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Any chance you wanna write even more Director Sanvers fluff? :D (different anon)

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There’s a milkshake place three blocks from the DEO. Alex knows because Kara drags her there at least once a week, often after they’ve captured some alien weapon or gang, sometimes just because she feels like milkshake, and they have these cute Supergirl-size takeaway cups in case there’s an emergency whilst Kara’s only halfway through her banana-and-chocolate-sprinkles.

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robron. 16

things you said with no space between us

“I love you,” Robert says, voice breaking on the words.

Aaron’s curled around him, arms tight around Robert’s chest, his chin resting on top of Robert’s head. “I love you too.”

Robert’s trembling, can’t stop himself, but it’s been so long since he’s slept here, in their bed, so long since he’s been able to feel Aaron, to smell him, want him. Eyes clenched shut, he’s gripping tightly to the hands Aaron has pressed around him, their legs a tangled mess. It’s the first time Robert’s felt safe in … he doesn’t know how long.

“I hated it,” Aaron admits, voice quiet, whispering the words into Robert’s hair.

Robert squeezes Aaron’s hands, turns his face into the pillow. His chest feels tight with everything he’s stopped himself feeling, the worry, the pain, the fear. “I know.”

“I thought, sometimes I thought I’d never get out.”

“I,” Robert starts, doesn’t know how to finish. How can he even imagine how hard Aaron found it? How awful the entire experience was, doesn’t even know how to begin helping.

Aaron lets out a slow breath, ruffles Robert’s hair. He strokes his fingers over Robert’s chest, kisses the crown of his head.

“I don’t know how to help,” Robert says, hating the admission even as it falls between them. “I feel-”

“Don’t,” Aaron says, quickly, shuffling them around until Robert’s facing him. He looks wretched, eyes red, a picture of someone who’s suffered more than Robert could imagine. He brushes his fingers over Robert’s face, presses forward until their foreheads are touching. “You’re not useless, Rob, I wish-”

Neither of them able to finish sentences, Robert still trembling, Aaron broken into so many pieces Robert doesn’t know how to begin fixing him, fixing them.

“I know,” Robert says, guilt thudding in his chest. “I didn’t mean to, I thought it was, I can never take it back.”

“I know,” Aaron says, looking pained, but not accusatory. He’s searching Robert’s face, looks sad and hopeful in equal measure. “I think we both did things we regret. This is a new start, yeah?”

Robert nods, throat thick with emotion. He swallows, presses a kiss to Aaron’s lips. “We can do this.”

“Yeah,” Aaron says, surprising Robert with his vehemence. “We can.”

Robert hardly dares hope, wants to so badly. “I missed you so much.”

“I know,” Aaron says, voice soft. He strokes a hand through Robert’s hair. “You look so much better.”

“You’re here,” Robert says, without shame.

Aaron’s cheeks colour, but he smiles in that way that Robert loves so much. “Our whole lives, Robert.”

“Yeah,” Robert says, kissing Aaron again, a third time, wants to bury himself in Aaron and never let him go again. “Our whole lives.”

It feels like a start.

NGC 1672: Barred Spiral Galaxy from Hubble : Many spiral galaxies have bars across their centers. Even our own Milky Way Galaxy is thought to have a modest central bar. Prominently barred spiral galaxy NGC 1672, featured here, was captured in spectacular detail in an image taken by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope. Visible are dark filamentary dust lanes, young clusters of bright blue stars, red emission nebulas of glowing hydrogen gas, a long bright bar of stars across the center, and a bright active nucleus that likely houses a supermassive black hole. Light takes about 60 million years to reach us from NGC 1672, which spans about 75,000 light years across. NGC 1672, which appears toward the constellation of the Dolphinfish , is being studied to find out how a spiral bar contributes to star formation in a galaxys central regions. via NASA

Prompto tries a dirty joke
  • The guys are out for drinks and trying to take a breather. They're sitting at the bar and Prompto has had one too many, which let's just be honest, makes him pretty lewd.
  • Prompto downs the last of his pint and turns to Noctis
  • Prompto: Hey Noct. I gotta joke for ya. Thisss ones a good one. Haha.
  • Noct is resting his head on the bar, long gone. He groans
  • Noctis: Nnnn..... alright. Lay it on my Prompto.
  • Prompto: What does the sign on an out-of-business brothel say?
  • Noctis chuckles drunkenly already.
  • Noctis: haha..... what's it say Prompto?
  • Prompto grabs the rest of Noctis' beer and downs it before answering
  • Prompto: Beat it. We’re closed.
  • Noctis laughs into his arm as he taps the counter top with his other hand.
  • Noctis: oh man... you're so stupid and I love you.
  • Prompto sat straight up.
  • Prompto: Huh!? What did you say??
  • Noctis snores.....
Episode Descriptions (Week 8)

Monday February 20th

Robert is planning to spring a surprise wedding on Aaron, but various problems could affect the big day. A disapproving Paddy is one person who could throw a spanner in the works, while there’s also trouble getting Aaron to The Woolpack where everything is prepared for the ceremony – at least until Cain intervenes with some heavy-handed tactics to get him there!

Aaron is excited when he finally finds out what Robert has planned, but when police rush into the pub in the middle of the ceremony, will it stop Robron from tying the knot?

Tuesday February 21st

The police have gatecrashed Robert and Aaron’s wedding, but will they still manage to tie the knot before Aaron is sent to jail?

And who are the police at the wedding for?

no episode shown on wednesday due to the brit awards

Thursday February 23rd — 7pm

Aaron is sentenced to 12 months behind bars and sent to jail.

Will he be able to cope with his time in prison?

Thursday February 23rd — 8pm
Hour-long episode

Aaron struggles behind bars.

Friday February 24th

not mentioned.

passenger seat

word count: 9116


Briefly, because he knows they’ll only be in the car for another couple of minutes at absolute maximum, he watches Andrew for any break in the impassivity.

There’s the faintest twitch, which Neil assumes is Andrew registering his attention, but he’s not sure if it’s anger, embarrassment, annoyance- honestly, it could be anything. Then Andrew’s face settles. Neil doesn’t move, though, content to watch the way the passing lights change Andrew’s profile and colouring. If Neil were an artist, he thinks he’d want to paint this.

Inserted (Chato Santana)

words: 1,784

request: Imagine Chato developing a crush on you. Just imagine all the glances, stares, and smiles at you. And when you sit next to him at the bar.


Could you please do an Imagine of El Diablo when he meets you for the first time in the yard, with all the bad guys? Please and thank you

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tagging: @aya-fay

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