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blurb of harry teaching you to play guitar??? a smutty one please??? ;)

CAN YOU WRITE something thats about him in the studio and he’s jokingly like “hey babe wanna go sing in the booth” and your like sure haha and then you’re actually really amazing at singing and him and the producer are amazed… my dream blurb lmaoo thankyou susie!!!!! ❤️🎶

Joined these two.  Enjoy

Two months in Jamaica sounded like a dream.  No one there to bother you, limited phone calls, text messages and emails.  It was falling off the grid on a deliciously necessary level.  Only it wasn’t for you.  Your boyfriend, Harry Styles, had been gone that long recording his first solo CD.  

To be honest, you had been slightly hurt when he informed you of the plan.  Jamaica sounded amazing and fun and holy shit did you need a vacation.  But he needed to be alone.  He needed to focus.  And you understood that.

You’d had a front row seat to his misgivings and doubts about going solo.  Did he have anything to say?  Enough to fill up an entire album?  Would anyone want to hear it?  Dunkirk had been a blessing in disguise because it allowed Harry to go off and do something different for five months.  His perspective upon his return had been cleared up entirely.

Filming the movie was fun.  He had a good time.  He’d do it again.

But music was where his heart lay.

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Shatby Necropolis

Alexandria, Egypt

4th century BCE

Just like all cemeteries in Alexandria, Shatby burials have been cut into the natural rock, used by the first generations of Macedonians in Alexandria. Shatby is Alexandria’s oldest Hellenistic cemetery.

these tombs were arranged with a central, so called kline burial, consisting of a rock cut bed or sofa into which the deceased was laid down (one of the main differences between Macedonian kline burials and the Alexandrian is in the physical appearance of these beds/sofas: while the Alexandrian ones are hollow, the Macedonians are flat, thus placing the deceased straight on its top). Similar to other Alexandrian cemeteries Shatby is decorated with Doric (half) columns, and its chambers are decorated with false windows. Although most paint is long gone, it was originally recorded to have sky-blue panels, and an overall decoration which can be compared with the 2nd Pompeian style.

  • Interviewer: What are your memories of writing and recording “Long Gone Day” for Mad Season’s “Above” with Layne Staley?
  • Mark Lanegan: Well, it took us about 20 minutes to write it, and it took us another 20 minutes to record it, which we did all by ourselves in the studio. I ran the tape machine when he was singing, and he ran it when I was singing. I wrote a line, handed him the paper, he wrote a line, handed it back to me. It was probably the easiest song I’ve ever written, and also one of my fondest memories, because of course Layne was my best friend, so I have a great fond memory of that, but also sadness when I think of him, because I miss him.
[RvB] Pretty Little Chips and Wires

Title: Pretty Little Chips and Wires (2/?)

Fandom: Red vs Blue

Characters: Wash, Carolina, Caboose (for now)

Rating: R to be safe

Notes: Inspired by this post @reasons-wash-isnt-sleeping and written for RvB Angst War. 

Warnings: The usual violence and angst. Spoilers to the end of S13

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 3]

Summary: Wash wakes up and he knows three things with absolute certainty.

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