long fingers

Get Fingered Now!

The first thing people ask me when they see me is “whats it like to be an american?” and my response is usually “how about i hold you down and spit on your face to show you!”.

and that my friends brings us to Fingered, a nugget of a little turd turtle headed with love and the best intentions by two guys who arent huge fans of people.

Fingered is a lot of things, so ill tell you what its not to clear up any confusion.

- its not the binding of isaac

- its not super meat boy

- it not grape soda

- its not some tiny bug head with the body of a sour dough roll

- it not more than a hand full of quarters

- and its definitely not something you can live without

so get fingered on steam now, for  $1.87! (cheap)

get your friends fingered, they will thank you, give you favors for favors, kiss your ass and face it.. if you dont, they will probably make fun of you and defriend you on all social media (peer pressure) 


- boring info section for press -

Fingered was made by myself and james id, features the music of ridiculon and narration/screams/moans by matthias bossi. the game was made over the course of a few months with the humble goal of creating a living breathing work of art that would unite the people of the world and make us gods.

if you want more info on fingered or would like to get in touch with us for whatever reason email me at edmund at super meat boy dot com! 




as some of you know fingered is a smaller game and a smaller game calls for less music… but thats not how ridiculon rolls!

no no no, see matthias and jon saw this 2 track game situation as an opportunity to create a whole album inspired by the game itself! why the hell didnt we just put these new tracks i the game you say!? because no one asked us that till just now!

heres some info from the horse himself!

All hail! Never before has your gaming experience been so lushly accompanied. If you like slow, fast, sad, rainy, sour, unsettling, restrained, cinematic landscapes, then look no further than the Fingered OST!

Thanks to Ed and James for their enthusiasm and total commitment to wrongness. As always, there is a bonus track for those willing to pay a bit more. You will enjoy a nearly 8 minute bonus masterpiece IF YOU PAY $1.49 NOW for this soundtrack! Ed McMillen wrote the lyrics for the bonus, and it’s sung by the legendary Chandler Travis. Thanks favorite people on the Earth! Get weird with it! 

you can buy the whole damn soundtrack on their bandcamp page.

do it!

bye bye