long distance reltionship

When things seem impossible and I feel like all my dreams are so far away, I remember what he promised me...

“When I promise something, I will keep it, no matter what. A promise from me is not something to hope for, but something to expect. If you ask me to promise you something, and I promise it, it will happen, that’s for sure. and you know what? I promise, I will never break your heart, I will always love you, and you will always be the top priority in my life.” -Peter Jan

10 more days left and i won't be in a long distance relationship anymore

that feels incredibly weird to write! it should be a crazy transformation to going to seeing each other once every 3 months to three times in one week. i’m really excited and glad that he will be home for the whole summer. 

i swear after may 12th when my AP exam is over and he is home- everything will be better. 


LDR Challenge Day 1: What are your names? Ages? Introduce yourselves. (Post pictures!)

So the pretty lady on the left is my beautiful big-strong-qunari-girlfriend. And then the vaguely homeless looking lady on the right with the white hair is me! I’m Tori and she is Cat! We’re both 18 years old. Friends for 4 years, but basically dating for that long, even though we’ve only been officially dating for about 3 months. We’re going to alternate the day challenges so check her out tomorrow for day 2 of the challenge!