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okay I’m sorry if this has already been posted but now that Half Life 2: Episode 3′s summary has been released (look it up–I can’t link to it or this post won’t show up in the tags, thanks Tumblr), WE NOW HAVE A MORE PRECISE LOCATION FOR APERTURE!!!

Okay, so, we have the Borealis’s drydock here:

[screenshot of the Borealis’s dry dock in Old Aperture in Portal 2, courtesy of the Half-Life Wiki]

We also know that Aperture is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (or UP):

[image of a newspaper clipping found in Old Aperture, reading “THE UP PIONEER PRESS: LOCAL ENTREPRENEUR BUYS SALT MINE – Cave Johnson to Bring Science, Industry to Upper Michigan,” courtesy of the Half-Life wiki]

(Upper Michigan always refers to the Upper Peninsula)

But… the UP is a big place, and there’s no known salt mines up there (personal headcanon: the salt mine was wiped off the map when Cave Johnson bought it). So where is Aperture?

We never knew… until now.

[screenshot from the official summary of Half Life 2: Episode 3, emphasizing “a dry-docked liner situated at the Aperture Science Research Base in Lake Huron,” courtesy of the valvetime forums]

The summary states that the Borealis was originally in a dry dock in Aperture’s research base in Lake Huron. Now, this could imply there was a separate research base, except…

[screenshot from the official summary of Half Life 2: Episode 3, emphasizing “the ship … would then travel instantaneously to any chosen destination … Unfortunately, the device had never been tested,” courtesy of the valvetime forums]

The Borealis’s transportation mechanism had never before been tested. Meaning that, yes, the aforementioned dry dock is indeed the one we see in Portal 2. Which means…

[map showing Michigan’s Lower and Upper Peninsulas, with the southeast coast of the UP circled, courtesy of Google Maps]

Aperture is somewhere along the southeast coast of the UP.

Now the question is… anyone know if there’s a wheat field around there?

Because there seems to be a lot of disappointment lately in the Portal fandom for smaller works, let’s make a list of all the amazing works that need more recognition around here

For starters, we have one of the longest and oldest fics around that even though won’t ever be finished still holds a wonderful place in many of our hearts, Sing Nightingale by @vargrimar

We have the amazing continuous project for TWO YEARS NOW, Pieces by @portalpanda

We have all of the incredibly well thought out and interesting aus and character designs by @mainframe (if someone else could come in and tag them that would be great)

There’s the ongoing longfic that explores so much of Aperture’s history and starting of events into the Portal games, Redemption by @silverstreams

There’s the recent longfic that has just started - not to mention all of the other incredible works - A Trusted Friend in Science by @sweet-christabel

We have the incredible amounts of fanart and fanwork by @silversatori who I am awful and cannot remember the name of their fanfic but it’s an incredible piece of work about Aperture Tag

There’s all of the AMAZING fanart by @emmys-sketchbook that honestly blows my mind every time I see it

There’s of course @wheaterz and all of their fanart that never ceases to amaze me and their longfic for Portal Stories: Mel, Testing Maintenance

There’s everything @wheatlev has literally ever done for this fandom, which ranges from shitposts to high quality art and general wonderfulness to be around

There’s @ouroborosasunder who does INCREDIBLE FANART and even a really great fanfic that highly needs more appreciation but I’m a loser and forgot the name as well (i’m sorry i’m really bad with names)

There’s @hex-101 and everything they do with photo editing and shitposts and roleplaying and THEIR COSPLAYS MAN I can’t get enough!

There’s also @elvenwhovian who makes SO MUCH FANART and so many stories and aus and are just an incredibly sweet person in general

I’m not even getting into the rp fandom yet but we’ve got some great ones including @jumpsuitedmonster who also does great art and au ideas along with @apertureratt who man let me tell you their writing is incredible and so are their aus!

There’s also @formermoron who does a really great amount of work with character building and genderswapped characters and is just a great person to be around all the time!

There’s @spider-mum who is ALWAYS THE SWEETEST PERSON EVER I can’t even explain how much their support means to me and everyone else around here!

And of course all of the wonderful fanworks and headcanons and thoughts posts by the incredibly talented @babycharmander​! Really their fics are all stellar!

Oh man there are so many more people I can’t remember them all but I just want it to be known that all of you guys are so appreciated for all of your hard work! I love seeing all of the content that gets created here. Please don’t ever stop. You’re all wonderful.

If you guys can remember the people I’ve forgotten please add them to this post! I want everyone to feel known and appreciated because you guys all deserve it!

Begonias | Jumin+V

Begonia — Plant.
Begonias are a genus of perennial flowering plants in the family Begoniaceae. Begonias symbolize warnings about future misfortunes and challenges, along with caution from new situations.

GENRE: Angst.
CHARACTERS: Jumin Han & Jihyun Kim (V)
WARNINGS: Spoilers for the secret ends.



Secrets were always hard to keep.

When Jumin had grabbed him by the collar, things felt as if they were fast-forwarded, everything beforehand a peaceful serenity. Jumin Han was rarely lost himself from composure and control was his hallmark; and the thought felt suddenly sickening when he had glimpsed the bewildered look in his slate gray irises.

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Moon Photography

Photographing the moon can be as simple as pointing your camera at the moon high in the sky and snapping, but to create more interesting images a little thought and planning needs to happen.

Here I’ll outline some tips to get excellent and compelling photographs of the moon.

Moonrise time. The moon appears largest just as it breaks above the horizon line, due to the refraction of light in the earths atmosphere. Photographing the moon at this point will yield the most dramatic shots.

Sunset time. As the sun sets, it can become increasingly difficult to properly expose both the moon and foreground (buildings, trees etc). To have both the moon and foreground exposed properly the moonrise time should be anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour before sunset. This way, the moon will be brightly lit by the sun, and there will still be some daylight to illuminate the foreground and sky. As soon as 15 minutes after sunset, the moon becomes too bright compared to the foreground, and will be over exposed.

Time of year. Typically two to three times a year the moon is full and at it’s closest point to earth. This usually happens mid to late summer and has been dubbed “supermoon" by the media and social media.

Interesting foreground. Shots of the moon alone are nice, but don’t really tell much of a story. Adding some interesting foreground such as a landscape shot (like above), a person or building is a great way to add a sense of scale to show how large the moon appears.

Long focal length, small aperture. The best way to make the moon appear larger in relation to the foreground is to use a lens with a long focal length. The longer the better! For reference most of my moon photographs were shot with the Canon 18-135mm EFS IS lens at 135mm. A small aperture allows both the foreground and moon to be in focus.

Clear air. Complete overcast will obviously not work, but if it’s a hot and hazy summer day, this can prevent the moon from being visible until it’s well above the horizon line.

TLDR; The moon should be full and rising 30-60 minutes before sunset, at it’s closed point to the earth usually mid to late summer. Include some interesting foreground for compelling photographs!

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12 Months of sunrises….

A learnt a lot about photography simply by taking photos of the sunrise. Things like ND filters, apertures, long exposures and the advantages of a good quality tripod are just a few of the things I was able to explore and learn.

Summer here were I live isn’t the best for photographing the sunrise. The sky is clear, the sun is hot and there is no colour. Right now we’re in the first week of winter and the colours are awesome once again….it’s just a tad cold on the beach with wet feet!