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Worth The Risk {Part 14} - Final Chapter!

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risks?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13

Word Count: 2318
Warnings: none! Just some well deserved fluff ;)

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“You’re lucky him and Wanda thought you two were cute.”

You froze, eyes widening as you stared at Sam in horror before letting them flicker up towards your friend.

Bucky had stopped as well, his spoon full of cereal held midair. 

Usually you ignored Sam’s unwanted comments, but this time the words slipped out of your mouth before you could even think them through.

“Fuck off, birdbrain.”

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Imagine; Thranduil x Legolas x Reader

A guard was heard not far off as Legolas turned from his papers to meet the guard face on, sure it would be a message from his father.

“My lord, princess (Y/N) has been caught outside of the kingdom walls after dark again, we thought it best to tell you before the King” he said hesitantly.

Legolas felt his eyes narrow at the mention of his daughter being outside the palace walls with no protection, the very idea of loosing you made his heart pump loudly within his graceful poise.

The guard stood nervously seeing the glare rise through the Princes features to resemble that of his fathers - King Thranduil.

“M-my Lord?” The guard questioned again.

“Bring my daughter to the Throne room, I will have words with both her and my Father” he said dangerously low.

Thranduil had been in charge of the shift changes and he had always remembered to being in (Y/N), how dare he not check to see if you had been brought in! Legolas sneered as he began to fly through the halls in annoyed strides, as he neared the throne room he sighed, the King would never forget (Y/N) as she was the splitting image of Legolas’s mother.

Thranduil adored her, loved her, more than life.

Legolas did also.

(Y/N) had snuck out, betrayed the Kings trust and the trust of her father.

“Loneg, to what do I owe the pleasure of such a late visit?” Thranduil spoke with a light tone, his head picking up from the back of the Throne.

Guards began to enter the hallway and both Thranduil and Legolas turned to see (Y/N) escorted in.

“Leave us” Thranduils cool tone bellowed as his eyes found yours, knowing exactly why you had been brought before him. You watched a single eyebrow raise on the Kings face as his glare pierced through you. The guards bowed and exited the room, pulling the Throne room doors shut behind them.

“(Y/N)” Legolas growled. You felt yourself flinch, your grandfather you could handle, but your fathers wrath was not to be messed with. You avoided his gaze, sheepishly holding your hands behind your back as you twiddled your feet.

“You have obediently disobeyed myself and the order of your King, for the second time, explain yourself!” Legolas snapped, moving in so his body shadowed over your small frame.

“I’m sorry Ada, I needed to finish my research on the bluebell butterfly, for the healers… they only emerge just after twilight and they have been hard to catch” you fumbled your words, you were lying.

Legolas’s expression seemed to soften but Thranduils grew more stern, he knew you were lying to your Father.

“Legolas, I am to blame for tonight, a miss understanding of some sort and I take full responsibility” Thranduil stood from the throne slowly and began to descend the stone steps. “Forgive me, my memory is not what it used to be, I had forgotten to tell (Y/N) we had decided to change the night shift times, allow me to speak with the healers.” He spoke smoothly, glancing across at his son calmly.

Legolas’s brow furrowed and he nodded. “Make sure you do, I will not put my daughter in danger Adar, she is too young for combat”

“Of course, now if you don’t mind, I will address (Y/N) on my own” he eyed Legolas sternly, this wasn’t a question it was a command.

Legolas looked down at his daughter who was yet to look at him, for a moment he wanted to reach out and tell her he was no longer angry but obeying the command of his King he nodded and left.

“(Y/N) I do not enjoy lying to my son” Thranduil spoke softly.

You finally raised your head and your smile was uncontrollable. “I know, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”

Thranduil smirked as you began to leave.

“Not so fast” he chuckled, grabbing your little wrist quicker than you could move, you yelped as he pulled you up into his arms and began to ascend the throne steps once more.

“You were lying to Legolas about the butterflies little one, what were you actually doing in my forest so late?” Amusement in his eyes as he held onto you tightly as you tried to squirm from his grip.

He sat down on the throne and snuck his arms around your tiny waist, pulling you against his chest.

“N-nothing!” You squirmed, “Grandfather let go!” You growled.

Thranduil chuckled loudly and his fingers began to knead into your little sides whilst he held you. You squealed and flailed in his lap as shrill laughter escaped your lips.

“Tell your King what you were doing little one.” He spoke with playfulness.

“My K-IHIHIHING!” You squealed. “Stahahp!”

Thranduil did whilst still holding you to him and waited for you to speak.

“I was just scouting, I was following your guards, I want to fight!” You pouted.

Thranduil sighed as he nuzzled you closer.

“No (Y/N), war is not something you want, it’s something to avoid” he spoke as almost a whisper. “You are far to young to be delving in such things”

“Ok grandfather, forgive me, my King” you turned and put your small arms around your Kings neck and kissed his cheek lightly. Thranduil smiled warmly down to his granddaughter and opened his arms as you scurried down and just before turning from the room you couldn’t help but let out a loud giggle.

“Orehina!” Thranduil bellowed as you had left, his eyes narrowed listening to your mischievous giggle. Had she actually managed to deceive both Father and Grandfather?

A young guard entered the room and bowed to his King.

“You will tell me what my Granddaughter has been up to late in the forest, I sent you to guide her after hours, you see what she does” he demanded coldly.

The guard shifted uneasily.

“Has someone cut out your tongue? SPEAK!” Thranduil yelled.

“Well, my L-Lord. She has been meeting in the forest with the son of Gimli. I think they have feelings for each other my lord”

Thranduil felt his eyes bulging as he lifted his body from the Throne immediately, he stood in front of the guard seconds later.

“Close the gates, no one is to enter and no one leaves, I must have words with my Granddaughter” he growled.

Thranduil stalked the halls as he knew very well all the places you would be. Upon seeing you drawing in the library he felt his eyes glare down at you with amusement, despite his sudden overwhelming sense of protection the little elfling had managed to lie successfully to both King and Prince.

“Tell me, (Y/N), who taught you to lie so well?” Thranduils eyes landed on his granddaughter as she gasped not realising he had entered the room. Her face flushed and she couldn’t help but giggle as her smile spread across her cheeks.

“What did she lie about?” Legolas spoke from behind his father, shock in his tone.

“This little minx has been meeting up with Gimli’s son” Thranduil announced turning to his own son, amusement clouding his stern tone.

A small splutter of giggles was heard down the hall as both elves turned their heads watching the elfling run from them with sheer delight in her step.

“(Y/N) will be the death of me” Legolas muttered.

“She reminds me so much of you, Loneg” Thranduil chuckled.

That night both King and Prince ran around their palace playing your little game as they ‘attempted’ to catch you, enjoying the innocence of your laughter, letting it bring a long forgotten lightness to the realm.

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Scenario with Tendo Satori proposing to his fem s/o please?

Sooo, I wrote this in the bath which I think was a major part of my inspiration. Lol! But I had so much fun while writing this! Thank you for requesting it, Anon, and I hope you enjoy it!


Everything was leading up to this moment. From the first moment she had seated herself next to him in their shared intro to literature class on their first day of college. Tendou had known then, when she had turned to him and smiled, that this was going to be something great.

It was only two days out of the week they would see each other and for only an hour and a half at a time, plus the occasional study sessions. It wasn’t enough though, not for him, not when he really wanted to know her. And with the end of the semester fast approaching, he could feel the panic of never seeing her again on that large campus. So he reacted impulsively the next time she had gotten up to leave, the words of ‘see you next time’ on her lips when he took hold of her wrist to stop her.

She did stop and Tendou wasn’t sure what he was doing, had no words in his head to say except that he wanted to see her more. The expectancy in her eyes pushed him forward despite his malfunctioning brain as he opened his mouth to let the words “Can I take you on a date?” tumbled out. Instantly, a terror washed over him, because - fuck - what if she said no? Would she even be willing to hang out with him casually if she knew that he wanted more than that? It would be awkward, it would be strange, it would hurt.

The redhead was in the middle of working out a way to fix his mistake when he was brought out of his spiral by the smile that stretched wide across her face. “It’s about time,” her voice held delight as it delivered the small tease. She took hold of the hand that had originally taken hold of her wrist and gave it a small squeeze. “Pick me up Friday.”

He watched her walk away after that, leaving him reeling as he tried to catch up with himself. There was nothing stopping him from smiling for the rest of the week.

Their first date led to a second followed closely by a third. It didn’t take long for them to jump over all the formal dates to declare themselves as an official couple, their fingers linked together as they walked across campus. Kisses were shared in hallways and they made love for the first time on the floor of her dorm with the long forgotten television dimly lighting their actions. And he realized as he loved her that he had never known what love really was until that moment; it had just been some obscure concept until she had brought it meaning.

And with each day he spent with her new meanings emerged within his heart of what love was. Love was her. It was her studying late with a mug of coffee in hand. Love was her hair between his fingers. It was her face when they had moved into their first apartment together. It was her laugh late at night when they had stayed up far past their bedtime. Love was their shared life together.

It was love that led him up to this moment where his long fingers fiddled with the small box he had stored away. Eyes lingered to the open doorway of their shared bathroom where she was soaking in her weekly bubble bath. Maybe the timing was mundane, but it was in this moment that she was entirely her; entirely everything that he loved. She was bare and open and at ease just as he always wanted her to be when she was with him for the rest of their lives.

When he entered into the room, he gaze wandered over her. Her feet were propped on one end, her toes wiggling with the soft beat of the music that played and her head was resting on the other end beneath a pillow, eyes closed as she soaked in the calming atmosphere around her.

Maybe he made a noise or maybe she sensed him, but her eyes soon fell on him, a smile instantly pulling at her lips. “Care to join?” she questioned lazily, hand rising from the bubbles to beckon him closer and there was no way he would ever deny her anything.

Kneeling beside the tub, he leaned to press his mouth to hers, his heart raising in rhythm just as it had the very first time he had been graced to kiss her. “I love you,” he breathed against her mouth, body instinctively moving to capture her mouth once again. She moved back though, a small laugh leaving her lips when he followed. Her hand was at his shirt collar then, gripping him tightly as she pulled into the sudding water. Their laughter mingled as his stuck his hand into the depths of the warm water to support himself and it only took him one more second before he was placing his whole clothed body into the tub with her.

He kissed her again and again and again. He never wanted to stop, never wanted any of it to end. “Marry me?” he questioned against her lips, fingers tracing the length of her jaw and he kissed her when she shuddered against him.

“Yes,” her reply came back quick but just as breathless as he felt. Tendou kissed her again, deeper than the ones previously shared before he was quickly pulling back, his eyes wide and mouth agape. he was sure water was lining the bathroom floor now but he paid it no mind.

“Yes?” he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yes!” she beamed at him, hands reaching for his wet clothes to bring his lips back to her’s.

“You’re saying yes?”

“Yes, you dope! I’m saying yes!” her head fell back as she laughed and it was definitely the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. And he would get to see it everyday for the rest of his life.

“Oh!” Tendou’s hands were dipping into the water then, eyes trying to see past the suds as he searched for that small box. “Here, uh–” he pulled the box free from the depths, turning it over to open and display the ring within, “–[Last Name] [First Name], will you marry me?”

Her eyes darted to the ring for merely a moment before she was looking back up into his eyes. Closing the close distance between them, she brought her mouth to his again, “Yes.”

The circumstances preceding my presence in this great oval hall with pink hued white walls are of little importance. I figured I was in a hospital, but one can never be certain when in this surreal realm. And though I was sure I was only visiting, I did notice my faltering way to the grand stairs. Wide and straight, leading down to where a car awaited to take me to my next destination, something I knew was of the utmost importance.
“Walk slower. Hide the pain. You are only visiting.” I reassured myself, finding the idea of getting stuck in between a mere transaction of scenes laughable.
Injured, suddenly and unexplainable; ankle ligaments torn, pain gradually worsening with each step, until I fell down on my back, helpless. My party walking on, fading in the distance. And I, having been too stubborn and prideful to address my physical impairment, am left with another lesson in taking heed of my personality’s predominant pitfalls.
In hindsight, I find it odd how strength can suddenly leave the ethereal body; how something so minor could have kept me floored at all. My fall caused by the flaws in my personality must have been destined, I believe. Meaning the situation I now found myself in was always meant to be more than a scene transaction.
Nevertheless, I was lying there. Confused, broken, and struck with self-loathing. When a familiar voice resounded in but one sentence. Causing my heart to plummet to a place where the past verges on the long forgotten. A voice so light and crystalline; so melodious, so unique. Not a word I could hear, but its owner I knew umistakably.
I turned my head inconspicuously. Ashamed as I was of my current physical state, which after all was far away from that of a human male at the peak of its performance. Causing me to doubt if a pitiful pile of human should even dare to look upon a goddess. However I had no other option, we do not see each other often anymore.
But the girl whose image struck my retinas did not resemble your comeliness. Then I understood that this moment in the realm between fantasy and consciousness was created for the sole reason of remembrance. For I have but to close my eyes to see you before me in all the intricateness of your unrivaled beauty, but your voice – your voice I had lost, to my greatest sadness.
Now blessed I am, to reminisce at dawn; to hear the echo of the voice that I lost. To lavish my heart with the voice that I loved: hopeful and kind with a slight hint of yearning. A voice suiting the likes of a wandering dreamer.
—  Chime the harmony of your heart, by M.A. Tempels © 2017


“Those bruises on your neck,” Sam starts, a few days after Steve breaks them out of prison.

“It’s nothing,” says Steve, firm, final, a clear order: back off.

“That serum makes you heal faster than normal,” Sam continues anyway. “So to leave a lasting mark like that, I figure you’ve gotta be getting the same injury daily. Or nightly?” He looks at Steve significantly.

“Forget it,” says Steve in the same tone of finality.

“Hey man, I’m not judging,” says Sam. “As long as you’re staying safe, whatever gets you–”

“It’s not like that,” Steve interrupts, flushing slightly. “We’re not– Bucky has nightmares.”

Sam presses his lips together and gives a noncommittal hum leaning toward disapproval.

“He just doesn’t always wake up right away,” says Steve, a little defensively.

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Not Another Tragic Backstory | 3

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 + Epilogue

Jughead x Reader
Word Count: 3,105 + Epilogue: 303
Warnings: I solemnly swear. By which I mean, there be curse words below! Also I attempted fluff.
Summary: Riverdale has resurrected the Blue & Gold and with it, the Journalism program! This week’s lesson: Human Interest/Profiles. Reader is paired with Jughead who writes an unflattering profile on her, prompting her to confront him about it.
A/N: So there are 750 words of this that I wrote before any part of this story and it’s the part where she is going awf on Jughead. I didn’t proofread this and an epilogue is included at the bottom. It’s an attempt at fluff so beware.

When the bell rings for lunch I all but run out of class. I’m the first person in the hall and I keep my head down to avoid seeing anyone who would want to talk to me. I reach in my bag and touch the sharp edges of the profile Jughead Jones has written about me, ensuring that it is still there. It’s a familiar motion, one that I’ve been completing since Ash handed it to me after our journalism class.

Ash’s words have stirred up my nerves. I’m afraid, but I can’t ignore this opportunity. An itch has already started and I know that nothing but reading this article can satisfy it. I opt to duck into the janitor’s closet under the stairs and cringe at the musty odor of a long forgotten room. The lighting in here is terrible so I pull out my phone and use the flashlight function to light up the words.

The headline reads: Y/N Y/L/N A RIVERDALE LEGACY’S PATH TO REDEMPTION and my stomach clenches in fear of what I’m about to read.

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One of my favorite things about photography is how many ways the same exact thing can be photographed to capture a completely different emotion. It’s honestly the freest I ever feel, just being outside messing around with the same subject two-thousand different ways.

-Cody Weber, Forgotten Iowa



“[…]However, Glaucon’s thesis does not stop there. In his book about the ring of Gygès, he continuously points out the lack of sighthgnee…of others…importance of…..fnsjlsfnfbjg”

Your face was resting against your palm

Your palm was sweating

Your hand was slipping

Your eyes….

…you tried your best to keep them open but alas

…..closing them was so tempting…..

…u had to..


The shrieking voice of your philosophy professor startles you, and you straighten your whole body to mimic the position of attentive students. You readjust your glasses, out of habit, and mumble an apology. You were too tired to come up with an excuse, too tired to take into account the hundreds of students looking at you, judging you. Or maybe looking at you just out of interest. His classes were so boring that any pathetic happening could muster the attention of the entire auditorium. They needed a distraction. 


You pack your bag, make sure to take all your books and pens, and run out of class, your face still red from the mark your hand had left. You knew your eyes were bloodshot and your hair disheveled, but caring about your appearance was the last of your issues. 

You were dead tired. 

Studying?? fuck it 

Socializing?? fuck it

You quicken your pace, pass students, push them ever so slightly to hint them of your wanting to come out as fast as possible. 

The first step out from the uni building, and the fresh air you breathe in feels like a blessing. You walk down the steps, away from uni, and towards the bus stop. 

You walk

You run

You run into someone. 

It had to be fucking Jaehyun.


You knew he was clumsy, this wasn’t even your first time running into him. You’ve had to convince yourself that those times hadn’t happened on purpose. Coincidences.

Always a coincidence with Jaehyun.

You look up at him

You stare for a minute

Because with Jaehyun thats all you could ever do


He pushes away his fringe awkwardly, and you gape at his fingers. just because. never had you known anyone with fingers as delicate as his. How was that possible??

He picks up his yellow backpack, you pick up your black one.                        



the awkward smile happens. u try to ignore it but can’t. He then continues going toward the entrance of the uni, and you rush to the bus stop.


Exhaustion was taking over your body, and your senses refused to work properly. However one feeling had now been awoken, and you damned it.

Butterflies. those stupid butterflies in your stomach again.

Or maybe they were bees.

Your brain now began working in overdrive, recalling memories you’d wish to forget.

there you were, sitting at the bus stop at 7pm, looking like an asparagus zoning out,

but you were a wreck inside.

Your eyes had closed again, without you even noticing, and any buss concern  seemed to have been long forgotten.

Your senses light up in your whole body, you feel on fire.

Your lips part open

just a bit

and you exhale shakily.

never had he been this near to you.

Your proximity allows you to study his face in detail, but all you could look at were his eyes.

You could not take your eyes off of his.

You can’t take this anymore, you have to lean closer to the wall, anything to make a little more space between the two of you.

Your body however, although following your brain’s instructions, does not want to distance itself a mere millimeter away from Jaehyun.

The closer the better.

The two of you are alone, and the echoes of your heavy intakes of breath make you go crazy.

How did you end up here again, how did this come to happen again.

you can feel his body heat, you see a drop of sweat rolling down his neck.


fuck fuck fuck

Jaehyun starts leaning closer and you suddenly feel warmth on your hip.

his grip is unexpectedly strong, as if his yurning for you had him go all kinds of crazy.

his lips part too.

he takes one step forward, one step only to press his body onto yours.

the heat - the longing

you raise your hands and interlace them behind his head, caressing the nape of his neck.

without you knowing , you had made him go crazy

He presses his lips to yours, tasting you.

Your mouth opens up immediately, needing more of him. You press your body to his, hoping it were possible to get even closer to him.

You quicken the pace of the kiss, because without even noticing you had taken control of it.

You explore his mouth,

you find his tongue,

you suck his tongue,

and he moans into your mouth.

His hands are everywhere, touching you, caressing you, exploring you.

He feels like a drug, and you just couldn’t get enough.

His hands start wondering down… and grip your ass steadily. Nothing could have prepared you for the sensation this made you feel,

a loud moan escapes your mouth, taking you by surprise.

you can feel Jaehyun’s lips smiling against yours,

feel his satisfaction, loving the effects he has on you.

He lifts up your left leg, pressing you to him, wanting you nearer.

the kiss has gotten wild, out of control, and heat starts pouring between your legs.

You can feel the ache slowly taking over you, making you go crazy for him, his lips, his dimples, his neck, his gaze, his kisses…

how would you ever get enough of him

you need more…

..you need…


In a split second your eyes snap open, and you start looking around frantically to get a grip, an understanding of where you were.

at the bus stop.


you start to feel your lungs burn, your head turn, your eyes glossing over


no no no

you had promised yourself Jaehyun was in the past

you had promised yourself to stop recalling such memories

you had promised yourself to forget him.


Creepy and decaying farmhouse in Wisconsin/US. Noises from all over the place fill the air and makes you wonder if you are not alone.. it is true that you are not as this home is not occupied by many different creatures..

Techniques in this shot are using long exposure and flashlights as well as a hand-held strobe. for more information, check out gnas.com/


Ferme rampant et en décomposition dans le Wisconsin / USA. Bruits de partout emplissent l'air et vous fait vous demander si vous n'êtes pas seul .. il est vrai que vous n'êtes pas comme cette maison n'est pas occupée par de nombreuses créatures différentes .. 

Techniques de ce plan utilisent une longue exposition et des lampes de poche ainsi que d'un flash à main. Pour plus d'informations, consultez gnas.com /


19.1.2016. written images

 a shooting star that i did not wish upon, a thought of long forgotten memories, a lighting storm with no thunder, a clock hung on a wall that doesn’t work, it stopped a long time ago, a dream you thought was real, a book left on a shelf waiting to be read, broken glass bottles on an abandoned playground, single star on an empty sky, burned library I used to go to, the moment before you fall asleep, not awake but not asleep either