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28|7 today i 

  • went to work from 7.00-3.00
  • went to the bank 
  • then into university to sort out some finance issues 
  • popped into paperchase to waste some £££
  • made and applied a avocado mask onto my dry hair
  • sorted through one side of my desk drawer
  • tidied up my room 

and now i’m pooped, i hope your thursday has been a productive one, here’s to a less strenuous friday!!

Art “Worth” Talk

okay so it’s time to talk about a pet peeve of mine, again!!

With the advent of digital art–2d, 3d, electronic music, whatever–you see a lot of people talking about how it’s “objectively” “worse” than traditional art.  It’s “soulless”, or “boring”, or “doesn’t require skill”, or any number of other things.  I think this is probably partially a response to how accessible digital skillsets are.  It’s easier to buy a cheap-ass program that makes violin sounds than it is to get a violin and pay for lessons.  So there might be more hopeful beginners in the digital realm right off the bat–that’s one thing.  But that said, I think it’s a total misconception that getting good at digital art doesn’t require any skill, or that it doesn’t require much the same skillset as traditional art.

For example: painting on canvas with oil taught me skills I could apply digitally, and vice versa.  I’m no musician, but it seems obvious to me that most electronic musicians probably have a grounding in music theory and a great familiarity with their tool of choice.  We all need that before we start pushing boundaries.

Which leads me to my next thought!  Digital art is often more convenient, less messy, and overall requires less upkeep in the way of tools (I think?  I mean, I don’t know how ‘A new tablet every 5-8 years’ compares to ‘oh no I’m out of Carnelian Red AGAIN’).  So it does have perks!  Certain things are easier.  But I don’t see this making artists lazy–on the contrary, when something basic becomes easier, the next step always seems to be “how can we use this leg up to push the boundaries of what we make?”

BUT in my opinion, even if someone isn’t doing everything in their power to Advance the Medium–if they’re just using the convenience of digital art to make better-looking art faster–why in the hell should that make their art “objectively” “worse”?  It’s admirable to put effort into something, certainly, but that’s not the be-all end-all of something’s worth.  Be it beautiful or thought-provoking or emotionally resonant or cathartic or just fun or cute, whatever the goal was, whatever the response it got from you–that’s the important thing.

And just because you don’t understand how a simple-looking thing was made does not mean it was easy to put together.

being a responsible adult (or even college student) in chinese


洗衣机 xǐyījī washing machine

烘干机 hōnggānjī dryer

洗碗机 xǐwǎnjī dishwasher

吸尘器 xīchénqì vacuum cleaner

冰箱 bīngxiāng refrigerator/fridge

炉子 lúzi stove

烤箱 kǎoxiāng oven

热水器 rèshuǐqì hot water heater

微波炉 wēibōlú microwave

加湿器 jiāshīqì humidifier 

热水壶 rèshuǐhú kettle

面包机 miànbāojī toaster


洗衣服 xǐ yīfu to wash clothes

烘衣服 hōng yīfu to dry clothes

叠衣服 dié yīfu to fold clothes

挂衣服 guà yīfu to hang clothes

打扫 dǎsǎo to sweep

收拾房间 shōushi fángjiān to tidy up a room

吸地 xīdì to vacuum the floor

擦地 cādì to mop the floor

铺床 pūchuáng to make the bed

摆桌子 bǎi zhuōzi to set the table

擦窗户 cā chuānghu to clean the windows

洗碗 xǐwǎn to wash the dishes

喂狗/猫 wèi gǒu/māo to feed the dog/cat

other stuff:

脏 zāng dirty

乱 luàn messy, sloppy, disorderly

干净 gānjìng clean

整齐 zhěngqí neat, tidy, in order

正式 zhèngshì formal, official

随便 suíbiàn casual, informal

简单 jiǎndān simple

不行 bùxíng won’t do, be out of the question, be no good

洗衣房 xǐyīfáng laundry room

用 yòng to use

铺 pū to spread, to extend

愿意 yuànyì to be willing to, want to


★ Another week, another miniature scene ★

This is what I imagine my future study to look like, complete with a non-functioning old timey telephone and spinny globe. Everything is handmade with the exception of the telephone, which I modified a teeny tiny bit.

I’ve also improved on my globe design (the dramatic arc of the first one and thick black lines just weren’t working, ya know?), and am now offering it in my etsy shop for all your miniature decor and gifting needs. 

Lastly, I’m running a small giveaway on my instagram (@honey.thistle) for one of these globes and a few other minis until May 22nd 2017, so check that out for some free miniature swag :)

Pale Green Paci

Pairing: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil (Phan)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, [No Smut], Little!Space

Word Count: 2200

Summary: Dan has a secret pacifier. And it’s not weird because he only uses it when he reaaally has to.

Author Note: This was the original draft version of ‘Sunday Night Sippy Cups’ before I scrapped it and wrote what you now know as SNSC^. Due to popular demand, I uploaded this very short draft idea (so unpolished) that inspired the SNSC series. 

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So this is something I’ve been working on over the weekend. It’s dirty so if you don’t like spanking and dirty talk, this isn’t for you.

WARNING: Mature content

You were being ignored and you were also extremely horny and needy which didn’t go good together. Harry was in the home office doing god knows what and you had barely seen him all day apart from the quick breakfast together this morning and then he had locked himself in those four walls. You had agreed with yourself to give him time to do what he needed and then you would interrupt after a couple hours. You had given him plenty of extra time to deal with business and now you were just growing increasingly impatient by the second. You had checked your emails, read a book, cooked- everything you could think of but nothing could take your mind off the throbbing discomfort between your legs.

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My head has been thudding for pretty much this entire week. And while I can blame part of it on the stress of dealing with a family death and just overall poor health, a big factor of it has been in dealing with people who would stop at nothing to try and convince me I was an awful person, while demanding special treatment for themselves, while also refusing to offer me the same basic civility.

So just in case some of you are reading this and know what is going on and are on the fence about which way you want to fall: if you’re okay with a group of people bullying a grieving, chronically ill, chronically depressed nurodivergent person (that’d be me, for anyone confused) for the sake of personal grudges and an inability to behave like adults, then I’m sorry to have lost the friendship I thought we had and wish you nothing but health and happiness in your life. I hope you find what you need in this world. Take care.


[1/8] Alina Starkov & The Darkling

“Why won’t you leave me alone?” I whispered one night as he hovered behind me while I tried to work at my desk.
Long minutes passed. I didn’t think he would answer. I even had time to hope he might have gone, until I felt his hand on my shoulder.
“Then I’d be alone, too,” he said, and he stayed the whole night through, till the lamps burned down to nothing.

Temptation: Chapter 3 (M)

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Werewolf Jungkook, smut and fluff

Warnings: Dom! Jungkook, public foreplay

Word count: 3,626 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3

“Come on, everyone is going to leave without us.”

Jumping in your seat, you looked up to see Jin leaning against your desk right next to you. You blinked a few times, glancing at the screen of the computer facing you then back to Jin’s smiling face and you realised that you must have been so absorbed in the document you were working on to realise his appearance. Looking at the time at the bottom left corner of the computer, you also saw that it was already time for lunch.

However, you hadn’t even made it halfway through the workload you intended to finish by the end of the day, so you turned to Jin to decline his invitation. “Sorry, Jin, I need to finish this by today so I’ll probably eat later.”

“So this is the project that you and Jungkook were working on a few weeks ago, huh?” Jin pushed himself off the table to get a better look at what you were working on.

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How I Make Mindmaps - Study With Me #1

Hi friends!! I posted a little picture of some mindmaps I made last week and received quite a few questions about them so I thought I’d sit down and talk you through my process of making them, and how I use them in my revision. It’s my first ‘proper’ video and I’m still learning so please keep that in mind. I’ll get better with time.

I hope you may find even a small grain of helpfulness in this, and please feel free to leave me a comment with any feedback or tips on how you revise personally, I’d love to see them!  Also if you have any other video requests please let me know. Love you guys. 💗 

(P.S. My long awaited desk tour will be coming soon-ish! Be sure to subscribe if you’d like to see when that goes up.)

How to Improve Your Dialogue

Hey all! I work as an editor, so I decided to start including more writing advice on my blog in addition to my own writing. I hope this article is helpful to some of you.

One of the biggest problems I see in beginning fiction writers’ dialogue is a lack of conflict.

(Come to think of it, one of the biggest problems I see in general is a lack of conflict, but that’s another post.)

Good dialogue, like a good story, should be rich with conflict. There are exceptions – most notably in a story’s ending or in brief, interspersed moments when you want to slow down the pace. But as a general guideline, dialogue without conflict gets boring very quickly. Here’s a classic example:

“Hi,” Lisa said.
“Hey,” José said.
“How are you?”
“Fine. You?”
“Doing all right.”
Lisa handed José a turkey sandwich. “Would you like a sandwich? I made two.”
“Sure, thanks.”

Okay, that’s enough. I won’t continue to torture you. Not only is there no conflict between the two characters who are speaking, but there’s no conflict anywhere to be seen.

The bad news is that if you write something like this you will bore your reader to tears.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to add conflict to dialogue. Once you know how to do it, you can make just about any scene pop with tension.

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Are You Mine?

Summary: Teaching was never Dan’s dream job. It’s just something he kind of stumbled into, but after working at Greenbrook Secondary for two years, he finds himself loving everything about it. Except for maybe the feelings he’s having for one of his students.

Genre: Smut with feels

Word count: 8,067

Kinks: Student/Teacher, hickeys, a lil bit of dirty talk, fucking to Arctic Monkeys (it’s a kink, I swear)

Notes: This is a request from my friend @jinx279. I hope it suffices after the long ass time I made you wait.

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Open to Interpretation, Part 2: Negan x Reader

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

A/N: The masses asked for a sequel. So I give them… A SEQUEL!!!!!!!! Huge thanks to my best bitch @mr-musings for checking its perfect for ya’ll.

Warnings: The usual. Rough sex, breath play, voyeurism, age gap, inappropriate relationship, elements of DDLG.

Tag list: 

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Read Part 1 HERE

You grossly underestimated how much pain you would be in after your late night meeting with Negan, despite this, you were in your car on your way to class. You’d resisted the urge to stay in bed to give in to another, the urge to drive Negan crazy during his lecture.

Dressed in a nice little ensemble that made you look the picture of a diligent college student, you parked up and joined the hordes of students walking towards the main building. You noticed you were getting a few looks from guys you’d seen around. You smirked to yourself, reassured in what you already knew; you looked good.

Just as you entered the hallway that professor Negan’s classroom was in, you felt a nudge and something warm being put in your hands. You grasp it without thinking and glance up, only to see professor Negan striding toward his room. He’d handed you a takeaway cup of coffee with a piece of paper taped to it. You pull it from the cup and unfold it.

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“Why won’t you leave me alone?” I whispered one night as he hovered behind me while I tried to work at my desk.  Long minutes passed. I didn’t think he would answer. I even had time to hope he might have gone, until I felt his hand on my shoulder.

 “Then I’d be alone, too,“ he said, and he stayed the whole night through, until the lamps burned down to nothing.” (Siege and Storm, Leigh Bardugo)