long donuts

so @internationaldibsprotocol and i had an interesting convo last night, which can be best summed up with:


“That’s ‘Cappy to you!”

“We’re all friends now.”


“You just got Sarge’d!”

R76 exists in every universe so…

“I love getting Sarge’d!”

And of course, if Reyes is Sarge then that must mean…

“Howdy, boys~! Officer Hot Pants, reporting for duty!”

Tales of Zestiria + Titles

Here is a list of reasons not to kill yourself. There are no guilt trips like ‘for your family’ etc. These are reasons you should stay alive because you will never experience them if you are not alive.
68 Reasons to not kill yourself:
1. new albums
2. your pets will miss you
3. starry nights
4. staying in bed when it’s cold
5. trying on stupid sunglasses
6. good coffee
7. shitty coffee
8. skinny dipping
9. watching a sunrise
10. watching a sunset
11. skyping at midnight
12. tree houses
13. rainbows
14. night swimming
15. walks in the rain
16. donuts
17. long drives to nowhere
18. hotel rooms
19. putting on new contacts
20. taking a bra off
21. warped tour
22. tumblr
23. reading a good book the first time
24. reading a good book the thirty second time
25. cuddling
26. putting your favorite outfit on
27. bubble baths
28. long showers
29. singing along to songs
30. singing badly
31. looking at art
32. going to the beach
33. telling someone you love them the first time
34. telling someone you love them the 100th time
35. kisses
36. going inside when it’s hot out
37. going inside when it’s cold out
38. Sitting on a rooftop
39. laughing
40. petting animals
41. good hair days
42. candles
43. tea
44. naps
45. good pens
46. being held
47. holding someone
48. seeing your favorite band
49. meeting your idol
50. good movies
51. stupid movies
52. watching your favorite show
53. buying that thing you always wanted
54. taking pictures
55. drawing
56. writing
57. bonfires
58. being nice to strangers
59 giving compliments
60. getting compliments
61. pizza
62. looking at clouds
63. new shoes
64. flowers
65. going to the zoo
66. lightning
67. falling in love
68. proving yourself and others wrong

donut emoji review

delicious looking donut, with a nice sprinkle touch. 5/5

that saturated yellow doesn’t look good on that shade of brown. 1/5

thick borders look nice for once. 4/5

who only puts a few sprinkles on one half of the donut??? and that frosting doesn’t look right. 0/5

round, dark, and overall nice to look at. 5/5

is…is that it’s mouth? is it sticking out it’s tongue at me? 1/5 rude

smol donut, too pure for this world. 5/5

a more detailed version of microsoft’s. 4/5

a somewhat simpler version of the one above too. 4/5

not much to work with here, they all mostly look the same. 4/5

that shade of pink is way too bright, but otherwise 3/5

this is just sad


humans.. whatever

UNDERTALE Aesthetic (8/?): Muffet

You can come back here any time… And, for no charge at all…I’ll wrap you up and let you play with my pet again!