long branch half marathon training


Not my fastest 3 miles but that sweat means I killed it! ;)

I missed 5 days of working out last week because I was so sick. I made the best of Saturday and rested again Sun/Mon so I wasn’t quite sure how my sinuses/lungs were going to hold up tonight at the gym with emmagrose.

I ran intervals (walk/run .25) while on a hill cycle which was pretty killer. Whatever I lacked in speed I made up for in incline that’s for sure! I held up pretty okay so my next run should be good to go (unless I’m snowed in! ;).

Meanwhile I am SO behind on all your lives. I’m sorry! Non-tumblr life has just had my focus and I think that’s where it needs to be right now. Today I made my work schedule through April/my last day… crazy! So much to do!

Happy Tuesday. :)