long distance no more!

Hey, all!

I’m Meg! I’m 19 and from Texas. I love history of any kind, obscure facts, writing poetry and music, the universe, deep talks, and getting to know new people. Oh, and FOOD.

Sending me random Wikipedia articles is a definite way to my heart. I’m dead serious. If I get a Wikipedia article in my inbox, my heart will legitimately skip a beat.

Ultimately I am looking for a relationship, and long distance is more than okay. 

Please message me early and often on Tumblr @byzanteeny, Snap me at piwoman314, or Kik me at likethefalcon. 

Talk soon!

underrated international friendship things:

  • “wait how is that cold/dark already?? o yea i forgot it was winter for u”
  • the Biscuit Discourse
  • (see also: Chips Discourse)
  • “hang on, lemme convert that into your timezone/currency/temperature”
  • Suddenly you understand timezones
  • “you doN’T HAVE [food/snack/shop] OVER THERE?? HOW DO U LIVE WITHOUT”
  • and then “i’ll send you some”
  • or [you hear spaghetti thwap against the receiver]
  • Planning ridiculous places for u all to live. Like a mansion. Or an island
  • “That sentence was too American for me to understand”
  • Writing/arting shit where you re all together
  • “When I meet u i’m going to hug you and not let go for 35 years”
  • “What do you call this thing in your country?”
  • cards against humanity

This beautiful Swedish lady sings an ancient Viking song. Now watch how the cows respond. 

It is often argued that everything our ancestors did and said gets stored into our brains. Their experience and knowledge gets passed down from generation to generation. This may explain why we know or react to certain things without having any prior knowledge.

Kulning is an ancient herding call used in the Scandinavian region. The call is a high pitch tone that can reach long distances. The herding call sounds more like a haunting and sad melody meant to echo through mountains and alleys.

It was getting late and foggy on a magical night last month when Swedish artist Jonna Jinton wanted to try kulning. She wanted to find out if the animals would answer to the call their own ancestors heard when the women called them. Kulning might just be one of the most beautiful and enchanting sounds ever made.

I love you!

Every time I say I love you.

I’m really trying to say so much more than those three little words.

I’m trying to say you mean more to me than anyone else in the world.

I’m trying to let you know that I adore you and that I cherish the time we spend together.

I’m trying to explain that I want you and that I need you and that I get lost in wonderful thoughts every time I think about you.

And each time I say “I love you”, I’m trying to remind you that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

The truth about a long distance relationship

They aren’t all cute airport meetings and the cute photos in between, they are so much more.
Tears become a daily routine and missing them hurts more and more. Being long distance will test you in every way possible and believe me, it does but it should never test your love for one another.
Having them around makes you feel as though nothing else matters, everything is okay and you could stay so content like that forever…but all of that is always short lived because that is distance for you, distance is a living hell and it is something that requires so much strength, communication and most of all Love.
Please do not give up, because all of those tears are worth it in the end.


Time taken away and wasted or given up willingly, but is it wrong to believe there is still time to make it worth it?

loving you is effortless. like riding a bike or tying your shoes for the thousandth time. loving you is like singing along to my favorite song. it is not forced, it is not laborious, it is not a chore. even in our darkest hour when you ask me if i still love you the word yes will fall from my mouth as quickly and as easily as if i were asked my own name. loving you is effortless. nothing has ever come more naturally to me.
—  she’s my entire fucking world
Home Away

The distance between our beating hearts
Could stretch thousands of light years.
I could build the brick of my shelter,
Place the skin of my feet,
On another galaxy,
In another era,
And still I would know you.

Your name has always been on my tongue,
Your soul housed in my pocket,
Your words chiseled into my hands.
They’ve guided me all my days to now.

So, when you ask me if you are still in my heart,
Remember, you always have a home
In me.

Marrying your high school sweetheart is, without a doubt, the most romantic thing ever. However, the journey from high school to married life isn’t as easy as it looks. Especially when you go to different colleges and stay apart for a couple of years. If I was given a dollar for every time someone told me long distance relationships are not worth it, I’d be a billionaire. It’s been almost 3 years into my relationship and trust me, they couldn’t be more wrong. A long distance relationship changed me for the better…

1. You learn to be self sufficient

There will be days when you need a hug and you won’t have your partner there to embrace you. You learn to be stronger and you get better at dealing with your own emotions. Most of all, you learn to be your own hero.

2. It helps you develop trust

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