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and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart


I was stressing as I fell asleep the other night… Saying what if you don’t love me once i transition? What if it changes how I smell and you don’t like that change? What if my body is weird? What if you hate my voice? I fell asleep and woke up to these messages from my girl. Her support means more than words can say, she gives me strength. 💕

You know what really just pisses me off?
When he doesn’t reply to my text messages.
I know I sound crazy right now and I know it shouldn’t piss me off.
But it’d be nice if he was busy or not in the mood to talk, to just tell me so rather than ignoring me.
And when he doesn’t reply to me (after replying to me constantly for an hour or so) I get this stupid insecure feeling that someone else is holding his attention, some other girl.
Why am I so insecure?
Why do I get this stupid feeling, every time he doesn’t reply to me, that he’s going to leave me?
Fuck. This.
Do you know what it means to belong to someone? It means even if I walk away and get lost, Iife will always find a way for me to come back to you. I’m not your property, but I do belong to you.


Things I want to say to a preborn love.

We are indeed still far away from eachother, but you are still my favourite human in the whole world.
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in my feminism class my professor always gives us a question and we all answer it and todays was “whats your most treasured memory” and since i just spent the weekend with The Gf i was like “i just saw my long distance gf for the first time and it was amazing. and disclaimer i didnt finish my essay because i was too gay” and then everyone laughed and i guess i forgot that ppl don’t just say that they’re too gay irl and my professor was like “did you just say you were too gay” i was like yeah and she thought that was a valid excuse for not doing my essay so. art school is great sometimes

Thank you for loving me when I wasn’t very loveable.
Thank you for accepting me, even though the world I grew up in was different from yours.
Thank you for guarding my heart, sometimes without me knowing and even in the darkest of times.
Thank you for giving me a chance because I know I wasn’t your ideal girl in the beginning and thank you for giving me second chances when I messed up and failed you.
Thank you for protecting me and making me feel safe , when my experiences with guys my age have been anything but that.
Thank you for taking on the baggage the world has loaded me with but slowly helping me get rid of it.
Thank you for just being there, to hold me and show me the light when all I saw was pitch black.
Thank you for saving me.
—  Things I should be telling him, the love of my life
BTS Reacting to Their Long Distance GF Getting Pregnant

Prompt: “Could you do a BTS reaction to their long distance gf getting pregnant? Like, she gets back home after visiting him, and a week after or something she finds out that he accidentally got her pregnant? Thank you!”

Jin: He would ultimately be shocked. “A-are you sure?” He would ask you a million questions about when you found out, if you were 100% sure, and if you had scheduled a doctor’s appointment. After questioning you, he would want to discuss future plans with you in person. He’d want to get a place with you close to his work so that he could support you and the baby while also keeping a career. He’d eventually ask you to marry him most likely.

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Yoongi: He wouldn’t even know what to say. When you called him and to tell him, he’d sit there in silence for so long, you’d have to make sure he didn’t hang up. He immediately would start worrying about the future, his career, whether or not he’d be a good father, etc. Although he wouldn’t say much, he’d be thinking about everything all at once. He’d want to eventually discuss how to be in both of your lives and also keep his job.

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Namjoon: He would be surprised and a little happy, but also really worried. He’d begin to talk about moving you closer to him or maybe him moving closer to you and how he’d support the you and the baby. He’d think about his career and how it might effect it in the long run. He’d try to come up with back-up plans in case some things fell through, but ultimately his concern would be you and the baby. He’d think about trying to be a good father.

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Hoseok: Initially, he’d be pretty ecstatic  at the thought of having kids. He would probably jump up and with a huge smile on his face. “O-oh my god, really?!” Eventually, it would set in that you live rather far from him and that his career is on the line. He’d probably start to stress a little, but you would reassure him that everything will be fine and that you guys can handle his career and a baby. He’d try to find a way to balance his idol life with his family life.

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Taehyung: He would be the most excited about it. He’d immediately start rambling on about the things he could do with the kid, how they’d paint his/her room, the books he’d want to read to him/her, etc. You’d have to remind him that there’s a lot more to discuss and that you both have to plan for the future of his career, the child’s life, and yours and his relationship. He’d be ready to sit down and talk about moving in together, marriage possibly, and how to support you and the baby.

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Jimin: He’d be at a loss for words and he’d feel many different emotions at once. “That’s awesome, but what about…” He’d start to think about his career and if you would want to get married and move in with him. He’d feel like everything just came to a sudden stop as he thought about the future. He was excited to be having a baby with you, but there were just a lot of things to think about. He would eventually sort things out and would be more than happy to be an active father while supporting you guys.

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Jungkook: He wouldn’t say much. He’d just sit in silence and wonder if he was even ready to handle this much responsibility. He would question whether or not he would be a good father or if he could manage to balance being an idol and a dad. He would probably need some time to think things over and would want to talk to the other members about it. After the members gave him advice and reassured him that he could do this, he’d be nervous, but also happy to be having a child with you.

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