long black wig


trying to save up some money, and i don’t like this cosplay anymore so i thought i’d sell some of it. 

Wig: i was hoping for around $60-$70 for this wig. It’s three feet long while curled, so god only knows how long while straightened. The entire thing is heat resistant , and i have sewn nearly an entire 8ft strand of both the long and short wefts from arda-wigs into this wig. I have also sewn a comb clip into it towards the hairline so that the weight of the wig wouldn’t pull it off the user’s head. It has adjustment straps as well. It’s a nice ass wig that i put a lot of work into, but sadly i am no longer comfortable wearing this. 

  • (If you’re interested in this wig, i can trim it, or curl it more if you would like free of charge. i can also give you more details if you’re interested, feel free to message me about any questions.)
  • I will also throw in the rest of the wefts that aren’t in the wig. i will either sew them in for you, or just send them along with the wig. 

Skirt: I’ve only worn this skirt a total of three times, and it’s too big on me. It’s a size medium, though it is a stretchy fabric. It’s decently thick too. Thick enough you can’t see through it, but not enough to be overly hot. I was hoping for $10-$12 for it.

  • (it will be washed before i send it to you.)