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Yuuri “I’ll only have one drink this time, I swear” Katsuki and Victor “my fiancé just won the grand prix so let’s party” Nikiforov both get drunk off their asses this year, resulting in a party that most of the guests agree was even better than last year, sans one Yuri Plisetsky, who, despite engaging in a spectacular repeat-performance dance-off of the previous year, spends half the night grumbling about how he wants to kick both their asses.

Considering Yuuri’s tendency to go totally off the rails and Victor’s tendency to remove every article of clothing he owns, the night quickly becomes less and less PG, even if Victor is not nearly as talented a drunk dancer as Yuuri happens to be.  They do have a rather sweet moment where they slow dance and just sway there, looking at each other so fondly that everyone else almost wants to avert their eyes, because it just seems too private.

Phichit enjoys documenting the entire thing by taking as many pictures as possible, though even he agrees to the sacred, ‘What happens at the banquet stays at the banquet’ rule, which Chris describes to him as a pact they all made after the legendary night a year earlier.  Later, Phichit and Yuuri pull out some of their old moves from college, which Victor seems particularly impressed by, though by that point he’s kinda reduced to clinging onto people and giggling from the sidelines.

It all cumulates into Yuuri princess-carrying his very sleepy and mostly naked fiancé as Victor clings to his neck and nuzzles against him (a feat which many banquet-goers question how Yuuri manages to pull off, considering the amount of alcohol he’s ingested).  Victor is smiling so sappily like “I can’t believe we’re getting married, I love you so much.” And Yuuri’s eyes just light up because- holy crap- they’re getting married.

So he suddenly gets this really determined look on his face and somehow manages to climb on top of a table, all without dropping Victor (like five people run forward to catch them, but Yuuri’s fine, really his coordination while drunk is quite remarkable). 

And then, with a wild grin and an almost manic giggle, he loudly shouts “Everyone-!  We’re getting MARRIED!  And you’re all invited!!!!” before sweeping Victor into a sloppy kiss, to the sound of raucous applause.  This isn’t exactly news, considering both Victor and Yuuri (and Phichit too, let’s be honest) have been excitedly announcing this to literally anyone in their line of sight all night, but now everyone there is going crazy.

After they nearly tumble off the table a few moments later, Chris and Mila have to carefully help them down and somehow manage to corral them back to their room, all while the rest of the party reflects on how great the wedding reception is going to be after this.

Meanwhile, Yuuri wakes up the next morning to Victor clinging to his chest and a pretty bad headache- not quite as bad as last year, though.  In fact, he can more or less remember what happened; which is great for all of five seconds until he realizes he just invited the entirety of the figure skating community to their planned ‘small and private’ wedding ceremony in his hometown.  His poor parents.

And that’s how Victor and Yuuri accidentally rope themselves into hosting the wedding blowout no one in the figure skating community would ever forget.

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