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You are traveled so much. Advice on long distance relationships?

Never stop. Even when it’s 2AM and you have to work the next day. Even if your conversation is going no where. Even if she’s mad at you, or just not talking at all. You stay. And you love her unconditionally. Never take the little moments for granted. When she wears her hair up in a messy bun with make up smeared down her face because she slept in it, or even if she’s wearing no make up at all, you kiss that angel face and love her. When you fail to say the right words, show her what you’re trying to say. Tell her every night that she’s beautiful. Let her know she’s loved and that you’re proud. And even if she’s tired of hearing it, keep telling her. You’ll never be perfect and you’ll have really good and bad days. But I can tell you now, it’s worth every second together. Never stop.

This week was a good week–probably one of the best I’ve had in a while. My clients were all out to Vegas for a sales-kick off clients so the volume of emails were cut down by two or three times (even though I still received hundreds). It felt like things were finally clicking and falling into place.

The “new girl” sign on my forehead is finally wearing off and I was even given a prestigious project. I will be planning a large product launch–big budgets and all that jazz. 

My friendships are better than ever. The besties and I are getting together for the Twins’ 25th birthday and it’s going to be balls to the wall fun.

The only aspect of my life that could be improved is shockingly enough, the love life. Boyfriend and I haven’t seen each other in a month and that tends to wear on any strong relationship. He’s back today so hopefully things can be mended.

I’ve made the decision a few weeks ago that I’m going to focus on me because I’ve been so spread thin between everything. :)

Let the games begin. 

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How long has it been since you last slept? For the Angst meme with Kaoru

( Angst Me No More — Ask Meme )

“How long has it been since you last slept?”

pairing: Kaoru x Reader

genre: angst, fluff

word count: 1742 words

insp: “Six Degrees of Separation” — The Script, “How I Met Your Mother”

a/n: this one is a bit of a songfic! it’s also differently written, a new challenge for me.

“Oh, [Name]-san!” An elegantly-dressed lady, well into her 40s, waved at you once she caught sight of your lone form. A few of her friends also walked towards you.


“Kobayashi-sama.” You nodded in respect, although fully aware your family’s empire could easily overpower her husband’s. “Semi-sama, Izumi-sama, Ushijima-sama.” You acknowledged her friends, all as well-dressed as the former, and all decked in the same glistening jewelry. 

“Oh, dear! We heard about you and Kaoru-chan..” Kobayashi said.

I knew it. 

You nodded, with a slight smile. “Yes, Hitachiin-kun and I have parted ways, after three years.” You spoke of your ex-boyfriend with his last name, feeling discomfort with the thought of using the first name you had called him ever so lovingly for three years.

Semi frowned, and put her hand on your arm. “We were shocked, you know. We really thought you two fit together. We even thought you two were going to get married.”

I thought so, too.

You pulled another perfect yes-i-feel-sad-too-but-life-goes-on look. “Thank you, Semi-sama. Unfortunately, it seems Hitachiin-kun and I were just two very different people..” 

That’s not it, though.

“Are you okay though, honey? How have you been holding up?” Ushijima kindly asked, and you smiled. Her eyes spoke of genuine concern, which was nice.

“Truthfully, Ushijima-sama, I’m still adjusting to the change.. Three years is quite a long time, after all.” You chuckled. “But I think, this change is good, actually. I’m doing good.”

Really, now?

“But you know, I have a nephew who would be perfect for you! I’ll introduce him to you next time.” Izumi remarked. You held back every urge to cock an eyebrow at the 47-year-old. 

Instead, remembering your manners, you chucked softly. “Thank you for the offer, Izumi-sama, but I think I won’t be dating for a while.” 

“That’s understandable, dear. Anyway, good luck!” Kobayashi bid farewell, and you watched as the quartet moved on and talked to the others that caught their interest.

You sighed. It’s going to be a long night.

You closed your eyes for a moment.. and the eight months before this flashed into your mind.

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