long days of vengeance

“Told you” - Calum Hood [FLUFF]

12 Days of 5SOS ~ Day eight

Sumary~ childhood friends that have grown apart reconnect during a snowball fight

Word Count - 973

Your street has always been a really close community, throughout the summer there used to always be someone having a barbeque, a block party or even a pool party, there was rarely a spare weekend. You were friends with all the kids on the block too, most of you were around the same age so making friends was a lot easier­; but as you all grew up you also grew apart, life being taken over by new friends, dating and most importantly High School, sure you share a bus but having been given remarkably similar upbringings you all use that to do your homework.

For the past month you’ve noticed the block kids around a lot more, part of you actually wishes that you’d never grown apart. You were always closest to the boy who lives across the street, Calum, and he still hangs around with some of the other boys Michael, Luke and Ashton but you remember the moment you knew things had changed between you, when a week or two after the first day of High School you knocked on his door to hang out and he had a girl from your History class over.

It’s your senior year now, all of you are planning on graduating and going off to college soon spending all of your time getting your GPA up so naturally you’ve had no time to hang out with friends. Then, one morning at the beginning of December, after a night of snow, a miracle happens, your parents get the alert and school is cancelled. The idea of staying in the warm while the world outside freezes gives you a joy you didn’t expect and with that you throw on sweatpants and make a hot chocolate.

A little later you hear a knock at your door. You’re not expeting anyone so you’re cautious to go and answer it Opening the door you see, clad in a puffy coat, wooly hat and gloves that render hands immobile; Calum Hood.

“Hey, we uh, got the kids on the block together again, the Snow war revival has begun,” he chuckles.

You’re more surprised that he remembered to come and get you at this point but you nod, “Hold on, I’ll grab my coat”

You spend five minutes padding up with all of your winter gear and before you know it you’re out your front door you see your old gang all waiting with snowballs in hand. You’d forgotten about the snowball war; the last time you’d had a day off of school for weather you were 8 and all of the kids your age got together and had a day long snowball fight in the road – now it’s time for vengeance.

“Fire,” someone yells.

Instinctively you duck, running for your life as snowballs hit the wall behind you. The snow ploughs have left mound of snow at the roads edge and naturally you split into two teams at either side. You have Calum right next to you and a constant spitfire of snow being pummelled over the road. You take the job of making the snowball supply.

“Quick, hand me another,” Calum grins holding out a hand but doesn’t look at you.

“Y’know,” you look above your head. “I think they’ve given up”

You stand to look over and see they’re all hidden.

“Told you,” you reply. “They might have given up”

“I don’t think they have,” he hums standing too.

“Whatever you say”

It’s sudden but you watch Calum’s face fall into shock as he dives toward you knocking you into a fresh snow pile on the ground as 5 or 6 snowballs hit Calum and fly over your head.

“Told you,” he smiles a little out of breath from the hits.

“I guess you did,” you smile looking into his eyes.

He’s on top of you, though it’s not exactly uncomfortable, in fact he’s keeping you warm. But this is the closest that you’ve been since you were 14. You feel at ease, so much so that you hardly notice that he’s closing in, and when your lips are about to touch you fall victim to a sudden ambush of snowballs that freeze you both to the core. They all laugh as you stand and shake yourselves off and shiver.

“Oh god, it’s all down my back, I need to go inside,” you shudder.

“Uh yeah, l-lets go,” Calu shivers too.

You let him follow you to your house, accompanied by a host of whistling but once the door is off you both kick of all the snow protection.

“I could just warm up a second before I go home,” he shakes

“No- you should stay,” you try not to sound eager.

He smiles, before you know it you’re both thawing on the sofa chatting about how close you used to be.

“You know, I remember stopping by your place one day and you were with a girl from my History class, I kind of figured I’d been replaced,” you admit.

“Really? I always wondered what happened”

“I guess I was right?” you decide to continue.

“No, how would I replace my neighbour, we were working on a project,” he defends.

You go silent but you smile to yourself avoiding eye contact.

“Why didn’t you want me to replace you?” he enquires

You shrug, “Nothing”

“There has to be something,” he furrows his brow

You shake your head.

There’s another small silence as you look away again but quickly you feel his hand on your face puling your head round to the long awaited kiss that lingers in the air, even after it’s over

“Sorry I’ve wanted to do that for a while, so I took the chance”

You take a breath, blushing like crazy, “I guess there was a reason I didn’t want to be replaced”

“Told you”


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Iᴅʀɪs Eʟʙᴀ

DAY 2621

Jalsa, Mumbai              June 18/19,  2015              Thu/Fri  2:15 am

ADDITION : It is Amrik Singh Manku’s birthday today June 19th and we all celebrate in wishing all the very best on this auspicious day .. all love and happiness always  …

 Love and do excuse the delay in the mention .. line and internet water logged in the rain ..!!!!!!!

Ramadan greetings to all .. wishing for peace and well being .. for love and happiness .. for togetherness and friendship .. for understanding and compassion ..

Incessantly it rains without .. water liquid is precious and desirous of its want .. crops and plants need the flourish .. humans need its preservation .. nation needs its economic presence ..

May this auspicious moment in the month of Holy Ramadan bring us all that we desire and need .. Ameen !!!

The morning brings the hesitant facing of irresponsible and undeserved mention .. it gets the workings of the body by those that professionalise it .. there are meets with unexpected visitors .. visitors that were in serious law positions … there is an updating on the various issues that have been raised against, by it that blindfolds its eyes .. and there are instructions in the up keep of living .. now a must .. to be able to give personal attention … else it fails ..

There is discussion on the times to come, on works and ideas that seem extremely striking in its content - valued and to the mark, but perhaps not in the making for one such as me ..

A sports facility Club wishes to open an all weather jogging track in the suburbs and they invite me to open it .. I do amidst chaotic organisation .. but then chaotic is my world too ..

 … a literary event the night before and a sports act the next day .. and tomorrow a presentation to present a mobile … the LG G4 ..!!

And its not over yet .. a quick visit to the home and the 10 grains of ‘saunph’ by the little one .. and on to the rehearsal for the launch tomorrow for the G4 .. it is indeed quite a remarkable phone - especially its camera .. not said because I endorse it but because it is felt so …

You know …

There is an abandon in the minds that get overwhelmed by repeated hammering of assumed wrong doings .. get me in for the clink for as many times as you desire, it shall not stop me from embracing my pride and my recognition around my heart .. my recognition is my right .. my expression of victory in its nationality is what my Motherland gives me , and I to her …NOBODY shall stop me from holding my citizen recognition, my honour my symbol of integrity, morals and ethics about me … be ready to punish me many times over because I shall and am capable of loosing all, but not my national pride .. deprive me of it and I shall continue to challenge it, despite any action against .. 

And the rains they raineth  all day long .. and with a vengeance that suggests its pent up fury of absence for so many dry months … 

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Good night …

Amitabh Bachchan