long divisions

  • Hanzo: Jesse, what are you doing?
  • McCree: I'm helping the little one with her homework!
  • Hanzo: What possible intelligence do you possess to help the small child?
  • McCree: How to disarm a man in the safest way possible!
  • Efi: Yeah! He's been telling me all about it!
  • Hanzo: And how does this help her with long division?
  • McCree: Long what now?
  • Hanzo: Nevermind.
Bts reacting to you in a mini skirt!

Request: Bts reacting to you in a short skirt


“So what do you think?” *You come out of your room to show him the result of your outfit after half an hour*

“Well I think…” *gets up and starts fiddling with his belt* “…that Namjoon Jr. now has to be strapped down.”

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*You walk into the living room*

“Nope, we’re not doing this today.”

“I guess you could say… Not Today”

*wants to laugh but walks away before you can see to make a point*

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“Do you like it?”

*stares at you admiringly*


“I love it jagi. God, you’re so beautiful”

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“Okay I’m ready to go!”

“Is that what you’re wearing?”


“You know what, maybe we should just stay inside tonight… maybe light up some candles… put on a movie but definitely makeout instead.”

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“Alright come on taehy- what are you doing? You’re wrinkling your clothes.”

“I saw what you’re wearing and I’d rather stay home.”

“But the dinner plans?”

“But my tongue plans? >;)”

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“Jiminie~ I bought a new skirt! What do you think?”

“I’ll be damned if I ever let you out with that!” *is shook asf*

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“Alright Kookie I’m heading out.”



*Wants to stop you from going out but doesn’t know how to bring it up so he ends up looking like he’s lowkey trying to figure out how to do long division in his head even tho in actuality he’s just a confused speechless weirdo*

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yo my dash is rlly dead

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  • sami zayn
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Sherlock fandom productivity on AO3 since series 4

With the flurry around the surprises in the new series, some of us longtime Sherlock fans might have the impression that everything is going up in flames. The tides of tumblr are hard to read, but a clearer view might be offered by looking at what the fandom is doing on AO3, our favourite archive. 

Above is a plot reporting the number of new and returning creators posting Sherlock works per month, since 2011. This and more plots below the cut show that Series 4 really energized the fandom, in particular fanwork creators that have been around for a few years. 

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can you describe N, Kihyun, Jeonghan, and Jin (mayne suho if thats okay) as PTA moms, please? i love love love this concept so much, it's so funny 😂

hakyeon: expensive wine taste, best fashion - owns a pantsuit for every day of the week. doesn’t really know why she still shows up to the pta meetings all her kids have graduated but she loves to sit in talk with the other moms,,,it’s her fill of Drama

kihyun: doesn’t give a shit about the wine, comes straight from work, keeps his nails well sharpened. gets into fights with teachers who try to give the kids lower grades because kihyun is sure his kids are THE BEST he doesn’t care of changkyun can’t do long division. “let me speak to the principal” kinda mom. banned from chaperoning field trips 

jeonghan: cheap wine is fine but prefers white over red, has the best hair and kihyun secretly hates it. complains the most about the kids because there are so many of them when will they all just grOW UP and jin is like you should love your kids and jeonghan is like i do love my kids. i love dino for example 

jin: drinks wine depending on what he’s had for lunch, voted the prettiest by other moms, probably looks like he has the best handle on his kids but he doesn’t. tries to offer advice to other moms but what he really wants is for someone to take jungkook away and raise him because teenagers are,,,,,,,,,,horrible

suho: cheap wine for the win (and for the saving of money), most expensive jewelry, “this was a gift from kr- i can’t even say his name jESUS”. cries at every meeting. misses the kids who left and refuse to answer any of his texts or calls. begs jeonghan to get minghao to call luhan so suho can know if he’s ok and taking his meds 

Look at the village smith, said Adam Smith, the father of modern Political Economy. If he has never been accustomed to making nails he will only succeed by hard toil in forging two to three hundred a day, and even then they will be bad. But if this same smith has never done anything but nails, he will easily supply as many as two thousand three hundred in the course of a day. And Smith hastened to the conclusion — “Divide labour, specialize, go on specializing; let us have smiths who only know how to make heads or points of nails, and by this means we shall produce more. We shall grow rich.”

That a smith sentenced for life to the making of heads of nails would lose all interest in his work, would be entirely at the mercy of his employer with his limited handicraft, would be out of work four months out of twelve, and that his wages would decrease when he could be easily replaced by an apprentice, Smith did not think of it when he exclaimed — “Long live the division of labour. This is the real gold-mine that will enrich the nation!” And all joined in the cry.

—  The Conquest of Bread, Pëtr Kropotkin

revised some simple math concepts today. i’ve realised that sometimes i get so used to learning more of the complex formulas and functions that i forget practical math things like long division hahaha the weather was nice today and i really enjoyed it. on the bad side of things, i clumsily slammed my pinky toe and its counterparts into the door today and i am limping everywhere now ahahaha oh whale

women inspiring women

in honor of International Women’s Day, here are some hcs about few of my favorite OMGCP ladies’ female role models

Larissa Duan:  Yayoi Kusama. In grade school her art teacher did a lesson on Yayoi Kusama and she was immediately fascinated with all the bright colors and whimsical patterns and polka dots. It was the first time art actually looked fun to her, and she loved it. She owns Infinity Net, and sometimes when she’s in a slump she reads it or looks at Kusama works to try and spark that feeling from the first time she really truly loved art.

Camilla Collins: Serena Williams. Her little sister plays tennis, too, and Camilla always loved when they were younger and played doubles together just like Serena and Venus. When she was just getting into tennis, she admired Serena for her wicked backhand and serve. Now, though, she loves Serena for everything she represents - bravery, strength, grace, activism, courage. She loves how Serena always stands up for herself and for others, and she tries so hard to emulate that in her own life.

Georgia Martin: Laura Halldorson. Halldorson was her coach when she played hockey for Minnesota, and she really pushed Georgia to take her game to the next level. Still to this day, Georgia credits Coach Halldorson with getting her to the Olympic team. They kept in touch even after Georgia graduated, and it was Coach Halldorson that really encouraged Georgia to get into coaching. When Georgia was offered the HC job for the Falconers, the first thing she did was call Laura, who told her that she deserved it and she would be amazing and she should go for it.

Suzanne Bittle: Allison Bittle. Allison is Suzanne’s older sister, and from the time Suzanne was 3 and Allison was 7, Suzanne wanted to be just like her big sister. Their dad worked a lot, and there were three other kids under Suzanne, so their mom had her hands full, and it was up to Allison to teach Suzanne how to tie her shoe laces and do long division and make macaroni and cheese. She taught Suzanne other things, too - things that Suzanne didn’t even realize she was learning from Allison, like how to stick up for herself, how to be respectful and polite but still assertive, and how to figure out if a boy is worth your time.

Alicia Zimmermann: Audrey Hepburn. Alicia’s mom loved Audrey Hepburn movies, so Alicia grew up loving them, too. She loved how classy Audrey always was while still being pretty badass. Plus Audrey’s work with UNICEF really resonated with her, and she always wanted to be able to help peope - specifically children - like Audrey did. When she needs to slow down and take a minute, she’ll sit down and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Sabrina or My Fair Lady

Anne With an E: Anne Shirley [INFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Anne builds an instant, strong connection to Matthew that she describes as a “kindred spirit.” She “understands” him, through their shared quiet but intense affection for one another. Her emotions drive all her decisions, and Gilbert accuses her of making things “all about herself,” when she is actually trying to connect to him, through their shared loss. She can be melodramatic with her feelings, but keeps the most intense things to herself, until she learns she can trust Marilla with some of them (even then, she doesn’t talk about her abuse at the orphanage or in foster homes). She is incredibly kind, sensitive, and easily offended, but also has an “iron will.”

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): She self-entertains endlessly through stories, window friends, and dramatic re-interpretations of the world around her. Anne daydreams about climbing into a cheery tree if no one comes for her; she prefers to tell Marilla an invented tale about her marvelous parents, rather than the truth. She never does anything without a flourish. She admits that the white way of delight is “the only thing that cannot be improved on, by my imagination!” She has a dozen stories in her head all at the same time, and often shares these (abstract) details with her friends; they can’t think up a plot for a story? No problem, Anne has a vague idea they can use! She refuses to accept the world as it is; she has to put her own personal shine on it.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Her own experiences are very important to her, and Anne uses them to frame her expectations of reality; she comes to Green Gables terrified they won’t want or keep her, because others have ditched her in the past, due to her “ugly” red hair and freckles. She is overwhelmed with delight when the Cuthberts give her a sense of security, sameness, and permanence, by inviting her to sign the family Bible and become a real Cuthbert. Anne glowers on the train that, “Why are BAD memories so much harder to forget than good ones?” She spends several episodes flashing back to her traumatic experiences, triggered by similarities and emotional reactions in her environment. Her perception of how life was is sometimes naïve (Ne) and impressionistic (Si) rather than factual.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Oh, boy. Anne has a temper. She insults Rachel Lynde in no uncertain terms. She screams at Gilbert to leave her alone. She doesn’t hesitate to slap down Marilla for her fake “good night,” at the end of her first night at Green Gables. Her Te bitch-slaps people all over the place. Since she is so young, she uses it mostly to assert her opinions… but while she IS very hard working at school, and smart enough to teach herself long division, she hasn’t quite mastered the art of not daydreaming yet and… you know, not setting the kitchen on fire.

Note: This is on Netflix now. It’s magnificent. Go watch it.

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Hello! I'm 14 in high school and I was just wondering what to do if I don't get into my dream schools for university? My parents put a lot of pressure on me and I compete with another kid at school because we don't want to be what my parents call 'useless children'. A's aren't good enough for my parents, they won't talk to me or refer to me by name unless I beat all of the other children in my class. I was just wondering what you would do? Have a lovely day, your blog is goals <3

Hello! I’ll start by saying, I don’t want this to come across rude or disrespectful in any way. I don’t know much about your life and parents but from what you’ve shared, I feel what they’re doing to could be counterproductive. It might help in a way but you could end up seeing any form of studying as a chore and come to resent it. At 14, you honestly shouldn’t be worrying about university. Yes, perhaps be starting to think what you’re interested in pursuing as an overarching career but already thinking about the potential you don’t get in seems so unnecessary. You’re incredibly young. You have so much life experience and learning to get through before university applications are even something to consider. At 14, I didn’t even know what I wanted to study. I choose my degree at 18 and ended up hating it. I switched my major and my current degree didn’t even exist when I was your age. Your interests are bound to change but having university as a goal is a good thing to have. There are so many ways and options for getting into university or even getting a degree. Since you’re 14 you have a lot of time to practice for your senior year and help reduce the chances of rejection from universities. However, universities tend to look beyond grades now-a-days. They consider other things like social and extracurricular activities. Plus, depending on where you live you might have to do a personal essay/statement. There are also many instances of people who don’t go to university or drop out who end up extremely successful. University isn’t the only way to do well in life. It makes me extremely upset to think your parents won’t call you by name if you don’t beat some classmates on a test. You’re not defined by a grade or whether you can beat Fred at long division. You’re so much more than that. Please remember that if they ever make you feel like you’re not enough. I understand that your parents could see beating others as ‘success’ but it shouldn’t be a requirement. I don’t think you should be pitted against classmates, especially at 14. Friendly competition with friends is okay and probably quite motivating but putting that kind of pressure on you seems unnecessary. I think it is really important for you to keep studying about learning and not about the grade. What I don’t want to happen for you is that you get overly worked up about the grades, either burnout or cheat because the marks are more important than you learning and improving. I also want to say that your parents are, more than likely, trying to support and help you succeed. I admit it is a funny way of showing it but deep down they’re probably just wanting the best for you. If they refer to you as useless, please remember that you are not. You  have so many lovely traits and qualities. A good grade or high mark is not the only thing that is important about you. Being a good person, having life experience, and understanding yourself are much more important things to have than a test with 99%. I hope this has helped. If you ever need to talk, please message me xx

A person with a 9th house stellium may be viewed as unintelligent because they are so conceptual.

Like math, for example, may not make sense to them. Math is very methodical, formulaic, and detail-oriented; general math is related to the 3rd house and Gemini.

If a child struggled with long-division and had a 9th house stellium, picking apart the procedures and relating them to the whole would be beneficial- as well as nemonic devices!

They are wise with conceptual curiosity and will learn more in this lifetime through experience than the vast majority of us.

9th house: experiential and conceptual learning

Last stand: Nebraska farmers could derail Keystone XL pipeline
TransCanada has route approval in all of the U.S. states the line will cross except Nebraska, where the company says it has been unable to negotiate easements with landowners on about 9 percent of the 300-mile crossing.

When President Donald Trump handed TransCanada Pipeline Co. a permit for its Keystone XL pipeline last month, he said the company could now build the long-delayed and divisive project “with efficiency and with speed.”

But Trump and the firm will have to get through Nebraska farmer Art Tanderup first, along with about 90 other landowners in the path of the pipeline.

They are mostly farmers and ranchers, making a last stand against the pipeline - the fate of which now rests with an obscure state regulatory board, the Nebraska Public Service Commission.

The group is fine-tuning an economic argument it hopes will resonate better in this politically conservative state than the environmental concerns that dominated the successful push to block Keystone under former President Barack Obama.

Backed by conservation groups, the Nebraska opponents plan to cast the project as a threat to prime farming and grazing lands - vital to Nebraska’s economy - and a foreign company’s attempt to seize American private property.

They contend the pipeline will provide mainly temporary jobs that will vanish once construction ends, and limited tax revenues that will decline over time.

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Why Sherlock Would be a Very Good Dad (and other assorted Headcanons)
  • He’d be able to deduce which boy’s/girl’s house Rosie would be going to by her outfit choice, so lying to him about her excursions would be futile —he’d find out everything while she fished for an excuse
  • Even though he’d have taught her more about chemistry than most college professors know by her twelfth birthday, he wouldn’t be able to teach her a single thing about how to do long division; “Mental math is obsolete, John, we’ll just buy her a calculator.”
  • He’d get horribly aggressive at parent-teacher conferences. If he heard anything that he disagreed with, he’d make a biting comment about the teacher’s lack of credentails, flip up his collar, and whoosh out of the room, pulling Rosie behind him
  • Sherlock would be the one that spoilt Rosie silly, but he was also the one that made her feel the worst when she disappointed them
  • He’d try to take her on cases, but John would stop him, saying, “For God’s sake, Sherlock, she’s an eight-year-old and you’ve handed her a shotgun!” They’d decide that cases were off-limits until she turned eighteen, and even then she wasnt allowed to hold any weapons
  • He’d be the Soccer Mom™, fighting tirelessly with the referee/opposing team’s coach and driving her around to games and practices with a backseat full of sports equipment (John made him empty the car of his “experiments” when a jar of fermented things spilled all over Rosie’s science fair project)
  • Whenever Rosie wiould ask to go to someone’s house, he would casually ask for their parent’s name before doing a very, very thorough background check. If they were anything but a model citizen, she wasn’t allowed to go
  • When Sherlock and John would leave the house on a case, Sherlock would remember they had a child and would call Mrs. Hudson from the back of a cab and ask her to “find the baby, damn it!”
  • Molly wouild end up as Rosie’s godmother/babysitter-in-chief, becauase as it turned out, Mrs. Hudson had no idea how to take care of an infant (a real one—Sherlock doesn’t count); Rosie would spend weeks at Molly’s house while her dads chased down a terrorist in South America
  • John would read Rosie’s English paper and set it down on the kitchen table, only to have Sherlock glance at it and find about eleven more errors
  • Sherlock would insist on testing every toy/game they bought before giving it to Rosie; John once found him in the living room at three in the morning, surrounded by the scattered pieces of a particularly hard 300-piece puzzle
  • John would constantly have to stop Sherlock from trying to solve local case when they took family vacations; he had to begin stepping in and booking hotels alone, as Sherlock would always pick ones near known crime scenes)
  • Sherlock would be disgusted at the high prices on the rare occasions where he took Rosie shopping and would spend hours in the aisles to find the best deals, until he eventually decided to begin designing/making clothes for Rosie himself. he got so good that he eventually made her prom dress, and, later, her wedding dress, and Rosie wouldn’t have it any other way
  • Rosie would spin around in the swivel chair in Mycroft’s office while he barked orders into the phone regarding the safety of England
  • John would do most of the cooking, but occasionally Sherlock would volunteer—John and Rosie would spit into their napkins when he wasn’t looking
  • John and Sherlock would read to Rosie every night before bed, taking turns being the characters and using funny voices to make her giggle
  • John made them do a “family movie night,” which wasn’t very fun, since Sherlock always provided running commentary about the plot holes and would spoil the ending before they were even halfway through
  • When Rosie asked, “Where do babies come from?” Sherlock looked her straight in the eye and explains it in terms too scientific for her to undertsand
  • Rosie purchased Just Dance after begging relentlessly for a Wii, and her and Sherlock often have epic dance battles (Sherlock hasn’t lost once, except for the time John crushed him at Single Ladies)
  • The first time Sherlock pulled up to Scotland Yard in his new beige minivan, Lestrade almost choked on his laughter
The blond boy in the red trunks is holding your head underwater because he is trying to kill you,
and you deserve it, you do, and you know this, 
and you are ready to die in this swimming pool
because you wanted to touch his hands and lips and this means 
your life is over anyway.
You’re in the eighth grade. You know these things.
You know how to ride a dirt bike, and you know how to do
long division,
and you know that a boy who likes boys is a dead boy, unless
he keeps his mouth shut, which is what you
didn’t do,
because you are weak and hollow and it doesn’t matter anymore.
—  Richard Siken, ‘A Primer for the Small Weird Loves,’ Crush