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Favorite blogs??

hi anon!! here are a few of my favorite mutuals:

@imperfectstardust @500fr @sunny-stardust @softdnp @kindagay @yerafangirlharry @dantlers @srsly-howell @tonystarkjpg @ephemeral-dan @hwlle @oops-yuri @gloaminghowell @sparklyraccoon @frormspring @theallaroundfangirl @fireflyphil @angstdan @energeticwarrior @pansexualphil @speedyboybarry @shingekihowell @dailybooth @helllointernet @tbhtooru @homosocksuality @nasaphil @jilliancares @spacekid-oikawa @vyou @danisontnonfire @ivorylester @astronautdan @danaesthetically @blurr-yy @redhowell @plantpot-phil @lesterp @princessdan @writerlester @softphl @htmlsucc @howelle @wafflydan @etherephil @spaceboyhoseok @jooheonym @cansadda @trippingeyes @fallawayoongi @sleeplesshowell @amandar @cozystump @dankmemeshowell @buttsexpizza @mylivingphantasy 

also a lil shout out to people who aren’t mutuals but have a+ blogs that i really admire:

@demonphannie @glowinghowell @amazingphilz @bondange @cringe-attacks

this is just a short list of my pals im so sorry if i forgot you!! feel free to fling me into the sun :( also this is so long overdue im sorry omg 

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amazing blogs that post and reblog amazing things are deserving of every drop of love possible. i’m sorry my camera quality sucks and my pen ran out of ink ;; nonetheless, i hope you like it! (try to spot the tumblrs in the drawing! :D) thank you for all the love! :) ♥ 

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*dramatic deep breath* Okay, so some of you are probably wondering, ‘what’s this girl doing, didn’t she make a follow forever last week? What a loser!’  There is a reason for this though!  Yesterday, I received an anonymous hate message saying “the way you worship *insert person’s name here* is really f–ing lame.”  At first I was upset because I didn’t really understand why someone would say something so rude only after I wrote the word “perfect” in the tags of an edit.  But then I started thinking that I follow so many blogs that I love worship is a really juvenile and inaccurate term I think!  While the individual that was mentioned is on here, and this is only a small sampling of the blogs I “worship,”  I want that anon to know that yes, I appreciate every person who lights up my day with their beautiful graphics and blogs, and I want the bloggers I follow to know it even just if there is a small chance they’d only see it through xkit tag checker. As I said, this is just a small sampling of the people who I follow and adore.  Names are reprinted and linked below and my blogroll is here.

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Again, I just want to reiderate: I implore you to check out my entire blogroll. I absolutely adore and appreciate every blog I follow, and would hope you look through a few.  I won’t make another one of these until the end of March, I apologize for being bothersome again. I’m going to shut up now, bye