long distance feeling

I love you, not because of what you have, but because of what I feel.

I care for you, not because you need care, but because I want to.

I’m always here for you, not because I wan’t you to be with me, but because I want to be with you.

underrated international friendship things:

  • “wait how is that cold/dark already?? o yea i forgot it was winter for u”
  • the Biscuit Discourse
  • (see also: Chips Discourse)
  • “hang on, lemme convert that into your timezone/currency/temperature”
  • Suddenly you understand timezones
  • “you doN’T HAVE [food/snack/shop] OVER THERE?? HOW DO U LIVE WITHOUT”
  • and then “i’ll send you some”
  • or [you hear spaghetti thwap against the receiver]
  • Planning ridiculous places for u all to live. Like a mansion. Or an island
  • “That sentence was too American for me to understand”
  • Writing/arting shit where you re all together
  • “When I meet u i’m going to hug you and not let go for 35 years”
  • “What do you call this thing in your country?”
  • cards against humanity
I liked you before I had even had a chance to brush my hand against yours. I was attracted to your soul before I had a chance to even kiss your lips. I fell for your mind before I knew your body. So don’t ever think for a second that this is shallow, this is anything but.