long distant relationship

i am just a girl in love,
who has a lot of hidden wounds,
but doesn’t give up,
on herself because something,
which only i can see,
when i look into your eyes,
tells me each time,
to continue,
holding your hand,
and that’s why.
—  thank you for saving me
Night 1

Right about now. you are somewhere high in the sky heading back home. I am currently laying in our bed curled up with your pillow. I must say that the bed doesn’t feel nearly the same without you on your side. I know that we will only be apart four whole days, and it has only been a few hours since we last seen each other, but I cannot deny how much I miss you right now. 

When we started 2016 we knew that we wanted to close the distance at some point, and up until now, we had no luck and then all of a sudden, the chips started falling right into place. So now when I get to see you on Friday, we will be saying goodbye to the distance for good and beginning a new chapter in our relationship. And I cannot wait to for all that this brings and all the new things we will experience as one.

I know you told me not to cry, but I did shed a few tears when I dropped you off at the airport. Being away from you is too much for my heart to handle. But knowing that we will be coming to our home together makes it sting a lot less. So until next time my sweet girl. 

I love you. Always and forever @purpleraainicry


It’s been a long four months, 
since I last saw you..
am trying to live with them, 
yet am all alone in a crowd,
Trying to be the one they saw me as..
I bowed down, crumbling into pieces.. 

oh!! I know.. that you’re breaking down, over there, too.. 
so I run, breakin’ away all the shackles..
so I run… to be your home..

I stand there, waiting for you.. 
trying to calm my racing heart.. 
as I try to steal a few happy moments.. 
and make our dreams true for a li'l while.. 

The way you stood there,
Shocked ‘n knocked out of breath, as you saw me..
Made me breathe again..

Oh! The way you smiled, looking at me..
Made me spin on my heels, with glee..
Oh!! The earth spinned..
dizzy with happiness,
lost in the magic of that moment..

We looked at each other,
afraid to blink,
lest this be a dream..

oh! Those tears in our eyes..
speaking every pain, we hid from each other all this while..

lingering stares,
brushing shoulders,
stolen kisses..
Let the sorrow go away..
as we borrow the heaven..
for a few moments..

Hold my hand, make me spin..
Let me run, wild ‘n carefree..

You keep talking 
but, all I really see is the way you..
Throw back your head, laughin’ like a kid! 

I sit back, and keep looking at you..
Trying to make this memory stay with me, forever..

Let’s laugh tonight..
‘till we forget all the sadness..

lets be crazy tonight, 
To make us last sane, for the next few years..

Let them try and bind me with all the chains and shackles tomorrow..

Am gonna fly, fly…fly tonight.. with you…

Take my hand,
and make me spin..

As the night falls,
and the clock ticks faster..
Don’t laugh at me..
When I try, stubbornly, to make the time stand still..

Look into my eyes
And smile..
Long enough, to give me courage..
To say goodbye tonight..

Hug me tightly
And bid me adieu
Hold my hand tightly,
And make my world spin..
one last time, for tonight. 

Oh baby! You’re a magician…
nothing like I have ever seen..
Your charm, makes me stand peaceful,
even when there’s a crazy storm brewing all around me..

p.s Inspired by a few fictional stories, and my favorite lyrics. 

Support long distance relationships. They are just as worthy, romantic and real as traditional ones. From pole to pole the Earth is 24,874 miles and there are 8 billion people on it. Do you really think your soulmate lives mere minutes from you? If I’ve learned anything the last three years the heart wants what it wants and truly doesn’t care what the body must do to get it.

Long distance relationships are hard, but they’re also incredible. If you can love, trust, respect, and support each other from a distance then you’ll be unstoppable once you’re physically together.
When I saw you, I knew I was going to love you.
Parts of me were afraid,
But never resistant.
The rest of me breathed you in
And sighed with relief.
The rest of me thought,

When I kissed you, I thought,
“Maybe God IS real.”
Because your skin made me want to sing hymns.
Because your caress was a blessing, a baptism.
Because there was no way
You were created just as simply as I had been.
Created as a universe’s afterthought.
You were planned.
Something out there saw the terrifying beauty of our cosmos
And put them in your eyes.
And it said,
“This… This is my masterpiece.”
An I couldn’t agree more.
—  Lauren Lujan

One day, I’ll wake up at three in the morning. I won’t be alone, I won’t text you or call you. I won’t miss you or want to cry. Because, one day, when I wake up at three in the morning, you’ll be laying next to me and not miles away