long beach crip

So people really took Iggy Azalea's side in this?

Bruh this was whole beef was really about crackin jokes on instagram. He cracked an a joke about her being ugly without make up. THAT WAS IT. She could have got a pic of a poodle or some shit and put a caption of Snoop name under it like a normal person. IGGY took it to another level claiming Snoop was fake. Now Snoop was born in the 70’s and in Long Beach. He was a crip since he was a kid. Your authenticity means EVERYTHING to people of that generation. Snoop has had his life threatned on numerous occasions, been involved in shoot outs where people have been killed, and he was best friends with Tupac (Iggy claims that was her idol). Now here comes this White Australian who doesn’t know how to take a joke claiming that you a fake person. Saying someone is Fake is basically claiming someone isn’t authentic. Iggy Azalea challenged a 40 something year old Black man’s “realness”. 

That is why Snoop’s response to her seemed like he was “taking it too far”. That is why you see Snoop using very harsh and very misogynistic language towards her. Because he probably feels like her crack about how hes a fake warranted that kind of language. I mean Snoop has experienced racism and lack of opportunities at the expense of Iggy’s White Priveldge his whole life and here she comes with a fake Atlanta accent, Black women props, written rhymes, and supposed Tupac worship coming at Snoop. I’m surprised how nobody could see how what she could have said could have hurt HIM.