long and mcquade


Shopping shopping shopping at Long & McQuade in Burlington, Ontario, Canada:

  1. Les Paul signature in Caribbean Blue
  2. Derek Trucks signature SG
  3. I’m not usual a fan of satin finishes (when I pay that much for a Gibson, I want bling! ;) but I REALLY like this ES-339!
  4. Satin ebony ES-339
  5. Not sure what Fender calls this colour, but I call it “nice”. 
  6. SG Deluxe
  7. Unknown model Gretsch.  My cousin played it and really liked it.  Too bad there was no price tag on it.  Maybe it was free?  Hmmm…I might go back today and test that theory by absconding with it…  ;)
  8. Fender Custom Shop “Nocaster”
  9. I love the recessed knobs on this used PRS.  

So my music teacher ordered me 5 new reeds from Long and Mcquade Music Store in St. John’s the other day and they came in yesterday :) He said that he wanted me to experiment with different reeds so he bought two medium-hard, two medium and one medium-soft. Although I don’t need a medium-soft (because I’m up to medium) he ordered one just to try :) Sadly, as you can tell (it’s the second reed from the left), I just realized that it is broken :( But it’s okay because I now have 7 reed!
Thanks whitey, your the best. From your one, and only, oboist :)


Here’s something new - I have not seen one of these before.  Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster® in “Oxblood” with matching headstock.  The colour doesn’t come through very well in these photos but I assure you it’s lovely…and so different!  It’s MIM, and for roughly 800 clams Canadian  (if I remember correctly…) you can take it home.


Beaucoup de fun this week at Long & McQuade in Burlington Ontario - ½ hour’s drive west of Toronto:

  1. I’m not gonna lie: when the “Select” Series first came out I was skeptical that a non Custom Shop instrument that costs >2k new would be worth it…I mean if I am going to spend $2400 on a guitar, it better be a (used) custom shop model!  But now that the so-called “sticker shock” has worn off, I actually like these!
  2. The former owner’s foolishness = your bargain!  Here is a 1999-ish American Standard Stratocaster (left handed).  There have been modification made to it (as you can plainly see), but it wouldn’t take much to restore it to it’s original configuration - in fact you probably have several spare sets of Strat pickups and several empty oich guards laying around the house (I know I do!).  For only $500.  That’s a whopping 58% discount over buying a new one!
  3. See #2!
  4. One of the new Coronados.  My one concern is how expensive they are…if I remember correctly they are 700-ish dollars.  You can buy a 1960s vintage original for 1400…so if it was me, I would just save up a little* more and go for a vintage.
  5. Dear Martin.  On the rare-ish occasions you go all fancy, damn you do a good job if it!
  6. see #5!
  7. I will never lose my love of Gretsch colours.  Now - if I could only fall in love with their guitars, I’d be all set!
  8. American Std in a lovely trans-‘burst over an lovely slab of grainy ash.
  9. Another pretty “Select” Tele.  I like the one in photo #1 better, but I wouldn’t kick this one out of bed for eating crackers!  :D

* And by “save up a little more” I of course mean “put on my credit card and pay it off in 5 dollar increments for the next 12 years”.


Lefties of the week from Long and McQuade in Brampton and Mississauga (suburbs of Toronto, Canada)

That LPC is gorgeous, and I hope one day to be able to get another lefty American Std. Strat (like this used one in Brampton, photo #4) to make it another “reverse Hendrix”!  Although the last time I did that I found it VERY challenging to play (and there’s about 20 reasons why, which I won’t go into here!) Maybe I’ll stick to a cheaper lefty “Standard” (like the one in photo #3).   I like the blue better too.  :D


Guitar shopping at Long & McQuade Toronto. 

  1. Nice grain on this ash American Std. Stratocaster.
  2. I If I were ever to buy a Custom Shop R-something or other Les Paul I would probably by this ‘54 Reissue.  a) I love gold tops, b) I love P-90s, and c) I love wraparound bridge/tailpieces!
  3. Ditto
  4. I like the Gibson Midtown.  All fanciness, but very inexpensive (for a Gibson that is… ;)
  5. Closeup of that Midtown - flat top semi-hollow.  ~$1500 CAD…nice!

All You Need is LEFT,  Left is all you need.

Tuesday/Thursday guitar shopping this week at Long & McQuade in Brampton (Toronto) Canada.

  1. Last year’s model SG (full “bat wing”)
  2. Lovely black Les Paul
  3. Another full-face SG (last years model again too…)
  4. Sweet hey-soos!  This LP Custom makes me want to love guitars that weigh 9 or 10 lbs AND to start all over again and teach myself to play left!  :D

Guitar shopping this week near Toronto, Canada:

  1. Used ES-390 - $2,300 ($CAD)!
  2. ES-390.  When these came out they were over $3,000, so this is a good deal!
  3. Silverburst ES-335
  4. Used Gretsch.  I don’t know nearly enough about Gretsch guitars but I know that I like their colours…especially this green and the orange you would find on a “Roundup”,
  5. Fancy as all heck Gibson Custom ES-356!
  6. All the trim of the 355, in a smaller, 339-sized package.  Missing the Varitone of course, and a Bigsby instead of a Maestro Vibrola…
  7. Lovely VOS SG on the left for 1950 ($CAD).  That’s a great deal for this guitar!