long distance relationship

To say you are missing from me, would be an understatement. You are both, what lies between what I know I need and what I couldn’t do without. My heart and mind just can’t seem to align, like the constellations of stars that make up your eyes and surround the universe that is determined to scream your name until I listen. All I know is this - on my worst days… I miss you in French.

Tu Me Manques

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #36

My Valentine’s Day presents are beyond beautiful. My sweet girlfriend made a three step surprise where I opened a card, then opened a present. This gorgeous ring was attached to a lanyard from her college, and I totally missed it until I looked at the last card that pointed it out. The paper lists the coordinates of both of our colleges’ locations, and reminds me that no matter how far, we will always be together at heart. Not to mention the awesome contour kit I can play with too!! I love this girl so so much 😍😌💝 thank you babe for my amazing Valentine’s Day presents, and making me feel like a princess every day. I love you thiiiissss much, forever and always, to infinity and beyond 🙋🏽 @its-me-plain-and-simple