continued speaking about pets and your lives while eating your donuts. After a while you checked your phone, reading ‘9:04am’, and you looked out the large window to see a plane coming into the bay, pointing at it for Jihyo to follow your gaze.

The two of you stood up, watching as people began to walk out of the plane, waiting for the seven young men to follow suit.

“There! There!” Jihyo yelled pointing at seven figures from afar, all wearing dark clothes and winter attire. You were impressed that she could tell them apart but not surprised, as she has very good eyes.

You waited patiently for them to walk into the airport, butterflies fluttering around in your stomach as you watched everyone as they greeted their loved ones.

“HOBI!” Jihyo yelled, running towards the red haired boy, his smile wide as his arms were opened wide, Jihyo jumping into his hold.

Behind Hoseok was a dirty-blonde haired young man, sporting a full length grey coat, black jeans and shirt, a black beanie finishing his look. You smiled widely as you eyes met with his brown ones; it was your Taehyung.

A single tear slipped down your face as you watched his boxy smile widen, running to engulf you in a tight bear hug.

“I missed you so much, y/n,” he mumbled into your hair as you rested your head on his chest, having forgotten the amazing sensation.

“I missed you too, Taehyung,” you breathed in his scent as he rocked you softly from side to side.

“Hmm,” he hummed, “Do I smell cinnamon?”

“I had donuts earlier,”

“And you didn’t get me any?” he mocked betrayal, pulling away from the hug to slip his hand in yours, intertwining your fingers.

“Did you want to go get some?” you asked him, his eyes lighting up as you spoke.

“Yes please,” he said, walking to the nearest dunkin’ donuts with you in tow, causing you to roll your eyes playfully.

“Hey, I want donuts too!” Jungkook ran over to the two of you, slinging his arm over your shoulder.

“Get your own, Kook,” Taehyung glared at him, sticking his tongue out, Jungkook doing the same.

You laughed at their childish behaviour towards each other before speaking, “I’ll just get 24, then everyone can have some.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jungkook smiled as Taehyung slumped in defeat.

You bought the donuts, which Taehyung ended up paying for, walking back to where everyone was talking.

“Donuts,” you spoke, causing all six heads to turn to the three of you.

Everyone took a couple donuts each, eating them as though it were a race. Once they were all gone, the nine of you went to luggage claim, taking the large amount of bags that they all had before leaving the airport.

You and Taehyung split from the others, hailing a taxi to head home. Once inside the car, Taehyung almost instantly fell asleep while holding you closely as you browsed your social medias.


Taehyung paid the taxi driver while you collected all the luggage from the boot of the car, him coming out to take a couple suitcases and the two of you made your way to the front door of your house. You opened your coat pocket, taking your keys out at unlock the door, walking inside the large house.

“Home sweet home!” Taehyung yelled, quickly carrying his luggage upstairs to your bedroom, you struggling behind him.

How he had the energy to run around a house carrying several bags after a four month tour really confused you, as you struggled to run anywhere in general.

“I really missed this place when we were on tour, our bed is so comfortable,” he spoke as you walked into the shared bedroom, his large body splayed across the bedspread, “Not to mention you were always there to cuddle, I really missed that.”

“Well you don’t have to miss that anymore, you’re home now,” you spoke as you placed his bags in the walk in closet to the side.

“Speaking of home,” Taehyung sat up, getting off the bed to walk over to you as you took off your large coat before hanging it up by your other clothes, “You said you had a surprise waiting for me at home?”

“Ah yes, the surprise,” you turned around, his eyes meeting yours for a moment before his eyes lowered to your stomach.

“You’re-” Taehyung placed his hands on your stomach carefully, his eyes tearing up as he looked back into your own.

“-Pregnant,” you finished for him, “five months.”

“YOU KEPT IT A SECRET FOR FIVE MONTHS?” Taehyung stared at you, pure shock displayed across his features.

“Well I found out not long after you left for tour, and I wanted to see your reaction in person,” you smiled at him sheepishly as he caressed your stomach gently, “Besides, I didn’t want the pregnancy to affect your performance while you were away.”

“I can’t believe I’m gonna be a father; we’re gonna be parents,” he kneeled down so that he was eye level with your baby bump, “Do we know if it’s a boy or a girl yet?”

“It’s a girl,” tears threatened to spill as he lightly kissed your stomach.

“I love you so much, pumpkin,” he spoke as he stood back up, his hand resting on your cheek as his thumb wiped away a tear that you didn’t even notice had slipped.

“And I love you, Taehyung,” you spoke quietly, scanning over his happy features.

He rested his other hand on your waist as he leaned in, peppering your face with kisses before kissing you softly on the lips, “I couldn’t think of anything better than starting a family with the love of my life.”

Unfair Affair - Part 6



The next day (Y/N) wasn’t feeling well. Her stomach kept bugging her the entire night after she had eaten the burger. All night she was groaning and sweating from the discomfort. She had taken some Pepto-Bismol but that didn’t sit right with her stomach so she just ended up hunched over her toilet spilling her stomach of the pink medicine.

(Y/N) sat up on her bed, her cheeks red from the amount of pressure she had put into throwing up. She had also felt a slight headache forming.

She reached for her phone and for the water bottle she had kept on her nightstand. Taking a quick swig from the water she sighed as the cool liquid slid down her throat. (Y/N) unlocked her phone and looked at the time; 10:23 am. She had called in sick in the early morning telling the head Doctor that she wasn’t feeling well.

With a get well and a goobye the call ended.

(Y/N) groaned internally as she realised she had 4 unread text messages from Ben. He must’ve been worried and wondering where she was. She clicked on his name on the screen which took her to thr previous exchanged messages between the two. She scamned the messages and smiled a bit.

Hey you okay babe? Was knocking on your door for 15 minutes to go for breakfast but you didn’t answer


Christ (Y/N) it’s been 2 hours you should’ve been at work at 7

Text me when you read these please, you’ve got me worried

(Y/N) quickly typed an answer for him and laughed a bit.

I’m fine, got a stomach bug or something and I wasn’t feeling well this morning but other than that I’ll be okay and back tomorrow for work .x

After hitting send (Y/N) decided to be a bit active and go downstairs to make herself a cup of coffee. Nothing like some caffeine to help an upset stomach. She slipped on an over sized Rolling Stones sweat shirt. Someting had had gifted her and (Y/N) just didn’t have the heart to throw it away.

It held a lot of memories.

She grabbed her green mug and put it in the coffee maker. Putting in her favourite flavor on the little cup holder.

She pressed the ‘start’ button and went to the living room to turn on the tv as her coffee maker started compressing the coffee beans and coffee flavor cup. The cool air of the living room hitting her bare legs as she walked in.

With her phone in hand she sat down on her white love seat the cold fabric of the cover of the love seat making her shiver.

She switched on the TV and relaxed her back muscles.

Since she had found out about Gwen’s pregnancy that’s all she heard about. The media couldn’t get enough especially since Gwen posted little snaps of her belly and of the kale shakes she drank. To “help the little munchkin grow” Gwen said. The gossip at the clinic had been just that as well. The nurses were all in awe that the handsome CEO and his beautiful wife were expecting a baby.

All (Y/N) could do was internally roll her eyes and nod as they went on.

Harry had done a great deal to her. He had heart her and he didn’t seem to care. Slowly she was learning to move on without him but how do you quickly move on from someone after nearly 8 months?

It’s a challenge.

She grabbed her phone and tapped on Ben’s contact name to send him a quick message.

I might make some pizza tonight, wanna come over?

It only took a few minutes for Ben to reply and (Y/N) frowned as she read it.

Can’t tonight love :( I’ve got to do a night shift today. One of my patients isn’t feeling very good. Maybe tomorrow?

Yeah sounds good, no worries

But definitely tomrrow! (: I’ll try and text you when I get off work, stay warm Princess it’s killer cold outside

(Y/N) laughed to herself and blushed as the pet name was a new thing comimg from him.

Of course

Her smile didn’t stay on for long as she grimaced in pain as she felt nausea again she leaned her head back in the recliner and sighed.

She couldn’t drink medicine because her biy rejected that entirely and she refused to eat food.

A distinct knock made it’s way outside her door and she groaned as she was forced to get up. (Y/N) hadn’t been expecting anyone and hoped and prayed that they would talk fast and go away. She wasn’t feeling up for a lengthy conversation or visits.

(Y/N) walked across the soft carpet the the main door. Opening it she rolled her eyes as she was met with the sight of Harry. He had his short hair in a Packers beanie and a long sleeved Nike grey shirt adoring his body. It brought out his muscles perfectly.

“What the hell are you doing here Harry?” (Y/N) spat out. Her eyebrows raised. Harry had some nerve showing up at her home after they ended things. It was almost to her as if he enjoyed the game he was playing. A game that was hurting her and deceiving his oh so perfect wife. “You’ve got some fucking nerve coming here.”

Harry raised his hands up and sighed.

“I didn’t come here to argue with you… I just want to talk.” He said looking at her. She looked tired. Emotionally and Physically tired.(Y/N) looked at him. Her left hand resting on her temple. The silence that felt like an eternity was really only a few seconds.

(Y/N) nodded and stepped to the side. Harry walking in and his nose being filled with the scent lavender that her home always seemed to carry.

“What did you want to talk about?” (Y/N) asked tiredly. “Because quite frankly I’m tired of all the mixed signals Harry.”

“Mixed signals? Wha’ are you talking about? I’ve never sent you ‘mixed signals’. You’re the one that started making all these assumptions in your head about us” Harry responded angrily. He cared about her sure. But he wasn’t going to take the offenses she was going to throw at him. The last thing he came to do was argue but it just seemed she got a kick out of it.

“Assumptions? You know what Harry? Seems to me that you really fucking cared about me when your dick was emptied out and you were laying beside me! That’s about the only time you actually kissed me and held me you manipulative asshole!” She yelled back. All the things she had been pondering over the past week finally coming to light.

“Enough!” Harry tried to quiet her.

“Where’s wifey huh? Heard you got her realy knocked up” (Y/N) laughed. “Nice heir to the throne right? Or did you just need the media to have something to talk about? Considering Gwen hasn’t really been in the spotlight for quite some time.”

“Can you just shut up? You really need to get a life and stop worrying about mine and my wife’s. Our child has nothing to so with you either.” Harry snarled at her. It stung him a bit to say it. It did. But she needed to relax and let him come and do what he came for. (Y/N) glared at him and her shoulders relaxed. She didn’t realise the nausea she had previously had until she relaxed.

“I came to tell you that I don’t need you to go to the media and tell them anything, do you understand? The last thing I need is for you to go out of spite and try to ruin my name” Harry revealed. (Y/N) felt like she had been slapped in the face. Her mouth parted open a but and her she could basically hear her heartbeat in her ears.

Harry continued ignoring the sligh pained expression on her face. Her cheeks were red, with anger maybe? Harry didn’t know. “How much do you want hmm? I’ll give you a certain amount of money so we can call this quits and you csn be secured for a long while.”

At that point (Y/N) was steamed with anger. “You think that low of me? I don’t need your fucking money Harry. I need you to stay the hell away from me. Do you even hear yourself? Do you for once hear the words coming out of your mouth? Money doesn’t solve all your problems and it’s about time you realised that. I’m not going to tell the media anything because the last thing I need is to be in the public eye and called a home wrecker.” (Y/N) gapsed out. She felt the tears cloud her eyes but she managed to hold them at bay. The sounds of the TV were nothing compared to the volume of their voice.

Harry sighed and ran a hand down his face. “I didn’t mean to offend you Petal-” He started. But was quickly cut off by a furious (Y/N).

“Don’t. Don’t call me that anymore Harry.” She said trying to hold some power in her voice. “God knows I was just a toy to you.”

“A toy?! I cared about you (Y/N)! I may not have loved you but I did care! When you were having a bad day I dropped everything to see you risking being caught by my fucking wife just to comfort you!”

(Y/N) stood in silence. She hated that he was right about that part.

“You called off our affair. I didn’t. Because God if I did I would have you in your bed right now showing you just how much I care..” Harry trailed off walking closer to her. He took her hands in his cold ones and lifted her chin. His heart race was beating so fast he could feel it in his ears.

(Y/N) shook her head. Harry’s hope was shattered. “No. I can’t do that. You’re expecting a baby Harry. With Gwen. There’s a baby in the mix of this and I refuse to do that to a child.” She backed away from Harry’s hold. “I won’t tell anything to the media. I don’t want money” She let out a shaky sigh as she continued. “I just want to be alone.”

Harry nodded and his head went to look down. An unfamiliar feeling of rejection coursing through his body. He looked at her again before walking to the door.

(Y/N) following behind. She opened it for him and watched as he dug his car keys out of his pocket. “Bye.” He softly said.

“Bye Harry.”

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 10.1

Well, this was meant to be a mini part but it turned out longer than all of the other main parts… The first mini part to the date mini series (can I even call it that?) Hope this lived up to your expectations guys because it killed me to write this without it becoming too predictable.

Leave me your thoughts on how you felt about this, okay?

Thanks for reading, I love you guys so much!

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It was a random Wednesday morning in school when Jungkook approached you, his cheeks tinted a light pink. He had called you into school early, obviously wanting to speak with you before the rest of your classmates arrived. He was currently sitting in his usual position in front of your desk and instead of getting straight to the point, he stared at you in contemplation.

“Jungkook, the end of the day is going to come if you don’t stop stalling.” His eyebrows furrowed and he let his eyes drift to the side, avoiding looking directly at you.

“I… do you want to… you know, go out?” You couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped you. His shy side was reemerging.

“Are you attempting to ask me out on a date?” Embarrassment was evident on his face and he switched his attention back to you.

“Attempting? That was harsh. If you think it’s so easy, you try asking me out on a date.”

Smirking at him, you held his gaze with confidence.

“Do you want to go on a date?” Jungkook’s eyes widened at that, and his mouth fell open the tiniest bit, displaying to you how shocked he really was. The faint pink that was spread on his cheeks grew to a darker shade and you couldn’t help but pinch them.

“Awww, Kookie'e shy side is still there. How I missed this.” He slapped your hand away and scratched his cheek.

“Stop that bullshit otherwise I’m not going out with you.”

It was your turn to widen your eyes in shock. You grabbed his large hand in your smaller ones and pouted at him.

“I’m sorry! You know I’m just teasing you.” He shot you a crooked grin and affectionately patted your cheek, mumbling under his breath.


“What was that?” Tilting your head to the side, you stared at him with questioning eyes. He merely stood from his seat, getting ready to return to his desk.

“Nothing important.” Nodding your head slowly, you watched as he shuffled to the other side of the class room. Students began to file into the classroom and you prepared yourself for the day ahead, checking over your homework.

Your phone buzzed, alerting you that you had received a new message.

‘I’ll tell you the details on our way home today.’

Snapping your head in Jungkook’s direction, he gave you a quick nod to which you replied with a thumbs up, anticipation building up inside if you.


When you and Jungkook had parted ways with Areum, he began to vaguely explain what he had in mind for you first date.

“I kind of want to keep it simple. I know you like that kind of stuff too. So how about this Saturday we go to that bowling alley place? You know, the one with the arcade too.”

Mulling it over, you soon nodded your approval.

“Okay, sounds fun. Oh, but don’t try and do the whole 'winning a bear for me’ thing.”

Jungkook simply chuckled, amused at your dislike for cliche couple dates.


Arriving in front of your house, Jungkook offered you a peck on the cheek and bid you a good night. Instead of doing the same, you opted to placing a kiss on his lips. He didn’t seem all to surprised as he smirked in satisfaction before ushering you inside. Waving to him, you entered your house only to be greeted with your mothers delighted grin.

It seemed like your mother would never get over this.


When Saturday arrived, you awoke to a few messages from Jungkook, telling you to be ready for 1pm. It was currently 10am which gave you plenty of time to get ready so you took a long shower to try and tried to calm your nerves. Surprisingly, it worked out better than you expected. Deciding to keep your outfit plain and simple, you pulled on a black denim skirt and tucked in a long sleeved oversized grey T-shirt. After giving your outfit a once over, you headed downstairs. According to your phones time, you had successfully killed an hour and a half. Intent on having breakfast, you grabbed a bowl and a box of cereal whilst greeting your mother.

“Why are you all dressed up? Are you going out?” She observed you for a couple of seconds before returning her attention back to her phone.

“Yep, with Jungkook.” At that, her head snapped back up and her eyes widened, a grin slowly spreading across her face.

“Really? It’s your first date right?” Your mother was expressing more enthusiasm than you were. Watching her with caution, you poured cereal into your bow of milk. At her expectant gaze, you gave a curt nod and she let out a light squeal.

“You really are growing up! My daughter and Jungkook’s first date! Tell him I said hello, will you?” Eating your breakfast in silence, you tuned out your mothers rambling. It was better this way.

When you had finished eating and getting ready, you bid your mother and sister a farewell. You had decided to spend the rest of your time walking to your meeting place, the nearby park. You had arrived early only to find Jungkook already sitting down on a swing, staring at his phone. Taking in his form, you mentally praised his choice of clothing. He was wearing a long plain white t-shirt coupled with an oversized green bomber jacket and black skinny jeans. Surprisingly, he wasn’t wearing his usual Timbaland boots and instead had a pair of black Dr. Martins on.

When he noticed someone approaching him, he glanced up and upon realising said person was you, a smile spread on his lips and he stood. When you reached him, he wrapped his arms around you in a quick embrace and placed a kiss upon your head. Your arms snaked their way around Jungkook as you eagerly returned his embrace. After a couple of seconds, you stepped back from him and his smile broadened.

“Hey, you’re here early.” You let a chuckle escape you and grabbed his hand, walking in the direction of the parks exit.

“I’m early? You looked like you’d been waiting since yesterday night. Didn’t know you were that desperate to see me.”

You felt his fingers flick your forehead and you winced in slight pain before laughing again.

“Me? Desperate? You’re really full of yourself today, flaunting your legs and all.”

Giving his arm a light slap, you glared at him with as much seriousness as you could muster only to have him chuckle at your mock anger.

“You’re really asking to be beaten up right now.”

“I’m kidding, I like it. You look really pretty today. And yes, you do look pretty all the time.”

You could only blink up at him as he had answered your question before it had even left your mouth. Instead of coming up with a smart reply, you stared ahead. You had managed to spend the majority of your walk having pointless banter and soon found yourself standing outside your destination.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, you tugged Jungkook inside and looked around the arcade. He let go of your hand to run his own through his hair, deciding on what to do first. Spotting a boxer machine, he tapped your shoulder and motioned in the direction with his head.

“Watch this.” Coming to the conclusion that Jungkook seemed to want to impress you, you followed behind him. He popped a coin into the machine and you watched as the punching bag came down.

“You see that high score? I set that the last time I came here with Yoongi Hyung.” You must have seemed stunned since Jungkook sniggered at your expression.

“Yoongi isn’t as lazy as you think he is, he does leave the house. He’s one of the most hardworking people out of the seven of us. Most of the time he’s composing new music or studying for school.” As if he read your mind, once again he answered your unasked question. The machine let out a sound to alert you that the game had started and you observed how Jungkook prepared himself. He took a few steps back and put both of his hands together. A couple of seconds later, he threw himself forward putting all his power into this hands and you could only gape at the force the bag had been hit with. He stood back, a smirk of satisfaction on his face as he watched his score increase.

“New record!”

He placed both his hands on his hips and whirled his head in your direction, grinning.

“Hyungs call me the golden maknae because I’m good at pretty much everything I do.” Whoever fed his ego really needed to stop. Scoffing, you rolled your sleeves up and inserted another coin into the machine.

“Oh yeah? Let me try.” Once again, the bag was lowered and you mimicked Jungkook’s previous stance. Placing as much power as you could into you arms, you swung down on the bag, shocked at how fast it went back up. You stood in anticipation, watching the glowing numbers grow. When they came to a stop, your jaw dropped and you heard Jungkook let out a strangled noise of surprise.

“New record!”

You didn’t actually expect to surpass his high score. He stepped forward and stood beside you, dumbfounded. Shaking his head, he shoved a hand deep into this jacket pocket, pulling out another coin.

“It must be broken or something.”

“What? You think just because I’m your girlfriend, I can’t have a higher score than you?” He placed his hand on your shoulder, gazing at you with serious eyes.

“That’s exactly it.”

He readied himself and swung once again, setting a new high score. He turned to you, a pleased smile on his face and brushed off his clothes.

“Now we can go to another game.” However, your competitive side emerged and you put another coin in, readying yourself for the next round.

“What are you doing?” His eyebrows were furrowed in mild confusion and you proceeded to clench your hands together.

“What does it look like? Passing your high score.”

When your hand came into contact with the bag, it flew straight up and you eyed the score being displayed.

“New record!”

You let a sweet smile spread over your face and patted Jungkook’s head.

“Let’s go now.”

Walking away from the machine, you glanced around the arcade.

“Where should we go next? The dance machine?”

“New record!”

Whipping back around, you watched Jungkook approach you with a smug smile.

“Heck no.”

You struck the bag.

“New record!”

Jungkook slammed his hands into it.

“New record!”

You pummelled with a newfound strength.

“New record!”

He right hooked it.

“New record!”

“Here I go!”

With your last bit of strength, you pounded the bag. You watched with longing eyes, as your score rose until it suddenly stopped.

“Is that all you got? Try again!” Slumping down, you massaged your hands in hopes of soothing the raw skin of your knuckles.

“No… it can’t end like this!” You felt Jungkook lift you up by your arms.

“Come on princess, let’s play something else. You’re dating the golden maknae so you shouldn’t have expected anything less.” Allowing him to drag you away, you glared at the boxer machine.

Soon you found yourself standing in front of a dance machine.  Hopefully you would do better than Jungkook on this. You had to.

You both put a coin in each and stood on your respective sides.

“You can pick the song, Y/N.”

Yes! You would have an advantage over him. You quickly selected 'I Got A Boy’ by SNSD and placed your hands on the bar behind you.

“Ready?” Giving him a quick glance, you immediately snapped your head back when you had realised he had smirked at you.

“What’s with the sm- shit!” You hadn’t realised the song had started and you made a quick recovery. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice Jungkook’s feet were moving as smoothly as yours were.

He ended up doing better than you had expected. In all six songs you had chosen.

This resulted in him beating you once again.

“You threw me off!” You pointed at him in accusation to which he simply shrugged his shoulders.

“You just couldn’t stop staring at me. Not my fault.”

You sulked as you moved onto the next game. A multiplayer shooter.

Ten minutes later, Jungkook arose as the victor. Again. You lightly smacked him on his shoulder and he chuckled, placing a kiss on your cheek.

Sitting down to play a racing game, you had already accepted your fate. You couldn’t deny that you were enjoying yourself albeit you were frustrated too. You just couldn’t seem to beat him. At anything.

As you had predicted, you lost to Jungkook for what seemed like the hundredth time this afternoon.

“Let’s go bowling!”

Following close behind, you fixed your outfit.

“Sure, whatever.”

Paying for your bowling game, you slipped on the shoes they had provided you with and typed your name into the system, Jungkook doing the same. Grabbing a white and black marble ball, you positioned yourself and aimed for the pins. Pulling your arm back and swinging forward you released the ball, hope building up in the pit of your stomach. When the ball connected with the middle pin, you gaped as it then took down the surrounding pins landing you with a strike.

“A strike! I got a strike!” You threw your arms up and hopped up and down, cheering. Jungkook just shook his head in amusement.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’m still the golden maknae.”

“I’m going to make you eat your words, Jungkook!” The pure determination made him raise an eyebrow before he grabbed his own ball and rolled it onto the lane. He too made a clean strike.

You ignored the smug grin on his face and made your move. Another strike.

The game continued with a couple of strikes and spares which resulted in Jungkook taking the lead. You could still win this. He had already played his last move and stood behind you, arms crossed, a complacent look on his face. He seemed absolutely sure you would mess this last move up.

Rolling the ball with as much precision as you could, you watched in horror as it took a sudden detour and landed right in the gutters of the alley. That’s it. You had fucked up.
Spinning on your heel, you scowled at Jungkook and walked in his direction, picking up your bag.

“Where are you going? You still have one more move.” Snapping your head back to the lane, you realised that you did in fact have one more chance. Dropping your bag, you trudged to the bowling balls and picked up the same one you had been using all night. Throwing the ball forward, you could only observe how it knocked all the pins down, earning you a spare. Eyes widening drastically, you studied the score board only to find you had beaten Jungkook by a couple of points.

“I won! I won!” Sprinting to Jungkook, you threw your arms around his neck and connected your lips with his in an overjoyed kiss which he eagerly returned with just as much emotion. Releasing him moments later, you grinned up at him in pride.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t enjoying yourself. Clearly I was wrong.” Your smile grew and you shook your head.

“I was never not having fun. It’s just my competitive side.” He seemed relieved to hear that and you found yourself feeling guilty for ever making him believe you were not having fun.

“Well, you may have won this time but I’m still the golden maknae.”

“For now.”

“Yeah, for n- wait! What do you mean for now?”

Your answer was a light peck on his cheek which effectively stopped his questions.

“I’m glad we went out, Jungkook.”

He ruffled your hair in response and smiled down at you.

“Don’t worry we’ll have another date soon enough but right now I’m hungry. You’re going to cook for me, right?”

“Am I your slave?”

“No, but you do have to prepare yourself for your future as my wife.”

A crimson blush is what he was rewarded with.

“Shut up.”

Double Dating for Dummies x Jeff Atkins

Originally posted by wkom

requested by anon ;  Can you write one where you are on a double date with Clay and Hannah, your date is Jeff. Originally you went so it wouldn’t be awkward for anyone as it is their first date together but turns out it was also a real date too between Jeff and you, which you don’t find out till later on when Clay says I told you this double date would help all of us.

You still couldn’t believe you let Hannah talk you in to this. A double date never goes well, that’s basic knowledge for everybody who watches way too many shows and teen drama’s.
‘Why was this a good idea again?’ You ask Hannah, while you look how she runs her hand through her short hair, her eyes focused on her reflection in the mirror.
‘Because you’re helping me out, [Y/N]. I don’t want to mess things up with Clay, and with you there, it will be so less awkward.’ Hannah turned around, smiling at you.
‘Hannah, I’m pretty sure Clay likes you anyway. He did confess that, right? You told me about, twenty times.’ You chuckled.
‘I know, but still. Besides, Clay is bringing along a friend, it will be loads of fun!’
‘For you two, yeah, still not sure which friend of Clay you’re referring to.’ You had been doubtful about your ‘date’, not sure who to expect. With Clay, you never really knew. However, since he had told Hannah how much he liked her, Hannah had been looking happier. She smiled again, made jokes and messed around with you. It was nice to see her like that again.
‘Don’t worry about it, [Y/N], I’m sure it won’t be that bad,’ Hannah grinned. ‘Besides, you’re doing this for me, so don’t you dare to be too focused on your date.’ She gave you a cheeky wink and then took her phone that buzzed loudly from the table. ‘They’re almost here!’ She announced happily.
‘Oh, joy.’
‘C’mon, I promise you won’t regret it. Have I told you you’re literally the best?’
‘Not nearly enough,’ you laughed, ‘but c’mon, let’s go downstairs.’
Just when you got down the stairs, the doorbell rang, announcing Clay’s and your dates arrival.
Hannah immediately opened up the door, greeting Clay with giving him a hug. A bit hidden behind Clay, you saw your company for the night. And, it actually wasn’t too bad. Fuck that, you were suddenly glad Clay was friends with him.
Jeff’s dark hair was in its usual quiff, his bright white teeth nervously tugging at his bottom lip and his hands pushed into the pockets of his black jeans. He was wearing a grey long sleeved shirt, with three buttons on the top of the shirt, that he hadn’t bothered to button up.
‘Oh, [Y/N], you know Jeff, right?’ Hannah ginned, turning around towards you. She looked very happy with herself, as did Clay. You kinda hated the smug smile on their faces, but couldn’t help but be happy with Jeff standing there.
‘Yeah, hi.’ You smiled, waving a bit awkwardly. Maybe the awkwardness wouldn’t be between Hannah and Clay, but between Jeff and you.
‘Hi, [Y/N].’ Jeff smiled back, pulling his hands out of his jeans pockets.
‘So, you two ready to go? We could go to the movies, and then go to the diner to have a milkshake or something?’ Clay suggested.
‘Sounds great!’ Hannah smiled, and you nodded along.
Apparently Jeff was driving, so you were forced to site in the passenger seat next to him, while Hannah and Clay sat in the backseat. The whole drive they were so caught up in their conversation that they barely noticed Jeff and you.
‘They seem pretty close,’ Jeff joked, looking at you and then glancing at the mirror.
‘They do, huh. Makes you wonder why they even want to go on a double date,’ you pointed out.
‘Yeah,’ Jeff said, focusing on the road. ‘So, eh, what kinda movie do you want to see?’
‘I don’t really have a preference. I like all kinds of movies. As long as it isn’t too romantic, because I’m not sure we’ll survive that with those two with us,’ you joked, pointing towards the backseat.
‘I can only agree with you,’ Jeff grinned. ‘Good thing I picked out a movie. Not sure what it is about, I just went with it because I liked the title.’
‘And what is the title?’
‘Don’t remember.’ Jeff confessed, a sheepish smile on his lips, making you laugh out loud.
‘What did I sign up for?’ You said, still laughing.

Turned out you signed up for a night full of laughs with Jeff, about how Hannah and Clay would get stuck together at one point, and how they would have to be together forever. It had actually been a while that you had so much fun, and it did surprise you. Sure, Jeff was pretty nice to look at, but you never knew he was actually a fun guy too. You two had a lot in common, more then you had thought.
You barely even noticed the meaningful glances Hannah gave Jeff and you. The movie had been absolutely amazing. Jeff did have a good taste in movies.
Now, the four of you were sitting in the diner, enjoying a milkshake while Jeff and you shared a plate of fries. You still were kinda hungry, but didn’t want to admit it. Jeff did notice it anyway, and ordered himself a plate of fries, but ending up sharing it with you. Even though he barely ate any fries. It did warm your heart a bit.
‘So, Jeff,’ Clay started, grinning at Jeff who was seated on the opposite side of the booth. You were sitting right beside Jeff. ‘I think you have to thank me, huh?’
‘Yeah, thanks,’ Jeff laughed.
‘Wait, I’m not following,’ you added, confused. This date was all about Hannah and Clay, wasn’t it?
‘Jeff wanted to ask you out, but was too afraid, so I came up with the idea of a double date. And I think it worked out pretty good.’ Clay smiled.
You frowned, and looked still confused at Jeff.
‘Is that true?’ You asked him.
‘Eh, yeah.’ Jeff admitted, nervously tugging at the sleeves of his shirt.
‘And I thought this was all about Hannah and Clay being awkward around each other.’ You said, a bit flabbergasted that you weren’t aware of this set-up date.
‘Oh, c’mon, have you seen them together?’ Jeff laughed. ‘But hey, doesn’t matter. You, eh, you’re not mad, right?’
‘Why would I be?’ You smiled. ‘It’s kinda cute.’ You admitted, cheeks starting to get bright red. You quickly looked at the other side of the booth, but Hannah and Clay were tangled up in yet another intriguing conversation.
‘How about a walk?’ Jeff proposed. ‘We’ll be back here to give them a ride home, they won’t even notice we were gone.’ You nodded and slide out of the booth, waiting for Jeff.
It was quite a dark night, since the moon was hidden behind the clouds. Luckily it hadn’t cooled down too much.
‘So, it was all a set-up?’ You started, smiling.
‘Yeah, eh, I guess I’m the awkward one here.’ Jeff laughed. ‘You’re really not mad, huh?’
‘Of course I’m not, as long as we get to do this again, without Hannah and Clay.’
‘That’s a promise.’ Jeff immediately said.
‘Can’t wait.’ You smiled, looking at him.
Turns out that double dates aren’t always trouble and drama. 


This is my first smut so sorry if its shitty.

Contains: Thigh riding

It was a slow day; rain was falling from the dark blue sky. So it ended up to be a lazy day for you and Calum. But of the course the boys decided that it was the perfect day to come over. You were laying on yours and Calum’s shared bed watching some random chick flick that was on tv. You heard a commotion of footsteps coming up the stairs then four boys bust into the room. You smile to them then pay your attention to shirtless Ryan Gosling on the screen. Calum digs threw the closet to give something to the Luke then the boys say their goodbyes to you and Cal. Leaving you alone in the room once again until you hear Calum walk up the stairs and stand in the doorframe responding to something on his phone. You had to admit he still looked amazing even in a grey long-sleeved shirt that hugged his biceps so well and black gym shorts, you had no clue how he wasn’t freezing his ass off but you decided not to question him on it. “You know staring is rude, right Y/N?” He asked with a smug grin plastered onto his golden skin. You blushed and looked away and felt the bed dip indicating Calum finally got on the warm bed. You felt his cold hands creep under the blanket onto your thigh, “Calum your hands are cold move them please.” You said shoving his hands off for the third time after him putting them back. “Nu Uh you’re warm angel.” He said placing a kiss on your neck. He knew what pet names did to you and he was talking full advantage of it and you knew it. “Cal let me finish this movie and we can do whatever you want my love, I promise.” He would normally try and wait but today he was cocky and kept going with the kisses on your neck every one getting sloppier than the last. You let out a light moan and the fuled in even more, “You know the boys said they don’t think I can make you cum without using my hands or cock, I think I could.” He said between every kiss. You always had a thing for thighs more importantly Calum’s thighs. They are just so toned and thick complimented by a warm golden color, thigh riding has been brought up in your guys relationship before but It was never a serious thing, you always saying how much you love them and how much you would wanna ride them but Cal would normally just laugh it off. You smirked knowing that today would work in your favor so you paused your movie and moved from the warm fluffy banked to straddle Calum. He chuckled knowing he won you over and you started leaving kisses around his neck leaving love bites here and there but not high enough for anyone to see knowing he has interviews the next day. “Does this mean I get to ride your thigh Daddy?” You whispered in his ear, a moan automatically leaving his mouth at the name you called him. “Mhmm Princess you wanna get off on my thigh huh? You wanna rub your sweet pussy on my thigh till you cum?” He said looking you dead in the eyes. You nodded your head vigorously while taking your shirt off. Calum thre his head back letting a low groan out as he saw you weren’t wearing a bra. His hands instantly went to them massaging and pinching at your nipples. Out of instinct your hips started grinding onto his cloth covered dick but he grabbed your hips stopping you. “Nu Uh princess get up and take those shorts and panties off for me would yeh?” He said grabbing your chin with a smug smile. You got up with no hesitation and stripped down to nothing while Calum watched you palming himself. He patted his right thigh as a que for you to straddle it. You shoved up his shorts so you would have room and he grabbed your hips lowering you onto him. You moaned at the sudden pressure on your clit. “You okay peaches?” He asked and you nodded as his hands started guiding your hips to move on his thighs. You put your hands on his chest to balance yourself and starting grinding soon his removed his hands, you whimpered at the loss of his hands. You always liked having his hands on you at all times. He grabbed your chin forcing you to look at him while moans left your mouth. He gave you a quick couple kisses before putting his hands behind his head cockily. “Look at you all worked up just but my thigh. Who would’ve kwon my thighs can make pretty little Y/N a moaning mess.” He let out a chuckled and moved his knee up a little so more pressure would be applied to your clit. “Don’t get so cocky Hood I can make you cum by just sitting on your lap and moving my ass.” You said as you felt the knot in your stomach get tighter and arms start to give out. “C’mon babe I can tell your close just look at the mess you’ve mad on my leg.” He said taking a finger swiping up some of your juices and licking them off and returning the hand behind his head alongside his other one. You started getting sloppier and loosing rhythm knowing you were going to lose it and any second. “Babe cum all of my thigh make a mess on me, I know you want too.” As if that were a cue you came moaning his named loudly like it was the only word you knew how to say. Your arms gave out and you collapsed onto his chest and you soon felt his hands wrap around and rub your back. “You okay Angel?” He asked as you tried controlling your breathing. You nod in response and soon Cal rolls you off of him and walks away and you hear the sink faucet run and you open your eyes and see Calum holding a rag walking to you, “Gonna clean you up alright?” You nodded and let out a moan of relief as you felt the warm cloth against your pussy. He pressed light kissed to your thigh then the the rag into the laundry bin. You sat as soon as Calum sat back down. You went to pull down his pants but he stooped you. “Calum you didn’t come.” You said confused. “You don’t know that.” You laughed “Are you saying I made Calum hood without touching him as well?” He blushed and hid his face in your neck pulling you down to cuddle him. “Lets take a nap and forget you made me cum by just looking at you okay? Okay!” You laughed and soon dozed off with a pretty boy next to you. 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