long distant help


HI I’m Chris and i really need your help

I have a girlfriend. She lives in France. We’ve been dating for about 3 years and I really want to go see her. The thing is, i can’t afford that. And haven’t been able to all this time.

BUT, recently i opened up an etsy shop hoping to make some money by selling chokers and the occasional bracelet. 

A few days ago, i found super cheap airplane tickets that would cost me a little over 100€ to go and come back.

I Still don’t have that money. Obviously, i can’t tell my parents “hi im gay give me 200€ to visit my girlfriend In France” 

But if i can save up the money myself, I Could Go, and be there, in her town, on her 19th Birthday. 

(YEAH, The Cheapest flight i found was Literally On her Birthday) 

My goal for now is 100€ so i can pay for the tickets. But if i can make a little more than that, i could even afford my staying expenses too, which, for now, my girlfriend is planning to pay for.

It would mean the world to me if you reblogged this and maybe even considered buying something from my shop.

TL;DR: I’m gay and i need money to go visit my girlfriend for her bday. Please help me out

- A broke kid that wants to kiss their girlfriend 


Yoonseok/Sope long distance au!

Hoseok is a dancing prodigy who is currently on his last year of uni. He’s currently attending one to one of the top performing art schools in the country, wanting to push himself past his limit hoping to get noticed. When he isn’t practicing he spends his time spamming Yoongi’s phone with videos of his choreography or pictures of himself, Dating a Khiphop star isn’t easy when they both have busy schedules, but hoseok wouldn’t change a thing.

hello friends,

I’m trying to bring my boyfriend @ed-spike-faye-jet from the U.K. to America to spend our first Christmas and New Years together. I’m working the maximum hours I can, which still isn’t that much due to my Crohn’s Disease and I also need to keep up with my bills. He’s currently still in the process of finding a job.

He’s never been to America, and if we don’t get this opportunity to see each other now, I won’t see him for another 6 months.

If you guys can donate ANY FORM of money (even 1 cent, or a dollar, or 5), that’d be so, so appreciated it.

We currently need 863 dollars which will cover all 6 of his flights and buying his passport. Again, we’re trying to cover as much as we can, but we’re extremely tight on cash and ticket prices are rising.

My Venmo is elizabeth-kadeli
My paypal is ekadeli@gmail.com

If you can’t donate, please reblog this and that’ll still mean the world to me. Any way you can help means the world to us.

Apps That Will Make Long Distance Relationship Easier

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Ich lieg den ganzen tag im Bett & denk an dich, an all das schöne von dir,
An all das positive das du von dir gibst,
An deine Worte, an all den schönen Nachrichten die du mir geschrieben hast.
Wo ich eigentlich jetzt wäre hätte ich dich nicht kennengelernt, was aus mir geworden wäre..
Und während ich hier das alles schreibe kommen mir die Tränen..
Ich vermisse dich, ich will garnicht mehr aufhören mit dir zu reden beziehungsweise mit dir zu schreiben.
Es ist das beste Gefühl aller zeiten.
Es ist immer das beste an dem tag wenn du mir schreibst, nichts auf der Welt könnte mich Glücklicher machen als du.
Du bist das beste was mir je im Leben passiert ist.
Kurzgefasst, ich liebe dich so sehr das glaubst du garnicht.


I need you and not in a sexual way in a way that I need your presence. I wanna feel your warmth, your breath on my neck, your fingertips gently floating across my skin, you kissing behind my ear, and whispering how much I mean to you in the darkness. I just simply crave you. I hope you sleep well and all the bad things that kept you awake are replaced by thoughts of me. Smile when you wake and keep that smile even when it’s hard because everything is better with a smile. I adore you forever and always my love.