long bars

When you had known your significant other for a little under two years, you both found out they had a fatal illness and would be dead within a year. You got married immediately, determined to affirm your relationship even in the face of hardship. And just today, you got news from the doctors: due to recent developments, your spouse won’t die in the next couple of months, but will in fact live a long, full life (barring anything else). Where does your relationship go from there? 

ok but Pan di Stelle is the Oreo of Italy

it’s mainly a cookie

but you can find it as a snack too

or a Mooncake

or as a whole cake

or an ice-cream

or cereal

or a cereal bar

these are all actual products and God only knows how many more there are that I didn’t know existed, Pan di Stelle is amazing


I blame @klanced for makin me fall for Thace/3G.
Now, shipping him with Coran
that’s all on me
Though cheers for the insp klanced

Heartbeat | 2

You convince Hoseok you can do ‘no strings attached’.

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pairing: hoseok x reader
word count: 13.2k
genre: gang!au, smut

part one

warnings: dom!Hoseok, demeaning names, oral, public sex

You knee bounced up and down nervously. An hour had passed and still no reply from Hoseok. You bit back a sigh, regretting sending that ‘What are you doing tonight?’ message to him. You felt like an idiot, worse yet, a desperate idiot.

You cringed, remembering the hope that had sprung in your chest as you boldly fired off that text to Hoseok. You had honestly expected him to reply back straight away, conveying some kind of interest, wanting you as badly as you wanted him. Instead, you had nothing but stifling silence.

“Are you liking the film?” Taehyung leaned over and whispered, his eyes were full of concern and you gave him a weak smile in return. “It’s just a little bit scary,” You lied. He nodded and offered you a warm smile. “I’ll protect you,” He said reassuringly. Your phone vibrated in your pocket and you felt your heart leap in your chest. “Thanks Tae,” You responded faintly, staring straight at the TV until Taehyung glanced away from you, focusing on the movie again. 

Struggling to stay calm, you glanced down surreptitiously at your phone, feeling your heart race in your chest. There was a message notification, from a string of numbers- someone who wasn’t in your contacts. 

It was him. Hoseok.

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After the reception we left the party to go to our honeymoon destination. It was a lodge about 20 minutes from the city. My husband was a quite drunk and so was I. I was wearing a short wedding dressand no underwear. As soon as we were in the car I started playing with his dick and then gave him a blowjob. Just out of town we drove into a police roadblock. He didn’t have time to put his dick away when we were stopped. There were two policemen. They could clearly see what we were doing. They told my husband to get out of the car with his dick still outside his pants. When he got out they realised that he was drunk. My husband explained to them that we just got married and are on our way to our honeymoon. They said that they couldn’t let us drive in this condition. They loaded my husband in the police vehicle and one cop got in behind the wheel. While we were driving he told me that they can arrest my husband for drunk driving and he will spend the rest of our honeymoon behind bars. Unless I agree to have sex with him. I agreed on one condition: my husband must never know. He started fingering my already wet pussy. When we arrived at the police station he told my husband that he is gonna keep him overnight for his own protection. My husband was worried about me but the cop told him he will take me to a hotal and we can continue tomorrow morning. They locked my husband in a cell and one cop left. The other one took me to an office and lifted my dress. He fucked me on the desk. It was good but he pulled out and came over my stomach in 2 minutes. He told me to go wash and he will give me a place to sleep. He took me to the bathroom. We passed a cell with 4 guys in. They whistled when they saw my short dress. I went into the bathroom and washed my stomach and pussy. When I came out the guys whistled again. The cop laughed and pulled me to him. He kissed me and pushed me against the bars. Not long I felt a hand on my ass and another under my dress between my legs. I tried to pull away but the cop held me in position while kissing me. A finger slipped into my pussy and started fingering me. Someone was pulling my ass cheeks open. The cop pulled me from the bars and told me to wait there. He took out keys and unlocked the cell door and told me to get inside. He told the guys that if anyone of them touches me he would kill him. There were about 8 beds and I went inside and lied down on the first bed. The cop locked the cell, went out and switched off the lights. It was so dark you could feel it. No window. I kept still and after while I started to relax. It was very quite. Then I felt a hand on my leg. I was too scared to move. The hand shot straight to my naked pussy and started to finger me. My pussy was still wet and you could hear the wet sloppy sounds in the dark. He opened my legs and then he started licking my pussy. There were hands mauling my tits and more hands rubbing my pussy and pulling at my lips. Then a dick was forced into my mouth. The licking stopped and was replaced with a stiff dick that started fucking my pussy. Soon I was sucking dick while another cock was fucking me. And then the lights came on and everyone freezes. The cop came in and looked at me with a dick in my mouth and another one in my pussy. He left but didn’t switch off the lights. The guys where really fucking me now. Taking turns in my mouth and pussy. And then one of them turned me over on my hands and knees. He pushed his dick into my asshole. They all fucked me in my ass, pussy and mouth and they all came 3 times. I didn’t count how many times I came. We fell asleep on the floor. During the night I woke up with a dick fucking my pussy. He came and we went back to sleep. This happened a few times during the night. In the morning 2 of them started fucking me again. One in my pussy and the other one in my ass. They were still fucking me when the cop came in. He told them to finish. They both came inside me. I got up and took my dress. He took me to the bathroom and I took a shower. I was covered in cum. I washed 4 times got out and dressed. The cop took me to the office and told me that my husband is awake and showering. He bend me over the table, lifted my dress and shoved his dick into my asshole. He fucked me hard and came in my ass. When he was finished he told me to come and he took me to the front. He told me that my husband thinks I slept at the hotel. My husband was glad to see me. We got in the car and drove to the lodge. We came there and we both took a shower and then we fucked for hours. I had to perform even though my pussy and ass was sore. He still doesn’t know about my gangbang.

Stephanie Sinnz 💋

(Fictional story)
Enjoy 👅

Me: feels bad about myself
Also me: At least you don’t have an anti-gency or anti-pharmercy blog or intentionally post ship hate in either tags.
Me: ultimately feels better

Got It Bad

Characters/pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 5150 (god I’m sorry, I just really like words)

Contains: Fluff, smut, angst, language

A/N: I wrote this for @melbelle45‘s Dirty Pop Challenge. My song prompt was U Got it Bad by Usher. I used some lines and ideas from the song and I went for the hardcore pining, hope you feel it. Assume the reader is familiar of the hunting life, and it’s sometime after S8. All my love to @impala-dreamer for her encouragement and time when I struggled with this one.

Feedback and constructive criticism are both welcomed and encouraged. xoxo

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The email sat in your inbox for a month before you noticed it; buried in the spam from mailing lists and unsolicited porn. Then, it sat there for another week before you could decide what to do with it - delete it, ignore it, reply. You had a decent enough reason for each option. Your stomach did flips every time you held the cursor over the email. You’d been ready to flip your life upside down and take the leap, but then he was gone, before you had a chance to be anything.

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robron. 16

things you said with no space between us

“I love you,” Robert says, voice breaking on the words.

Aaron’s curled around him, arms tight around Robert’s chest, his chin resting on top of Robert’s head. “I love you too.”

Robert’s trembling, can’t stop himself, but it’s been so long since he’s slept here, in their bed, so long since he’s been able to feel Aaron, to smell him, want him. Eyes clenched shut, he’s gripping tightly to the hands Aaron has pressed around him, their legs a tangled mess. It’s the first time Robert’s felt safe in … he doesn’t know how long.

“I hated it,” Aaron admits, voice quiet, whispering the words into Robert’s hair.

Robert squeezes Aaron’s hands, turns his face into the pillow. His chest feels tight with everything he’s stopped himself feeling, the worry, the pain, the fear. “I know.”

“I thought, sometimes I thought I’d never get out.”

“I,” Robert starts, doesn’t know how to finish. How can he even imagine how hard Aaron found it? How awful the entire experience was, doesn’t even know how to begin helping.

Aaron lets out a slow breath, ruffles Robert’s hair. He strokes his fingers over Robert’s chest, kisses the crown of his head.

“I don’t know how to help,” Robert says, hating the admission even as it falls between them. “I feel-”

“Don’t,” Aaron says, quickly, shuffling them around until Robert’s facing him. He looks wretched, eyes red, a picture of someone who’s suffered more than Robert could imagine. He brushes his fingers over Robert’s face, presses forward until their foreheads are touching. “You’re not useless, Rob, I wish-”

Neither of them able to finish sentences, Robert still trembling, Aaron broken into so many pieces Robert doesn’t know how to begin fixing him, fixing them.

“I know,” Robert says, guilt thudding in his chest. “I didn’t mean to, I thought it was, I can never take it back.”

“I know,” Aaron says, looking pained, but not accusatory. He’s searching Robert’s face, looks sad and hopeful in equal measure. “I think we both did things we regret. This is a new start, yeah?”

Robert nods, throat thick with emotion. He swallows, presses a kiss to Aaron’s lips. “We can do this.”

“Yeah,” Aaron says, surprising Robert with his vehemence. “We can.”

Robert hardly dares hope, wants to so badly. “I missed you so much.”

“I know,” Aaron says, voice soft. He strokes a hand through Robert’s hair. “You look so much better.”

“You’re here,” Robert says, without shame.

Aaron’s cheeks colour, but he smiles in that way that Robert loves so much. “Our whole lives, Robert.”

“Yeah,” Robert says, kissing Aaron again, a third time, wants to bury himself in Aaron and never let him go again. “Our whole lives.”

It feels like a start.

fic: Smile Even Though You’re Sad

title: smile even though you’re sad

genre: au/romance

word count: 2700

description: dan is the son of a rich man, unwillingly studying business in London who wanders into a gallery looking for some quiet, and instead finds the happy-go-lucky owner with a camera around his neck, the nicest smile he’s ever seen and a knack for knowing exactly what to say.

a/n: thought i’d post a little mid-week fic to perk you up if you need some, erm, perking…?

read on ao3 here if you prefer.

“They gave me the designer clothes, the trust fund and the private education and they told me to be happy.”

“And are you?”

The steel of Dan’s gaze softens. He ruffles his hair a little and a single curl still manages to dangle across his forehead.

“You know, Phil, you’re the first person to ask me that.”

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reasons to go watch the bletchley circle right now

the bletchley circle is a 2012 british miniseries and it is fucking rad if you love stories about code cracking and lady friendships and murder mysteries

first of all, the premise: four women who worked as bletchley park codebreakers during wwii are trying to live civilian lives 9 years later—until one catches the trail of a london serial killer.

it has:

  • badass ladies
  • ladies protecting ladies
  • younger ladies older ladies all badass ladies
  • fucking intelligent ladies who used to crack foreign military codes and no one has a clue because they were sworn to secrecy
  • ladies battling not only a serial killer but also 1950s sexism
  • seriously when one goes to the police with a wicked smart lead the police are like “that’s nice but i have to get back to my men”
  • so they go off on their own
  • and one’s husband thinks they’re gathered for book club and he’s like “i bet you’re really gossiping” and they’re like “ha ha you got us” and he leaves and they’re like “okay pull up the railway maps let’s catch a fucking serial killer”
  • turns the serial killer killing women trope on its side by having women be the ones fighting to stop him while men are pretty much useless
  • so much suspense you’ll probably shit yourself
  • gorgeous title sequence, cinematography, production design

look at these ladies

ladies getting shit done

seriously, give it a shot. the first season’s only 3 eps so it’s like indulging in an epic 3-hour movie. i know it’s on netflix, feel free to add/let me know where else you can find it.

[warnings for attempted rape/referenced rape and domestic violence]

12(b)(6) Presents: Studying for the Bar Exam

This is the longest post I have ever written on this blog ever, half-prompted by a question asking my study regimen for studying law. Think of this ridiculously long post as my three year anniversary/Thanksgiving gift to all of you who might benefit from it.

First off, honesty hour: I actually had significantly less than the usual 2-2.5 months to study full time (or even part time) for the bar exam, due to personal reasons I won’t go into. In total I had about 1.3 months. I knew this would be the case going in, so I had to be very efficient about my time. Especially since I don’t know what I got (I could have passed by 0.1 point) and luck has so much to do with the bar exam, this post is not meant to suggest the following is the best way or even if it’s enough to pass. That would be laughable. 

Trust me, I’m pretty full of myself, but not so full of myself to think that. I am posting this for those of you who are: 

1) not taking a prep course* and wanting of a suggested regimen/schedule,

2) taking some sort of a prep course but not finding its schedule fitting, or 

3) retaking the bar and interested in a different method from the method previously used.

* I actually do recommend taking a prep course at least for the materials (outlines, practice essays, and answers ,etc.) if you are a first-time taker. The following is assuming you at least would have those materials.


I focused on at least *seeing* all the information at least once before the exam, so that everything after that is “review.” I skipped most of the “practice” (like doing practice essays and MBE questions) and spent my time going through the videos as quickly as possible without worrying about long-term retention. I was only focused on making sure I wasn’t completely zoning out during the videos. I got through all of my state’s subjects’ videos and handouts very quickly in a little over two weeks, making sure I was paying attention by making online flashcards after each section/chapter.

An aside: I do not recommend making online flashcards for the purpose of actually using them, even if you are a flashcards person. For one, because you can type, you will end up making a LOT more than you will ever really feel like going through. I ended up not really reviewing them. But it did force me to simplify the concepts and spell them out, so I did get something out of *making* them although I didn’t *use* them.

If you’re not taking a prep course and don’t have videos, fear not. This is basically about equal to reading (but not THAT closely) decent outlines for each subject. 

Again, the purpose of this broad overview was so that if I do end up running out of time later, no subject would be completely foreign to me and I can at least write down few relevant sentences about the thing on the exam. If you’re retaking the exam, you can skip this or make it a super brief, quick review. 


I started doing MBE sets of subjects after doing quick reviews of them. I quickly realized how terrible I was at these because shit, it tests on some very specific bits and pieces. This is also when I realized that I probably shouldn’t even shoot for a high MBE score.

You see, the MBE is multiple choice, right? So if I see an MBE question and I don’t know the answer, I can at least guess. I can’t do that with the essays, where if I don’t know the law to answer the question I am completely screwed, can’t even get lucky. So my goal with the MBE became: try to consistently get at least 60% right. 

I got a notebook and started writing down bits of specific law that I learned from doing the MBE questions and getting them wrong/getting them right by guessing. It was a bullet-point, handwritten list of short sentences that grew as I did more MBE questions. Because there was no way I was going to learn ALL the nitty gritty, I wanted to make sure that I at least would remember the nitty gritty that I actually came across while preparing for the bar. I reviewed this notebook whenever I didn’t have the means to actually sit and do new questions or essays but had downtime. 

I don’t know how many MBE questions I did, but I know I did a lot fewer than what my prep course suggested. I wish I had time to do more, but once I was confident(?) I was hitting at least 60% consistently, I felt I had to focus my energy on the essays. I did make sure that I did all of the the subject-specific sets to learn the law and the two or so 100/200-question timed sets so I get a realistic % to know I’m actually hitting 60%+. In mixed MBE practice I don’t think I ever really got higher than 75% at best (I think I was in the high 60s mostly). I wasn’t getting significantly better at it, and I knew that the time required to, say, hit 80% consistently would not be worth the increase if it means I won’t be as prepared for the essays. I did the questions I could, but I was focused on the essays and making sure I don’t get an MBE question I’ve seen before wrong on the real thing. 

Note: My state put more emphasis on the essays than most, both time and percentage wise. If your state weighs MBE highly you should spend more time than I did on the MBE. 


This is a skills test and not something you can really study for, but I recommend doing two or three at least under timed conditions. I was luckily(?) used to having to pump out memos and motions under time pressure for my legal summer jobs and clinics, so this was the least of my worries, but I knew I had to practice them and see some types. I didn’t even want to do the practice I did do (perpetually felt like I didn’t have enough time) but had to accept that I did have to do few.


I was so pressed for time that I had to create a schedule of doing three practice essays a day in order to at least see the questions for all the essays my prep course gave me. I rarely actually wrote out all three essays because I simply just didn’t know the law or because I didn’t quite know how to phrase them. Sometimes I would read the question, jot down a few thoughts, and skip over to the model answer. 

1. Long Outlines

I created a word document for each subject in which I copied the bare-bones short outline that my prep course gave me. Then, whenever I “did” practice essays and saw model answers, I typed in the law section of the model answer into my outline so that I know, 100%, a fail-proof way of actually writing out what the law is in the context of an essay. 

This was actually pivotal. You see, we KNOW the law, we UNDERSTAND those concepts in terms of bullet points, but often we’re not so great at actually writing them out in sentences that are straightforward. I did not have time to fuck around with creative, clever ways of doing that and decided to take them straight from model answers.

This was very crudely done at first, and eventually I would designate one or two subjects to each day for the purpose of “completing” the long outline. I would clean up the wording of the law so I know exactly how to say it regardless of the details of the prompt. For parts of the bare-bones outline for which I did not have model answers, I turned to the longer outlines my prep company gave me (which I did not waste my time trying to read, as they were ridiculously long) to see how they wrote out the law in complete sentences.

As I did this and continued to do practice essays, I would force myself to write out those law section sentences in my practice essay answer. The goal was to see something and immediately be able to write down what was in the long outline for that particular topic. This comes with practice and is SO important. You don’t have time during the actual bar exam to fuck around with how to explain what the law is. You have to be able to rattle it off. Eventually I was able to do this without crying.

2. Short Outlines

Once my long outlines were finished for each subject, I duplicated those word files and started condensing them into short outlines. These are the bullet-point style outlines you are used to from law school. If there are large portions that make you nervous about never seeing again before the bar, those are the parts you should be reviewing right now to make sure you can, from memory, write full, complete sentences about it. Doing the condensation yourself forces you to review and focus on what you are weak on.

Because there are so many subjects, the condensation itself was the review for me. 

3. Recordings

I’m not sure if this should even be a section because I only did this for like three subjects…it was for the shorter but memorization-heavy subjects like trusts or professional responsibility. I recorded myself reading/explaining the short outlines and played them to myself in my car rides. I did find this helpful and wish I had time to do it for all the subjects, except then I doubt I would have had time to listen to them as many time as I did. Turning your bullet points into actual sentences again as you speak forces you to reconsider whether you actually do understand everything, and hearing yourself helps a lot with memorization. If you do this especially for things with elements/factors, you can listen as you try to guess what you’re going to name next as an element/factor, etc. I just used the audio notes app on my phone.

I would recommend doing this only for some of the tougher and shorter subjects so that you listen to the same recording many times rather than overwhelming yourself with a bunch of recordings you will never be intimately familiar with. 

4. Handwritten Outlines 

This is how I studied in my last 1.5 weeks or so in addition to practicing writing out essays without looking and doing what MBE questions I could. I got blank sheets of paper, pulled up my short outlines, and hand-wrote parts of those outlines that I did not already know by heart (well enough to, again, write full sentences on). Go all out. Use highlighters and colors. Use big letters for titles. Charts. Drawings. Anything to help with retention. Just make damn sure that what’s not on this outline, you 100% know and don’t need review. Make sure that once you can memorize these handwritten outlines, there will be nothing you feel you need to (realistically) memorize. I used plain letter-sized paper that I folded down the middle into two columns. The longer handwritten outlines turned out to be about four pages, while some subjects I was able to squeeze into one or two. I was doing one or two subjects a day, depending on the length. 

Handwriting forces you to actually pay attention to every word you write. It’s painstaking but you’re also trying to be as efficient as possible, and that helps with memorization. I kept these pages in a binder for me to look at whenever I had the time in addition to the MBE errors notebook.

5. Handwritten Flashcards

This was kind of like handwritten outlines, part two. I took from the handwritten outlines things I was still struggling with (mostly the more obscure topics) and made flashcards. 

I only made handwritten flashcards for these last topics because there’s simply way too much information to learn for the bar to plausibly make them earlier in the studying process. I learn from flashcards by looking at them over and over again, and come on, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking we’ll actually sit and look at few thousand flashcards more than once or twice at most. 

Also, your hands can’t take it (and I already discussed online flashcards above). Handwriting is a great way to condense and memorize, but because there’s so much for the bar, I would save all this for the last two weeks so you’re only handwriting what you still don’t know then. 

6. Final Review

I opened up all the practice essays I didn’t get a chance to look at before and went through them and their model answers. 

I had my MBE errors notebook, my handwritten outlines, and my handwritten flashcards. I reviewed them whenever I could, and as I was going through my handwritten outlines for the last day of exams in my hotel room I realized I did know all the material on those, too. That gave me a lot of comfort, which I think played a big role in my actual performance. 

And…that is how I prepared for the bar.


1) Of course there were things on the bar that I was not as prepared on, mostly because it was not in these outlines at all. This will happen. Remember, I started from the shorter outlines that my prep course gave me, not the long ones I didn’t read. But most likely those things will be not the “main” issues that will make or break the question…

2) …unless you skipped it. I didn’t even know how “lucky” I’d been with one of the essay questions until after the exam when other test takers told me how they hadn’t really studied a topic because it had not been tested for nearly a decade. I didn’t know because I hadn’t had time to do that sort of research. Don’t skip something in the short outline because you think it won’t be tested for whatever reason: if it made it into the short outline from a prep course, it most likely is still fair game. 

3) With that said, luck does have a LOT to do with it. So good luck!