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it’s good that they have each others


Ziva: You did not have to come.
Tony: Well you always forget your gum and magazines when you fly, so… 


ZIva still doesn’t believe she deserves to have someone stand by her side in her darkest hour, that she has to shoulder this alone, but she can’t help herself when Tony does show up – there’s that hint of a smile there, despite her grief.

And then there’s Tony, who knows her inside out, enough to remember her travel habits (because #married), but more importantly, knows that she needs to be reassured that she isn’t all alone now that the last of her family has been wiped out. That she doesn’t have to shut the world out and put up her walls, because that isn’t the person she is anymore. (“Don’t do this.”) That she isn’t her father, but that she’s still allowed to love and grieve him in spite of it. (“My father was not an easy man to understand, and yet–” “Complicated runs in the family.”) 

And you can see the moment that Ziva just gets it, and lets her guard down, where she forgets about protecting her heart and instead lets it lead, because she doesn’t have the energy left in her to fight. Where the words escape her, because it’s all just too much right now, and she goes for the only language she can speak in this moment–  

Because that’s what it’s all about. Where Tony may have a movie quote for any occasion, Ziva is running on instinct right here. So all she can do is hug him– to thank him, to seek comfort from him, and to reassure him that she trusts (and loves) him, always. 

And her smile is so heartbreaking, because she’s in so much pain, but it’s obvious that right then, he’s all she wants, even if it’s for a second. Shmiel is her wonderful security blanket, there to take care of her as a parent, but Tony is her rock, keeping steady when she’s about to crash, and she knows it. There isn’t anyone else she would have wanted to see on that Tarmac, and you can see the relief and gratitude in her face. This is raw emotion, her at her most vulnerable.

And then: 

At lo levad. 

THAT is when she completely gives in to the moment and feels joy amidst the sorrow. Because this guy who’s been by her side, who’s already brought her back from the brink a couple of times this episode, reminds her of the people who love her when she doesn’t know who to trust anymore. 

(How he went out of his way to learn those important words of wisdom in her native tongue, if only to remind her that he does, in fact, know who she is inside.) 

And she knows she’s not alone anymore, the way she used to be before she came to this place; not just because she has Shmiel by her side (thanks to Tony, no less), but because she knows the whole NCIS team is with her in spirit, and that Tony will always, always have her back. 

That this guy who’s been with her through thick and thin for years, who infuriates her one second and overwhelms her the next, is always going to care for her when she can’t care for herself, when she is so angry she may not even deserve it, but he will anyway (as would she if the tables were turned) because that’s just the way it is – that’s love. They may not say the words, but that’s because they don’t have to here. 

This is such a lovely, lovely moment, in the middle of a lot of pain (thanks, Show) and Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly did such a terrific job again with relatively little dialogue. Because nobody on this show is ever alone.

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On December 16, 1997, an infamous episode of the pokémon anime was broadcasted in Japan. Immediately after, 685 people from ages 3-58 were hospitalized for seizures, vomiting, vertigo, irritated eyes and other symptoms. This episode, of course, was the Porgyon episode Computer Warrior Porygon and was immediately discontinued and never released or rebroadcast again. The culprit was a four-second long explosion in the episode, featuring flashing red and blue lights and strobe effects.

It’s common knowledge that flashing lights and strobe effects can often cause seizures and symptoms like this. Inkay, the cute little squid from Generation 6, uses this to its advantage. According to the pokédex, it will flash the light-emitting spots on its body, causing its opponents to become dazed and no longer want to fight.

We’ve already covered several pokémon that exhibit bioluminescence, so if you want to know how Inkay produces the light go check out Staryu, Lanturn, or Watchog. This article is just going to be about its effects.

So what about flashing lights causes the brain to malfunction? The brain runs on electric activity, There are five types of brain waves, typically associated with different states of consciousness:

Delta Waves (.5 to 3 Hz) are only present in dreamless sleep. They suspend external awareness and promote the healing process.

Theta Waves (3 to 8 Hz) are present in sleep and deep meditation. External senses are withdrawn and only internal signals are considered, resulting in vivid imagery and fleeting intuition. These are associated with dreaming.

Alpha Waves (8 to 12 Hz) are your primary thought waves when you are awake. Associated with coordination, calmness, focus, and learning.

Beta Waves (12 to 38 Hz) correspond to fast brain activity: strong concentration, problem solving, information processing, anxiety or excitement.

Flashing lights and images that cause symptoms, known as Flicker Vertigo, typically have frequencies between 1 and 20 Hz: which is approximately the frequency of brain waves. Symptoms include nausea, disorientation, dizziness, losing control of motor functions, muscle rigidity, and seizures. The Porygon Incident flashed at 12 Hz.

Any of these symptoms would be enough for Inkay’s opponents to “lose the will to fight”. If, in the middle of a battle, you started feeling nauseous, found it difficult to move your limbs, and so on, you would realize your chances of survival have significantly decreased and therefore would want to retreat.

Scientists don’t know exactly why this happens, but they know that it starts in the back of the brain in the visual cortex, the part of the brain that processes what you look at.

Trying to process visual information at the same frequency of brain waves ends up changing the frequency of brain waves that leave the visual cortex, effectively scrambling them. Instead of sending information about the image, the visual cortex ends up sending faulty instructions, causing the entire brain to go out of sync and the symptoms to occur.

Inkay’s lights flash at the same frequency as brain waves, around 1-20 Hz. Looking at these lights causes the brain to malfunction, resulting in nausea and loss of motor functions.

An explosion of voices and music surrounded Michonne as she filled the last flute with Champagne and loaded it onto the large gold tray containing additional Champagne flutes and beer bottles.  What a fusion of beverages but she had to accommodate her crowd.  For anyone else the clamor would have been quite vexing but the sound was a comfort to her.  It reminded her just how blessed she was to be surrounded by her family and friends as one year ended and the brink of a new one was on the horizon.  

They’d found the perfect house for their little blended family and Michonne could not wait to christen it by hosting a fabulous family get together, one of many she hoped to entertain for her loved ones.  They decided on a colonial style six bedroom, three and a half bathroom home with a formal living room, den and playroom, much larger than Rick’s bungalow style house in King County.  The backyard was spacious and Michonne could just imagine all of the barbecues and birthday parties they would be able to have.  Her creative side was ready to burst forth.  Rick even mentioned maybe having a small pool installed before summer.

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Roadhog does some thinking | Junkrat has some cake

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Author’s Notes:
1) So this is what happens when you fall in love with the characters you’re writing: you don’t STOP writing.
2) This is mostly all headcanon - just warning you now. 
3) My only real criteria for this was “I wanna read the cutest cute.” I hope I delivered.
4) I sincerely hope you enjoy this, Marcus!
5) There’ll be a part 2 to this soonish…

Wordcount: 5940-ish
Copyright: Overwatch is property of Blizzard. No copyright infringement is intended; this is a work of fanfiction.

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an obiyuki playlist

//Run to You Pentatonix//Winter Song Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson//When I Find You Joshua Radin//The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack Liars//Experience Ludovico Einaudi//Lost Boy Ruth B//Siberia (acoustic) Lights//Where’s My Love Syml//Run (cover) Katherine McPhee//All Mine Little Red//2 Atoms in a Molecule Noah and the Whale//Hold Me Tom Odell//The Thief Brooke Fraser//Skinny Love, I Will Follow You into the Dark, Demons, Charlie Brown (acoustic covers) Gavin Mikhail//The Lightning Strike Snow Patrol//Staple it Together Jack Johnson//So Long, Lonesome Explosions in the Sky//Amie Damien Rice//I Bloom Blaum Coldplay//Arrival of the Birds/Transformation The Cinematic Orchestra//Bet My Life (Riot Games Remix) Imagine Dragons// 

Nathan wants to be useful. Many times has he said things that suggest he thinks he’s a good for nothing idiot, such as the iconic “we can’t do anything riiiIIIIIIIIIGHT” or the time he said they’re all a bunch of rich useless sellouts. Even How can I be a Hero is an expression of his feelings of inadequacy.

Pickles wants to be appreciated, and we all know that this brought him to self destructive behaviours, including the band’s breakup. Maybe he entered the music industry to be appreciated as an artist.

Skwisgaar wants to be protected. All his problems seem rooted in the fact that his mother was simply the worst shit on earth and wasn’t able to make him feel safe. Every day different guys would show up, maybe he was even bullied in school because of that? He likes it when his step dad guides him through normal life (for once, he’s led, not a leader!), he almost looks like a teenager while bonding with him. He constantly holds his guitar in what’s basically a hug, just like Toki does to his teddy bear. I think his cold behaviour is a self defence mechanism, because if nobody protects him then he has to protect himself.

Toki wants to be loved, and this is pretty obvious. He looks for it everywhere, in every person that he meets. Sometimes he found it and sometimes he found the opposite. Sometimes he suppressed it because it hurt. But what kept him alive during his captivity? Love. The love he felt for the boys. The same love that helped him get over his past.

Murderface wants to be understood. He often acted as if nobody understands him, which is unfortunately true. Nobody has ever tried to understand what goes on in his head; with the exception of the time the boys followed him from cult to cult out of Nathan’s sense of guilt (again, he can’t do anything riiiIIIIIIIIIGHT), Murderface’ internal conflict seems to be invisible to the others. The heartbreaking Dethvanity is an example of how nobody got the point of the whole surgery thing. The boys did it out of vanity, Murderface out of pure self hate. The day he finds someone who fully understands him, that will be a good day.

  • Spp Beach Bear: duuuuuuuuuuuude lets go surfing and listen to the beach boys and be like super gnarly bRAH
  • Cei Beach Bear: lol y'all just got memed
  • Spp Mitzi: um hey guys girls are cool too lets play girl related music did I mentioned that I am a girl look at how much of a girl I am :))))
  • Cei Mitzi: guys holy fuck I just learned the sickest shit at school let me tell you about it as I try to fit as many doughnuts in my mouth as possible
  • Spp Dook: b-b-boy I sure do l-l-l-lo-love that western show rin tin tin I've mentioned it l-like 10 times my favorite character in wizard of oz is toto hahahahaha dOG JOKES
  • Cei Dook: would anyone get mad if I made this pun followed by a very subtle sex joke?........... yolo.
  • Spp Billy Bob: ya know I've always wanted to be a cowboy cuz that's what they are like in the south right just like me I'm from the south let me remind y'all with my thick faux accent
  • Cei Billy Bob: I love you guys really I do but can we please just like chill.
  • Spp Rolfe: oh I am such a great announcer I must make a good impression for everyone STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS :^D and remember to eat your vegetables!!!
  • Cei Rolfe: I am beauty, I am grace, fatz just threatened to punch me in the face
  • Spp Earl: oh man school and work sure is booooooooooooooring let me make displeased noises in my husky smoker voice cause I'm the fUN ONE RIGHT KIDS????
  • Cei Earl: I hate all for you. Mostly rolfe. Especially rolfe... You know what. Just rolfe. I hate rolfe.
  • Spp Fatz: well hey there everybody! isn't it just a wonderful day today! let me sing a jolly song to commemorate this wonderful occasion 8D
  • Cei Fatz: beach is2g I will sit on you u fckin memer
  • Cei Looney: I hide my pain behind computers.