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Michael, how did you think of your YouTuber name? :0c

He suggested the name to me and I guess it sorta stuck-? 

I wasn’t very popular then, obviously, so I didn’t use the account as much, but I made the YouTube channel during the summer after my junior year in high school. So, that was about four years ago. 

Wow… four years. I can’t believe it. It feels so long ago, haha. But it still hurts like it was yesterday.

little things i like about luke
  • his lil ski slope nose
  • his broad as fuck shoulders
  • he pushed his own security out of the way to take selfies with a fan
  • he pinky promised a fan to wear the bracelet she gave him
  • he offered to buy a fan starbucks when she said she was broke
  • how he was so shy when he was younger that he’d hide behind his guitar
  • the nose brush thingy he does
  • he tries to tell a joke but ends up telling it wrong
  • he lets male fans kiss him on the cheek and vise versa
  • he has like such a perfect cupid’s bow
  • he’s the youngest in the band, but the tallest
  • he dropped his flip flop off the end of the stage during a soundcheck, and when someone threw it to him, he dropped it
  • he tried to catch a water bottle between his feet and dropped that too
  • the fact that he can’t draw. at all
  • how strong his love for good charlotte is
  • how he’s always singing, even during his down time
  • jeepies would have been cuter
  • when he waves, he kinda just holds his hand up and doesn’t wave
  • he presses his nose against the microphone 
  • he’s a momma’s boy
  • his tum
  • when a fan fainted, he made sure to let security know
  • his lil ballerina leg jump thing, you know what i’m talking about
  • the whole ocean is trapped inside his eyes
  • when he’s a tired bean, he can’t stop rubbing his eyes
  • his bunk is labeled ‘shit bag’
  • when he takes the mic off the stand, shit is about to go down
  • he has better legs than i do
  • he stole calum’s beanie, and then proceeded to say it was his
  • the pinky ring (rip)
  • the nose scrunch
  • he’s always playing with michael’s hair
  • how he curls into people when he laughs really hard
  • okay and his laugh is pretty cute too
  • his handwriting is atrocious
  • hence why he didn’t get his pen license
  • the lip ring
  • how he’s confident enough to post pictures of himself shirtless when it used to be an elusive thing
  • how the frets of his white guitar have birds on them
  • his weird love for penguins
  • in conclusion, he’s a giant fucking nerd

michael / calum / ashton

Celebrating Larry Masterposts: 2012 Boyfriends

Celebrating Larry Masterposts: Part 3 

So basically this is the long awaited (by me lmao) Up All Night Tour masterpost. This is part 3/3 of the 2012 Larry Masterposts (basically bc i couldn’t fit their stupid fonding, nauseatingly cute giddiness all in one post or you’d all be scrolling for 4567863 years)

So let us begin…….;)

teeny tiny little lou tucking himself under his boyfriends arm

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