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"Korrinth. Still alive?" The white haired warlock eyed the demon hunter carefully. (@enirous) (sorry it took so long.)

The crimson haired huntress knitted a brow to the unfamiliar voice. With a tilt of her head to set her gaze on the Warlock, she would crinkle her nose. If they had known one another, she didn’t recognize him. But the fact he thought her dead, that was an interesting fact all on its own.

“Do I know you, dove?” She purred out in a sultry fashion. Her eyes seeming to dim down some as if she was squinting at the silver haired male before her. “Come closer, let me get a better look…” She offered out an extended finger, curling towards her person in a bid to entice him further.

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Haku was out for his daily roadwork. He ran for miles until he saw a young lady with long beautiful, and crimson colored hair. Does she need help? Japan is full with a lot of strangers but she seems a bit lost. “U-um…Do you need any help ma'am?" He asked as he approached her. He didn’t quiet understand what she was saying, maybe she was a foreigner. "I said. Do you. Need any. Help?" Haku reached for her arm and pulled her with him. 

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The man found himself wandering aimlessly around the area. "Where in the hell am I...?" He spoke to himself.

“You’re in my Domain.” A soft, melodious voice spoke to him from the shadows of the trees before making itself known, moving forward-a woman clothed in crimson red, long golden hair, wielding a sword of gold in her right hand approached. “Would you care to tell me why?”