long arms and big hands!!!!

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FOR no particular reason (incoming fanart) how big are Chara and Asriel's hands in relation to frisk's smol hands?

Chara has standard adult-sized hands, nothing special. If Frisk’s hand was compared to Chara’s, their fingertips would probably only reach Chara’s first knuckle. Asriel’s hands are truly monstrous, and while I don’t have an exact comparison, his hands are easily double the length of Chara’s. 

Rising Sign

Also check your planets in the first house (If you have any) You can relate to them too. Example: My Jupiter is in the 1st house which means I also relate to Sagittarius because they rule Jupiter.  Also check dominant sign.

Aries Rising: They usually have large pronounced eyebrows and foreheads. You can usually spot them playing games and acting a bit immature (But that’s only when you first meet them) They probably have a constant smirk on their face. Their eyes are darting around the room absorbing everything.

Taurus Rising: They might have long or large necks. They have an aura that makes them seem very natural. You can usually spot them reading something or sitting closer to the walls (Sometimes in the corner) They probably have a very calm and welcoming face. Their eyes move slowly as they watch the world surrounding them.

Gemini Rising: They have either long arms or big hands. They have a childlike glow about them.You can usually spot them with their knowing smile because they love reading people. Their eyes move quickly so they can receive as much knowledge as possible.

Cancer Rising: They have full faces and when you look at them you can see the moon in their eyes. They have an innocent look on their face (Though they may not be so innocent ;) You can usually spot them comforting their loved ones, which maybe an animal if they don’t like people. Their eyes are full of soft light that whispers sweet nothings.

Leo Rising: They have an apple shaped body, and they walk with a sense of pride. When A Leo rising walks through the door people recognize their presences. You can usually find them in the center of the room (Even if they hate the attention they somehow end up there) Their eyes are like the sun beaming confidence into your soul.

Virgo Rising: They usually have very nice hips or stomach. When people see them they might think they have pure intentions. (Maybe not though….) Honesty is also a vibe they give off. You can usually find them alone, away from everyone, but that doesn’t mean that can’t socialize, cause once you get them talking it’s quite a shock. Their eyes are like marble cut perfectly into shape but can be ever to sharp to fully grasp.

Libra Rising: They probably have a nice hips. Some people can perceive them as shy, but they generally love to socialize and know exactly what to say to get a conversation flowing. You can usually find them flirting with strangers (Yes they love to flirt and are very good at it, even if they don’t actually like the person…) Their actions and body language might be childlike, but their eyes look very mature and refined.

Scorpio Rising: They usually have a nice butt not going to lie. They keep to themselves but everyone is instantly attracted to them (Especially earth, and water signs) You can usually find them off in their own world, whether that be in their room or in the forest. They must have alone time. Their eyes are like magnets are you won’t want to look away.

Sagittarius Rising: They usually have great thighs, and a very toned body. People are attracted by their optimism and humor. (These people are hilarious and know how to start conversations) You can usually find them on their own adventure, exploring the world or people has no difference to them. They are generally very happy, or at least that’s the face they allow the world to see. Their eyes are full of happiness and everyone wants to be around them,

Capricorn Rising: They have very good cheek bones. They usually keep to themselves and don’t generally like talking. Might be very negative either about themselves or the world. You can usually find them watching other people because they love trying to figure other people out. They are also very intimidating because they give off this superior aura. Their eyes are full of wisdom and maturity. 

Aquarius Rising: They are the unusual ones. They will probably have a body feature that isn’t very typical like an unusual birthmark. You can find them writing things or drawing, they have so much going on in their mind that they must write it down. They appear to be aloof or somewhat disconnected from the world, or maybe to involved with the world. Their eyes are different and leave you confused in the end so don’t stare too long.

Pisces Rising: They might have long legs, even if they’re short. They probably have a narrow face. You can find them daydreaming or staring off in the distance. They are very distracted with the world around them. People generally think they are sweet, because they give off a very light and soft aura. Their eyes are light like cotton candy and they see the world through those rose-tinted glasses.

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Honestly? Support butches with really tiny hands. Support butches with really long arms and really big feet and really tiny hands that kind of look like goblins when they run.

I 👏 support 👏 them 👏

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Have you ever had a little that was much shorter than you? I'm 5'3" and he is 6'1". So far we've just done cowgirl because that's easiest for our height difference. I really like the intimacy of missionary but it's just weird positioning for us. Any advice on making it less awkward or other possible positions?

I am six foot four….

the shortest little/sub I ever had was 5′2

as far as positions, i can more than well top from the bottom. I have long arms, big hands and i know how to use both. So, of course reverse cowgirl and cowgirl are favorites. 

A smaller girl is also easier if you can pull off laying on your sides in the spoon position. sitting in a chair facing each other is also lovely as well.. and if you have strong arms like i do, he can carry you around while youre attached to him like a koala bear. That was always a great joy. 

Ive also found it to be very intimate to use a step stool and the bathroom mirror… doggy style.

just a few suggestions.

so i used to make these playlists.

they were all called “lan songs,” and they were each numbered, up into the twenties. there wasn’t really any connecting thread through them, they weren’t lullabies or summer jams or love stories. “lan” meant “late at night.” i can’t tell you what makes a lan song because there isn’t any one thing–it’s a feeling you get, something that happens to your body when you hear it. “casimir pulaski day,” by sufjan stevens is a lan song, but so is bressie’s “good intentions” and taylor swift’s “red” and bastille’s “overyjoyed.”

i’ve never been able to tell if the songs make the feeling or the feeling calls for the songs, never quite put my finger on which direction the music was going. you can listen to lan songs out of context–in the car or at a club or in an elevator–and they probably won’t do anything to you, but when you listen to them after midnight something changes. i don’t know what it is. maybe it’s you who changes.

i made the playlists because i used to get this feeling, never before midnight, never when anyone else was awake. the feeling is like this:

it’s dark, it has to be dark, everywhere but the single place that you are. you don’t have to be in the light but there has to be light, maybe from a crack in the door or a streetlight or a particularly bright moon. it’s best when there’s a breeze. it’s best when it’s just rained. it’s best when you’re high up–on a roof or in a tree or sitting in your window, but if not, it’s good to go low, as low as you can. lie flat. look up. breathe. that’s why the wind is important, why the rain is important. breathe. keep breathing. keep breathing, don’t stop.

i used to think the feeling hurt because i was too little for it, my skin too taut and my bones too dense. but then i grew up and the feeling still hurt. it’s not sadness. it’s not a hurt that hurts. it’s a hurt like the kind of crazy, intoxicating crushes you develop for people on busses or in airports or from fiction. maybe i’m still too little. maybe the feeling grows in proportion to my body. maybe it’s not the size that is the problem.

i don’t know.

the feeling is soft, but it builds up, a steady pressure in your ribcage, up in your throat. it’s a kind of casual panic, whydoihurtwhydoihurtwhydoihurt, but the more you sink into it the better it feels, like having all your knots ground out. your throat closes up like you’re going to cry, but you don’t cry. you don’t want to cry, and it’s not that kind of hurt, it only mimics it.

the songs help. they don’t make it hurt less but they make it hurt in 4/4 time. the hurt doesn’t resolve but the music does, over and over, each track until your body bleeds the feeling out. be quiet. listen. by the end of the mix the feeling is gone and you don’t hurt but you want to. you restart the playlist but the songs are just songs again. your eyes are drooping. the air still smells like rain and the wind still tastes like water. you feel empty, like you’ve been crying, but you haven’t. 

in the morning, nothing has changed. the feeling doesn’t do anything but come and go. 

i don’t know what it is. want, maybe. a want so big you can’t quite name it, a want so big you can’t even attach a thing to it. it’s a desperate hungry want for everything and not knowing how to put your arms around a longing that big. your hands are too small. it keeps slipping through your fingers. what do you want?

i don’t know. everything. i don’t know. i don’t know. i don’t know. 

Cabinet Photo, Ella Ewing, “The Missourig Giantess”

From wikipedia:

“Ella Ewing was born in La Grange, Missouri, the only child of Benjamin F. and Anna Eliza (Herring) Ewing.[1] While a toddler, Ella’s family moved to the small Scotland County community of Rainbow, southeast of Gorin, Missouri. She was of normal size while a baby and young child, with the first signs of any abnormality appearing shortly after her seventh birthday. At age fourteen she towered over not only other children but her parents and other adults, measuring 6 feet 10 inches.[2] The people of the Rainbow and Gorin area were used to her fast growth and met it with compassion, however in 1885 Ella learned that would not always be the case in the world at large. Asked to read the Declaration of Independence at a July 4 celebration in Wyaconda, Missouri, Ella was met with shocked gasps, snickers and laughter when she stood to read. Led away in tears, the incident would have a profound effect on her life.

Ewing’s maximum height is a matter of dispute, but in several accounts she was claimed to be over eight feet tall. Her mother’s journal indicated that Ella’s growth finally stopped when she was age twenty-two, at 8 feet, 4 inches tall.[3] However, this is not well documented, and as such she is not mentioned in Guinness World Records. The Guinness Book of Records has stated she measured 7 feet 4 and a half inches tall, and may have reached 8 feet 4 inches by the time she died. As typical of many people afflicted with pituitary gigantism Ella’s arms were very long, with her hands and feet exceptionally big. She wore a custom-made size 24 US shoe and often wore multiple rings on her fingers to mask their unusual length.”

Shawn's body appreciation post

I like Shawn so so much and I respect him as an artist and a human infinitely.
He’s very attractive, as we all know. As a decent human being, I find it disrespectful to objectify him outright, because it undervalues him as an artist.
Buuuut we all like to sin a little bit, so under the cut here is an appreciation post based solely on Shawn’s physical appearance as of late. He works so hard and getting so buff and I’m so glad it’s giving him some self-confidence. ❤️❤️❤️

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42, 70, 78

42. How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander?

My hands most likely already stroking his hair or back of his neck before we even start kissing lol

70. What turns you on?

when men have long hair, big noses, a pretty smile, broad shoulders, nice arms, hand/finger tats lol. When they smell good. ugly niggas with hella swag, sex appeal, and talent. Men who are laid back and chill. Physically strong. Masculine men who are super gentle with me. Men who like to sing even if they’re not good at it. Men who stand up for me cause I’m wittle. when a fine ass man picks me up. sitting on a fine ass man’s lap lol. when a fine ass man cuddles me. being wrapped up in his strong arms. That’s all I can think of right now

78. What’s your dirtiest secret?

I honestly don’t have any. I’m not too wild lbvs… I mean I literally stay away from risky and/or dramatic situations. Anything that has a lot of negative potential outcomes. So I can’t even think of anything I’ve done that I’d consider dirty. If I think of something, I’ll come back tho. 

Protein Love

A/N: Yeeeyy this makes drabble 1/34, the first of the list (was inspired so made a separate post!) And I gotta say this rare pair is adorable, thnx for the prompt @drawing-iwanko! Sorry if it lacks fluff, but I kinda made it pre-relationship/crush-phase. I used both sentences! Hope you like it!

P.S. I won’t make long posts of every single drabble, this just kind of.. happened like that xD 

Summary: Nagisa messes with Makoto’s lunch by adding protein powder, and gets tickled for it! ♡

“Enjoy your meeeal!” The Iwatobi swim team sat gathered beside the pool, lunch boxes with delicious contents ready to be consumed. Nagisa took a bite and watched everyone’s lunch with a big grin.

Gou wasn’t here today because of something she had to do for school, so he was happy to do her part in checking if everyone was having a balanced nutritious meal.  

While Makoto was having a conversation with Haru about the upcoming relay, Nagisa took a peek at his lunch box, and he frowned. Meat again! If anything, he hadn’t expected Makoto to be a meat-person to be honest.

A small smile made its way to his lips, and he took from his bag… neutral flavored protein powder! Without the strawberry, he surely wouldn’t notice! He noticed he caught Rei’s eye, and he quickly put his finger to his lips.

“Shhh!” he whispered. Rei sighed and kept his mouth shut, eating silently while watching Nagisa’s mischief with a look of disapproval.

“Hey Mako-chan? Haru-chan? Look! Isn’t that Rin-chan over there?” Nagisa was stupid enough to point at the most illogical direction ever, but his friends were just as stupid because their heads turned in sync.

“What? Where?” With a swift motion, Nagisa reached out and attacked Makoto’s lunch box with protein powder. He just pulled back his arm when Makoto turned back again, and their eyes met. Uh-oh…

“Nagisa?” Makoto asked, a smile on his lips that looked so calm and relaxed that it had a scary effect.

“Y-yes?” Nagisa asked, hiding the powder behind his back.

“I really hope you’re not doing what I think you’re doing,“ Makoto slowly said. Haru who was still searching for a glimpse of Rin was oblivious to the sudden tension, and Rei sighed again.

"I d-didn’t…” Nagisa blushed and tried to look away while his hands fiddled to hide the thing, but Makoto eyed his lunch box with suspecting eyes and then looked back at him.

“Would you take my advice, Nagisa?” he asked nicely.

“E-eh yes?” Nagisa asked nervously, sighing in relief when he managed to slide the protein powder back into his bag that was behind his back.

“Run. Now.” Eeep! Makoto was so scarily calm that Nagisa immediately squeaked, and he quickly put away his lunch box and scrambled to his feet while sputtering “w-whwhat why?!”.

“Because I’m going to tickle you.” Makoto calmly put away his lunch box, and Nagisa was already running for his life.

“This I have to see,” Rei chuckled while the taller guy chased after the smaller. Finally realizing he was fooled, Haru now looked as well, and he grinned at the sight. Nagisa was screwed.

“No no no - M-Mako-chan I only did - I didn’t w-aaaaahhh!!” The panicked, hysterical pleas faded into a loud squeal when Makoto caught up to him at the other side of the pool. Long arms wrapped around Nagisa’s middle, and big hands clawed at his sides.

“Eeehehehe M-Mako-chaahahan!” With Makoto’s arm positioned around his ribs just below his armpits, all Nagisa could do was stretch out and flail his arms hysterically while his taller friend’s fingers hunted for his tickle spots.

“Wwaaahahaait! S-stop!” Nagisa giggled adorably and squirmed in his embrace, blushing because of the close contact. Makoto pressed tighter against him from behind and leaned his face closer to his.

“You just had to go and do that to my lunch hm? Let me show you how I’m perfectly in shape without the extra protein.” The teasing tone in Makoto’s voice sent chills down Nagisa’s spine, and a loud shriek escaped his lips when Makoto’s searching fingers moved from his sides to his stomach.

Devilish fingers spidered all over the ticklish flesh before moving under his school uniform, poking and scratching his bare tummy. The other two watched with amused faces. Haru had experience with a display like this, but for Rei it was the first time to see and hear Nagisa laugh so freely.

“That looks pretty bad,” he commented, and Haru nodded dryly. They were too much separated from them to actually hear Makoto’s teasing voice, but Nagisa’s laughing voice could be heard very clearly, and it was pretty contagious. Even Haru couldn’t help but smile.

“N-AHAHa M-Mako-chaaaan s-stahahap!” Nagisa’s knees buckled and he slumped in Makoto’s arms.

He could feel the heat flow from his face to his ears, and his entire body shivered. Makoto used to playfully tickle him a lot through the years, especially when they were kids. His parents knew. Haru knew. Rin knew as well. And from this moment on, Rei knew too.

And Nagisa himself, well, rather than growing out of it, his reactions to the tickle attacks were getting more intense, his body was getting more sensitive to Makoto’s touch, and nowadays he couldn’t help but blush whenever he and Makoto were having such close contact.

“P-pleheeease! Y-you wihihin!” he giggled breathlessly, still hanging in Makoto’s arms while evil fingers ran up his sides and squeezed his ribs. He thrashed weakly and gasped sometimes when Makoto managed to find yet another technique that felt even more ticklish. 

It especially tickled very badly when Makoto wiggled his fingers against a certain spot on his ribs, just below his armpit, and it made him squeal hysterically.

“Giving up?” Makoto finally asked calmly when Nagisa sounded like he was having a really hard time breathing. The exhausted blonde blushed heavily and squirmed. 

He loved Makoto when he was being a playful tease like this. It made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and he wanted him to continue. But alas, his body was protesting with all its might.

“Yehehees I g-give ahaha-up!” he brought out tiredly. Makoto smiled and finally removed his hand from under his shirt, leaving those warm and tingly after-sensations on his body.

“Look how perfectly in shape I am!” Makoto straightened himself and waved at Haru and Rei in the distance. Nagisa panted and collapsed to the floor. If only this guy knew the effect he had on him, he thought while he pressed his hand against his racing heart.

“Come, Nagisa! Let’s eat lunch.” Makoto reached out and helped him up, getting Nagisa all flustered when he held his hand. Oh, this guy was gonna be the dead of him.

Still blushing, Nagisa couldn’t even hear when Rei made fun of his hysterical laughter once they sat back with the others.

All he could think of was how he wished to feel those hands on his body again, and he shyly had the silly thought of how he could get Makoto to tickle him again… More protein, maybe?


The crocheted rainbow Therizinosaurus is finally done! It’s definitely the biggest and most complex thing I’ve crocheted, but it was still a lot of fun to make.

I decided to make it anthro-ish so I could make it stand a little more upright and make a tripod out of the tail and feet to allow it to stand. The proportions are super exaggerated (super long arms and hand claws, little baby legs, big head and neck) because a) I doubt I could do extra-realistic proportions without it looking funky and b) it’s fun. Long neck and tail aside, it’s kind of shaped like Yogi Bear. I almost want to put a little bow tie or dorky vest on it.

It has a shaggy coat! I thought it would be fun to add some long yarn on the back and tail, kind of like I did with the giant anteater I crocheted years ago. I was going to trim the yarn down a bit, but I decided to leave it long because it’s more fun that way. I know the whole bushy tailed Therizonosaurus thing is a way overdone trope, but I’m a loser dork and appreciate all parallels between Therizinosaurus and giant anteaters.

I learned how to do the crocodile/dragon scale stitch for the wings. I know Therizinosaurus most likely didn’t have pennaceous wings and probably had shaggy ratite-esque feathers for the wings, but I couldn’t think of how I could do wings and make them actually read as wings until I remembered the whole dragon scale stitch thing. Of course, I didn’t even think of using shag at all on this guy (for the back or as potential wings) until the arms and wings were already constructed and attached to the body. Oh well.

Another fun challenge: Shaping! I’ve done some more minor shaping when crocheting other stuff (most notably the back of the head of that Gorn I made), but the pronounced S curve on the neck and actually getting legs to curve properly and look halfway like dinosaur legs was a little more extreme than anything else I’ve done before. It was a learning experience!

It’s made from Lion Brand Landscapes yarn in Boardwalk (the main yarn), Apple Orchard (wings and end of the tail), and the considerably less exciting black and silver. It was some awkward yarn to work with since it’s just one big ply, varied in diameter as you went through the skein, and tore apart on occasion, even when I was careful. Regardless, it still looked good.

I also used memory wire in the hand claws to keep them properly curved and filled the feet/lower legs, end of the tail, and stomach with poly pellets to weight the Therizinosaurus and keep it standing upright. Also: Standard button eyes and Polyfil stuffing.

So yeah! This was fun and challenging experience, and I got an awesomely obnoxiously rainbowy version of my favorite critter out of it. Now that I’ve finished with this guy, I can go back to work on my quilt. 👍🏽

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Hello! I was wondering if you have any advice when it comes to the dimensions of the human body, like how long should an arm or leg be or how big do hands or head should be. I'm a new artist and I wanted to know if you could give me some advice ^^ thanks in advance! Have a lovely day/night.

Generally there is the golden ratio between the sizes of limbs - the human body is based on 5s and the number phi = 1.680339. This exists a lot in nature as well (it’s all very mathematical blah blah).To judge this with the eye it just takes a lot of practice - I would highly recommend attending life drawing workshops and drawing from life.  

Generally when planning out a sketch or a study of a human body you should get an accurate head measurement, then judge how many head-lengths/widths everything else is - I’ve noticed in my life drawing workshops that the upper arm is about 1 head length, the forearm is a bit more than 1, the calf is 2, the foot is 1, the torso is 3, etc. This will vary slightly depending on the person, but generally rings true across the board. See below (not mine):

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Can you PWEASE do a Jin (BTS) smut when he is jealous because guys is touching your butt on the beach, which leads Jin to beat him up. Thanks<3

“Woah buddy, what do you think you’re doing?” I turn around to see a guy with his hand on my butt. I swat it away with all of my strength . 
“What the HELL do you think you’re doing with my girl??”  Jin screams from the top of his lungs racing back from the concession stand .

“What?, She has a nice ass “ The cocky guy says, winking at me.

“What did you just say?” I turn to see Jin lifting him up by his shirt .

“Jin, come on, lets just go!” I say tugging at his arm.

“Oh come on Jin, listen to your bitch” the perv says tauntingly.

Jin shrugs me off and starts swinging at his face. It turns into an even fight when the perv starts swinging back .

Jin grabs him by his neck and slams him down into the sand. He hovers over him and keeps on punching. After a few seconds of trying to yank Jin off of him, I finally succeed.

“What the hell, Jin? Did you really have to beat him up? I’m pretty sure he’s unconscious!” I scream. Not wanting to hear his lame response I start walking back to the hotel.

When I reach our room I realize that Jin has the key. Flustered, I take a deep breath and sit in front of the door trying to calm down.

A few minutes later Jin shows up with a bag of ice held to his jaw.

He stands in front of me, looking at me with a his heart breaking puppy dog eyes.

I let out a defeated sigh, “Are you okay?”

He nods “I’m really sorry, I know I went way too far. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“I know, he was a real jerk” I stand up and give him a big hug.

His long arms wrap around my waist. His hands slowly go down to my butt.

“No one can touch you but me!”

I let out a little giggle “ You know, you were really hot back there….but never do it again!”

He pulls me in tighter and starts kissing me gently. Jin breaks the kiss and opens the door. The minute the door closes behind me he slams me against it.

“Was I really that hot” he asks with a smirk on his face.

I nod slowly and lean in until my lips were brushing against his

“You’re always hot” I whisper.

His lips slam against mine. He picks me up and my legs wrap around his waist.

He trails kisses down my neck, then back to my lips .

As we make our way to the bed, Jin tries to get every article of clothing off.

Jin drops me down onto the bed and goes straight back to my lips.

His lips start trailing all the way down my body until he gets to my destination.

He starts kissing my inner thighs which sends chills down my spine. He sticks two fingers in and starts slowly pumping. I gasp, not ready for the sudden intrusion. He takes that opportunity and starts sucking on my clint. I arch my back and nothing but cracked moans left my mouth, begging for him to go faster. He obeys and starts going faster and faster. My hand latch on to head and I become a moaning mess. Soon after I cum all over his hand. He licks it all up and makes his way back up to my lips. He gives me a passionate kiss and pulls me into a tight hug. 

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What do you think Hijikata's favorite things about Gintoki are?




Literally, I got this question and just STARED at it for the longest time because INFORMATION OVERLOAD, CANNOT PROCESS, TOO MANY THINGS! The answer to this question is honestly so expansive and obviously full of my own headcanons, so, if you don’t agree with something or think something else, that’s okay!

What does Hijikata like about Gintoki? More like: What DOESN’T Hijikata like about Gintoki? For me, I see the list of things he doesn’t like as way shorter than the list of things he likes. ((And here, I keep wanting to use the word love instead of like, but that’s my own GinHiji heart just beating away at this question ahaaa.)) 

Starting with the obvious thing – his body. What’s not to like about Gintoki’s body? He’s tall, lean, thick, and oh, hello, he’s not hard to look at, as in, he’s devilishly attractive. He’s got big, calloused hands, long fingers, and strong, capable arms. He’s muscled, but not scary bara status and god, that belly. I could literally write sonnets and fic after fic after fic about his tummy. The Ginbelly is strong with me, it’s the reason I get up in the morning PFFFF SO, naturally Hijikata has gotta have a thing for that belly, too. And I mentioned above that Gintoki is thick and no, I’m not talking about his dick or am I HA But Hijikata is slimmer at the waist whereas Gintoki is broader at the hips and shoulders, that’s what I mean by thicker. You could almost say Gintoki is bigger even though they’re the same height and pretty much the same weight. It’s just his build is different and Hijikata will like that. 

And now that brings us to the little things, the less obvious stuff. Like the way Gintoki’s hair is all messed up in the morning because natural perms always look frizzy and kinky after sleep ((I would know as I am, myself, a natural perm =u=)). He’ll like the way Gintoki is a man, but with the heart of a child. In a way, it’s like while Gintoki’s body grew, his mentality stayed the same. It’s what happens when someone is deprived a real childhood, hell, Gintoki was but a kid when he fought in a war, but even going through all of that didn’t break him or the ideals he upholds – ideals he believes in. And that’s something Hijikata will really like and be drawn to – that Gintoki is a man of good values that sticks to those values even when there’s a tough decision at hand. He’ll like Gintoki’s strength, not just physically, but his strength as a person, THE ALMIGHTY POWER OF HIS SILVER BALLS SOUL. He’ll like the way they bicker, the way Gintoki challenges him left and right, pushes him to be better, do better. He’ll even like Gintoki’s obsession with sweets ((I mean, Hijikata can commiserate since he’s a complete mayo whore)) and also Gintoki’s routine Jump. 


As I said, there won’t be much that Hijikata won’t like. They’ve got a lot in common, so Hijikata will see quite a bit of himself in Gintoki and really, that’s what people look for in a partner. It’s not just about looks, it’s about interests and values, the heart of it. Gintoki genuinely has a good heart, he protects the people he cares about, he fights for them, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them when it comes down to it and doesn’t that sound exactly like Hijikata? I think it does. It doesn’t matter that Gintoki likes sweets where Hijikata prefers bitter or that Hijikata is a secret Otaku where Gintoki prefers Jump. It’s the important stuff, what they believe in, that counts and that’s why most everything about Gintoki will be Hijikata’s favorite things.

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can you write something with Jungkook where he has trouble saying i love you to his gf? thkkkk u, love you girls!!

Boys, Boys, Boys - Jungkook

Characters: Jungkook X Reader
Rated: C for cute cute cute, I guess

Originally posted by ofzico

Jungkook is boyish, well, manly – really.

He spends his lazy afternoons working at the gym, trying to perfect his thick thighs and muscular arms. He has long fingers, big veiny hands that can easily wrap around his girlfriend’s waist.  He truthfully admits that there has been more than one occasion where he has stayed up until well past midnight playing a video game that shows more blood and gore than necessary. He swears more often than never, accompanied by a loud booming voice that dominates everyone’s attention. He’s beautifully handsome and has this smile, this wolfish grin, and eighteen is an age that suits him so well. He’s grown into his skin, adapted a physical maturity, and has developed what was once a boyish charm to something of a man.

And, like most men (boys), they’re awful at expressing their feelings and turning them into words. Jungkook especially.

It’s not like it’s a bad thing, and he can’t help who he is, it just frustrates him sometimes.  Because he’s a person who likes to admit things, who always depends on being honest and truthful and real, just like his mom taught him how to be. There are times he goes red and freaking stutters trying to explain himself and that just gets so old; it becomes evident that the only real times he can express himself is through song lyrics that are accompanied by a harmony and guitar riffs. That’s frustrating to no end.

So, when Jungkook is looking at her and he has these three little words that are lodged in his throat and he can’t dispel of that feeling, it’s like he can’t fucking breathe. He’s staring at someone who he has trusted over the past few months, has held, has loved – and he can’t even tell her. Because he doesn’t know how to.

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i just move as my heart commands; 710 words

Liam tells Harry and Louis about Jordan.

“Hey, lads? Can I talk to you about something?”

Louis looks away from the movie he’d only really been half-watching and turns to Liam, who’s on the couch beside him. They’re in his and Harry’s Los Angeles home, and Liam had dropped by earlier to catch up with them. He’d been acting quite strange all day, fidgeting nervously like he had something to say but couldn’t get it out.

Looks like Louis had been right about that.

“Course, Payno, what’s on your mind?” Louis asks.

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Romantic Slasher Films // Tate & Phoebe

It had been quite a while since Phoebe and Tate really got a chance to hang out. To say the least, it had been a little awkward since they had sex at that party a little while back. The pair agreed to never talk about it again because they honestly didn’t want to admit that it happened. They were terrified that her brother would find out and then their friendship would basically be over. He couldn’t imagine not being best friends with Jackson and Phoebe anymore. Friends and family were the most important things in Tate’s life and he was going to do whatever he could to make sure that they stayed in his life. Tonight was going to be a simple night and nothing bad could really come out of it. All they were going to do was pig out on junk food and watch some movies. Tate got a few slasher films as well as some romantic comedies to balance the night out. It was planned that the girl would pick which ones she wanted to watch and that’s what they would go with. 

Seeing as she was meant to be there any minute, Tate realized that he should probably go ahead and get the snacks ready. He had popcorn, chocolate, cookie dough, and all the chips that you could imagine downstairs. It was already laid out on the counter and all he needed to do was take it upstairs to his room. It wasn’t hard to carry everything up on the first trip considering the fact that he had long arms and big hands. After everything was settled on the bed, the Brit quickly pulled his clothes off and grabbed a pair of pajama pants. He was trying not to focus on how awkward it would be because his hopes were that it wouldn’t be awkward at all. Tate pulled on his pants and headed downstairs to wait for the girl to arrive. The dark-haired boy sat on the sofa and flipped through the channels as he waited patiently.

Indiana Comic Con: Friday

Came a little late to Rory’s panel, so I missed the opening, but it was a pretty big crowd, many asking questions. The panel host (who might also be his handler, as she was with him for the photo and autograph sessions too) was very personable and chatty, asking Rory questions in between fans getting up the guts to ask their own. Lots of the usual sort of questions – the big one of course being whether the Hound is coming back to the show. Rory is insistent that he doesn’t know but that “we live in hope”. (Or ”we live and hope”? hard to tell with his accent.)

(And his accent is lovely and he’s so taaalllll and his arms are so long and his hands are so big and that’s me fangirling eee)

Something he mentioned is that he doesn’t have the Hound’s helm (he’d like to have it, maybe a pair to put up on posts either side of his gate) or his sword. The panel host thought that was interesting and said maybe the fact that the showrunners didn’t give them to him means, well, he’s not dead for good and could come back? But again Rory said he didn’t know. Oh, and he said he’s read the first 4 books (by which I believe he means the first 3, because ASOS is split in the UK), but didn’t want to go any further because he didn’t want to read any bad news.

Other things he mentioned: everyone in the cast and crew is very nice and great to work with. He says Gwen has this big laugh (which he did an impression of, this big hawhawhawhaw) and laughs all the time, even at breakfast when he’s getting coffee and there she is at another table, laughing hawhawhawhaw, and he’s like too loud for so early in the morning. :)  And he talked about how he got into acting, how he had a job painting the Edinburgh bridge, swinging around in this harness like a window-washer, and there was a documentary and he was filmed doing that and making jokes and things, and some director saw it and noticed his resemblance to the Porage Oats man, and that’s how he started doing those commercials. And what else… hmm, he said that Maisie’s tried to set him up with dates but he’s like, no actresses please. :)

And at the end of the panel the host asked for a round of applause if you want to see Sandor to come back, and of course it was loud and awesome.

Photo op and autographs were very fast-moving, no time to chat. But I brought my Sandor action figure and Stranger for the photo, and he was like “yours came with a horse?” and I said I got it special just for Sandor, and he said he hoped it was better behaved than the real one. :)  BTW, amplifyme , that “8x10 color glossy photo with a paragraph on the back” was an Alice’s Restaurant joke because it’s what came to mind when the person taking my money described it. And Amp, I’m afraid I stole your idea of having him sign the gravedigger page, and Rory was so interested when reading it, he said he’d have to remember the page number ohmygosh it was amazing and I tried not to spoil him but just said that any “bad news” was from someone who was lying and ohgosh I was jumping up and down (but only in my head). See if you can tell him more tomorrow, please, it should be great. :D

And @everybodyrelaxigotthis was awesome, and we talked so much ASOIAF/GOT, I love fan meetups, I do. Can’t wait to see Amp and maybe others tomorrow, hope we can all hang out! :)