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Okay so can I talk for a second about how insanely impressive it is that the Galra empire has been one cohesive empire for literally thousands of years.

That’s literally unimaginable for me like earthlings can’t even go twenty seconds without killing each other but the Galra are apparently so unified and they have been collectively kicking the universe’s ass for over 10,000 years.

I cannot even begin to fathom how many trillions of Galra there must be. How is the power divided. How can one guy be in charge of it all. What is emperor Zarkon’s sovereignty based on (other than his age) and how can he so effectively control what has to be an uncountable number of subjects. How many commanders are there and how can any one of them be considered important enough to talk to the emperor of 90% of the known universe.

What about the problems in Galra society? They are obviously an emotional species, so how is sympathy so well suppressed without extreme political backlash that isn’t just solved by murdering a third of the population, or did they make a calculated decision to cut their losses and just raise generation after generation of selective sociopaths?What base values does the average Galra have? Surely there’s some level of god-complex if the Galra can destroy entire civilizations without batting an eye.

Is there cultural diversity? Are there any remnants of Galran society that still exist from Zarkon’s childhood or has it all changed? How much have the Galra changed genetically over 10,000 years? Are they acclimated to life in space in artificial environments? Does the Galra home planet even exist anymore? What kind of genetic diversity is there? Is there any isolation? What are desirable versus undesirable traits in Galran culture, and is it consistent across the board?

There’s just a lot i want to know about the largest population of the Voltron universe that we haven’t even begun to touch on in the show. And then there’s the issue of aftermath. Even if they manage to defeat Zarkon, it is literally impossible to change such an  massive group of people overnight. They are the overwhelming majority, and it’s obviously immoral (and impractical) to just order the execution of a species, but it’ll definitely be a challenge to undo 10,000 years of damage universe-wide on both sides of the war. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they address in the coming seasons.

what fucks me up is the fact that laurent had never, even in his most indulgent dreams, believed that he would be king. read the scene where herode kneels to him and come back. that scene probably was the first time anyone with power had recognized him as a rightful heir to the throne. had told laurent he was a king and legitimately believed that as a fact. even as a child, auguste had been the pride of vere and laurent would have been in his shadows. not reluctantly, i think laurent would have been fine without the throne. his brother was everything to him and he probably believed whole heartedly that auguste was the perfect candidate for the king and that he would serve him in any of his ventures. but then auguste dies at marlas and then hes thrown in this position he never thought belonged to him. and then hes subject to the regents treachery. laurents black and white world comes to a halt when auguste leaves it and hes forced to grow up too fast for a boy his age. whenever we see the regent with the council, he gives laurent this false persona of someone he is not and i wonder what thats done to laurent emotionally and psychologically. weve only seen two chapters of his pov and being told that he was not suitable for the throne, that he would never live up to his brother constantly for years has got to do something to his head.

on a side note: laurent probably never even wanted the throne. he probably believed that auguste would be crowned, marry a patran princess and procure a heir. so when auguste died of old age his son would succeed him. laurent would have wanted to sneak out of the castle to go to his own adventures that probably got his brother and king so distressed because laurent for gods sake you are royalty, you have got to be more cautious. laurent would hear this but the very next day take off to another unexplored part of the country.

on another side note: imagine laurent unexpectedly meeting this charming, barbarian of a man on one of his escapes from the palace and they fall hopelessly in love with each other :’)

Happy Healthy ME

As you know, I’ve been struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome for over two years now, and prior to that I had glandular fever, chronic tonsillitis and a whole host of ongoing health problems. By this point, after years of abusing my body and putting up with so much ill health, I’m understandably very frustrated and fed up with always being sick! It’s time to take charge of my health and finally be HAPPY HEALTHY ME!

So, I’ve starting drafting a little plan to help get my health back on track. It’s a work in progress, I’m going to trial this for a few weeks and adjust it as I go. I also need to make allowances for when I am feeling sick and tired. The key to recovering from chronic fatigue is to know when you’re at your limit and allow yourself to rest. Pushing yourself just doesn’t work in this case! I need to work on creating structure and routine within my days, especially my days off from work. 

Morning Routine

  • up by 8am (unless I really need a sleep in)
  • 1 litre of lemon water
  • 2 tbsp blackstrap molasses, vitamin B12, vitamin D3
  • 20-30 minute walk
  • stretching, physiotherapy, strength work (about 30 mins)
  • 10 minute meditation
  • HCLF fruit-filled breakfast
  • shower, wash face, clean teeth
  • studying by 9:30-10ish


  • currently trialling a HCLF, high raw diet. At this point I’m still working out what works best for me nutritionally. I LOVE eating lots of fruit, but am open to adjusting my macros depending on what I feel works best for me. Also being winter, I’m definitely craving hearty, warming meals! So this will be one I’m working on over time. 
  • eat some raw veggies every day
  • [mostly] gluten free. I always eat gluten free at home, but will occasionally eat it when out - and only in small amounts! I have a mild gluten intolerance, but a little seems to go okay.
  • fresh pressed juice daily


  • 20 − 30 minute walk daily - this is as much about getting me out of the house on my days off so I don’t become a hermit as it is just getting me up and moving. Plus I love walking! It’s so calming, refreshing and just feels so dang good.
  • 4 x dance classes per week
  • 1 − 2 yoga classes per week
  • stretching, physiotherapy and strength work daily - one thing I REALLY need to focus on, is getting my strength back up! Obviously dancing helps a lot, but I still have very little upper body and core strength, and with my many injuries (back, shoulders, foot, knee) building up some muscle is the best way to heal and prevent any more from occurring. 
  • in a few weeks I will also think about getting another jazzercise membership. It’s so much fun, so good for fitness, and it’s something that my mum, sisters and I all do together. Family bonding AND fitness?! Yep. I just need to be sure I’m not going to be overdoing it by taking on too much first.


  • 10 minute daily meditation/mindfulness
  • 10 minutes of reading each day
  • write in journal daily


  • do a little each day
  • study like Hermione

So basically I’m hoping my days will go something like this:

  • get up and do Morning Routine
  • study from 10am til about 4 or 5pm
  • have a lunch break but NOT take a nap like I usually do - this makes me sleepy and ends in a very unproductive afternoon! It’s also not good for your night time sleeping habits/sleep quality
  • stop studying by 5pm at the latest
  • eat a wholesome, nutritious dinner
  • do some reading before bed
  • be in bed by 10pm - structured, regular bed times are really important to create good quality sleeping habits

BUT in saying all this, I’m aware that some days I will just not feel up to sticking to this. Some days I will be tired and feeling unwell, and will just need a day on the couch binge watching Pretty Little Liars and napping. And that’s a-ok too. Slowly building up consistent, healthy habits is my ultimate goal, but I need to take it slow and not rush. There is no quick fix for chronic fatigue, and pushing myself will only be detrimental. Some weeks I will probably not exercise at all except for my dance classes, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Slow progress is STILL PROGRESS!

Claire Dearing and how she kicks ass even if ‘Jurassic World’ didn’t exactly want her to

Okay I really just wanted to talk about how YES I love Claire Dearing and NO I don’t think she’s a “weak” character. However, there are things in the movie that bother me where she’s concerned, and I want to talk about them in further depth alongside where I think she triumphs against these complaints. 


    If I became supreme overlord of the entire planet I would outlaw this bullshit from being brought up in any movie tv show book anYTHING EVER AGAIN. SERIOUSLY IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY GET IT OUT OF MY FUCKING FACE AND STOP SHOVING IT DOWN OUR THROATS. 

    HOWEVER!!! This annoying as fuck trope isn’t really applied to Claire. It’s how her sister feels, but not our main female character. She is outright with her opinion on the subject. If anything, we should find her more relatable as a woman because she most likely gets this a lot from her sister, and it’s something that we on Tumblr bitch about all the time. Don’t tell me I need to have kids, don’t tell me I’ll change my mind about wanting kids, etc. I see a lot of people complaining that Claire goes through some DRAMATIC CHANGE where she suddenly does change her mind about children, but I’m calling bullshit on this. So she.. becomes worried about her nephews being in mortal fucking danger???? this means she wants to get knocked up and become a stay at home mom the very next day????????????? what the shit are you people smoking??? 

    If you really want to talk about a character changing their mind about possibly having kids, let me point you in the direction of Alan Grant in the first Jurassic Park film. He voices his dislike and impatience for children through most of the movie. But then it’s almost ALL of his character development where he becomes close with Lex and Tim throughout the movie. One of the last shots in the film are the kids sleeping on his shoulder, while he shares a “knowing” look with Ellie, who’d stated at the start of the movie that she would like to have kids with him someday. THIS SHOT IN ITS ENTIRETY told the audience that yes, he’s changed his mind about children, and his and Ellie’s shared smile insinuates that yes, maybe they will have some of their own one day. 

    THERE IS NO SHOT OR ANY SUGGESTION OF THE SORT THAT CLAIRE COMES TO THIS SAME DECISION. All that she’s gone through was becoming closer with her nephews, of whom she was sort of estranged/didn’t exactly know how to interact with. People are acting like she was staring longingly at them at the end of the film all like “oh I wish I had some of my own now!!!” and there was nothing like that at all. Stop mistaking a woman’s affections for her sister’s children as wanting to have her own. 

    I myself am an aunt and struggle to spend time with my niece and nephew without feeling awkward because I don’t know how to talk to children okay it’s really hard for me but I love them anyway bUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I WANT TO HAVE KIDS. 

  • 2.) Yes, Owen’s character is a bit… gross toward Claire.
    AT FIRST. It would be one thing if she was completely repulsed by him, was constantly fighting off his advances but he kept making crude suggestions/remarks, but that’s not the case. She definitely finds him completely annoying, but she handles herself like a queen looking down upon the village idiot. She stands up to him, insults him, and gets in his personal space even more than he gets into hers. She’s in control of the situation between them, really. And after that first “would you like to consult here or in my bungalow” joke, he never makes another sexual remark toward her. He might be bossing her around later and throughout the movie, and people have apparently found that this made Claire weak, but here’s my counter argument. 

    Owen does lead Claire around throughout most of the movie, but this doesn’t demean her. She does ask for his help, but this doesn’t mean she’s weak. She is a businesswoman, and an extremely important one at that. Mr. Masrani may own the entire park, but she is the one that makes sure it and it’s 20k+ visitors run smoothly and without a hitch every goddamn day. Can you imagine how fucking hard of a job that is to have? How stressful? She puts her entire self into that park, and all of this is what makes her awesome, and definitely the smartest, most intelligent character in the whole freaking film. She asks for Owen’s help to find her nephews and lead her through mILES of JUNGLE with a wiLD MURDEROUS DINOSAUR ON THE LOOSE because that’s what he does. Why would Claire, on top of being an amazing fucking businesswoman, also be an amazing fucking hunter??? Not to say that she couldn’t, but in the context of storytelling, that would just be too convenient. One character who’s good at job A who asks another character to do job B because they’re good at it doesn’t demean the person who’s good at job A. And she fucking holds up her own when they’re out together. She’s not screaming or whimpering or complaining or shrinking away at everything. When all hell breaks loose in the park and the Pterosaurs are snatching people up left and right, Claire doesn’t hide behind Owen, but rather gets up to higher ground, putting herself at higher risk of getting snatched up, to look for her nephews. Oh, and then yanno, rescues our heroic male lead by near-expertly gunning down a Dimorphodon that was about to tear his face off. Completely pushed around and weak, right? 

  • 3.) Zach and Gray’s disregard for their aunt in light of how BAD ASS AND GR8!!!! Owen is. 
    I honestly don’t.. have any excuse or argument for this. It’s bullshit, and it makes me angry. It’s basically like “oh hey look we have a decent female character and she’s brave and strong and smart an-OH IS THAT A HEROIC MALE CHARACTER I SEE?? I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THAT OTHER PERSON WHO’S SHE EVEN I AM SO CONSUMED BY HOW AWESOME CHRIS PRATT IS” and yeah, it’s some shit on their part. It makes me hate the kids a little bit, honestly like wow you two stupid fucks you just watched your aunt shoot the fuck out of a dinosaur and save her helpless boyfriend and you’re gonna just completely disregard that??? okay you little shits I hope you get eaten. I MEAN, dang, I realize it was just supposed to be a funny line, but it was insulting to Claire as a character. This is really the only moment I find truly disappointing as far as how the movie handled Claire as a woman. 

  • Claire and Owen needing to be romantically involved at all.
    I honestly went into this movie dreading this. I knew the two were going to be forced into some awkward romance for no reason at all, as most movies tend to make us sit through. Why do we need to put in a romantic subplot when we have fucking dinosaurs for gods’ sake? The answer is that we don’t, but where I see a lot of people complaining that this is another aspect that makes Claire weak and uninteresting, I really do think that they handled the romance well. Actually, the greatest thing about it, is that it’s not in your face the whole time. It’s not a main concern. Bryce and Chris actually had really good chemistry, and they shared one short, chaste kiss. Nothing about them was overly sexual. THIS is how you handle romance in an action movie. If you’re going to do it, this is how it’s done. I would even go as far as to compare this to the relationship between Mako and Raleigh from Pacific Rim. Definitely not as well written or subtle, but in the way that it wasn’t shoved down the audience’s throats. There wasn’t a big makeout scene at the end as the sun set against the ocean or some bullshit like that. They just meet up, and walk out together. No swelling of romantic music or chorus, just. Two people who went through some shit together and like each other to some romantic extent. 

    Did the movie need the romance? No. BUT there is a plethora of forced, awkward, gross romances out there, and this isn’t one. It doesn’t demean Claire’s character, and she’s not a prize won by the male lead. This gets them more than a pass in my book. 

BASICALLY IN SUMMARY. Yes, Jurassic World fucked up a few times where female characters were concerned, but don’t drag Claire down with these missteps. And don’t just drag the entire movie through the mud either. It did a shit ton more right than it did wrong. Encourage more characters like Claire, but to be handled better in the future. Applaud what the movie did right and maybe we’ll get MORE of that in the next film. 

in a nut shell idfk just have fucking fun don’t be a fuckin salt pile