long friday and then just easter break


1) Thank you for all the nice messages. I’m fine. It really isn’t the guy; it’s the pattern. It’s infuriating to have the person you love most in the world – the accomplishment you’re most proud of – so often be the reason someone doesn’t want to get serious about you. Total mind fuck.

2) To counter, the best way to look at it is that Adelaide lets me weed out the weak.

3) I spent yesterday and today being mopey, eating bullshit, and whipping through my Walking Dead marathon. I’m now a few episodes into season 6.

4) I’m not religious – as I’ve mentioned – but a Walking Dead marathon struck me as hilariously appropriate this afternoon as I put together Adelaide’s Easter basket.

5) She comes home tomorrow night, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s been 10 days.

6) I really, really don’t want to clock in tomorrow. I’m working from home and have been for a while now, but I’m just feeling a little over it. I need a nice long break.

7) I do have Friday off, though, for the DC sister’s bachelorette. I can’t say that the mopeyness is particularly conducive to wanting to socialize, but I’m looking forward to seeing both sisters and I’ll have fun if I can get over myself. I’m sure I can manage that by Friday.