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1.) You can choose to believe this or not I know it's sketchy bc anon but STORYTIME: so my brother lives in California. He's moved a few times over the last five years between Valley Village, downtown LA, Santa Monica, Venice and Long Beach. And living in Cali is really expensive so he's picked up a ton of odd jobs like delivering flowers or edible arrangements and working as an assistant for some lady or random restaurant gigs. But one in particular was when he worked at this little cafe...

2.) and it was like a year ago Harry came into the place where he worked and ordered two drinks. As standard you ask “for here or to go?” And he replied “to go” and he motioned towards the door with a small glance and little smirk like someone was waiting outside. And when my brother needed to write a name on the cups Harry’s was just Harry and the other one was simply L. I WAS SCREAMING LIKE WTF BITCH IM SHOOK