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Sorta-Transcript from online fan Q&A with Shelby Rabara, Deedee Magno Hall, and Michaela Dietz

Anyone can watch this online Q&A with the above voice actors, but if you don’t want to watch/can’t listen to audio, I made this sorta-transcript. Meaning I did not transcribe the exact words in most cases, but I wrote down the questions and the basic idea of how they answered. Enjoy! 

Shelby Rabara (voice of Peridot) was the Livestream host for fan questions! Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl) and Michaela Dietz (Amethyst) were giving answers, but usually Shelby gave her answer too.

Shelby read fan questions.

1. Favorite episode and why?

Deedee: “Steven and the Stevens”: she likes the song, because it reminds her of the movie That Thing You Do.

Michaela: Is it a cop-out to say all of them? Ha. “Tiger Millionaire” is great because Zach’s performance is great and wrestling’s cool.

Shelby: “Lion 3: Straight to Video.” Because it’s emotional.

2. What character that you don’t voice do you relate to most?

Deedee: Amethyst.

Michaela: Really??

Deedee: Because I like to eat. I like to eat FOOD.

Michaela: You don’t like to eat stacks of garbage and moldy burritos?

Michaela: Steven. He has a good head on his shoulders.

Deedee: And you also have a very good heart like him!

Shelby: I relate to Connie. She is level-headed and uses logic and makes the correct choice.

Michaela: She’s bright and assertive and so are you.

Shelby: Are you having fun here?

Michaela and Deedee: YES! We just had a great panel and cosplay!

3. If your characters were human, what jobs would they have?

Deedee: Pearl would work in a Laundromat because she’s really good at folding clothes and I think either that or maybe she might be in the cleaning business because she likes to organize. She’s tidy.

Michaela: I need the Pearl method in my home. Amethyst would be a camp counselor. She would be the wacky counselor who’s getting too into the games.

Shelby: I’d want Amethyst as a counselor.

4. If you were a Gem, what would your gem weapon be and why?

Deedee: Because I’m a mom, I would want to have a healing blanket to heal them.

Michaela: The power of a bad joke. “Orange ya glad I didn’t say banana?” So powerful.

Shelby: I would wanna read people’s minds. Can I use that? Is that like Garnet’s third eye?

Deedee: Similar but not.

5. How do you get into character when you perform voice-overs?

Michaela: I have an evolved routine. I wake up. And that’s what I do. I’m so close to Amethyst! I wake up, I talk, it’s acting.

Deedee: That comes so easy to you! I have to wake up early, and warm up, especially if it’s a singing episode. No coffee with cream. I have to drink water to avoid sticky saliva. Green apples!

Shelby: I noticed that you ate green apples!

Deedee: I wish I didn’t have to do that! But green apples help lubricate and get rid of mucus.

Michaela: Or a potato chip. Not a weird flavor.

Shelby: I’m gonna try those things next time I’m in the booth with you guys.

6. What’s your favorite Fusion?

Michaela and Deedee: [Start singing “Giant Woman”]

Deedee: Though I do like Sardonyx.

Michaela: Every time a new Fusion appears I like that one. I’m crushing on Smoky Quartz.

Shelby: I like Stevonnie. That’s an aesthetic I haven’t seen in cartoons. It’s Steven and Connie mashed together!

Michaela: Says young cosplayers remind her of Stevonnie with the maturity they exude. Stumbles over calling Stevonnie a “young woman” and then acknowledges they’re a nonbinary Fusion. Says that easy confidence is so attractive.

Deedee: AJ is a perfect voice for Stevonnie. She killed it at the panel, and the singing with Estelle with Rebecca playing was amazing. What a great Fusion they are.

7. Give your best impression of another character.

Michaela: muhmuhmuh! [Onion voice]

Deedee: I’m nervous doing this in front of you. “YOU CLODS!” [Peridot voice]


Deedee and Michaela: NO YOU’RE THE BEST!

Shelby: Let’s just fawn over each other.

8. How long does it take to record an episode?

Michaela: Depends on how many lines we have. Could be an hour, could be four hours.

Deedee: We get in at 9, could be wrapped up by 1.

Michaela: An episode takes ten months from the idea to on the TV.

Deedee: Like a baby. It IS a baby.

9. What celebrity would you like to see appear on the show?

Michaela: Rebecca Sugar. And T-Pain. He’s a big Steven Universe fan.

Deedee: I just want to meet him and sing with him: Bruno Mars.

Shelby: I would wanna see Adele. Adele should voice a character. And she’s funny. And she loves herself.

Michaela: Loving who you are is so on-brand!

10. Who’s the best Steven Universe villain?

Deedee: Can I say Peridot? She started out as a villain and then changed for good. [Michaela helped express this and they say they Giant Womaned that.]

11. What would your fusion dance be?

Deedee and Michaela do a fusion dance with Shelby providing beatboxing.

Michaela: Actually that’s how we greet each other on the street.

Deedee: I was nervous. Dancing in front of you makes me nervous because you’re a pro dancer.

Shelby: Imagine us in a booth together! Our work isn’t even work.

Michaela: People probably see us and ask if we had too much ginger ale. Too many vegetables.

Deedee: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY VEGETABLES. Fruits and vegetables. Also, hydrate. Drink lots of water.

12. What are your favorite memories from recording?

Deedee: We’re still making more memories! The efforts! When we crack up over making effort noises.

Michaela: Do you hear that? It’s an earthquake!

[All three make noises like they’re losing their balance.]

Michaela: When we get together it’s always a great time, like a mini family reunion. Recently AJ was there, Estelle was there, you [Deedee] were there, Paz was there … I think Zach wasn’t there? Toks was there! [Nanefua’s voice actor.] We had a reunion. We’re so close!

13. What has been the most difficult scene to record?

Deedee: There are many re-dos. For me, the really wordy Pearl lines, ‘cause I don’t speak like that normally. The intricate dialogue that Pearl says is tough for me.

Michaela: You execute them flawlessly.

Deedee: Take after take after take.

Michaela: During Amethyst’s angrier self-expression phases, it was hard to scream a lot and vary it so it didn’t all sound the same. Very challenging.

Shelby: We’re our own biggest critic. When we have long runs, we have to think so quickly. Finding the levels is important, trying to hit them emotionally.

Deedee: It’s so helpful to have Rebecca, Kent, Matt, and Ben in the booth giving specifics to us on how to execute our lines.

Michaela: You both are so good at taking the text and making it feel like your own. I learn the most from watching other actors.

Deedee: We go to school every sesh!

14. Tell the fans what your favorite line is.


Michaela: CHAIRS!

Deedee: I like saying everybody’s names. “STEVEN!” “AMETHYST!” “~GARNET!” [The “Steven” read sounds fearful, the “Amethyst” read sounds angry, and the “Garnet” read sounds almost pleading.]

Shelby: Mine’s definitely “Clod.”

Shelby: On Sunday, Cartoon Network they’re filming a music video for “Stronger Than You” with Estelle!

[The VAs sing a line from “Stronger Than You.”]

Michaela: But we’re not really stronger than YOU because you guys are really strong.

Deedee: Really strong. Stay strong! In the real way.

Shelby: YES.

The Money Will Roll Right In
The Money Will Roll Right In

Fang - The Money Will Roll Right In

You’ll have to admit, we’ll be rich as shit
I’ll just sit & grin t
he money will roll right in




The Flash #105, March 1959 
I love that Iris has the balls and confidence to tell Barry he needs to be more like The Flash, and Barry just goes with it lol. She is awesome, because she knows what she wants and what she deserves and accepts nothing less. 

And, since I’m petty as hell, welcome to the first edition of:
Things Iris West Does in The Flash Silver Age Comics Thus Far!

- Wait for Barry, who is terminally late. Tell him this every time he is.
- Be a kickass reporter (well, news photographer right now) and go wherever a story takes her.
- Tell Barry to his face that she thinks The Flash is better than him.
- Run hurtling into danger like the kickass lady she is even though Barry is in the background yelling HOE DON’T DO IT. Then The Flash has to save her when she gets in trouble.

I’m just keeping a lookout for that comic book version of Iris I keep hearing about that’s so much better than the Flash TV show’s Iris. You know, the one who’s way more than just a love interest, who isn’t “annoying” or “whiny” like our Iris in the TV show apparently is. The one who isn’t a ~damsel in distress, like Candice’s Iris. You must know the one, because we’ve heard about her nonstop like she’s the Lochness Monster or something. I’ll let you know as soon as I find her, promise! 

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Localization Blog #3

Greetings and salutations, true believers!

 Trails of Cold Steel has officially launched, and I’m excited! You may well be one of the pre-order platoon, leading the vanguard, or perhaps the game is making its way to you through all the holiday postal congestion at this very moment. Either way, you’ll soon know what we know: good things come to those who wait, and here at the tail end of 2015, one of the year’s finest RPG adventures stands ready to be unfurled (though let’s be honest…with the length of the game, you’ll probably have said “Happy New Year!” before you roll those credits). Work on Trails of Cold Steel II is already well underway, so worry not – you won’t have to wait too long to see more of what happens to Rean and friends.

Brittany wrote last time about all the effort that goes into the process of voice recording, and she was right on the money – it’s a lot of work. More than I’d predicted, actually. See, this was actually a big first for me. Sure, I’d written for voice work before, but Trails of Cold Steel marked the first time I went into the studio to help supervise the recording of an English dub. The whole process – which took about 20 working days for all the voice work – was like one long course in the particulars of going from script to a finished dub – hugely instructive and informational, but also harrying with how much new info about the process I was absorbing all the time.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

"this is exactly what I was anticipating". Except for when you never saw a pregnancy coming and then guaranteed that it would all be denied quickly. So, apart from getting everything about this pregnancy wrong you, anticipated it exactly. Gold star fail, you tried etc. And now you're on record as saying there is no baby and Louis isn't the father, so it's going to be fun reading your inevitable backtrack next year.

Just so I’m clear, are you actually trying to drag me for not having anticipated that 1DHQ would fake a pregnancy? Is that really what’s happening right now?? Really???

This is the most ridiculous stunt of all time, of course I couldn’t have ever predicted it. AND it’s pretty widely known throughout the fandom that the story was supposed to be shot down within days (with denial articles all written and ready to publish), but then something changed and they carried on with it much much longer term, bringing us to our current, unchartered territory. 

The sentence, “this is exactly what I was anticipating” (had you not taken it out of context) was specifically about how they were going to continue to level up their public manoeuvres, in light of the fandom all but ignoring Briana’s (and babygate’s) existence.

And I’m quite happy to go ‘on record’ to state, with certainty, that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in a long-term, committed romantic relationship with each other and that Louis is not going to be a father with Briana Jungwirth. Whether she’s actually pregnant to another man remains to be seen, but personally, I don’t think it’s likely. This isn’t a prediction, it’s a statement of fact; Larry is real and babygate is fake. 

Now shall I repeat that again for the fandom stenographer, or did you and the members of your anti jury hear it clearly enough the first time? 

septic-airi  asked:

How long on average does recording and editing two videos take? Is it hard? What kind of problems do you experience editing and recording?

It depends on the video or how much I want to edit it . A simple edit takes about 30 mins to an hour depending on length of the video. Heavy edits can take about 2 hours each. 60fps reners are the biggest issue, they take about an hour to complete for a 16 min video which is a LOT of time just creating the video.

anonymous asked:

How long does it take to record the footage you need for a video?

it depends on the video. if i’m just standing/sitting in the video it’s about 30 minutes to film. if it’s a sketch it can take an hour or two. sometimes longer.

editing varies in the same way. for example my most recent Q&A (So About My Girlfriend…) took 2-3 hours to edit start to finish. but sketches (like The Adele Effect) it took… quite a bit longer haha.

the fastest i have ever cranked out a video was probably New Year, New Me. I wrote and produced the song at like 2am, filmed the video at around 4am, edited it by 6am, and posted around noon. hence why it is absolutely ridiculous. 

jensik  asked:

Professional question: How long does it take to record an audiobook on average? How many chapters a day can you do? Not asking for a friend.

I can work for about 5 hours of total performing a day before my voice is wrecked, and I try my best to take a few breaks during the day to rehydrate myself, drink some tea with lemon and honey, and do the tricks that singers do to protect their voices.

Usually, I do about six minutes per page, but that varies depending on a lot of circumstances.

So, for example, it took me I think three weeks to do the Chronicles of Amber books. Ready Player One was like 8 days, I think. Little Brother was three or four days. Some of the shorts I’ve done, like Metatropolis and Oh, For A Muse of Fire, were done in a single session.