long distance valentine


Dear Love

This is about that feeling, that person, and that journey we all can have a number of times in life. I hope this brings comfort to your heart. Share this with someone you love.

Happy Valentine’s Day LDR Couples!!!

Your love might not be in your arms, but that doesn’t make your romance any less valid. Don’t let yourself be jealous of the couples you see around you. Instead, be ecstatic that you have found true love, no matter how far away it may be.

Watch some lovey movies, compliment each other nonstop, and be sure to eat some chocolate.

You are brave, you are unstoppable, and your love can conquer anything.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

when you’re in a long distance relationship on valentine’s day you make yourself a heart shaped skillet pizza (no crust/bread, just cheese!) to ease some of the pain. oh & you buy yourself some dark chocolate for dessert. ❤️🍕🍫

LDR Date Idea #11

Make Love Note Jar!

Send your partner a glass jar filled with love notes, motivational letters, happy doodles, or uplifting messages for them to read on days when they feel down.

Write each letter on an index card and fill the jar! For the best letters possible, try not to write them all in one sitting, do it over the course of a few weeks!

Extra credit: get glass paint and a long brush to paint the inside of the jar!

Here’s a picture of the jar I made for Aurora:


It’s Valentine’s Day
It hurts knowing that you’re not here
It’s a day for lovers
It’s a day to be with you
But I know that can’t be
You’re too far away
So far away
I want to shower you in affection
Cover you in kisses
Tell you over and over that I love you
Instead I just sit here
I sit and I wait for that time
When we can finally be one again
—  Will you be my valentine?
Even when she fell asleep, she still had the most beautiful smile on her face and in that moment I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with another human being
—  Happy valentine’s day, angel (💜)