long donuts

She has her ways.

S-sir? Uhh… How’s it going in here?

Hm? Ah. Hmph. Fine.

Yeah? Making p-progress?


… Enough progress that you c-could take a break?

Mm. Later.

How about now?

Now is not later.

A-actually “later” came and went several hours ago, sir… It’s 4 in the afternoon now.


You’ve been at work since 4 this morning, sir.


What’s your point?

Nnnggh doctor, please! I’m under strict orders from the King to s-stop you if you overwork yourself! He’s w-worried you might-

I am not overworking myself, I’m perfectly fine! Besides, 12 hours is nothing!


There’s coffee and d-donuts in the break room~


… You foul temptress.

Hehehe! I k-know your every weakness, sir.

Impossible: I have none. 


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I drew some grimmons stuff a bit back and filled the rest of the page with the sad mini-comic thing at the bottom so I wouldn’t waste the rest of the page, then drew grif for anatomy practice stuff (but I forgot some scarring stuff I wanted to do dksjksdjg it’s too late though…I colored it. I also changed his hair a bit)

anyways, don’t mind me sinking further into RvB Hell! wheeeeeeeeee!

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Donut: [holding a jar of lemonade] Hey, Tucker. the place on the corner is serving lemonade, and you get to keep the jar. Pretty cool.
Tucker: Yes. That’s VERY cool, Donut.
Donut: Mhm.
Tucker: Will you excuse me for just a moment?
Donut: Sure
Tucker: [in another room of the base] Guys, guys, guys! Donut has a mason jar full of lemonade.
Grif: You called us in here to tell us that?
Tucker: No. I called you in here to change your LIVES! For you see, a mere 5 minutes ago, Caboose introduced me to his new goldfish, who lives in… [points to Caboose talking with Donut]
Doc: *GASP* An identical mason jar!
Simmons: Ooohhh, this isn’t gonna end well.
Tucker: There are 2 possible outcomes, and we’re gonna bet on which one happens first. So, will Caboose put fish food in Donut’s lemonade, or will Donut drink Caboose’s gold fish? Now, you would think that putting fish food into lemonade would be-
Carolina: Caboose just drank his own fish.
[camera shows Caboose drinking from the jar the fish was in]

Tales of Zestiria + Titles

dean and demon finn go cryptid hunting: 

- more specifically sasquatch hunting bc let’s face it dean is a basic bitch

- finn doesn’t know what the fresh hell is going on and he just kinda rolls with it halfheartedly as dean explains to him with concerning passion just how important the art of staking out is

- finn’s more interested in the gear they brought along, his hand gets swatted away from the nets and crowbars (why do they even have those) several times

- snacks are in order. half their stash is gone by the time they arrive to their destination (a forest in the middle of McFucking Nowhere) courtesy of dean

- they go hiking around and dean is wearing a dumb cap and those weird sunglasses. you know what i’m talking about. 

- finn is dying from the heat but is too stubborn to do anything about it. he only panics once his paint starts to drip off. dean told him not to wear it, but finn insisted

- “how am i supposed to intimidate the large feet properly if the way i look doesn’t reflect the evil inside?” -demon finn 

- “okay whatever u fucken edgelord” -dean

- once it gets dark, things take to the next level. they have a tent set up but dean makes them hide out in a tree for the ~true experience~

- finn’s perched on a branch like some kind of weird hellish bird as dean surveys the area with binoculars

- he’s holding them the wrong way but finn isn’t going to tell him that

- he’s also still wearing his sunglasses

- their fire goes out after half an hour and dean’s Shook. of course he’s not scared of the dark, the noises and shit of the forest just spook him is all

- *twig snaps* the fuck was that? *owl hoots* the fuck was that? *finn breathes* the FUCK was that? -dean

- finn assures dean that he can see in the dark, and there’s nothing to be afraid of other than that huge hairy thing over there.

- the huge what now

- dean, upon making sure finn wasn’t fucking with him and that there is indeed, a huge hairy thing nearby, is Shook x2 and the second finn realizes this is what they’re looking for, he leaps at it.


- finn’s too busy making inhuman noises as he attacks what dean assumes is sasquatch, so dean runs to get it himself.

- he comes back with a flashlight and a net (what’s that gonna do dumbass) only to find finn squaring off with a wolf 

- “you can’t just fucking start swinging at a dog that’s animal abuse” -dean 

- finn never got the memo on what sasquatch was exactly, which, in retrospect, was dean’ fault

- “should’ve gone looking for nessie instead maybe then you’d know what the fuck you’re doing”

- “i’m fooking irish ya dope” 

- they decide to call it a night, both pissedt as fuck (dean bc he’s a failure of a cryptid hunter, and finn bc that wolf was actually beating him in the fight)

- they decide to drive back home the next morning, and dean’s a pissbaby for a bit, until they pass up a donut shop 

- dean’s a simple man, donuts will change his mood guaranteed 10 times out of 10

- finn can’t go down into the shop for obvious reasons (demonic paint, scratches from fighting a fucking wolf) but they get some from the drive through and keep going

- even demon finn still refuses to eat donuts for Healthy Reasons, but he decides to make an exception to make dean feel better (joke’s on him, dean felt better the second he had access to food)

- finn eats a jelly-filled one to feel validated (it’s as close to ~blood~ as he can get) and dean decides they don’t need to go cryptid hunting when he’s already got a good ass cryptid right here 

anonymous asked:

Even if tddk ends up not being canon I'd love if Horikoshi leaves them as hero partners. Like, we can see them fight villains side by side and just... both of them trusting each other with their lives, not like they don't do it already lol.

i’d like them to be hero partners too^^

anon i literally don’t care whether or not they become canon–as long as they’re together in some way shape or form.